Slow Hand and a Woman’s Touch Ch. 04

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With mother suddenly having incestuous, lesbian thoughts for her daughter, Lauren tells Jack all the sexual details about Becky with Ellen.

Continued from Chapter 03:

As soon as she told Jack that she saw Becky naked, the image of her daughter’s naked breasts and naked pussy filled her mind with sexual excitement. She never thought she could feel this way about another woman never mind becoming sexually aroused over her own daughter. Yet, she had always wondered what Becky’s naked, D cup breasts looked like. She had always wondered if her daughter’s breasts were as shapely as her D cup breasts. It had been years since she had seen her daughter without her clothes.

The first time seeing Becky’s brown, trimmed, glistening, wet pussy, she stared at her daughter’s cunt in the way she stared at Jack’s cock the first time she saw his engorged prick. She never thought it would sexually arouse her to see another woman’s naked pussy, never mind if that pussy was her daughter’s cunt. Obviously, horny enough and sexually frustrated enough, she never thought she’d ever harbor the thoughts of having sex with her daughter. Something so incestuously forbidden, she never thought of her daughter in a sexual way until today.

As soon as she told Jack that she saw her daughter’s lesbian lover naked too, the image of seeing Ellen’s shapely, naked ass and the back of her shaved, naked pussy, sexually aroused her. Unable to stop herself from wondering, Lauren wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman and to have a lesbian lover. She wondered what it would be like to French kiss another woman while feeling her tits and fingering her nipples. She wondered what it would be like to finger and lick a woman’s pussy. She wondered what it would be like for a woman to finger and lick her pussy.

From there she wondered what it would be like to French kiss her daughter while feeling her naked tits and fingering her nipples. She wondered what it would feel like to finger Becky’s pussy and what it would taste like to lick her daughter’s cunt. She wondered what it would feel like to have homosexual sex with Ellen. As soon as she saw Ellen’s naked, shaved pussy, she wanted to finger her pussy, lick her pussy, and eat her pussy.

Not stopping there, unable to remove the naked image of her daughter’s homosexual lover from her mind, she wondered again what it would be like to have lesbian sex with Ellen. She did have a sexy and shapely body and she could see why men are so attracted to women. Now feeling the same sexual excitement that a man would feel for a woman, Lauren suddenly felt sexually attracted to women too. She wondered what it would be like to have forbidden, incestuous, homosexual sex with her daughter. From there, she couldn’t help but imagine having forbidden sex with Becky and with Ellen while Jack watched.

‘In the same way that I now want Jack to strip me naked in front of his friends, I want him to watch me having sex with my daughter and with her lesbian lover,’ she thought.

As soon as she told Jack that she saw Becky naked while having lesbian sex with her naked, lesbian lover, she wished that Ellen was fingering and licking her pussy instead of her daughter’s cunt. Even more incestuously forbidden, she wished Becky was having sex with her, her own mother, instead of having sex with Ellen. Going beyond having sex with Becky’s lover, Lauren imagined having forbidden, homosexual and incestuous sex with her daughter too. Glad that Becky and Ellen were bi-sexual, she imagined the three of them having a threesome or the four of them having a swinging foursome with Jack.

Knowing the sexual pervert that he was, she knew that Jack would respond to what she had just said about Becky being lesbian. As if he was a detective and she had just committed a crime, interrogating her with a myriad of sexually arousing questions, she knew that he’d be just as sexually excited and as sexually curious as she was. As if he was suddenly sitting up in bed instead of lying down, his voice sounded stronger. Instead of talking in a weakened tone, even though he didn’t say that much, seemingly no longer in pain, he sounded more animated and more alive.

“What? Pardon? Sorry, I don’t think I heard you correctly,” he said obviously wondering if he had imagined what he heard. “Forgive me for saying this but I thought you said that you saw Becky naked while having lesbian sex. Is that what you said?”

Obviously, the imagined image of Becky naked sexually excited Jack as much as the image of seeing Ellen naked sexually aroused her. She let out a little, nervous, albeit sexually charged laugh. Ready to sexually tease him and make him insane with sexual lust for her daughter that she hoped would be transferred to her, she hoped to reap the sexual benefits of Jack becoming horny over Becky having lesbian sex with Ellen.

