Sister Surprise Ch. 01

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David has a good thing going with Raven and Sorority girl Amanda. Maybe too good. What is it that draws him to them?

David put down the phone and heaved a sigh of relief. The juggling act was getting more and more difficult. He was pleased to learn the party at the Delta house was Friday because he had already promised Raven they would do something Saturday.

He ran into Raven nearly every day. They had a history class together and seemed to regularly bump into each other somewhere on campus. In fact, there she was now.

“Hey, David.”

“Oh, hi Raven.”

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” she laughed teasingly.

“I never get tired of seeing you.” He kissed her and ran his hand through her long, silky black hair. “We’re still on for Saturday, right?”

“Yup. Meet at your apartment around noon? I’ll pick up some sandwiches or something from the campus snack bar for lunch.”

“Sounds good. Noon it is.”

He watched her walk away, hair swaying across her back. She was certainly easy on the eyes, long and lean. The kind of girl he’d like to spend time with. A lot of time. But still, there was Amanda to consider and she was the hottest girl in the Delta house.

Friday evening he followed the music to the Delta house, where the party was just beginning. All the girls wore Delta tee shirts and short skirts but the guys were dressed variously in shorts, slacks, polo shirts, even a few dress shirts. Amanda was easy to find – just look for the knot of guys gathered around a blond, and the center of attraction was bound to be Amanda.

She smiled broadly when she saw him and waved him over. The guys around her groaned and drifted away when she kissed David.

“Oops, Amanda. It looks like your admirers have disappeared.”

She laughed “That’s because they know they don’t have a chance as long as you’re around, cutie. Let’s grab some liquid refreshment. Dancing will probably start soon. Got your dancing shoes on?”

“Always. I know how you like to party.”

“Then let’s get this party started!”

David and Amanda sat and drank while waiting for couples to start dancing.

“Shit, David. It looks like we’re going to have to grease the skids here. What’s wrong with people anyway? Drinking’s fine, but you gotta dance!”

For a few minutes they were alone on the dance floor but were gradually joined by a few others. By the third dance the floor began to fill up.

“It’s more fun to dance with a crush of people around so you can feed off the energy of the crowd.”

She ground her butt against his crotch and laughed when she felt him harden.

By midnight the crowd was boisterous – dancing, singing, drinking. At one table a group of six was playing spoons. Loser had to down a glass of beer in one go. Some others gathered around to laugh and watch. A few couples had wandered off to dark corners where they pretended nobody could see them as they engaged in some PDA. Others were gathered outside around a picnic table on the patio telling lame jokes and laughing hysterically.

“I think we’ve become a bit overheated, don’t you Dave?”

“Definitely overheated.”

“I know a place we can cool off.”

“Up in your room?”

She threw her head back and laughed. “I think we would get even more overheated up there, know what I mean? But you wait right here for five minutes and I’ll be back in a jif.”

David leaned against a wall, nursing a beer and was about to get a refill when she reappeared.

“Miss me?”


“Follow me. This afternoon I prepared a place for us.”

David followed her around a corner of the patio, behind some large azalea bushes where she had stashed a couple of patio chairs.

“Nice, huh? We can hear the party but can’t see them and they can’t see us. Let’s have a seat.”

She sat in one chair and scooted it close to the other, indicating for him to sit. Leaning over close to him she whispered “Know where I went?”

“Potty break?”

“Besides that.”

“Uh uh.”

“My room. Guess what I did.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“Oh, come on. Use your imagination. Or just use your eyes. Notice anything different?”

David looked her over and smiled. “I see by your pokies that you took off your bra.”

“Yes! And that’s not all, but you’ll have to discover that by yourself. Now, here I am sitting next to you with no bra. What does that make you want to do?”

“Um, let me think. Play dominoes?”

She slapped his shoulder and laughed. “If that’s what you want to do wise guy. You know I’m always ready for something adventurous. Is dominoes adventurous?”

“Could be. Let me think some more. I’ve got it! Let me draw one and see what I’ve got.”

He reached under her tee shirt and caressed her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over the nipples. “Looks like I drew a double one.”

“Are you sure?”

He closed his eyes as he explored her wonderful soft breasts – round and soft with, he knew large pale areolas and smallish nipples. “Yup. Definitely one on the left and one czech streets porno on the right. A double one.”

