Seducing Pam

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Note: This particular story contains themes of incest between a mother and daughter, lesbian seduction, and adultery. If any of these themes upsets or infuriates you, then I don’t know what the hell you’re doing on this site in the first place. Go away before your delicate sensibilities get bruised.

If you’re okay with such themes, then you’re likely as big a deviant as me. Enjoy the story, and as always, feel free to vote on it and leave your comments. I still love hearing from those that read my stories.

This story is told from two different perspectives. Those of the mother-daughter combo planning the seduction, and point of view of Pam, the woman being seduced.

This one goes out to Pam and John. I hope it’s everything you hoped for.

As always, thanks to the lovely Candace for editing my chicken-scratch English skills.


Missy and Pam

“I need you to pay attention, Lauren,” Missy declared, “If you want to do this as much as you claim, then you need to know the best way to go about it. You can’t just flirt a little and then throw yourself at her. Pam has been in denial so long about her sexuality that she’ll freak out if you do. I won’t have my friendship ruined because you were sloppy and lazy about seducing her. You need a good game plan, and I’m going to give it to you.”

Lauren shifted on her stool and looked expectantly at her mother. Missy Adams. The older woman might have been in her late forties, but she was still a gorgeous specimen. Her long brown hair came down to just above her shoulder blades. Her bangs drifted down across her forehead to just above her hazel colored eyes. She had a beautiful smile that lit up her face whenever it appeared. Her body though thicker and more voluptuous than Lauren’s had been well maintained over the years, something the nineteen-year-old could personally attest to. After all, she had been fortunate enough to sample it repeatedly over the last year or so. Her mother had seduced her into the joys of sapphic love shortly after her eighteenth birthday. The event had changed Lauren’s life forever, and now she wanted to do the same for Pam.

Pam Settles was her mother’s best friend. Lauren had found the fifty-year-old to be on her mind more and more throughout the past year. Like Lauren’s mother, Pam was a beautiful brunette with long wavy hair that ended in gentle curls. Lauren had begun to notice the woman’s alert brown eyes on her frequently over the last year or more. These weren’t casual glances either. There seemed to be a hunger there. Lauren had become quite adept at picking up on the signals women put off when they were interested in you. The light, flirty touches, and sweet compliments Pam frequently gave her were consistent indicators of the MILF’s desire.

Like her mother, Missy, Lauren was reasonably sure that Pam had little to no awareness of her feelings. It was likely her subconscious that was driving her to act the way she did around Lauren. The beautiful brown-eyed young woman with long, light brown hair was eager to bring those feelings to the forefront of Pam’s consciousness. She had grown so keen on the idea of being able to taste the older woman’s pussy, that she’d gone to her mother for help.

“I understand, Mom. You know how I am about older women, though. I have a hard time not getting overly excited about the prospect of being with a new one. And the thought of having Pam’s face between my legs excites me to no end.” Lauren declared.

Lauren had developed a taste for older women in the time following her seduction. Even though her efforts had been clumsy, she’d still managed to seduce and bed three women in their forties over the last year. Lauren found each experience to be more exhilarating. She got together with all three on occasion still. Now though, she was hungry for a new conquest. Pam would be more of a challenge. She was happily married to a man that loved her as much as she loved him. John was a fireman and a handsome guy. Even someone her age could understand the appeal he held for Pam. Lauren knew she wouldn’t easily give in the way the others had.

Missy smiled at her daughter. The sexy young tart was quite the eager purveyor of the idea that every woman deserved the experience of having sex with another female at some point in her life. Like her mother, Lauren believed that a woman on woman love experience was one that shouldn’t be denied any adult female.

Missy was also highly attracted to Pam and had often fantasized over the years about being with her best friend. It was that friendship though that had kept her from acting. She valued their relationship too much to risk losing it.

Having Lauren step in and draw out Pam’s apparent interest in lesbian love might prove to be the answer to her prayers. If she could get the young woman to listen and learn, she might soon be able to enjoy nibbling on Pam’s clit and sensitive nipples. Pam had once confided that tecavüz porno having them pinched lightly and sucked on was enough to drive her into orbit. Missy was eager to test that theory. She’d often fantasized about having the third-grade-teacher straddle her hips while she gently chewed on her friend’s nipples. She could imagine the way Pam would grind her wet pussy against her waist in response. Missy found the idea delicious.

