Sibling Holiday Ch. 06

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When we got our room door closed behind us we immediately turned to each other and started kissing passionately. My brother’s hands slid up the back of my legs, taking the back of my sun dress with them until he gripped my bare buttocks.

As we continued to kiss I slid my hand inside the front of his Speedos and took hold of his rigid erection. He then lifted my dress over my head and off. I pushed his trunks down until they slid off completely and he stepped out of them.

We kissed again, this time I could feel his rigid tool pressed against my shaven mound. I took hold of him and started to stroke the length. Meanwhile he had placed his hand over my sex and started rubbing slowly with his middle finger along my aching lips. All the while we had our mouths pressed tight and our tongues feverishly moving inside each other’s mouth. Engaging in this lover’s kiss with my own brother was turning me on so much. His fingers were wet as he stroked my pussy and I badly wanted to feel him deep inside me.

I lifted one leg and pushed my pussy opening against the tip of his rigid cock. He placed an arm under my leg and pushed the head of his cock gently between my aching labia. He then put his other arm under my other leg, before straightening his back. He lifted me easily from the floor and then gently let my weight sink down ever so slowly so that my pussy slid onto his hard length.

I now had my brother deep within me and my legs about his waist. We couldn’t move much, but the feeling of being impaled on him like this was exquisite. The whole time this had gone on, we had not once ceased our passionate kissing. To feel his tongue deep inside my mouth and his cock inside my pussy felt so sexy. Before I even realised it was close I felt the exquisite contractions of an orgasm start to wash over me. The tiny movements, as my brother adjusted his balance slightly, were enough to send my hyper sensitive pussy over the edge.

He walked toward the bed and laid me on my back, with him on top and still buried deep within me. He placed his hands on the bed either side of me and slowly started to withdraw. The feeling was exquisite and once he was almost completely out, he then thrust back into me. He repeated this, gradually increasing the rhythm until he was pumping into me at quite a rate. The feeling all over my tingling pussy was exquisite.

Every time he started to push back in, I found myself raising my hips up to meet his thrust. With every thrust I also could feel his pelvic bone rub against my clit. Before long he started to look a lot redder and was breathing raggedly. Seeing his increasing arousal and feeling all the sensations of my brother deep within me, was getting me closer to my own climax.

Suddenly his frantic pounding slowed and then stopped as he tensed up, the muscles in his stomach and chest clearly defined as his whole body went rigid. I felt the pulsing feeling as he spurted deep within me and then my own orgasm hit me. I was by now rotating my pussy around the fulcrum of his shaft. I could feel my insides contracting suctioning his cock and opening up to his shooting semen.

We kissed passionately again and lay still as both of us bathed in the glow of our recent orgasms. Occasionally I could still feel his cock twitching inside me and the occasional flutter of my stomach muscles as another small orgasm flowed through me. He lay down on top of me and I felt his weight pressing down on my whole body, his chest squashing my breasts and his flat stomach against my belly. Not to mention his hard cock still held deep within me.

I was waiting for him to withdraw or start softening, but he didn’t seem ready to do either. I took this as a sign that he wanted more, I certainly did. I pushed my elbow into the bed and levered so that we rolled onto our sides. I didn’t have the strength to roll us both completely, but he understood and rolled onto his back whilst lifting me above him.

Now I was astride him and it felt incredibly hot. My whole body was exposed for my brother to enjoy and I could move freely on his hard shaft. His hands reached out and caressed my upturned breasts and erect nipples and stroked my belly, before he lowered one hand to stroke my exposed clit with his thumb. I leant back to further expose my pussy to his touch. He took his time rubbing his fingers along my labia and teasing my rigid little clit. I think he was exploring me as much as he was giving me pleasure. We made eye glory hole secrets porno contact and exchanged a lustful look. I felt massively aroused by what he was doing to me and the fact that it was my own brother who was doing it. I had never been with a boy before and I was pretty sure he had never been with a girl. Somehow it seemed more special that our first time was together.

I sat upright again and started to rotate around his cock, which was totally rigid again. As I rotated my hips I started to lift up and down as well. Now that I was in control of the movement I could decide how much of him and how fast I took him inside me. As I slid myself up and down his length, my brother’s hands were caressing my breasts, then grabbing my buttocks and even fingering my tight ring. With his hands all over me like that and feeling so horny astride of him it didn’t take long before I was having another orgasm.

This time he hadn’t reached his, so I asked him if he wanted to change position. He nodded and guided me off him and onto all fours. Then he knelt behind me and I felt him press the tip of his cock against my pussy. Gradually he pushed until he was buried to the hilt. This position also felt exquisite as he started to piston himself into me I could push back against him and take him as deep as I could. He had placed his palms on top of my bum and was massaging and kneading my buttocks as he continued his thrusts.

