Shim’s My Brother Ch. 01

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Chapter One – The Discovery

Like most families nowadays ours is moderately dysfunctional, and as such we are not very close to one another. My dad is a CPA and my mom is an attorney so outside of building their careers and making money they have few other interests. Their kids are down the line of priorities somewhere but they never get in the way.

The kids are me and my brother, Kevin. He’s 20 years old now, but no one would ever know it. He has stayed close to himself ever since he was a teenager, and he won’t discuss his reclusive nature with anyone including his kid sister and best friend me, Patsy. I just turned 18, and unlike most girls my age I celebrated the occasion by having a 6½ pound baby girl. Her dad was nothing more than an orgasm on a hayride during my senior year. I am what is commonly referred to as an unwed mother or a single parent or both.

Painfully I agreed to give up my child for adoption. That was one of the most agonizing ordeals of my life, but the baby is much better off with her new parents. I, on the other hand, am left here at home with nothing to remember from the experience but two enormously swollen breasts. I would have fed my child naturally and abundantly, but now I have to deal with milk glands that don’t know I no longer have a child to feed.

My doctor was kind enough to provide me with a cute little breast pump to deal with the milk build up, but from the initial experience, I think this method is going to occupy all or most of my time until the well runs dry.

I was busy with this apparatus when Kevin charged in as he usually does. There’s no modesty when it comes to the two of us, so he wasn’t terribly shocked to see the shoulder straps of my tank top off and my gigantic boobs hanging out. I was concentrating on the pump and a nipple and didn’t bother to look up.

“Hey Sis,” he blurted, “What’s happening?”

“I’m milking a cow stupid. What does it look like?”

“It looks like fun,” he replied in a slightly sarcastic tone. “How long does this take?”

“I’m not sure exactly,” I said, “but however long it takes is too damned long if you ask me.”

“It’s a pity you can’t get one of your boyfriends over here to give you a hand, or a mouth, or whatever,” Kevin said jokingly. “It would be a lot faster, and I think you would enjoy it more.”

“Thanks, bro,” I said appreciatively, “but it was one of those fuckers that got me into this predicament in the first place. I don’t want anything to do with them just now. Besides, can you imagine how the folks would take to a string of hard legs from my past streaming in here and up to my bed room on a daily basis just to milk the cow?”

“I see what you mean, Sis. Wish there was something I could do.”

There was a noticeable period of silence after Kevin’s remark, and then I came up with what was to become the most brilliant idea I had ever had in my short life.

“Kevin, my darling brother,” I purred. “You could help me drain the swamp everyday until the cow ran dry. No one would ever know, and I would be forever grateful for your help. What do you say?”

“The same thing I’ve said so many times in the past when you come up with your hair-brained ideas, Patsy. You’re nuts; absolutely bonkers. I can see me hunkered down and sucking on your tit for God knows how long.”

“Show me, Kevin. I beg you. You will save me pain and itching and Lord knows how many other discomforts. I’m your baby sister. It is almost your duty to czech gangbang porno help in any way you can. Besides, there are boys in this town that would kill for another chance to suck on one of these babies.” I lifted a boob as I spoke.

There was another long silence. It was long enough that Kevin’s silence worried me.

“Under one condition, Sis,” he said solemnly at long last, “and this is under a cross your heart and hope to die promise. You will never tell a soul. Not one. Understand?”

“Oh, I promise, Kevin. Cross my heart and hope to die, and any other oath you want me to take. You will save my life, Bro.” I was so excited that I could hardly keep still. No more suction pump, no more squeezing; only a very natural sucking action. I watched anxiously as Kevin kneeled between my legs and leaned forward. I offered him one of my swollen breasts with its rigid pink nipple.

Perhaps it was purely psychological, but my breast begin to feel better the moment his lips closed around my nipple. I wasn’t aware of it at that moment, but his mouth on my boob was making me feel better in more ways than one.

