Shelly’s Decisions Ch. 02

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Shelly bent over her father’s knees and rested her stomach across his thighs; her hands were touching the floor on the other side of his lap and her breasts hung down contained by the bra. A tear ran down her cheek from the humiliating position. I can’t believe he is going through with this! “Ready?” Daddy asked. Shelly nodded. “OK, you are gonna get some swats, but you can make this easy or hard. If I ask you a question I want a truthful answer. If I think you are lying, it’s gonna be a lot harder on you. You know the drill. You count each spanking and apologize. How many do you think is fair?” Shelly didn’t answer, only a quiet sob came out. “You don’t wanna answer? OK, twenty,” her father decided.

“Twenty?!? No! Five!” Shelly exclaimed. “Five is enough!”

“Twelve then, and don’t forget to count.” CRACK! Her father’s hand slammed against the teen’s supple ass cheek leaving a red handprint.

“Aarrgh! One!” Shelly cried out.


“And I’m sorry I came in past my curfew!” She added. Her father rubbed his hand over the quickly reddinging area he had just spanked, feeling the heat as the blood rose in the soft skin. CRACK! He slapped her other ass cheek leaving a matching handprint.

“Owwwwwww! Two! I’m sorry I lied to you, Daddy!” CRACK! “Ahhhhhh! Three! I’m, I’m sorry I was out late!” CRACK! “Four! I, uh, I’m sorry I wasn’t home on time!” CRACK! “Owww! Five! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth about where I was!”

Shelly’s Daddy paused to admire his handy work. He knew that anticipation of the next slap was punishment too, and his daughter’s firm teenage ass was something to look at, especially with the rosy glow it had now. He softly rubbed her ass cheeks, soothing some of the sting and felt Shelly subconsciously lift slightly off his lap push her ass towards his hand, wanting the comforting pressure. He hadn’t had a woman in a long time, and even though he didn’t like it, his cock started to harden. Shelly was grateful for the pause in her spanking. Her ass felt like it was on fire and her Daddy rubbing it helped it not sting so badly. cumlouder porno

“Shelly, you had me worried. When you’re out later than curfew, I don’t know if something bad has happened to you. And it’s no better when you are with a boy. I don’t want you to make the same mistake your mother and I did…having a baby before we had lived a little bit.” CRACK!

She wasn’t expecting that one and he’d put some extra oomph into it to force home his point. “Ohhhhh! Six! I’m sorry I had you worried, Daddy!” CRACK! “Seven! I’m sorry I was with a boy!” CRACK! “Aarrghh! Eight! I’m sorry I was home late!”

Shelly’s ass was a bright red now. Again, her Daddy paused. He gave her credit, she hadn’t started to cry yet, but she was close. He saw that Shelly’s entire ass was bright red, and as he massaged it again, every once in a while, when he push her cheeks apart, he could see her pink asshole and the fine downy pussy hair surrounding her lips. CRACK! This time, he slapped her on the back of her thigh where it wasn’t stinging.

“Uhhhhh, Please! No more!” A tear fell out of her eye and crawled down her cheek.

“What number was that?”

“Please!” When her father remained silent, Shelly gave in. “Nine. I’m sorry for breaking the rules.”

CRACK! This time he hit her other thigh. “Ten! I’m sorry I was bad!” Tears were flowing freely now. CRACK! “Eleven! I’m so sorry!” As Shelly had been spanked, her legs had started parting as she slunk down and supported herself more on her father’s lap. He could practically see all of her sex by now, and the last blow came perilously close. CRACK!!! He slapped her on the inside of her thigh and Shelly sqealed and cried out. “OHHHH DADDY! I’M SO SORRY! PLEASE NO MORE!” “That was twelve.” He said and she started to shakily rise. “Not so fast.” Daddy held her down to his lap by placing a hand on her back. “I’m gonna ask you some questions, and if I don’t believe you, you’re gonna get punished some more. Understand?”