To feel him inside me in this position and know my bare bum was so open to his view felt incredibly sexy. Then I felt him parting my cheeks and his thumb stroking and circling around my anus. Oh God that made me feel horny. I groaned with the pleasure of it. As he sensed my increased fervour at his actions he pressed his thumb against my tight ring. Gradually in time with our movements he started working against the tight muscles and pushed it until he had his whole thumb inside me. Feeling something inside both of my holes and feeling those working against each other through the thin divide sent my arousal sky high. “God that feels good” I told him. He stopped and leant over and grabbed the tubular shaped oil bottle beside the bed. He poured some oil on my bum and worked the tube into my hole for a few moments. Once I was slippy enough he withdrew from my pussy and placed the head of his cock against my anus.

A few seconds passed and I looked back at him. He was looking at me waiting for my approval for what he wanted to do. I reached back and took hold of his oily cock and pressed it against my tight ring. “Do it, I want you to” I whispered to him, the passion affecting my voice. Slowly he started to increase the pressure against my anus. I tried to relax as much as possible. There was a small amount of pain but far more pleasurable sensations as he forced it past the initial resistance. Gradually he sank into me, until I could feel his pelvis hard against my buttocks. He groaned and as I looked over my shoulder at his face he gave me an intense look and almost grunted at me; “It’s so tight, feels great though. Are you ok?” I had never had anything more than Heidi’s finger in there before, but this was something else. The pressure of his large cock inside me was pushing against my pussy from the other side.

It felt incredibly naughty. My brother started to slowly withdraw then push back into me. The tightness meant he could not go very fast, but eventually as I got used to it, I think that relaxed slightly. He withdrew almost completely and poured more oil onto his rigid shaft. This time it went in a little easier and gradually he was able to increase the pace of his thrusts. As he did this I reached back with one hand and started to play with my clit and occasionally slip a finger inside my pussy. From inside my pussy I could feel his hard cock through the thin membrane separating my two holes. I started sliding two fingers in and out in time to his movements. Then I grabbed the oil bottle which was similar in diameter to my brother’s cock but a little shorter and worked that inside. With both holes now full I concentrated on rubbing my clit with increasing speed.

The thought of what my own brother was doing to me along with the sensations of him thrusting himself with increasing vigour into my bum; while I worked a bottle into my pussy and rubbed my tender clit was sending me into the most delirious state. From the sound of his shortening breaths and occasional grup sex grunts it didn’t sound like he was too far off either. Almost simultaneously I felt him shooting inside me as wave upon wave of intense orgasm sent my pussy into convulsions. The feelings were so strong that I briefly blacked out.

I found myself face down flat on the bed. My brother still deep inside me had half collapsed on top of me. The feeling of his weight both on me and in me was divine. I turned my head to the side and we kissed passionately. Our tongues intertwined while I could feel his shaft still twitching inside me. Slowly he withdrew and we continued to kiss. We held our naked bodies close together and dozed for an hour or two.

Sunset was approaching and so was our hunger. We had worked up an appetite. We showered together, tenderly washing each other’s body. The feeling of getting to know someone as your lover when you had known them all your life as a sibling was strange. After the shower we dried each other, enjoying the intimacy of the physical contact without doing anything explicitly sexual. We then got dressed for our evening meal. We had been left money by our parents to eat out and felt excited at the thought of doing it as a couple. We felt confident knowing our parents were with friends on the other side of the island. My brother watched me as I slipped on a very skimpy thong which was translucent and extremely adult for someone of my young age. My mum had no idea I had bought it, and certainly wouldn’t have approved. I then slipped on a very short strappy summer dress and some high heel sandals that had leather laces that criss-crossed up my calves and made my legs look very sexy.

As he stood there ogling his sexy sister, obviously enjoying the view, little did he know that this wasn’t the first time I had been in his presence in this outfit, although last time I hadn’t even worn knickers. The dress was such thin material that it was a little on the see though side. The outline of my thong was just visible and my erect nipples were very obvious just below the top of the dress. He dressed in some jeans without any underwear and a loose shirt. We kissed and left the room to find a restaurant.

As we crossed the hotel lobby area, holding hands like any couple might, we came across two stunning petite blond girls doing the same. I immediately recognized Heidi at the exact same moment she saw me. We smiled and ran to give each other a hug. Heidi told me she and her sister Freya were about to go out for an evening meal and invited us to join them. I immediately accepted and then quickly whispered in her ear that I had been successful with my plan. She took on a new look of interest and cast an eye over my brother who was stood a few yards away waiting and none the wiser. “Mmm your brother is very good looking; we could all have a lot of fun together.”

