Seven-Mile High Club Ch. 08

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As it was getting late, and they were to be at Tomiko’s house for dinner, they got dressed and left the school. She drove much like the taxi driver that had taken Miyoko and Michael from the airport to the hotel. Suddenly Tomiko pulled up into a parking lot, turned off the ignition, and exited the car like she was in a Stock Car race, and had to make a pit stop, with only the statement,

“Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

She ran through the parking lot into a drug store. Three minutes later, she was back with a small package and they were off again.

“What was so important, Tomiko?”

“My Sensei, told me about a depilatory that is used primarily for removing pubic hair. When I shaved; it didn’t seem as smooth as you might have wished.”

They arrived at her house in forty-five minutes flat. When they walked into the dining room, Michael’s Mother was seated at the dinner table, drinking a glass of wine.

“I’m sorry we are late Auntie, is my Father angry?”

“I wouldn’t know. He isn’t here and nether is your Uncle. Well I suppose there is no reason to wait dinner any longer.” She said in a surly tone.

She signaled the maid and told her to beginning serving dinner. The maid served Michael first, due to the Japanese custom of him being the man. It was some type of fish soup.

“I hope you like it Michael-san.” The young maid said smiling and flashing her eyelashes.

“He doesn’t like fish of any kind. Take it away… immediately.” Said Tomiko, with a snarl, letting the maid know that he was off limits to her.

“Yes maim. I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Just do it.” Tomiko said, scowling at her.

“Yes maim.”

She then placed the soup in front of his Mother. The maid hurried back to the kitchen and returned with some soup for Tomiko, and a salad for Michael. They ate in silence, except for his Mother’s continual grumbling. Michael was startled; as every so often he heard his Mother utter a swear word, cursing his Father for being so insensitive.

About half way through the salad, and a very nice; full-bodied, white wine; both Michael’s Uncle and his Dad came in the front door laughing at something not privileged to the rest of the family.

“Thank you for calling and letting me know that you were going to be late, Dear.” Michael’s Mother said to his Father sarcastically.

“I’m sorry, I lost track of the time.”

“Oh good dinner is ready.” Said his Uncle. “Let’s eat brother, I’m starved.”

After that they ate in silence. At the close of dinner, Michael excused himself, wishing everyone a good night, and left the house via the garden door. When he arrived in the hilltop hide away, Tomiko came out of the bathroom, wearing a pair of black satin panties, a t-shirt that said, “PARTY GIRL”, and some knee high stockings. She placed her arms around him and said,

“Michael, do you think that the maid that served us dinner is cute?”

“I didn’t look at her,” he said, a little white lie on his lips. “I don’t recall; why?”

“I think that I will have to tell my Father to dismiss her.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I think that she likes you Michael.”

“Don’t do that Tomiko. I have no feelings for her whatsoever. The poor girl is just trying to please everyone. You are not that mean, are you?”

“No … but if she ever looks at you that way again … well let us just say; it won’t be pretty.”

“Jealously in such a sweet little girl. Don’t do that. You are the only girl in the world for me; honest.”

“I won’t say anything to my Father, but just for you … Michael. Do you like my panties?”

She began rubbing herself against him like a kitten looking for affection. Reaching down, she rubbed her hand against his groin area. When his penis began to get hard she said,

“Mmm, You do like my panties.”

She took his hand and led him into the bedroom. She had him stand by the bed and knelt on the floor in front of him. After pulling down his pants and underwear, Tomiko, began stroking his cock. She then pushed him back gently until he was seated on the side of the bed. She placed her mouth on his penis, sucking it hard.

Michael was almost ready to cum, when they heard somebody, knocking at the front door. Tomiko told him to answer it, and said not to let whoever it was into the bathroom. Michael pulled up his pants and slipped on his t-shirt, slowly walking to the door, expecting the worst. When he opened the door, he found his Mother crying.

“What’s wrong Mom; why are you crying?”

“Your Father has me so upset.”

She walked in and started for the bathroom.

“I need some tissues Michael.”

“There are some on the end table next to the couch. Come over here and sit down.”

She proceeded to tell him that his father had changed a lot since they came to Japan. She suspected that he might be having an affair, and wanted Michael to follow him. He explained that he would not be a spy for her, or for his Father for that matter. He was not the type of son to czech couples porno get involved in his parents marital disputes.