“I did say that. I saw Becky naked and I saw her female lover, Ellen, naked too. I saw them having lesbian sex,” said Lauren again. “They both have sexy and shapely bodies.”

This time, feeling anime porno bad that she betrayed her daughter, trepidation deflated her sexual excitement. She wondered if she was doing the right thing in exposing her daughter’s sexual privacy by telling her perverted boyfriend that her daughter was bi-sexual. How dare she do that? How dare she tell Jack that she saw Becky naked with her naked, lesbian lover?

She wouldn’t like it if Becky saw her naked and told her friends that she saw her mother having sex with Jack or with someone else. She wouldn’t like it if she watched Jack strip her naked and watched his friends have gangbang sex with her naked body. Yet, how hot would that be for Jack to strip Becky naked and strip Ellen naked too? Then, after Lauren had sex with her daughter and her daughter’s lover, she imagined Becky and Ellen having gangbang sex with Jack and with his friends too.

Going over the edge of erotica, she needed to calm down. She was getting too sexually excited over seeing Becky and Ellen naked while having homosexual sex. Her intention wasn’t to sexually arouse herself, she was sexually excited enough already. Her devious plan was to make Jack crazy with sexual lust for Becky, for Ellen, and, of course, for her.

She had no idea how he felt about lesbian or bi-sexual women. Like everyone else who was different than him, Democrats, the rich, the poor, blacks, Hispanics, the young, the old, or gays, he hated everyone who wasn’t a middle-aged, middleclass, white man. Then, when she heard Jack sigh heavily in the phone, she felt doomed to face his preconceived prejudice, his twisted sense of judgement, and his ever-present wrath. Her plan to get him sexually excited may not work. Her plan to have him transfer his sexual excitement for her daughter to her may not backfire.

Instead, he surprised her. Receiving a better sexual reaction than she thought she would, he shocked her actually. Obviously, something she had hoped to do, she had sexually gotten to him. His sexual perversions seemingly took precedence over his prejudice, predisposed judgments, hatred, and wrath for anyone not like him. With him not only sexually interested but also erotically engaged, clearly, he wanted to hear more about her seeing Becky and Ellen naked while having lesbian sex.

“Tell me everything and don’t leave out any sexual details,” he said as if he was a police detective investigating a crime, albeit in a sexually charged voice.

Now, glad that she told him. While hoping her devious, sexual plan would work with him finally fingering her while licking her, Lauren laughed a nervous laugh over what more she was about to confess. Reiterating what she said before, she repeated herself so that Jack would hopefully understand what she saw and why she was telling him. She needed him to draw the connection from Ellen eating Becky to Jack eating her.

Even more than that, as her sexy, sexual hint, she wanted to sexually tease him and erotically inspire him with the sexual images of him imagining her daughter naked. If that wasn’t enough, she wanted to sexually motivate him to finger her and eat her. She wanted him to lick her pussy in the way that Ellen licked Becky’s pussy. She’d love nothing more than for him to be her generous lover in the way that Ellen was Becky’s generous lover.

“I saw my daughter having homosexual sex with her homosexual lover,” said Lauren. “I saw them both naked, Jack. They were both totally naked,” she repeated herself for him to have more of a sexual image of imagining her naked daughter and her naked lover in his mind’s eye. “I saw Ellen fingering Becky’s pussy and licking her cunt while feeling her big tits and fingering her nipples.”

By playing up the sexual experience, she could only imagine the look of shock and sexual excitement on Jack’s face. She wondered if he was masturbating himself while he was talking to her. No doubt, he was. She could just imagine him stroking his cock while listening to every sexual thing she said about Becky being naked while having lesbian sex with Ellen. With her already aware of his sexual attraction to her daughter, no doubt, he had already masturbated over imagining Becky naked and having sex with her.

“Homosexual sex? What do you mean homosexual sex?” As if he was dense or mentally challenged, as if he couldn’t believe what she was saying and what he was hearing, he rephrased his question to ask it again. “Wait. Lemme get this straight. Do you mean to say that Becky was having lesbian sex? Are you telling me that Becky is a lesbian?”

Even though he still sounded sexually excited, he sounded disappointed that her daughter may be lesbian. He sounded disappointed that her daughter may not be interested in men and, no doubt, would never be sexually interested in him. Revealing the pervert that he was, obviously, he was hoping to one day get with her daughter and have sex. Insurmountable odds, if it wasn’t enough that he was too old for her and that he was her mother’s boyfriend, now, the fact that she was lesbian asyalı porno would dash all of his hope of ever having sex with Becky.