“The key to a successful seduction of any supposedly straight woman is the acronym I.S.I.S,” Missy told her daughter.

Lauren frowned and asked, “I hope you mean the Egyptian Goddess of women and children and not the terrorist organization?”

Missy smiled and said, “That’s right. But in this case, the name stands for the four steps necessary to ensure a successful seduction.”

Missy took a sip from her water bottle and said, “The first letter, “I” stands for “Isolating your target.” You need to, of course, get her alone, so when you do any of the things necessary to seduce her, she doesn’t have to worry about the prying eyes of others. If there is anyone else around, she will be far too self-conscious ever to allow her body to react the way you want it to.”

Missy watched as Lauren wrote down her advice in the notebook she always had with her when working on school work. She smiled at the thought of the eager, young seductress treating this experience like an academic exercise. Still, it showed the young beauty was taking her desire seriously.

“The other thing that Isolation allows you is plausible deniability. In the event things don’t go well, you can always claim Pam had wildly misconstrued your actions. At that point, it’s your word versus hers. I think both of us agree that keeping this side of ourselves secret is the wisest course of action, so care needs to be taken,” Missy told her daughter. She had no real worry about Pam reacting negatively, but it always paid to play things safely.

“The second letter, “S” stands for “Sing her praises,” Missy stated. You have to be telling her how beautiful her outfit is or how fantastic her hair and makeup look. Light touches on her arm or hands are essential while doing this. It helps associate the idea of the good feeling she gets from your compliments, with the memory of innocent yet intimate touches from you. Eventually, she will start craving intimacy and reassurance.”

Lauren asked, “How far should I push the touches? Give me an example of what you mean.”

Missy went through a list of examples acting out each on her daughter to show the younger woman how they should be employed. ” You never want the contact between the two of you to overpower the attempt to bond with her. So your touches should be intimate yet subtle. Your goal is to give her goosebumps and not a sense of alarm.”

Missy watched as Lauren noted her comment in her notebook. When the sexy young woman looked back up, Missy said, “The next part is an important one. It’s a psychological technique called “Ingratiation.” You use it to make yourself more likable and desirable to the person you’re trying to seduce. It usually requires doing a little study and homework on the target of your seduction. Luckily for you, you have me to fill in any of the blanks you may have on Pam’s likes and dislikes.”

“So what,” Lauren asked, “I pretend to like her favorite television show or her favorite food?”

Missy smiled at her daughter and said, “That’s part of it. But you have to be willing to go deeper than that. You have to actually be ready to binge that show and learn the intimate details about it. You have to read that book she loves and know it’s plot and character. You have to taste that food and know how it’s cooked and what its ingredients are. In other words, you have to be willing to sell out in your efforts to ensure she totally buys into the belief that she’s found a kindred spirit of sorts. If you successfully manage to do the first three steps, you all but assure you success in the fourth part.”

“Which is?” Lauren asked as she looked up from the notebook.

Her mother smiled back at her and answered, “Well, that would be “Seduction,” of course. I have that lingerie and sex toy party six weeks from Friday. The atmosphere at those things is always a bit sexually charged. Most of the women leave those parties half-drunk and ready to go home and molest their husbands or boyfriends. That will be the perfect night for you to open Pam’s life up to its bisexual potential.”

“Suggestions?” Lauren asked with a hint of apprehension in her voice.

A devious smile came across Missy’s lips as she said, “Several, but I don’t want you obsessing over that part of things. I want you focused on the first three steps. As we get closer to the week of the party, I’ll fill you in on how I think you should go about sealing the deal.”

Lauren nodded her head and seemed to stare off into the distance with just a hint of a smile on her face.

“What are you travesti porno thinking of?” her mother asked with a curious grin.

Lauren blushed a bit. In a throaty voice filled with arousal, she said, “I was imagining how delicious it will be to have my face buried in Pam’s sweet pussy finally.”