Michael suggested she confront his Father with her suspicions, and talk it out. The conversation went on for an hour, until his Mother left. When he tapped on the bathroom door, Tomiko peeked out.

“Is she gone?”

“Yes … finally.”

“Come on Michael, let’s go to bed. My butt is sore from sitting on the hard toilet seat. Please massage it for me.”

They got into bed. Tomiko lay there on her stomach and Michael rubbed her butt as requested. As his hand slid over the perfect mounds, a finger would on occasion slip down between her cheeks, touching her butt hole, and further down to her puffy vaginal lips. She moaned and lifted her hips to make more contact.

Sliding a finger into her pussy, he felt that she was wet and wanted more. Moving on top of her, he slipped his cock into her vagina. She turned her head and looked at him smiling, an inexplicable smile. She was hot and willing to do anything he wanted. Tomiko was the perfect mate, even though she was his cousin.

“Oooooo, you are so good for me.” She moaned, as she came spraying his groin area with her juices.

“You are perfect for me also. I will never have another woman in my life.”

After she came again; he held her tight. Lying down beside each other, they looked deepin each other’s eyes.

“We can no longer trust the privacy of this place, Michael. We will have to find somewhere more secluded. We will see about it tomorrow. There is a nice hotel called the Sabashi Omi Hotel in Osaka. It is out of the way, and it isn’t too expensive.

Several of my girlfriends at school take their men friends there. They day clerk doesn’t ask any questions and I will make the arrangements. I think I should go now. I’ll see you in the morning.”

She bent down and gave him a long lingering kiss. Michael touched her titties; then slid a hand down to her dripping pussy. As they kissed and he felt her up she said,

“Well I guess I don’t have to go … quite yet.”

As he was on his back, she crawled on top of him and eased herself down onto his cock, sliding down slowly, as it disappeared into her vagina. She moved like a little girl on a wooden rocking horse, but very slow and very methodical. Her eyes closed as she leaned over and placed her warm hands on his chest. Michael reached up and took both of her titties in his hands, squeezing them.

She began to move a little faster, as the intensity grew between them. It took almost an hour to reach a peek of total sexual excitement, and she was now riding him like a rodeo star trying to remain on her steed.

Feeling the sperm, building in his balls, he grabbed her hips and thrust his pelvis upward, impaling her and causing her to groan. Tomiko’s eyes were still closed, and everything except her quest for an orgasm was shut out of her mind.

From his angle he could see her moving very fast up and down, as her pussy enclosed his penis, then moved up almost letting it escape its warm wet captivity. She continued this for several more minutes, until he was witness to a gush of cum, running down his cock, onto his crotch and balls. It was wonderful, but it wasn’t his cum. Tomiko had a tumultuous orgasm, and had fallen forward onto Michael’s chest, breathing like she had finished third in the LA Marathon.

She didn’t move. The only way he could tell she was still alive was her breathing and the vibration of her vagina around his cock. It was cool and they were both wet, so he pulled the covers over them. Michael knew that she didn’t want to stay until morning, so he lay there watching the clock.

As he had not yet cum, his penis was still hard and snuggled deep into her pussy. Slowly he moved his hips upward, fucking her at a slow pace. It didn’t take long that he was shoving as hard as he could in an attempt to bring some relief to his pent up lust. She was finally awake and began to move faster, helping him fuck her.

“Michael … Oh … Michael … you do it for me so well. Please don’t ever leave me. I couldn’t go on, now that I know why I was born.”

It finally happened. They both came at the same time, clutching each other in a fit of passion and lust, their fluids mixing in her vagina.

Michael’s mouth was on her neck sucking hard as she emitted an almost undetectable scream. He held her tight in his arms, as his flaccid penis slowly, slipped from her tight vagina.

“Noooo. Don’t take it out yet.” She whispered in his ear, her tongue following her words, reaming his ear in a feeble attempt to build Michael’s excitement one more time. She was not completely satisfied, and he would do anything not to disappoint her.

Michael moved out from under her, ignoring her complaints. He turned her over on her back then quickly moved down between her legs, placing his mouth on her pussy and began to suck hard. Her clitoris was swollen and larger than any other he had czech estrogenolit porno ever seen. It had to be a half inch in length and very stiff, like a tiny penis. Her mound was free from hair and slippery with their fluids. Michael was going to work some of his magic, and he knew she was ready for the show.

