Silver Linings Ch. 05

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Just gone nine o’clock and I was opening the front door, returning home from my student summer job stacking shelves at the local supermarket. It was dusk outside and the lights were off in the hallway, but light spilled out of the lounge doorway and I heard the TV in the background. I stood at the lounge doorway and saw my sister Laura sat on the sofa, bare legged and wearing a loose fitting tshirt. Tall and athletic/curvy with dyed red hair… the casual look suited her. She looked up from the TV and smiled.

“Hey, you’re home! Thought I might have to drink this alone,” she said while gesturing towards the wine bottle on the side table which stood next to one empty and one half full glass. She poured them both to nearly full and handed me one as I sat down next to her.

“How was the trip?” I asked. She’d spent the last few days away with university friends and just returned.

“Yeah was good thanks. Mum had just left when I got in; she left a note, got that weekend thing with Becky and Julie, back tomorrow night.”

Becky and Julie, our two local ‘witches’. They had seduced me together a few weeks ago, involving me in a mother/daughter threesome. Then Becky somehow convinced me to have sex with a masked complete stranger who was infact my own mother, which was the start of an incestuous relationship that we’d be carrying on for weeks now. Last week Laura returned home from uni and, well…

“So… we haven’t spoken since last week, right after we…”

I stumbled through the sentence as she displayed a mock frown and said, “Do we need to talk?” in a fake serious voice.

“Dunno, shouldn’t we?” I asked. “I mean if you just want to forget about it, pretend it never happened…”

She reached down to the bottom of her tshirt and swiftly pulled it up over and off her head, leaving her sat there complete naked and grinning at me. “Now does it look like I want to forget about it bro?” She reached for her glass and drank some more before continuing, “Truth is, I’ve done nothing but think about that night all week. I’ve been dying to get home and see you again, I don’t know what they did to me – if anything! – but frankly I get wet just hearing your name now.” Her hand slid between her legs and reappeared in front of my face, two fingers glistening. I could smell her scent on them, my cock grew instantly rigid in my pants and I slowly leant forwards and tried not to suck them.

She pulled them away and said, “So it’s not just me then? I picked the tshirt because it smelled of you.” I hadn’t noticed but it was one of my tshirts she’d been wearing. “It’s had me feeling horny all afternoon! What’s happened to us? It’s like family pheromones have become an aphrodisiac. That night… you saw me eating Mum’s pussy right? Her taste drove me wild, but the taste of you inside her – holy fuck!”

My trousers now displayed a massive bulge which she noticed and her smile grew. “See? I never thought something like that could ever be a turn on, but right now all I can think about is you.” Her naked body edged closer, “Your cock inside me. Damn, it’s making me tremble just thinking about it!” She held out her hand and she was indeed shaking. I took hold of it and she squeezed my hand tightly before standing and guiding me to my feet.

“See?” She said, pointing at the sofa where she’d been sat and a small damp patch now lived. “I’m going up to my room. You coming?” She let go of my hand and left the room. I followed her to the hallway and watched her perfectly pert ass as it wriggled up the stairs.

By the time I reached her doorway I was naked too, my clothes scattered across the stairs. Laura was under her quilt, covered to her belly button. She pulled the covers back as an invitation and I climbed in alongside her, though as it was only a single bed she had to move right over to accommodate me, then rolled ontop of me pulling the quit over us as she did.

Her breasts pressed against my chest, our bellies squeezed together. Her legs were ontop of mine to start with but she moved her knees apart so they were on the bed either side of me and as she did we made contact, my end pressing against her slit. She let her knees take more of her weight and slowly sank downwards, her labia rubbing against my shaft as I began to slide inside her. We both breathed a sigh in each other’s faces as our pubis made contact, her mound pressing against my groin now that I was fully inside.

We started into each other’s eyes and she whispered, “Do you want me?”

“I want you,” I replied and we kissed, then she pushed herself up, raising into a sitting position and straddling my waist with knees either side if me. My cock throbbed inside her as she moved her knees, taking the weight off them and pressing herself down on me as hard as she could, before pushing with her knees to raise her body up and half extracting me from inside her. I pushed myself up on my elbows, burying my face between her tits, then put my arms around her and gripped tight. realitykings porno She leaned back a little so that the weight of our upper bodies now counteracted each other and we remained both sat upright in each other’s arms.