She laughed an embarrassed laugh while obviously knowing that she had sexually excited him. Now that she had his focused attention, she was ready to tell him everything she saw. She was ready to go into the sexual detail about the lesbian, sexual affair she witnessed between Becky and Ellen. In the way that Ellen fingered and licked her daughter’s pussy, she hoped that Jack would be sexually inspired and sensually motivated to finger and lick her pussy too.

‘I’d love for Jack to finally eat me,’ thought Lauren.

Not wanting to dash Jack’s hope that her daughter would never be sexually interested in him because she was lesbian, she wanted to assure him that wasn’t the case.

“Becky is not lesbian, she’s bi-sexual. Reaping the best of both sexual worlds, she enjoys having sex with men and with women,” said Lauren while imagining her daughter having sex with her before having sex with Jack too. “A woman named Ellen, a pretty redhead with a hot body, was fingering and licking Becky’s pussy when I walked in the house. I caught them having sex,” said Lauren.

Lauren remained silent while waiting for Jack to respond. He was breathing harder as if he was playing with himself while she was telling him the sexual details of what she saw of her daughter’s lesbian, sexual encounter. Knowing he’d ask her for all the delicious details, she was happy to color a finely detailed painting instead of brushing his sexual imagination with broad strokes. She needed to sexually excite him as much as Becky and Ellen had sexually aroused her. She wanted him to finger and lick her pussy as much as she wanted to lick and finger not only Ellen’s pussy but her daughter’s cunt too.

“Tell me. How did you see them? Where did you see them? Were they out in the open? Were they on the couch in the living room? Were they upstairs in her bedroom? Were they downstairs in the family room? Where they out back in the pool? Were they in Becky’s car? Were they in the garage? Where did you see them,” he asked again while firing his questions one after another without waiting for her to answer?

Obviously, by the breathlessness of his voice, he was getting even more sexually excited? As if he had been running or exercising, he sounded as if he was out of breath. She didn’t have to be there or to see him to know that she had sexually excited him. Even though this wasn’t a made up sexual tall tale, he loved it when she told him sexual stories about the things she did in her past or the sexual things she wanted to do in her future. He loved it when she told him about her sexual bucket list.

Of course, his sexual bucket list included watching her having lesbian sex with another woman, exposing her to his friends, stripping her naked in front of his friends, spanking her naked ass, and her having gangbang sex with his friends. Now, no doubt, adding to his bucket list was seeing Becky naked, watching her having lesbian sex with Ellen while he masturbated, and having a sexual foursome. Even more than telling him about the sexual things that she did, she knew that he’d be even more sexually excited by telling him the sexual things she saw her daughter doing.

She had to be naïve and oblivious not to notice the sexual attraction that he had for her daughter. Like mother like daughter, even though Lauren was taller and older, of course, they still looked very much alike. In the way that she’d love to have sex with her daughter now too, she knew that Jack would love to see Becky naked. She knew that he’d love to have sex with her daughter. Even though she’s bi-sexual, Lauren suspected that she’d have a better chance of having sex with Becky and/or with Ellen than would Jack ever have a chance of having sex with either of them.

“Slow down, Jack. Take a breath. Calm down,” she said pausing while Jack took a deep breath. “I came home from work early and she was in her bedroom with her bedroom door partially open. She didn’t know I was home. I watched them having lesbian sex through the reflection in my Renoir picture across from her room while standing in the darkened hall,” said Lauren. “To be honest, watching my daughter being fingered and eaten by another woman was the hottest, sexual thing I’ve ever witnessed.”

She heard a lot of rustling as if he was returning to life from death and getting out of his deathbed. She didn’t have to be a psychic to know what he was doing and what he was about to do. She closed her eyes and counted to herself.

‘One, two, three…’

Just as she thought he would, he said the four words she knew he’d say.

“I’ll be right over,” he said.

As if she was a referee standing over a fallen fighter while slowly counting to ten, she began her count.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine…ten.”

‘Ding, dong,’ rang her doorbell.

For a man with a bad back he was at her front door in record time.

Chapter babes porno 04:

Even with him living only a few doors away, ringing her doorbell in seconds, he must have jogged all the way to her house.