It only took three minutes for Tomiko to cum again. His face felt like he was in a rainstorm of her delicious fluids. The pain from where she was pulling his hair; was strangely satisfying as he knew that he was making her feel wonderful.

From past experiences, Michael was aware that he was on the brink of a sexual breakthrough that would make her want him forever. He continued sucking and licking until, he heard a snap in her vagina, reminiscent of Miyoko’s climaxes. She then let go of his hair, and fell back into the soft pillow, her arms flopping out to the side devoid of strength.

He got out of bed and went into the bathroom for a towel. After drying off, he returned to her and patted her gorgeous body dry. She did not move. It was one in the morning before his little love mate finally regained consciousness.

“What time is it Michael?” she groaned.

“A little after one.”

“I guess I had better go.” She said reluctantly.

“Probably a good idea.”

She sat up on the side of the bed, looking at the floor, her hands resting on her knees. A few minutes later she stood, wavering a little, then slowly walked into the bathroom. Michael heard the water run in the sink for a minute; then go off. She walked out several minutes later fully dressed and came over to the bed. She leaned down and kissed his numb lips and said,

“Goodnight Michael. I’ll see you at breakfast.”

“Good morning, Tomiko, and happy birthday.”

“Thank you Michael; and thank you for the fabulous present.”

The morning came quickly, and Michael unwillingly dragged himself from the bed. Taking a quick shower and brushing his teeth, he got dressed and as he was about to go out the door to the main house, the telephone rang. Michael picked it up and said,


“Good morning lover. Would you like a nice blowjob; or some of my wet hot pussy?” Tomiko whispered.

“Who is this?” asked Michael with a smile.

“That’s not funny Michael,” Tomiko said abruptly. “Come down here and have breakfast. Everyone is waiting.”

Telling her that he was on his way, he laughed and hung up the phone. It was eight o’clock and there was a gentle breeze coming from the ocean. As Michael walked past the Koi pond, he thought about how the last few days had changed his life forever.

As he walked in the house, and sat down at the table everybody was talking about the party, and what still needed to be done. The cute maid poured him a cup of coffee, keeping a watchful eye out for Tomiko as she poured. There was a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice on the table. When Michael reached for it, he heard Tomiko’s voice.

“I’ll get it Michael-san.”

She poured him some juice as he sat there looking at her. She was beautiful, and she was wearing a traditional White and Gold Geisha kimono and had her hair up, with long silver pins in it. On top of her head was a silver hair comb. The only difference between her appearance and a Geisha was, Tomiko had no white make up on her face. Michael’s Father who was seated at his right said,

“Now that’s what any real Japanese man should be looking for in a wife.”

“Father, I’m sorry but I have already found the love of my life, and I am extremely happy with her.”

Michael saw Tomiko smile as she moved toward the kitchen. She knew he was talking about her.

“Uncle, why is Tomiko serving breakfast on the day of her birthday celebration?”

“It’s a custom my wife started when the girls were little Michael. The person who is having the birthday, serves breakfast thanking the parents for allowing them to be born.”

Tomiko then returned with Michael’s breakfast. She asked,

“Did you sleep well Michael-san?”

“Very well Tomiko. Thank you.”

“Michael-san, my Sensei gave me some tickets for tomorrow nights’ performance of the Kabuki. Do you think that you might like to go? The tickets are for the last show of the evening. It begins at ten and lasts about three hours. Will that be too late for you?”

“No; that’s not too late. I can always take a nap during the day, before we go.”

“Oh … I have always wanted to see the Kabuki.” Said his Mother. “Do you think there are more tickets available?”

“No they are sold out Auntie, but if you wish I’ll get tickets for you and Uncle for the next possible performance.”

“That would be wonderful. Thank you Tomiko.”

“Michael-san it is a beautiful day. Would you like to take a drive down the coast and maybe; lie out under the sun or go swimming? The weather report says the water is unseasonably warm.”

“Your party is tonight my daughter. I want you to be here on time.”

“We will czech experiment porno be back in plenty of time Father. I want Michael-san to enjoy his vacation as much as possible.”