“I wonder what I’ll draw?” she said as she pulled his zipper down and reached inside his pants. “Hmm, feels like there’s one of something and two of something else, so I guess I’ve got a one and a two here. So how do we play them?”

“Wait. I think I get another turn.”

She laughed with delight as he snaked a hand under her skirt and his eyes got big. “I guess you found what else I did upstairs.”

“Must be drafty down there. But in the spirit of the game I think I need to determine what tile I drew here. Hmm. I can only seem to find one thing, so I guess I just drew a one and a blank.”

“I wonder how we should play them.”

“Well, my one could play onto your double one…or…my one of the one-two could play on your one-blank.”

“That sounds like the best play.”

“So how do we manage that?”

She undid his shorts and reached in to find the opening in his underwear, drawing him out. “Oh, my. Your one seems to have gotten bigger, but I guess it will still play.”

She straddled him and rubbed his penis against her wet vulva until he was well coated, then aimed him and slid forward on his lap so he entered her. “I think this is how they can play.”

She squeezed her vaginal muscles to grip him and he gasped “That’s definitely the right play.”

“I think so, too. But what about my other tile, the double one?”

“I think I’ll have to hold it while I consider the next move,” he said as he fondled her breasts under her shirt.

“Yes, you’d better hold it for awhile.”

He gazed into her smiling baby blue eyes and she locked eyes with him the way they liked to watch each other’s reactions.

She rocked forward and back as well as side to side, squeezing him as she did so and smiling at the delight on his face. He removed one hand from a breast and reached down where they were joined, pressing the hood covering the root of her pleasure and she sighed.

He tried to match her movements and was pleased to notice her abdomen clench periodically. She clung to his shoulders and moved faster while he pulled on a nipple, causing her to whimper softly.

It was hard to keep eyes open, yet looking into each other’s eyes heightened their pleasure because they fed off of each other’s feeling.

“Oh, jeez,” he muttered as he spurted strongly inside her.

She reveled in the sense of him filling her and imagined she could feel every drop. As he began to die away she gasped and came, squeezing him even harder in a vice-like grip, pulsing She had to bite her lip to keep from crying out, and he finally took his eyes from hers and kissed her passionately until she slumped against his chest.

He exhaled sharply. “Well, sex dominoes may not be such a bad game after all.”

“I liked it. Too bad you couldn’t play the double one, although holding it was wonderful, too.”

“Maybe we can play the game in your room or my apartment sometime. I think I know a way to bring the double one into play if we’re on a bed.”

“Ooh. Definitely something to think about. What other games can you think of?”

“I guess you can make just about any game into a strip game.”

“Lots of different strip games. I like them all. But you know what else I like? I like you inside me while we kiss.”

“I’ll try to stay there,” he said as he covered her mouth with his. He nuzzled her face and murmured “When I’m with you I feel like I belong.”

At time to leave she pulled some underwear out of the pocket of her skirt. “I’d better put these on or I’ll have come running down my leg.”

He laughed and kissed her goodnight, but as he left she asked “Going out with Raven tomorrow?”

He froze in his tracks. They weren’t supposed to know about each other.

“It’s okay. I don’t own you.”

“But…but…I don’t know how to handle it. When I’m with you it’s like you and I are the only people on earth. Yet…”

She put a hand to his face. “Yet when you’re with her you feel the same way.”

“Oh god, I’m so fucked up. I’m sorry.”

“For what? I love what we do together. It makes me feel good. You must make her feel good, too.”

He covered his face with his hands. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Go where your heart leads you.”

“That’s easy for you to say. My heart is torn.”

“I’m sure things will work out for the best.” She laughed “but I can hope that the best ends up being you with me. You make me feel things I don’t feel with other guys.”

He kissed her again, a lingering kiss, and turned to leave. On the walk to his car he mentally kicked himself for what he was doing to the two girls. It wasn’t fair to either of them, but he felt like he belonged with each of them. How fucked up was that? It’s not like he slept around. He was completely devoted to two girls. No other girl on campus even rated a second look. Shit.

He slept late and was still stumbling around getting ready when Raven knocked on his door. czech taxi porno She sat on the sofa with an amused look as he scurried around trying not to forget anything.

