Sins of the Father Pt. 01

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I walked slowly across the college campus to the rectory. I had just been transferred to this catholic college and really didn’t know anyone yet. The faculty had shown me around and my sparse belongings had already been unpacked. I had held mass several times but most of the students hadn’t shown much interest in my sermons. It seemed more that they attended because it was their duty, not because they wanted to.

A football came flying towards me. I caught it automatically and started to toss it back when a young man came running up to me. I was stunned by the sexual sensations that ran through my body. He was gorgeous, muscular, and tanned. I couldn’t help noticing the huge bulge in the crotch of his pants and the way his jeans molded themselves to his sexy ass. His hair was dark like mine and he looked enough like me to be my brother. I handed him the football and smiled:

{Hi, here’s your ball. I haven’t seen you around campus before. What’s your name?}

{Ethan Spires. It’s nice to meet you Father Wagner. I have attended your services, but I always sit in back. I guess that’s why you haven’t noticed me.}

{It’s nice to meet you too, Ethan, but I see your busy. Come see me sometime at the rectory. I would love to have a chance to chat with you.}

{Sure thing, Father, bye now.}

I watched his perfect sexy body running back across the parking lot to continue tossing the football with his friends. The surge of sexual excitement made me realize how lonely the life was that I had chosen. The last time I had had sex was in high school.

Lisa and I had been dating for months when we finally started exploring our sexuality. We had wonderful times together but when she became pregnant I was horrified by what I had done. I told her I couldn’t marry her. I had felt a strong pull even as a teenager to join the church and be a missionary of God. When I told her, she would either have to get an abortion or put the child up for adoption she had told me what a heartless bastard I was.

I tried to explain to her about my future plans and that no one must ever know about what we had done. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me I was a fake, a fraud. If I was so saintly and pure, why had I been fucking her to begin with? I couldn’t answer as she ran from me. I never saw or heard from her again. She never came back to school and after high school I entered the Seminary, determined to attain my goal of serving God even though at times, I felt she had been right. Sometimes I wondered if I had become a priest just for the prestige instead of a true calling.


I headed back to the rectory, closed, and locked the door. The sexual tension was too much to bear. I undressed quickly and popped one of my contraband porn videos in the DVD player. I reached into my nightstand and took out the huge vibrator and KY jelly. As I watched the handsome guy on the screen being fucked up the ass by his partner I squeezed some of the slick jelly into my hand and started rubbing my throbbing cock. The man on the screen pulled out and shot a load of cum on his partner’s ass. The men now changed places and the guy who had been fucking his partner in the ass now started sucking the other guy’s huge cock. I hit the button, slathered on the KY jelly, street blowjobs porno and shoved the vibrator up my ass. As the guy moaned in ecstasy my body shook and trembled. I squeezed the cheeks of my ass together hard as cum pumped from my dick. I lay there panting, feeling some of the tension drain away.

I finally rose from my bed, washed the dildo off and put it and the DVD back in my nightstand. I felt better but I still couldn’t stop thinking about Ethan. I finally drifted off to sleep, my dreams centered around his gorgeous face and young sexy body.


I awoke the next morning and hurried into my small kitchen to start the coffee maker while I showered. I had mass to perform mass this morning and didn’t want to be late. As I ran my soapy hands down over my hard cock I thought of what it would be like to stand under the hot water and run my soapy hands down Ethan’s body. I imagined his cock hardening beneath my caressing soapy hand as I shoved my throbbing cock up his ass. I stroked and squeezed my pulsing cock until the cum shot out onto the tiled floor of the shower.

I rinsed off quickly, ashamed of what I had done but since seeing Ethan yesterday I could think of nothing else. While I sat at the table eating bacon and eggs and sipping my coffee, I thought of all the horror tales that had plagued the church since the child molestations by priests had become known. But I rationalized, Ethan was not a child, he was a full-grown man and I wanted him. I dressed in my black shirt and pants, the white collar at my throat as I headed toward the small college chapel.

When I was prepared, I followed the college guys who were performing as “altar boys” up the small aisle of the church We genuflected before the altar of God, took our places and the ritual began. I scanned the small crowd filling the chapel pews, searching for Ethan. He was there, in the very back pew, watching me intensely. I fought to keep my mind on the ceremony, but I rushed through it quickly. My sermon was shorter than I had planned but I couldn’t seem to concentrate, and I just wanted to get out of there before I made a fool of myself.

After the ceremony had ended, I stood at the open doors shaking hands with the parishioners as they left the small chapel. Ethan stepped up and grabbed my hand in both of his. I felt the electric tingle sizzle my spine as he spoke a few words about how much he had enjoyed the sermon and was gone. When the last parishioner had shook my hand, I hurried to the vestibule to remove my vestment and headed back to the rectory. I was shocked when I saw Ethan sitting on the steps waiting for me:

{Hello again, Father. I thought you might have some time to talk to me.}

{Of course, Ethan, I would love to have a chance to get to know you better.}

I unlocked the door and led him to the living area. He sat on the couch as I offered to get drinks for both of us. My heart sang as I grabbed a couple of soft drinks from the refrigerator and sat down close to him on the couch. He didn’t seem to mind that I was seated so close, he even inched over a tiny bit so that our thighs were touching. Hot blood coursed through my veins as he began to speak.

