Sisterly Affection

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“It all happened one day when I was showering,” began my older sister’s weekly rant. “I had just gotten home from a long day at work and the only thing that could relax my tense body would be standing under a warm cascading stream of water. I trudged up the stairs and slowly stripped from my bulky Starbucks uniform. I hate this fucking job so much. My boss is a prick. He has working shitty hours and makes sure I have to clean the piss smelling bathrooms any chance he gets.”

“Leave the vivid details until after I finish my pizza Sarah,” I sighed. Right now was our weekly Sex in the City marathon, which involved pajamas, pizza, general gossip and bitching. I knew my older sister’s favorite topic was sex so I assumed I knew where this story was going and didn’t particularly want to hear every detail while I am attempting to eat my Hawaiian pizza. Sarah was my dad’s daughter from his first marriage. She is 28 and has that whole art-house, Urban Outfitters look down without being unapproachable and gothic. She is gorgeous though. I would kill for her skin and perfectly wavy dark locks. Well, I think most women and a couple transsexual men would trade places with her in a minute.

Sarah and I get along surprisingly well considering the deep hatred our mothers have for one another. She totally saved my ass whenever I was out late or sick of the family by offering me a place to stay in her loft. She is so damn sarcastic that I can’t figure out her feelings toward me sometimes. I knew we were close when the new sofa she had worked a month of overtime weekends to afford had a foldout bed. I tried to thank her, but she adamantly brushed me off. Her modesty makes her ridiculously hard to not like. We were both lying on this very same foldout bed when she was telling me this week’s tale.

“Anyways, back to my story,” Sarah continued. “I’m in the shower, completely naked and starting to soap up. I stink like coffee and need to remove every trace of that job and Steven, the boss from hell. Hey, I am woman enough to admit that he is a stone fox. Stone fox. Those green eyes and the way his dirty blonde hair kinks in the front can make any woman wet. What gets me crazy is his control though. It makes him a horrible man to work for but the perfect lover to bend you over his knee and spank your ass black and blue. I won’t say that I’m like the bondage sort of girl but…well…I am bondage sort of girl. I like my sex rough. I want to feel used. I want to feel like a whore.”

“Why are you telling me this Sarah? You are supposed to set a good example for your baby sister,” I whined in the singsong voice I knew would get under her skin.

“I am a good example! Let me finish my story,” she playfully shot back. “So I’m showering right, doing my thing and still thinking about my sexy ass-hole of a boss. I’m not going to lie; I’m getting turned on like crazy. So I start fingering myself, rubbing my clit, pinching my nipples…the stuff that usually gets me to cum. But I need something more because gizli çekim porno I am just far too horny right then. So I see the new shower-head that Dad put in, the removable one with the different settings.”

I immediately started to blush but Sarah just continued on. She probably thought that maybe I’ve masturbated that same way too but that’s not it. Hearing her story is starting to turn me on and I shouldn’t be. I don’t want to be turned on by the thought of my sister, 9 years older than I am, masturbating. I’m not a lesbian or anything, but I will admit to being sort of curious. I think all straight girls are.

When I started paying attention again I heard Sarah say, “Well I found the massaging jet spray and brought that between my legs and used my fingers to spread open my pussy lips. The way that water massaged my clit and sent vibrating chills up my whole body made me so tight that I wanted to scream. So, the moral of the story Miss Mel is that you don’t need a man or to risk pregnancy to have an amazing sexual experience. All you need is yourself or another woman.”

I shifted uncomfortably at her last two words. I didn’t know what she was getting at but I didn’t like where it was going. I snapped back, “I am not into girls. I have a boyfriend remember”.

“Melanie, come on, you had—key word HAD—a boyfriend who you are much better now without thank you very much,” she began. “He was a prude and he didn’t treat you right. And besides, you expect me to believe you haven’t ever been a little bit curious about how it would feel to have a girl lick your clit?”

“No!” I exclaimed in a weaker voice than I had hoped.

“Yeah, and I am a virgin,” she joked, rolling her eyes as she flopped back down on my little fold out bed.

Suddenly, she leaned a little bit closer to me and whispered in this amazingly throaty voice, “I could show you, you know. It doesn’t have to be like a thing. We can just be two girls playing around. You can tell me to stop anytime you want Mel.”

“But we are sisters,” I objected. It was the only objection I can think of at the time since most of my energy was focused on the growing wetness between my legs.

“Please, we are step-sisters and its not like there is anything remotely bad that can happen from it,” she retorted back. “Come on, no threat of babies! We got tested together last week and we are both clean. And you know I’m responsible and not an idiot.” She paused. “If you can kiss me and look me in the eye afterwards and tell me you felt nothing I’ll drop this whole topic forever.”

“Piece of cake!” I giggled. I was so confident kissing Sarah would be bizarre and repulsive that a sense of relief overwhelmed me. I could finally figure out my feelings through something as simple as a kiss. I looked straight into her chocolate brown eyes as she gently leaned forward to cup my chin and kiss me softly, sucking gently on my lower lips. She playfully licked the inside of my upper lip, as she brought glory hole secrets her hand to gently tease my nipple through my nightshirt. My pussy was on fire. I had never wanted anyone more in my life. I managed to stifle a little moan as I quickly pull away. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It wasn’t supposed to turn me on like it was.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“I guess,” I responded. I was so focused on how the soft lips of a woman had ignited desires I did not know I had that I barely recognized her voice.