“Must have been some party last night. Maybe the fresh air will clear your head.”

He gave himself a mental dope slap. How did she know he was at a party last night? He never mentioned it, did he? It’s not like he was sneaking around, but he tried not to involve either girl with the other. Fuck. What if they both thought he was playing games with them and broke up with him? That would be devastating.

He drove to Phillips Park and they found a picnic shelter to have lunch. After eating she plopped on a ball cap and pulled her long hair through the back. They spent the afternoon leisurely hiking along the various trails through the park. Raven loved the outdoors and made him see things he took for granted. The pattern of sunlight on the forest floor. The way fallen trees rotted back into the soil. Different kinds of birds. Different sounds. He breathed in the fresh clean air and felt renewed.

One trail led to an old boat dock on the park lake, and they sat to watch the afternoon sun gradually disappear behind the trees.

On the way back to car in the fading light she said “I’m starved. Wanna split a pizza?”

“Bingo! I’ll call ahead to Bella Rossi and we can pick it up.”

With a large pizza firmly in hand they sat at the table in his kitchen, almost inhaling the pizza. He always kept a supply of beer in the fridge, and after eating they settled in to watch a movie on Netflix. She nestled against him and he put an arm around her, idly playing with her hair.

After the movie he kissed her and she put her head in his lap. He played with handfuls of her hair, watching the strands slide between his fingers. Her shirt clung to her smallish breasts and he laid a hand on one, gently massaging. She sighed and reached up to caress his face and he looked into her violet eyes.

She sat up and kissed him. “I think these clothes are getting in the way, don’t you?”

He nuzzled her and only managed “Ummmmm hmmmmm.”

She laughed “Let’s get comfy, then.”

They wandered into the bedroom holding hands, and stood beside the bed facing each other. At five foot ten each their gaze was level. He wanted to rip her clothes off, but then also wanted to undress her slowly, relishing every inch of her as it was exposed.

They played their little game like they often did, taking turns. They removed the hiking shoes and stood once again. He grasped the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. She pulled off his shirt. Her bra joined the shirts on the floor and they embraced, skimming hands over each other, savoring the touch of skin. He worked a hand between them and cradled a breast. She drew back her head and parted her full lips and he crushed his mouth against hers.

She managed to get his hiking shorts undone and they dropped to the floor, quickly followed by hers. She ground her body against him, moving her hips to rub against the bulge in his underwear. Stepping back a step she observed him and cocked her head, as if considering what to do, and he laughed. When she could no longer keep a straight face she yanked down his underwear and gleefully grasped him with both hands.

“My turn,” he gasped, and pushed down her briefs to thrust a hand between her legs.

Breathing heavily they fell onto the bed and began groping, almost wrestling in an effort to get each other off. She pushed him onto his back and mounted him, humping hard. He rolled them over so he was on top and began hard thrusting, slamming into her time and again. She wrapped her long legs around him and pulled his head to her for a hard kiss.

For a brief time there was no sound but that of skin slapping against skin and gasping breath. She picked up the pace as she neared climax and he exploded inside her just as she became almost delirious, coming hard.

He grasped handfuls of her hair and wrapped it around his fists, and she clawed at his back.

When they were spent they laid together amid the tangle of sheets they had created. He pulled a handful of hair over his face and murmured “I love you.”

After a few minutes she propped on an elbow facing him. “Do you, really?”

At first he didn’t understand, but groaned when the light went off in his head. “Did I say something out loud?”

“You did. Do you mean it?”

“Yes. But, shit…”

“You love her, too?”

“Raven, it’s not like you make it sound.”

“You can’t make up your mind?”

“Yes, I have made up my mind. That’s the problem, and it’s not fair to either of you.”

“She is pretty hot.”

“And you’re gorgeous. Looks have nothing to do with it. You’re so different from each other.”

He propped up to look into her violet eyes. “I didn’t consciously say that I love you. It came out spontaneously from somewhere deep inside, so it means something.”

“Well, here’s something I can say out loud. I love you. So there, we’re even. Now digitalplayground porno what?”

“Spend the night with me and we’ll talk some more.”

She laughed “so you can get in another fuck?”

He caressed her cheek and shook his head. “Whatever you want to do. No sex? No problem. I could be happy to lie next to you and play with your hair.”