I took the opportunity to check out Freya who looked almost identical to Heidi and dare I say it even more good looking. Both of the sisters wore racy skin tight dresses and by the look of it neither of them was wearing any underwear. I turned back to my brother who was already paying the two sisters quite a lot of attention. When I asked my brother if he would be happy for us to join the sisters for an evening meal out, he didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The evening that followed was incredible. We found a restaurant with a nice private booth at the back where Heidi and I quickly brought the conversation around to getting our secrets in the open. Heidi had already told Freya about our time in the hotel room, but it was news to my brother who couldn’t believe his ears as we discussed what his young sister and her friend had got up to. Then Heidi and Freya, told us about their relationship and how they had developed their secret sexual relationship over the last two years. My brother was finding this conversation more than a little interesting and when I stroked his crotch I could feel that he was rigid through his jeans. I kept my hand there which I could see did not go unnoticed by the sisters.

My brother asked them; “So how did it start?” They told him how it was easy as sisters, as they shared a bedroom so there had been plenty of opportunities. It all started when Heidi came home unexpectedly one day and spied her older sister completely naked and playing with herself on her bed in their shared room. Apart from the shock of seeing her doing it she had been hd porno surprised by how incredibly aroused it made her feel. Rather than sneaking away undiscovered, she had been unable to resist the temptation to join in with her sister. So she removed her clothes and walked into the room. Freya was initially very shocked on being discovered, but when her younger sister lay back naked and started to do the same, had been happy to continue.

Masturbating in front of each other quickly developed into passionate kisses, playing with each other’s breasts, caressing each other and before long they were masturbating each other. Very quickly they discovered the added joys of using their mouths on each other. Neither of them had any inhibitions for telling us everything in detail. I could feel myself getting aroused as much as I could feel that my brother was. From the look of the sister’s I guessed they were too. Both had small breasts, and by the look of things Freya had the same pointy nipples as her sister. Both of them were sat in their tight dresses with their prominent nipples plainly showing though their thin dresses.

My brother had his hand on my knee and slid it slowly up my thigh and under the hem of my short dress. As his fingers reached the thin fabric of my thong I parted my legs so he had better access to touch my pussy. I felt him push the thin fabric to the side and then the delightful feeling of his finger against my already moist lips. The sisters watched this avidly and then turned to each other and shared a passionate kiss. We watched as their almost identical open mouths joined and enjoyed seeing the interplay of their tongues. It was at this point that my brother asked them the question that sealed all our fates, well for the rest of the two week holiday anyway; “Are you two only into girls?”

“Oh no” they both quickly replied, before Freya added; “We both would love to go with a boy, although so far neither of us has ever done so”.

Heidi added “We were really hoping that we might be able to talk you into helping us with that”.

My brother just gulped and I felt him twitch in my hand.

Sure enough that night and for the rest of the two weeks the four of us shared every night in their room or ours. My brother and I enjoyed the sisters in every way possible and they enjoyed us. All of us found the other three attractive and so when my brother was deep inside Freya, Heidi and I could be found tonguing each other.

When Heidi was taking it from behind from my brother, I was on all fours beside them with Freya pushing her dildo up my bum whilst she tongued and fingered my aching pussy. The sisters particularly enjoyed watching my brother and me passionately making love and the feeling was mutual; we couldn’t get enough of seeing the sisters getting off together. Seeing them in a 69 position was especially arousing as they looked so similar.

Most of the time we would push the two double beds together in our room so we could all touch each other at the same time. A couple of times we lay in a small circle so that we could all give and receive oral sex at the same time. Seeing Freya sucking my brother off whilst I tongued her and Heidi tongued me and my brother tongued Heidi was incredible. Other times three of us would all pleasure just one person at the same time. I will never forget the feeling as I sat on my brother with my bum hole impaled on his rigid cock while Heidi and Freya took turns to tongue my pussy and caress my breasts. I also remember watching the sisters swapping between sitting on my brother’s face and his cock.

When the holiday came to an end it was a very sad parting, but we all agreed to meet up in the future and we did manage a few exchange visits in the following years. Although I think our friendship was a slight puzzlement to our respective parents. And of course back at home my brother and I enjoyed a few years of pleasure and experience until the time came to fly the nest and move on with our lives. Only then did that side of our relationship stop and then gradually fade into a distant memory. Living in different places, meeting our own partners, marriage, kids all came between that time and now.

Our lives are more conventional now, we meet up occasionally for family events; Christmas and summer holidays. We interact like any normal adult siblings would. We watch our kids play with their cousins and keep in touch as much as you ever can when you have your own lives to lead. We never discussed those times or that amazing holiday. The things we shared seemed like another life and another time, never likely to be repeated. Although not everything is forever as I may share with you another time.

This story was the final part of a 6 part story.

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