Still inside her, I opened my legs so her ass could slip off me and onto the bed, with her now leaning back to take her weight on her arms. Our legs interleaved with hers over mine, we both sat on the bed with me still inside her. We looked down at our point of union and watched as we both began moving our hips backwards, my shaft slowly sliding out of her. Then we both pushed forwards and I disappeared inside her again. Again and again, and we watched this incestuous fuck as it happened.

“Oh fuck Mike, I love you bro,” she breathed in my face as we leaned closer together, wrappings arms around each other and hugging tight.

We kissed then I replied, “Love you too you sexy bitch,” all the while our hips were moving together, back and forth as my cock slid in and out of her soaking hole. My words made us both start giggling but the fucking didn’t stop. Eventually the giggles did and we both had serious expressions on our faces.

“Yeah I am. Bitch. Fuck me like a bitch bro. Yeah like that… Yeah… Do you fuck Mum like that?”

“Yeah… she likes it like that.”

“Does it make her cum? Hmmm? Make me cum bro, make me cum like Mum does…”

Our humping became rapid, at this angle I could feel she was getting some clit stimulation too and she started to moan loudly.

“Oh fuck yeah, harder… yeah… god I’m gonna watch you fuck Mum again, fuck her while I suck her tits… oh fuck fuck FUCK I’m cumming baby I’m…” And she released the deepest moan as she hit her peak. I started picturing the threesome of me, Laura and Mum together, taking turns to screw them, their 69 while I’m sliding in from behind. And just as her orgasm ended I began furiously banging away at her, my own climax approaching and she came again, in time with me.

We hugged tightly as my final twitches spat their last few drops inside her and she whispered in my ear, “Fuck! That was amazing bro.” Finally we released and moved apart, settling into lying together with her half ontop, draped over me.

“No regrets?” I asked.

“None. If it can feel that good… Is that what it’s like with Mum?”

I nodded, “Uh-huh. Different but same. She’s quite the animal.” She was indeed. We’d spent every waking moment that we were under the same roof this week in her bed.

“I’m dying to watch you two together again,” said Laura. “Dying for you to fuck us both together! A threesome with my Mum and brother, if you’d asked me a week ago… it’s like I’ve changed somehow.”

I considered this. “So this witchcraft thing. You’re not going for it all?”

She smiled, “No, not at all. Though those ‘potions’ clearly contain something, and Becky is definitely a sweet talker. That said, at the end of that night they asked me to join them and I’m still considering it.” I gave her a puzzled look then she continued, “Come on, that jewelry looks awesome doesn’t it?” She wasn’t wrong, the silverware they used for their ceremonies, naked except for the chains and the silver coils around their limbs, was very sexy.

I drifted off to sleep with her, wrapped in each other’s arms in that small bed.


We sat on the floor facing each other infront of the log fire. Laura pushed me back into lying on the rug and climbed over me, with knees either side of my legs. I noticed for the first time that she was wearing the witches jewelry – a silver chain around her waist and one around her neck, a coil of silver wrapped around her upper right arm and a similar one around her upper left thigh, with a silver dagger attached at it’s side and it’s end disappearing into her pussy.

My cock was hard and pointing upwards, she raised herself over it and positioned it’s tip at her entrance. As she did so, she detached the dagger and smiled at me as she pressed it’s end against my belly. I smiled back at her and watched the point of contact between me and her, between me and the dagger. She slowly lowered herself onto me and I felt myself enter her. Simultaneously I felt her enter me, the tip of the dagger penetrating my flesh and slowly sliding inside me. The pleasure of the one act countered the pain of the other so I felt nothing, no pain or lust, but I looked up at the face of this woman – my sister – and felt love course through me. She slipped further down my shaft and the dagger went deeper too. There was no blood, just a wound. My gash to match hers.

We reached full penetration, the hilt of my groin at her mound, the hilt of the dagger at my belly. We slowly began to fuck each other, each time she raised her body and withdrew me from her the dagger withdrew from me. And each thrust downwards I re-entered her and the dagger plowed me. My cock began to feel sore, like sandpaper was against it. rip her up porno Our sex started to get painful but I didn’t care; each thrust of the dagger brought waves of pleasure to me and I didn’t want it to stop.