Reaching out and stroking her daughter’s cheek, Missy said, “Well, why don’t you follow me upstairs to your room. That way, you can work on the pussy eating skills you plan on using on my best friend.”

Lauren stood and leaned in to kiss her mother’s soft lips. After a moment, their tongues invaded each other’s mouths and thrashed back and forth against each other. Both women moaned, their arousal growing exponentially with each passing second of the kiss.

When their lips finally separated, Lauren looked up at her mother and said, “That sounds scrumptious. But you’d better be willing to return the favor because thinking of having Pam’s pussy to partake in regularly has my panties soaked.”

“Me too, Baby. Me too,” Missy said as she grabbed her daughter’s hand and eagerly began leading her to her room.



Pam Settles pulled up in front of her best friend’s house and parked behind a black Nissan Pathfinder. She knew the vehicle belonged to Missy’s lovely daughter Lauren and was a bit surprised to see it there on a Friday night. Lauren was in her freshman year of college, and Pam would have bet money the girl would have been one of the most sought out dates on campus. She was a bright, well-spoken, and engaging girl that even Pam could admit was easy on the eyes.

Pam had begun to notice the changes in the girl shortly after her eighteenth birthday. The awkward stage of her early teenage years with the braces, skin issues and boyish figure had given way to her becoming a beautiful and graceful young woman. Pam had caught herself staring at the changes in the budding young woman on several occasions. Lauren would often wear her hair up either in a ponytail or piled on top of her head. Pam began to admire the younger woman’s long and graceful looking neck. Lauren was such a stunning young woman that it was hard to take your eyes off of her when she was in the room.

Pam made her way up her friend’s walkway and stepped up on her front porch. She depressed the doorbell and waited as she heard the chimes announcing her arrival beginning their tune.

The door opened, but instead of it being Missy, she was greeted by the lovely, young, and smiling face of Lauren. The girl was dressed in a short black sweater dress that hugged her body like a glove. Pam couldn’t help but notice the way it molded itself to the young woman’s B cup breasts and the flare of her hips. Pam thought to herself how fortunate the younger woman was to have such a sexy young body. That thought immediately made her blush. “Where did that come from,” she couldn’t help but wonder to herself.

Shaking off the embarrassment of having ogled her best friend’s daughter in such a shameful way, Pam said, “Hey, Lauren, don’t you look pretty. You must have a big date tonight.”

Lauren smiled back at Pam before reaching in and offering her a hug. Pam was instantly surprised at the intimate contact. She hugged her best friend’s daughter back and couldn’t help but feel the younger woman’s breasts mash against hers. Pam was wearing a thin cotton blouse and no bra. That was one of the pleasures of being small-breasted, being able to go without a bra. Not having that extra padding there to protect her ever so sensitive nipples, was now working to Pam’s detriment. She could feel the younger woman’s breasts mashed against hers, and the resulting shocks of pleasure coursing down her spine to Pam’s core brought a flush to her face and chest.

As their hug broke, Lauren smiled back at Pam though her eyes didn’t meet Pam’s. Following her gaze, Pam looked down and noticed to her own horror that both of her nipples protruded from the thin cotton shirt. The brunette instantly blushed and had to fight the urge to cover herself. Lauren saved her by turning and walking back towards the kitchen as she said over her shoulder, “Thank you, and yes, I had a date. The jerk canceled at the last minute because one of his frat brothers had an emergency. Can you believe such a lame excuse? I’ve just about had it with men altogether.”

Pam followed behind the attractive young woman as she listened to her gripe about her date. She couldn’t help but notice the way the sweater dress hugged the taut looking curves of her nubile young hips. Pam found herself almost entranced at the way Lauren’s ass seemed to sashay back and forth. It wasn’t until they entered the kitchen and she saw Missy standing there pouring them both a glass of wine, that Pam managed to tear her eyes away from Lauren’s tight little caboose.

“What is wrong with me,” Pam couldn’t help thinking to herself, “since when did I start getting tumblr porno aroused by women?”

The two old friends greeted each other with a quick hug. Gesturing towards her daughter, Missy said, “Lauren’s date is going to be a no show, so I suggested she hang out with the two of us on our girl’s night.”