At nine-thirty, Tomiko went upstairs to her room and changed. She wore a pair of white shorts and a light blue blouse, that showed a little of her midriff, white running shoes and some knee high white stockings.

Michel returned to the guesthouse and picked up a pair of shorts, then met her at her car. They took off and drove toward Osaka. She pulled into the back parking lot of the Sabashi Omi Hotel. She told him to come with her, and they walked into the hotel via the back door.

At the registration desk she ask for “Kingi”. The clerk on duty went to the back room and seconds later Kinji came out.

“We were referred to you by my classmate Yatsumi Yakamoto. She said that you would take care of our needs. We would like something in the back, out of the way.”

“For today only?”

“No. Until April 28th. Can that be arranged?”

“That would be twenty-four days at sixty-four dollars a day American, plus twenty dollars a day for … special handling, said Kingi checking his calculator a second time. That is two thousand sixteen dollars. Will that be ok?”

“That will be fine.” Said Tomiko, with a smile opening her purse and removing an envelope. After counting out the cash, she asked,

“Is the room ready now?”

“Yes of course. Room 2106. If you wish to avoid the Lobby, there is an elevator down the hall, in the back adjacent to the rear door. Your key card will activate it. Say hello to Yatsumi for me.”

“I will. Thank you.”

They went back down the hallway, and located the elevator. It took them to the twenty-first floor. Room 2106 was just ten feet from the elevator. When they went in Tomiko looked around and said,

“Now this is a little more private than the guesthouse, is it not Michael?”

“Yes. It is very nice and very private. Tomiko … I want to help pay for the room. It’s only fair.”

“Don’t be silly. The money came from the Burusera. I didn’t really work for it. Besides,” she said with a sly smile, “I will get my money’s worth.”

With that statement, Tomiko took off her shoes and stockings, her blue top and her white shorts. She was down to her panties and a bra. She then crawled on the bed and looked into Michael’s eyes seriously.

“Come here Michael, I want you.”

Michael quickly stripped down to his boxers, and got onto the bed. Taking Tomiko in his arms, he kissed her long and deep. She sucked his tongue into her mouth and treated it much like she was sucking his cock. He found that she talents yet undiscovered. They had never attempted 69 before, however when Michael suggested it, she smiled and nodded her head.

He removed his underpants, as Tomiko slid her panties down her shapely legs. She dropped them to the floor and asked what she should do. He told her that as he was larger, he would be on his back and she should be on top of him with her head toward his feet. When they were in position, he felt her mouth cover his penis and with her hands cradling his butt, she began to suck. Michael’s tongue found her slit and licked then sucked her clitoris and labia. She groaned with delight and sucked even harder.

They had been involved for about fifteen minutes, when she stopped all movement and said,

“Oh God Michael, it’s coming.”

Seconds later her nails jabbed him in the butt, and a thick creamy discharge came dribbling out of her pussy. Her momentary hesitation was over and she continued milking his cock with her mouth, while he lay there licking her lightly.

Soon after, the feeling he enjoyed most; began in his back then down to his balls. As they tightened, his legs began to tingle and his cum spurted into her mouth. In the few short days of practice she had become an expert, and swallowed his cum with a gulp. She then slowly turned around and crawled into his arms.

“Michael will you take me to Disneyland?”

“In Tokyo?”

“No; in California.”


“When I come to California; to live with you.”

“You want to come back with me to California? That would be wonderful, but what would your Father say?”

“Nothing. He is aware that I want to go to a good college, and you live close to UCLA. Nobody knows that you broke it off with Lisa, so they will think I am living there with the two of you. She is the perfect “non-existent” chaperone. I can go to school and you can work, and we can make love. What do you think?”

“It sounds great. Do you think it will work?”

“Uh huh. I will e-mail my Father several times a week and tell him, how much I like Lisa and what a wonderful person she is; and how we have become good friends. I will tell him how well my studies are going and the things the three of us do together. However in reality, I will be your girlfriend -cousin. I believe it will be wonderful, and when you take me to Disneyland again, I will sit on your lap and you can really feel me up.”

The thought of Tomiko going home with Michael was wonderful. She would be the perfect partner. There would never be complaints about children, or getting married. As far as she was concerned, on a higher level they were already married, and he knew she was happy with that.

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