“Well, what did that make you feel?” she asked sweetly.

I was too dumbfounded to answer. I was nervous, excited, aroused, and scared all at once. I didn’t want to be turned on but I couldn’t deny that I was. I couldn’t explain to her what I felt, so I did the only possible thing I could do. I gently kissed her on the lips, enjoying the warmth in the pit of my stomach her touch sparked.

She smiled saying, “That’s all I need to know”. She wordlessly got up, and took my hand to lead me into her bedroom. I had been there what seemed like hundreds of times but tonight it was foreign, new. Obviously Sarah didn’t agree because she strolled in and started taking off her clothes like it was something she did every night. She probably does. She seems like the type that would sleep naked. I always wanted to be that girl, but it makes me uncomfortable and I tend to just get cold.

“Make yourself comfortable,” she said as she started to remove her clothes. Each piece revealed more of her tight olive skin. God, she could get anyone she wants with a body like that. The curve from the swell of her breasts out to her hip was gentle perfection. I usually envied her but tonight, it was different. I wanted those curves underneath my fingertips and that scared me.

“Why are you willing to do this?” I asked, trying to slow down the pace.

“For a couple reasons really. One, because I can tell you are curious. Two, I don’t want you catching something and I know you wouldn’t from me. And three, you are hot” she admitted.

I rolled my eyes, “You expect me to believe that? Please”

“I do expect you to believe that. You have great thick hair and an amazing necklace that is just so perfect and feminine. You are a 34 D so you can’t even deny that you have great boobs. Let’s see, you are really curvy and have naturally full lips. I mean do I have to go on listing?”

“That’s not me,” I murmured. And I believe it. That’s not how I see myself.

“Yes,” she said playfully pushing me onto the bed and climbing on top of me. “Yes, you are that girl. And I tongue fuck you till you believe it if I have to.”

My eyes widened at her last sentence. I almost believed her and wasn’t quite sure if I would stop her if she did. My mind was just racing a mile a minute.

“Stop thinking,” she whispered in my ear as if she could read my thoughts. “How does it feel?” She slowly started squeezing my nipples as she kissed my neck. grup sex I don’t even know how her hands got to my breasts but they did. And it felt good. I finally stopped thinking to just enjoy it. I slipped my hand up to her breast as she started undoing my shirt. I gently started kneading it and was rewarded with a little moan. I was so startled I almost pulled back but then she attacked my now exposed nipples. That was a feeling I had never experienced before. I couldn’t even imagine a man kissing my breasts but no man has skin and lips that soft. She seemed to know exactly what I liked and what felt good.

“Kiss me,” I heard her breathe against my neck. I did. I wanted to. Her lips were so soft and unlike anything I had experienced. She didn’t try to jam my tongue down my throat or slobber all over me. She let my tongue gently search the corners of her mouth until our passion slowly grew.

The growing wetness between my legs and warmth in my abdomen was almost overpowering my nerves now. I wanted to feel her hands rub my clit, fingering my pussy. I knew what my hands felt like and I knew what my exes’ hands felt like. But not another woman’s hands–not Sarah’s. I knew that the next morning would only be a little bit awkward and only on my part. Nothing else bad would happen.

“Could…you,” I stuttered, “I mean only if you wanted….I am not trying….I am just curious….”

“Could you lick my pussy?” she giggled, expressing a desire I didn’t dare express. “Don’t you move,” she ordered as she very slowly took my jeans and underwear off. She slowly nuzzled up inside my thighs. Feeling her hot breath against my inner thighs and my pussy was surreal. When she started licking me, gently sucking on my clit and then plunging her tongue inside my inner walls, I started shuddering. It felt like every nerve was on edge. It was so erotic looking down and seeing her gorgeous hair draped across my stomach, hiding my neatly trimmed bush entirely. I was aroused because her feminine softness felt so good but I found myself liking more the idea that I felt a little bit dirty. All thoughts left my mind as soon as I felt two of her fingers penetrate me and started pushing on my G-spot. I could feel it start to swell and tighten until it slowly build up to the best organism I have ever had in my 20 years of life.

When she came up to lie beside me the awkwardness I feared hit. I wasn’t read to lick her pussy. I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid giving another girl oral meant I was a lesbian. I just couldn’t do it.

She kissed me on the nose as she pulled out her glass dildo. She must have seen the confused look on my face because she said, “I know you aren’t ready to give another woman oral, and since you are my baby sister and I love you I would never even ask. But getting you off and sucking down your cum made me horny as hell. Luckily for me, like I said earlier babe, I don’t need a woman or a man to cum.”

“Can I watch?” I asked shyly.

“Now you wanting to watch will get me off” she smiled as she moved sit up on her elbows in front of me. I slowly watched the rod disappear into her pussy and I’ll tell you, there isn’t a better way to get amazing dreams then by falling asleep to the sights, sounds, and smells of a woman getting off.

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