The two women’s Friday night get-togethers had become a tradition of sorts. They had them whenever Pam’s husband, John, was on a shift at the fire station at the end of the week. They would alternate the locations between their two homes. Whichever one of them was the guest for that week would pack an overnight bag. The two of them would often stay up late talking or watching movies while they consumed multiple bottles of wine. It was seldom that they got to sleep before one or two in the morning.

Pam reached to take the glass of wine Missy offered her and was surprised to feel delicate hands seize her right arm. Lauren’s pretty face was there when she looked over to her right. The petite young beauty, who was barely five foot in height, looked up at her and, with a dazzling smile, said, “That’s okay with you, isn’t it Mrs. Settles?”

Pam felt herself staring back into the deep pools of those doe-like brown eyes. She practically had to shake off the effect the girl was having on her to say, “Wha…Oh, of course, it is. If you can handle multiple hours of your mother and my silliness, then I don’t see why not.”

Despite her claim otherwise, Pam felt conflicted and ambivalent regarding Lauren’s presence. She genuinely enjoyed the younger woman’s company. Having watched her grow up into a budding young beauty, she felt close to her.

But of late, she’d found herself having unclean thoughts about her Lauren. Ideas and feelings of the kind she’d never before dealt with having. Whether it was caused by laying by the pool with Missy only to have Lauren join them in a tiny little bikini. The type suit that barely covered the girl’s nipples and vaginal area and left her tight and tanned buttocks fully exposed. Then there was the time she’d watched from an upstairs railing as Lauren and a highschool friend had openly danced together down in the living room of Missy’s house. Pam had struggled to tear her eyes away when she’d spied the two older teens as they bumped and ground their bodies together suggestively. As some hip hop song played over the entertainment system’s sound system, Pam had watched as Lauren seized her friend’s hips from behind and ground her pelvic region against the denim covered ass of her companion. Their dance was very erotic in nature. That had been the first time that Pam had found herself wondering about Lauren’s sexuality.

Lauren squeezed her arm, as if in thanks, and said, “I think it will be fun, Mrs. Settles. The two of you always make me laugh whenever you’re together. Particularly after you’ve had a glass or two.”

Pam could feel Lauren’s left tit pressed against her upper arm. As she looked down into Lauren’s smiling face to respond, she couldn’t help but notice the younger woman’s plump bottom lip. Just for a moment, she wondered what it would be like to kiss and suck on those lips.

“Where the hell did that come from?” She immediately thought as soon as the thought of kissing Lauren’s had gone through her head. “She’s my best friend’s daughter, and what’s more, I’m married and straight,” Pam argued inside her head.

“Are you okay?” Missy asked, staring at her with concern, “You looked a bit flustered there for a moment.”

Pam fought the urge to tear her arm away from the tiny yet seductive young brunette to her right. Gaining her composure, she said, “I’m fine. It’s just been a long day, and I’m looking forward to spending the entire evening relaxing.”

Inexplicably, Pam then looked down at Lauren and said, “And you’re too old to be calling me Mrs. Settles. Call me, Pam.”

Lauren’s face seemed to light up as she was clearly pleased with Pam’s suggestion. She squeezed her tit against Pam’s bare right arm and said, “Okay, Pam.”

Pam felt another jolt of pleasure ripple through her insides at the younger woman’s reaction. As she was wondering to herself why she had suggested Lauren call her by her first name, the realization hit Pam that her panties were wet.

She sighed and took a rather substantial drink from her glass of wine, she couldn’t help but wonder what she’d gotten herself into and why she seemed incapable of making it stop. Pam found herself drawn to Lauren and, despite recent promises to herself in the past months, was helpless to make it stop.


Missy and Lauren

Lauren looked up from between her mother’s thighs as she ran her tongue slowly and seductively between the older woman’s engorged lips. She could see the lust in her mother’s eyes as she stared back with an evident hunger.

“That’s it, Baby. Lick mommy’s pussy,” Missy purred as she slowly gyrated her hips against her daughter’s eager mouth. She could feel her baby girl’s tongue as it probed between her swollen labia before sliding into her well-lubricated hole. She felt the young bi-sexuals lips form a seal around her opening and begin to suck at the ample juices leaking from her orifice.

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