“Oh…yeah…faster,” I began to moan and she complied, the dagger moving in and out of me at a greater pace, bringing more pleasure and lust. I was dimly aware that she was now static, straddling me but unmoving except for her arms which pumped the dagger in and out of me. The sensations from my belly were unlike anything I’d ever felt before, alien but beautiful and I wanted more… more. I was approaching orgasm and it dawned on me that it would be the end, both of this act and of me. My death.

I didn’t care, I wanted this more than anything, and Laura began moaning now. “Are you gonna cum for me baby?” Except she didn’t say ‘cum’.

“Are you gonna die for me baby? You like that? Yeah… die for me Mike, die for me.”

I was on the verge of climax and suddenly felt pressure, the dagger was ejaculating and I saw blood begin to ooze from my wound like cum escaping a pussy.

“No!” I sat upright in Laura’s bed, almost pushing her out and onto the floor. I was sweating, heart racing and shaking. I felt her hand on my back then, “Bad dream honey?”

I sank back into lying next to her and began to calm down. My heart rate seemed to slow quickly and I was drifting back off to sleep again, with the realisation that the reason I’d been so scared by the dream was because right there in that false reality I’d *wanted* it.


We slept right through the night and woke early the next morning. We took a shower together, no sex but lots of touching as we explored each other’s soapy bodies for the first real time in our lives. Then we ate breakfast together. I didn’t tell Laura about the dream, I just put it down to my distrust of Becky and her supposed ‘witchcraft’, and my subconscious playing on that.

Instead, we talked sexual histories. Mine was brief; the one encounter with one of Laura’s friends at a party and then Julie, Becky, Mum and now Laura. Laura’s was much more varied! Twenty four partners before this week, sixteen guys, eight girls and occasionally more than one at a time. She told me about her MFF with a brother and sister, MMMFF fivesome with her first year housemates at uni and a bunch of one night stands.

“Wow. I feel like an under achiever!” I said when she’d finished.

“You wouldn’t know it bro,” she said with a smile, “You’re without doubt the best shag I’ve had!”

I smiled, feeling pretty pleased. “So, Mum’s home this evening. What do we…”

She cut me off saying, “Well we’ll have to come to some agreement about whose bed you’re staying in on which nights!” She saw the look on my face and added, “Or you know, we just make it a threesome every night.”

It was like she’d read my mind. What would be more perfect, since I was having sex with both my mother and sister, than for us to do it together? I’d seen Laura and Mum together already, licking each other out and snogging, but wasn’t sure if it was the heat of the moment (and Becky’s potions) at play.

Again with the mind reading: “It’s not as if we haven’t already had contact… if she was up for it I’d be willing. I’ve been with older women before you know, admittedly nobody I was related to! But yeah, that night I think we both pressed the right buttons for each other so why not?”

So we both did our chores for the day, housework for Laura and shelf stacking at the supermarket for me. Mum was due home around ten in the evening, so I had nearly an hour to take another shower after work while Laura prepared a late dinner for us all.

I was sat in the lounge wearing my bathrobe when I heard the front door open. Mum appeared at the doorway and said, “Hi!” Then she sat on the sofa next to me and we leaned together for a lingering kiss, her hands untied my robe and pushed it open then began sliding over my smooth chest, belly and down to my awakening cock.

“Oh, hi Mum,” said Laura who was now stood in the doorway wearing her bathrobe. “I’m making us dinner,” she said and then looked down at where Mum’s hands were, adding with a smile, “dessert will have to wait til later.” The two hadn’t seen each other or spoken since that night the previous weekend, where I’d fucked them both watched them in turn lick me out of each other’s pussies. They smiled at each other before Laura turned and headed back to the kitchen.

“Have I got time for a quick shower before dinner?” Mum asked.

“Sure, make it a quick one!”

We kissed again and she left the room.

Fifteen minutes later we were sat at the table in our bathrobes with Laura pouring wine as Mum entered the kitchen.

“Good timing,” said Laura, “dinner is served!”

Mum sat and as we started our meal said, “Well this is nice. It seems like ages since we ate together,” looking at Laura as she spoke. rus porno We burst out laughing at the innuendo, which broke the ice and allowed Mum to talk freely about her weekend – ‘witches workshop’ with Becky, Julie and six other women. She’d performed rituals with all of them and yes, that meant she’d had sex with all of them too.