He told me about his future plans of becoming an engineer. student sex parties porno Then he seemed to struggle as he finally told me he was gay. He said he knew the Catholic church was becoming more liberal about homosexuality, but many Catholics remained opposed to the idea of homosexuals being included in their prejudiced inclusive groups. I told him I understood and that he shouldn’t let the ideas of bigoted parishioners come between him and his love of God. I put my arm around him as I asked if there was anything else he wished to discuss with me.

{Just this}

He whispered as his arms slipped about me and he kissed me full on the lips, his tongue slipping into my mouth. I returned the kiss eagerly as my arms held him tightly to me. He finally broke the embrace and apologized for what he had done but I told him that I had wanted it as much as he had and there was nothing to be ashamed of.

{Father, I just broke up with my boyfriend and I don’t want to rush into anything. I hope you understand. I need time to think about what I feel for you.}

{I understand Ethan. You know no one can know about this. I will be glad to give you all the time you need. I don’t want to push you into anything, but I do wish you would call me Scott from now on.}

He agreed and kissed me good-bye, saying he would be back soon.


After that day, he began coming to the rectory more often. We kissed, hugged, and talked. I knew I was in love with him, but I didn’t want to push him, so I kept my feelings to myself, waiting for him to decide what he wanted out of our relationship. One sunny Sunday he suggested that we grab a blanket, pack a picnic, and go hiking in the woods at the back of the campus grounds. I immediately agreed and ran to the kitchen to make sandwiches while he grabbed a blanket from my linen closet.

The woods were beautiful, situated at the base of the mountains that rose sharp against the skyline. We hiked far back into the forest and found a nice shady spot to spread our blanket and enjoy the food I had prepared. After we had finished eating, I could resist no longer. Lying on the blanket, kissing, I slid my hand down and started caressing the huge bulge of his cock through his jeans. I felt his body tremble as he reached down to unzip his pants.

My hand slid inside his shorts, squeezing his big dick. He told me he loved me, and he was ready. We quickly stripped our clothes off. I knelt between his thighs, licking his balls, gently sucking them into my mouth as I pushed a finger into his asshole. He writhed sensually as my tongue slid up his dick and sucked it inch by inch into my mouth and my finger wiggled inside his ass. I got up and straddled his hips as I shoved his hard cock up my ass.

He grabbed my dick, stroking it as I moved my ass up and down, feeling his cock pushing deep inside me then pulling up until I screamed when I felt his hot cum squirting into me, burning the inside of my ass. My breathing was harsh and ragged as he rolled onto his stomach. I spread the cheeks of his sexy ass apart and started licking his asshole, shoving my tongue deep inside. He moaned and begged me to fuck him hard as he raised his ass to my throbbing cock. I shoved deep inside his submissive cuckolds porno ass, my thrusts growing harder as my desires raged beyond my control. I gave one last ramming thrust as I felt my cum explode deep inside him as his body shuddered and he groaned in ecstasy.

I collapsed to the blanket, pulling him into my arms as I told him how much I loved him. I didn’t know what we were going to do or how we would work it out. All I knew was I would risk the fires of Hell to have him with me always.

We got up from the blanket and got dressed, gathered our things, and held hands as we walked back toward the campus grounds. We made plans for the future, knowing it was going to be difficult to be together but the bond between us was so strong we felt we had no choice. Ethan said he wanted me to meet his parents when they came to visit. He agreed not to tell them about our relationship just yet. I felt bad about telling him we had to hide our relationship for the present time, but we needed to work out how we could be together. He needed to finish school and I wasn’t sure of how to break the news to the local Catholic District school board.


When we returned to the rectory, hot and sweaty, we headed straight for the shower. At last my dream had come true of rubbing Ethan’s delectable body with my soapy hands. When his dick was hot and pulsating, I turned to place my hands on the shower wall. Ethan wrapped his arms around me and pushed that huge soapy cock up my ass, thrusting hard until screamed as I again felt his cum dripping from my asshole.

We stepped out of the shower and dried off then went to my bedroom. Ethan got on all fours on the bed as I pulled out the KY jelly and the vibrator. I shoved two fingers, slick with jelly inside him. He reared backward against my hand, moaning my name. I pushed my throbbing cock into his mouth while I shoved the vibrator up my ass. I felt as if my dick was ripping apart as the cum squirted into his throat.

My breathing was harsh and ragged as I next pushed the vibrator into his sweet young ass while I sucked his cock. His body shook as I sucked harder, my hand pushing the vibrator deep inside him. I felt his cum pouring into my mouth as his body jerked spasmodically. I sucked and licked up every drop his hot delicious cum. Holding each other tightly, we kissed and whispered sweet words until we fell asleep.


The following Sunday, Ethan told me after mass that his parents would be there that afternoon. I was nervous about meeting them, but they didn’t know about our relationship. When I followed Ethan to the campus visiting area, my breath seemed to freeze in my throat. Their stood Lisa and her husband!!

Oh no! I felt a cold chill go down my spine as Lisa looked at me with fire in her eyes:

{Hello Scott, nice to see you again after all these years.}

Ethan looked shocked as he turned to his mother:

{You two know each other?}

{Yes, son, Scott and I were very good friends back in high school.}

I couldn’t speak, I wanted to run away from her accusing eyes. When she got me alone later that afternoon, she warned me to say nothing to Ethan about what had happened between us back in high school. He didn’t know I was his father. He had grown up believing her husband was his real father.

Oh God, oh no, I ran from those words. What had I done? Ethan was my son? I couldn’t bear the thought. I ran to the campus chapel, wanting to prostate myself on the altar, wanting God to destroy me for what I had done. When I got to the chapel, the doors refused to open. God had turned his back on me.

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