The kneeling position didn’t last long, and this was true of several other positions we tried. Finally tradition won out. Kevin lay across my lap with his head resting in the crook of my arm. At first I held a breast to his mouth, but it wasn’t long until he took over that chore as well. He caressed my hooter tenderly as he gently nursed at my nipple. I found that I was breathing more deeply now, and I had settled back against the head board of my bed and began to enjoy my brother’s attention.

Kevin seemed to be getting more actively involved in his new project. He was lying across my bed now with his head on my lap as he slowly drained one mammary gland after the other. This was Heaven on Earth.

I had been unconsciously stroking his cheek as he plied his art to my boob, and now my hand drifted to his chest. Quickly, but without any fanfare in his actions, he moved my hand from his chest to the lower part of his body. Instantly I felt the sizeable bulge in his gym shorts. I muffled a squeal as he disengaged from my nipple long enough to speak.

“I would much prefer that you did your stroking here, Sis. Your tits are turning me on to such an extent that my nuts are aching. One good favor deserves another, right?”

I was too shocked to speak, but my hand did squeeze his bulge a little more if for no other reason than curiosity. His shaft was as hard as a rock and lying along his abdomen. I was surprised at the excitement my hand on his cock gave me. His attention to my breast had already elevated my body temperature several degrees, and I was sure that the crotch of my panties was damp or worse. This added arousal caused uncontrollable undulations in my mid-section and points below.

Kevin was back at my breast and focused on draining the swamp. I was now aware of the effect his nursing was having on me. Shame on me; I was enjoying every minute of it. Without being aware of what I was doing, I unzipped his gym shorts and reached inside. He wasn’t wearing a jock. My hand was on his rock hard extremely hot and pulsating cock. I gripped it firmly, and then I squeezed. Kevin moaned and increased his dedication to my boob. God, his mouth felt good. God, his cock felt good. This is my brother? I began slowly stroking his rod. He loosened the waist band of his shorts and wiggled them down off of his ass. czech harem porno His cock sprang up like a once tethered car antenna. My cheeks were burning; he was sucking harder; and I realized I was massaging his balls.

My hand was back on his stiff cock now, and I was stroking with much more enthusiasm. Kevin was responding to my strokes by pressing his pelvis against my down-stroking hand. It wasn’t long until he broke away from my nipple and began moaning much louder. He was massaging my breast now much more aggressively, and his free hand was kneading the flesh of my ass cheek. Suddenly his cannon belched a stream of white goo, and then another and still another.

This was a first for me, and all I could do was giggle and continue to play with his softening prick. I noticed that his sperm had landed all over the front of his T-shirt, but he paid it no mind. Kevin’s attention was still focused on my bosom. Both of his hands were busy now; one on each breast. It was plainly obvious that his priorities had changed somewhat. He was satisfied that he had drained the milk causing all of this discomfort, so now he was enjoying some serious titty play. So was I.

“Kevin, look at your shirt. It’s got stuff all over it. Let me have it and I will put it in the laundry. Lupe is going to wash tomorrow.”

“No, that’s okay. I’ll get it later, Sis.” He seemed nervous.

“What’s wrong, Kev? Are you bashful? My God, we’ve gone way past modesty, haven’t we? You’ve sucked on my nipples and played with my titties; I’ve played with your manhood and made you shoot off. Why are you so protective of your upper body? Here,” I said hoping to relax my brother a little more, “I’ll remove the rest of my clothes. Will you do the same?” With that I slipped out of my shorts and panties with one move. “Now,” I said with a huff, “my ass and everything else that I own is in the open.”

“Your entire opinion of me will change, Sis,” he said sheepishly. “I haven’t shared this condition with any one else other than my doctor. If I show you it will be with the understanding that you will never tell another soul. Do I have your promise?” Ever since we were younger a promise was equivalent to a solemn vow.

“Of course you do, Bro,” I said placing my hand palm down against my naked breast. “I promise.”

When Kevin first pulled his T-shirt over his head, I was more than just a little puzzled. He had elastic binding like the jocks use wrapped around the mid section of his chest. Even with the restraint, I could see he was hiding something under the bandages.

“Well,” I cried trying to fight back my curiosity, “what’s under the wrapper, Kevin?”