“No sex? Really?”

“Yeah. I mean it, Raven. We can get dressed even, if you want.”

“In sweaty hiking clothes? Yuk. Maybe another round of sex will be okay.”

“How about nice and slow, so we can feel everything.”

“Yes, I think I’d like that.”

Tuesday morning Amanda waited outside the science building and approached Raven as soon as she appeared.

Raven saw her coming toward her and steeled herself for a verbal battle.

“Hello, Raven.”


“Look, I think we have some things to talk about concerning our mutual male interest.”

“Might as well get it over with, I guess. There’s a bench on the other side of the quad.”

“Not here. I’d like to talk where we won’t be interrupted and where ‘you know who’ won’t see us.”


“I know a place off campus. Are you free this afternoon?”

“I have an Ecology lab. Tomorrow is hectic, but I don’t have anything Thursday afternoon.”

“That works. Look, Raven, this isn’t a confrontation. I really want to talk about David in a non-threatening way. A discussion. That’s all. I think we both need to sort out how we feel about it.”

“Yeah, I guess we do.”

“If you come over to the Delta house about one thirty you can leave your car and I’ll drive.”

“I can walk across campus. I try to drive as little as possible. It’s only a fifteen minute walk from my place. I’ll see you at one thirty Thursday.”

Thursday afternoon Raven found Amanda sitting on the front steps of the Delta house, and Amanda led them to her car.

“Mind if we stop for some beer? We may need something to fortify ourselves.”

“Probably do.”

Amanda went into a convenience store and came out with two six packs and tossed them in a cooler she had in the trunk. “Don’t want to have too much. I’ll have to drive back and part of the way is tricky.”

They drove along a country road and stopped at a faint track going off into the woods. A rusty gate blocked the way, but she opened it and drove through, closing the gate behind them.

Raven looked out the window as they bounced along the rutted track. “There’s not going to be a shallow grave up here is there?”

Amanda laughed “not at all. This is just a place that’s special to me. Boy, I don’t remember the road being this rough. There should be a clearing just up ahead around this bend.”

The clearing came into view, with a dilapidated house at the far side. “Well, here we are. This is my Uncle Stan’s old place. He’s been dead for nearly ten years now. I used to spend some time during the summers as I was growing up. Lots of fond memories. The house is in pretty bad shape now, but I brought a blanket and we can spread it out over there by the stream.”

She produced a blanket from the trunk and they carried the blanket and cooler to a spot near a natural pool just below where the stream tumbled over some rocks.

“Wow, Amanda, this is nice.”

“I thought so. I always used to like to kick off my shoes and let my feet feel the cool grass.”

With shoes off they cracked open a couple of bottles.

“I have an even better idea. There are some largish flat rocks down next to the stream. We could dangle our feet in the water.”

Bottles in hand they eased down the stream bank to the rocks and let the cool water cascade over their feet.

Raven broke the ice for the difficult subject. “So, what do we need to talk about?”

“Look, Raven, I know David has been seeing both of us. I also suspect he’s been having sex with both of us.”

Raven nodded and Amanda continued “Do you think he’s playing us?”

Raven blew out a breath that puffed her cheeks out. “Good question, but I don’t think so. Do you think he is?”

“I don’t get that feeling. He seems a straight up guy. I think he’s caught up in something he doesn’t know how to handle.”

“You mean like the party at the sorority one night and the next night with me?”

“Something like that. I guess this is the dicey part – has he said anything to you like he’s…I don’t know, attached, to you especially?”


“Okay. Me too. I called this get together so we can figure out what’s going on and how to handle it. We’re here by my idea, so I’ll take a deep breath and talk very personally. Nobody else knows this – nobody at all – but he says when he’s with me it’s like we are the only two people on earth. He seems sincere, not like it’s a line.”

“He tells me things like that, too. Now my personal revelation. Saturday night he said the ‘L’ word.”

Amanda’s heart seemed to stop momentarily.

“But, Amanda, I don’t think it was a line and I don’t think he even meant to say it. I called him on it and he was flustered. I know he was thinking of you.”

“Shit. So now what?”

“I don’t know.”

They finished their beers and sat in silence, lost in thought.

Amanda stood up. “I think I need to cool off. It’ll help me think better. How about a swim?”

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