‘How did he get here so fast? I guess his back is better,’ she thought with a laugh.

She unlocked and opened her front door.

“Jack,” she said greeting him at the front door as if she was surprised to see him. “What a surprise? You’re all better,” she said with a laugh.

As if he was still in a hurry and as if he owned her house, he brushed past her and she followed him to the living room.

“Tell me all about what you saw and don’t leave out any sexual details,” he said. “This is all so very sexually exciting, I mean, shocking,” he said when he saw the look of disappointment on her face with a mother betraying the sexual confidence of her daughter.

Knowing that he’d be masturbating later over whatever she told him before and all that she told him now, that is if he hadn’t masturbated while on the phone with her already, Lauren laughed again. Putty in her hands, she finally had one-way Jack right where she wanted him. Telling him the sexy details of seeing her daughter naked while having homosexual sex would cost him. If he wanted to play, then he needed to pay.

For her to tell him all the sexy, lesbian details, he’d not only have to masturbate her but also, he’d have to eat her, too. He’d have to lick her pussy while fingering her pussy. He’d have to give her multiple orgasm with his fingers and with his tongue instead of with just his cock.

Instead of fucking her from behind as if she was a dog in heat, a farm animal, or a whore he picked for the night in a bar, he’d have to make love to her. He’d have to make love to her while facing her, kissing her, and telling her that he loved her. Finally, it took her daughter having lesbian sex for Lauren to get the sex that she wanted and needed from her self-centered, selfish boyfriend.

“You want me to tell you all about seeing Becky naked and about my daughter’s lesbian, sexual affair in detail?” She gave him a knowing smile. “You expect me to betray my daughter’s trust by telling you about her personal and private, sexual life? Is that it? Is that what you want? Is that what would make you happy?”

She acted innocent. She acted as if she didn’t know what she told him in confidence was so very sexually arousing him in private. She acted as if she didn’t know that he’d be masturbating over all that she told him now, later. She acted as if she wasn’t aware that he was sexually attracted to her daughter. She acted as if her daughter being a lesbian wasn’t the big deal that he was making it out to be.

“Yes,” he said with some nervousness mixed with sexual excitement.

Before telling him all that he wanted to hear, she paused to savor the moment of the sexual control that she had over him, something that he usually held over her. Knowing that she’d soon be wet with sexual excitement, she paused to sit on a small towel that she already had at the ready and for this very purpose. Unmercifully sexually teasing him, she paused to pull up her short skirt and open her legs wide. With him having a sexual fetish for panties and upskirt peeks, the shocked and sexually excited look on his face was priceless.

As if she was about to have a gynecological exam, she parted her knees and spread her legs wide open. As if she was deliberately and unmercifully flashing his friends her bright, white, bikini panties, she opened her legs plenty enough to show him all that she wanted and needed him to see. Flashing him her pussy slit, her camel toe, and the darker shadow of her blonde trimmed pubic hair, she was merciless in sexually teasing him.

As if she was about to masturbate herself in front of him, she ran a slow hand down the length of her panty clad crotch while staring up at him and while sliding a slow tongue across her red, full lips. Now that she had cast out her bait, she had already had him on her line. As if giving him a not so subtle hint, she pushed her panties aside to finger her warm, wet pussy.

“I’ll tell you all the sexy details of my daughter’s naked body and all that I saw Ellen sexually doing to Becky if we reenact what I saw. If you do exactly what Ellen did to my daughter to me, I’ll tell you everything,” she said.

Jack stared at Lauren’s exposed, bikini panties as if he had never seen her panties before when he had seen her panties dozens of times. She pulled her panties tighter for him to get a better look of her pussy mound, her pussy slit, and her camel toe. As if complicit in sexually teasing him, her blonde, trimmed pubic hairs peeked out of both sides of her panties.

“What do you mean?”

She temporarily closed her legs to remove her panties. Then, hiking up her short skirt again, this time even higher, as if she was Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or Linsey Lohan getting out of a limousine without having the modesty to wear panties, she exposed her naked cunt to him. She spread her shapely legs to expose her blonde, trimmed, naked and already glistening wet pussy to his horny eyes. While he stared at her naked cunt, she rubbed her clit and fingerfucked her pussy. Then, she licked and sucked her finger as if she was already licking and sucking his cock.

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