“They were mostly around my age,” she said as we were finishing our meal, “though one was about your age,” she said to Laura. “We practiced orgasm control together. Spent hours on it but by the end she was able to play with herself and make me cum.” Laura and I both looked puzzled so she elaborated, “Once we were in sync, she could rub herself and I’d feel her fingers on me. She’d give herself an orgasm but it was me that’d feel it as well as her.”

I raised an eyebrow, more hocus-pocus probably induced by Becky with her ‘potions’ and hypnotic suggestion. But Laura looked genuinely interested and said, “Did it work the other way around?”

“No, we tried for hours and all I did was make myself cum over and over. She felt nothing. Though with the orgasms she gave me too, it made for quite an exhausting night!” She smiled as she got lost in the memory.

“Maybe we could try it, Mum?” said Laura.

Mum’s smile grew. “Mmmm. We could! Becky and Julie could do it almost immediately, because of the mother-daughter bond.”

“Let’s go into the lounge and you can tell me what we need to do then!” said Laura and she stood and carried her wine glass with her.

Mum followed and I did too. The lights were out but the log fire lit up the room, and as Laura sat on the sofa Mum disrobed and sat crossed-legged on the rug directly in front of the fireplace.

“You need to sit opposite me,” she said. Laura complied and disrobed too. I watched my mother and sister sit naked, looking at each other in the fire light with their knees inches apart. “To get synchronized we need intimate contact,” she said as she unfolded her legs slowly. Laura mirrored her movements until both had their legs stretched out almost straight. Mum’s left leg was slightly bent as it rested ontop of Laura’s right, Laura’s left leg similarly bent as it rested on Mum’s right.

“Now lay back a little, support your body with your elbows.” Both did so. “First we must climax together to become connected,” and with that Mum shuffled forwards until their thighs were sliding together and each of their pelvises rotated forty five degrees. The inverted V’s at the tops of their thighs locked together and Mum said, “What do you feel?”

“Mmmmmm,” Laura said with a sigh, “I can feel how wet you are Mum.”

Mum began to move her hips slowly, her pelvis at right angles to Laura’s, I could picture her clit rubbing side-to-side across her daughter’s labia. “How’s that?” she asked.

Another sigh from Laura then, “That’s lovely Mum.” She started moving her own hips now, getting into Mum’s rhythm. She pushed her hips forwards when Mum did, and moved backwards in time with her. Laura settled back into a near flat position as she wriggled, while Mum kept herself propped up with her elbows, alternately looking a Laura’s face and their point of contact.

My cock was growing hard inside my robe so I slipped out of it while seated and lazily began to stroke it while I watched my mother and sister grinding their mounds together. It was such a beautiful sight, they had enough of a resemblance to each other that you could imagine this was one woman making love with an older version of herself. Their movements were perfectly in sync now, writhing together with increasing speed but only ever actually moving an inch or so in either direction.

They both started breathing heavily and Mum kept talking. “Mmmm, yeah that’s good isn’t it?” Laura silently nodded, eyes closed and tight lipped. “I’m holding back, tell me when you’re close…” I noticed that Mum’s hips were going at the same speed as Laura’s but the movement was tiny, whereas Laura was oscillating at least two inches.

Mum lay back into the same near-lying position as Laura now and they continued their dance. I watched Laura’s face as first her tight lipped mouth slowly hung open, releasing short panting breaths, and then in a low intense tone she said, “Ooooh… yeah… now Mum.”

That was Mum’s cue, and she was suddenly grinding with identical moves to her daughter. Their pelvises raised off the floor slightly, the compression between their bodies centred on their pussies forming a kind of archway which accompanied their moans.

“Oh god yeah,” from Mum.

“Fuck, yeah yeah fuck!” from Laura.

Mother and daughter were reaching climax together, their cunts rubbing together causing bliss on both sides and it looked amazing. Even more so when, as they loudly peaked together, a fine spray emanated from their union and I realised that one or both of them had ejaculated. My cock throbbed in my hand as I watched them descend to reality and the mist settled over them, making their groins and thighs glisten in the firelight.

They lay there a while, still save for their chests heaving with each breath, then Mum moved to stand. Laura lay there in a daze and murmured, “Fuck that was intense.”

Mum slowly rubbed herself and said, “Do you feel that?”

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