Had I still been wearing my panties I would have dropped them now. I watched in utter amazement as my brother unwrapped a pair of breasts almost the size of mine before the baby. They were beautiful.

“They’re beautiful,” I said echoing my thoughts. “I’m flabbergasted by the sight, but they are beautiful. I’m jealous,” I said with a whimsical smile on my lips. “Can I touch them?”

“Sure, I guess so,” he replied. “No one but me and my doctor have ever touched them, or even seen them for that matter.” He cautiously pushed his chest out for me to touch his well developed winkers.

“Oh my, Kevin,” I cooed. “They are as soft as mine. They’re lovely, you know”

“They embarrass me,” he said with his head lowered.

“Why? I have girlfriends my age that don’t have boobs as big czech sharking porno as yours. You should be proud.”

“I should be like other boys,” he said defensively.

Unconsciously I was still massaging my brother’s boobs. When I looked down I noticed he was developing an erection.

“Kevin,” I cried because of my state of mind, “you’re getting hard.”

“It feels good when you play with my breasts. Naturally I’m aroused.”

“Do you get excited when you play with yourself?” I had to ask.

“In a way, but it’s not the same as when you touch me.”

“Just like it was when I masturbated you earlier, huh?”

“Now that you mention it, Sis,” he was grinning, “yeah.”

“Do you want to touch my pussy?” I asked. “It’s only fair. I played with your cock.”

“It’s been a long time.” He said thinking back to the neighborhood girl when he was about ten years old. Hers was bald and a lot smaller than Patsy’s hairy monster. “Aren’t you still sore?”

“Imagine yourself shitting a 7 pound watermelon, Bro. I’m still tender, but with loving care I think your touch will be nice.” I moved my fingers into my pubic patch. “That’s it, Kev. Easy does it. Now ease your finger up to that little nub,” I said as I pointed to my clitoris. My breathing was already getting heavier just from his initial contact with my pussy. “Massage that little button very gently. Maybe you can give me an orgasm like I did for you a while ago.”

“I’ll do my best,” he promised as he busied himself at my crotch.

“Oh, Kevin,” I said between heavy sighs and pants. “Swing your hips up toward my head. I want to play with your peter while you pamper my pussy.”

Kevin did not hesitate. He swung around without skipping a beat on my clit. I was aroused beyond description by now so it was only natural when I bent forward and took my brother’s cock into my mouth. I had never performed oral sex on a man before, but everything seemed to come quite naturally. Kevin began to moan and squirm when I covered his shaft with my mouth.

“Use your tongue instead of your finger, Kev. Kiss my pussy, and I will come for you.”

Kevin was so caught up in his passion that he did not hesitate. He pressed his lips against his sister’s pussy lips, and easily found her clit with his tongue. It was Patsy’s turn to moan and squirm in response to this new intimate contact. Kevin worked his tongue faster and I spread my legs wider apart. Kevin pumped his cock harder into my mouth; I pressed my pussy harder against his mouth and the passion rose.

It wasn’t long until this wild union peaked. Kevin and I both could feel his cock pulsating in my mouth. In my excitement I was taking in the full length of Kevin’s manhood. I didn’t even flinch when his sperm splashed against the roof of my mouth and trickled down my throat.

While all of this was happening, I came through with an orgasm of my own. I bathed Kevin’s face with my arousal juices not to mention saturating my pussy and my inner thighs with my joy juices.

Finally the eruptions were over, and both of us lay totally relaxed as we basked in a state of total satisfaction.

“Oh, excuse me please,” a sweet young voice said from the doorway.

“Lupe.” I cried. “Don’t go, please.”

The dark haired pretty Latino stuck her head back inside the room.

“I come back later, okay,” she said with a broad smile beaming on her pretty face.

“No Lupe,” I begged, “please stay.” Lupe had been our housekeeper for the past year. She helped me through my pregnancy. Mom was too busy with more important matters. “We have a lot to talk about, and a lot of explaining to do to you and to Kevin. Mom and Dad aren’t home as usual, so we have the rest of the day to sort things out.

Chapter 2 will do just that.

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