Shelly sobbed softly and nodded.

“What were you doing in the car with Mark?” he czech amateurs porno asked.

“Nothing.” She said softly. CRACK! Her body tensed and she cried out as he slapped her ass again.

“I saw you two kissin’. What didn’t you understand about me telling you not to lie?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” Shelly exclaimed.

“Did you do anything besides kiss him?” Shelly shook her head no. She was afraid of what he would do if she told the truth and she was afraid her voice would betray her.

“I guess spankin’ isn’t doin’ the job. I know you’re lyin’ again Shelly.” He reached over and unhooked one clasp of her bra. “And this is how I know.” He undid the other clasp and her bra slid down her arms to the ground, leaving her tits hanging free. “Fuck!” she cried out in her mind. Shelly hadn’t taken the time to do up her bra right, but she didn’t think it mattered at the time. Daddy reached out and grabbed her tit, mauling it not too gently. “Did Mark do it like this?” Shelly grimaced in discomfort. “Or did he do it like this?” Her Daddy tenderly squeezed her breast, then rolled the nipple between his fingers and gently tugged it. He kept that up for a few more moments.

Shelly closed her eyes, forgetting for a second that it was her father groping her tit. God! That feels good! Why can’t Mark touch them like that. He’s always in such a hurry to get his dick played with. CRACK! She was startled back to reality by her Daddy slapping her ass. This time he didn’t do it so hard, and while it still hurt her tender ass, it didn’t hurt sooo bad.

“Well?” he asked “Tell me! How did he do it?”

“Like the first.” Shelly replied, as she blushed even redder. Her father was still playing with her tits and it felt REALLY good.

“I’m glad you’re finally telling me the truth.” His other hand slipped down from resting on her ass to between her legs, where it touched her pussy. Shelly flinched slightly in surprise. “And did Mark do this?” Her father roughly rubbed his hand up and down over her pussy lips. “Or did he do this?” His hand started czech casting porno sliding gently up and down her pussy, his fingers lingering over her clit. Shelly was surprised that she was very wet. His fingers traced her pussy lips and then slipped in between them, up the slick crevasse until he ran across her clit. Involuntarily, she ground her pussy into his hand.

“The first” she panted.

“You like how your Daddy touches you better?”

“Yes Daddy, you do it better.” Shelly was moving her hips up and down his hand now.

He slipped a finger inside her hot cunt and started fucking it in and out. “Has your boyfriend done this to you?”

“Unngghhh, no Daddy. I don’t let him.” Shelly said quickly as she humped herself on her father’s finger. He slipped another one in.

“But you want him to, don’t you?” Shelly just nodded. “And he wants to, too.” She nodded again. “So what do you do to him to keep him from getting in your panties?”

Shelly kept silent, instead concentrating on the fingers sliding in and out of her pussy and the electricity it was sending throughout her body.

Shelly cried out in pain as her father twisted her hard nipple cruelly. “Did you hear me ask a question girl?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Answer me then, what do you do to keep Mark from stickin’ his hand in your pants?”

Shelly took a deep breath, “I play with him.”

He wasn’t going to make this easy for her. “What do you mean ‘you play with him’? You play cards or tiddly-winks?”

“No Daddy, I play with his thing.” God! This is so embarrassing! Her father didn’t say anything. Shelly looked up at him and saw he was expecting more. He raised his hand to her nipple again. Shelly said quickly, “Iplaywithhiscockalright?”

Her father looked away so she wouldn’t see his smile. When he turned back to her, he had a straight face. “You play with his cock, huh?” Shelly nodded. His callused fingers were still sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy and he took the opportunity to add one more. As the third finger entered Shelly, she gasped. “Show me how.”

“How what?” asked Shelly, not understanding for what he was asking.

“Take out my cock and show me how you play with it.”

Without a second thought, Shelly scooted off his lap and started to unzip her father’s jeans. She made sure his fingers didn’t leave her pussy, though.

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