Setting a Good Example Ch. 2

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I climbed onto the bed and sat beside my sister. I was now naked from the waist down, and trembling with need. I wanted to cum so bad. My fathers hand was still in my hair, and suddenly I found myself thrown forward into Karen’s chest. “Suck your sisters titties,” Daddy ordered. I reached out and drew up her nightgown which was now bunched around her waist. Her large breasts hung there – right in front of my face. Suddenly I wanted so bad to suck my sisters titties. I bent down and sucked a nipple into my mouth. I heard Karen moan, and felt her push her chest toward me even more. “That’s a good girl,” Daddy whispered in my ear. “Make your sister happy, and it will make Daddy happy.”

I could feel Karen’s hand still pumping in and out of her pussy, and without being told I reached down and replaces her hand with my own. She was so wet, and it felt so strange to be touching another pussy. She cried out and humped against my fingers, as I slid two into her over and over. My mouth was still on her backroom casting porno nipple – now biting and pulling. It was hard as a rock in my mouth and I moved to the other one. I felt Daddy’s hand on my head again, and he pulled me into a kneeling position. My naked ass was again in the air, and I felt my Daddy’s big fingers run over my little gash. I moan with Karen, and pushed my bottom back to my Daddy at the same time I added a third finger to her wet cunt.

“You are such a slut Becca,” Daddy said. He used my hair to pull me back from Karen’s titties. My head is back in the air now, and I’m trying so hard to get the fingers rubbing my pussy lips into my cunt. “What so you want Daddy to do to you Becca?” I heard Karen ask. Her own hand had move back to her pussy and rubbed her clit as I continued to thrust in and out of her.

“I want Daddy to fuck me,” I whispered.

“I didn’t hear you!” Daddy yelled, jerking back on my head.

“I want you bangbros porno to fuck me Daddy,” I whimpered. “Please Daddy, give me your big cock – I need it so bad. Show me what happens to bad little girls! Show me how you punish you whore daughter!” I was screaming now – thrusting back with my hips, wiggling agaisnt Daddy’s evasive fingers.

“And what would you like Becca to do for you Karen?” Daddy asked my sister. Karen looked down at me, her eyes still wide with desire, still rubbing her clit as I finger fucked her. “I want her to eat my pussy,” Karen answered, as she stared straight into my eyes. Daddy’s hand shoved my face downward, smothering me instantly in Karen’s wet snatch. I’d tasted my own pussy juice before – but this was great. I licked all over the outside, catching a dribble of cum that ran down toward her ass. At the same time I slide my tongue deep into her, I felt Daddy’s cock thrust hard into my pussy. I have a fairly small cunt, but I was so wet that Daddy’s beurette tour porno massive cock slide right in – all the way to the hilt. I screamed out loud, thrusting back against Daddy. “Oh Baby,” he moaned. “You are so tight Baby – just like Daddy’s good little girl should be.”

I continued to moan, bucking against Daddy, until Karen’s hand this time, forced me back on her wet slit. “Suck my pussy sissy,” she yelled. “Suck my pussy while Daddy fucks you like the slut you are!”

It was too much for me, Between my face buried in my sisters juices and Daddy’s big cock, thrusting hard and fast into my womb, I went over the edge. I felt my pussy tighten all along Daddy’s shaft, and he yelled “Oh yeah Baby – takes all Daddy’s cum in your little cunt! Thanks my good girl – milk Daddy’s cock – ooooooohhhhh, babbbbbbbbyyyyyyy!”

I felt his seed spurting into me – warming the walls of my already pulsating pussy, and it sent me over the edge yet again. I heard Karen yelling, screaming “lick me – lick my pussy slut – oohh yesss!” and was aware suddenly that my face was covered in cum. I fell to my stomach exhausted – I slide one hand between my legs, and slide two fingers into my self – I could feel Daddy’s cum seeping out over my thighs. I’m going to have to be a bad girl more often!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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