Secrets Ch. 02

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Thanks to the readers that are reading this it’s about to pick up, so I hope you’re ready for this.


Steven and Jessica’s game of truth or dare comes to an end with Jess falling asleep. Steven grabbed her blanket from her room and took it and put it on her like a good brother would.

With nothing better to do Steven then went up to his bedroom and tried to go to sleep but the possibilities of what her life long secret could be were overwhelming him.

Eventually around 2 a.m. he texted his boss and told him he couldn’t come in to work that day. Being the assistant manager had its perks with this being the first time he called in and said he couldn’t work he knew his boss would understand.

He then started playing call of duty and watched a few movies anticipating but nervous for Jess to wake up he had no idea what was in store for him.

Just as he was about to start another movie he heard his sister making a coffee. He looked at the clock seen it was 8 am, so he decided to grab a quick shower maybe 5 minutes long then go see how his sister was feeling and what her plans were (and hopefully tell him the secret).

As he got out of the shower and dressed he then began to go in the kitchen and grab a coffee for himself. He was greeted by Jess still in the kitchen with her coffee she had made.

“Hey Jess coffee helping your hangover”.

Jess then looked up from her coffee and told him she didn’t have a hangover just wanted a coffee but thank you for grabbing my blanket last night.

No problem Steven said “I noticed olgun porno you looked cold so I just did what any good brother would do”.

“Look Stevie we need to talk.”

“What’s up”

“Well I told you that I had a secret but passed out before I could tell you.”

“That’s alright sis you just weren’t ready to tell me I’m not upset or anything just worried.”

“Well Stevie I want to tell you but it can wait till after you get home from work.”

“Um about that I texted my boss (thankfully he wasn’t mad and knew what a text was) I told him I couldn’t come in today.”

“Are you OK bro you never call in sick or anything.”

“Yea Jess I’m fine I just couldn’t sleep last night worrying about you wouldn’t let me.”

Awww that’s sweet Stevie “but I’m perfectly fine doctors told me I’ll live a long healthy life no need to worry but I guess we should have that talk now.”

Alright Steven said not sure about what was gonna happen he sipped his coffee and prepared as best as he could for how he would react to whatever her secret was.

“First off Stevie this stays between us and you can’t treat me differently I don’t want to stop being who you are, your my brother I love you no matter what promise me this won’t ruin anything.”

“Of course sis I’ll always look after you and love you Jess you have never hurt me or anything so staying who I am is the least I can do for you I love you to.”

Jess then took a big sip of her coffee looked into her brothers eyes and cleared her throat.

“Umm I will guess playboy porno I’ll start at the beginning, I went to many doctors and i didn’t understand, they told me I have an ultra rare physical condition. I know after last night you are not a virgin since you told me, but I am a virgin in all four of my holes.”

Steven had to think for a minute and with a confusing look on his face he asked “um nostrils don’t count as holes sis.”

“I wasn’t talking about my nose Steven, mom told me all about sex how some guys like a woman/man with a penis in their mouth or ass as well as their pussy.”

OK Steven said “but Jess that’s just three holes.?”

“I was born with my butt hole up higher than everyone else because… I have two pussies one above the other one is a little higher hence why I never felt comfortable about wearing a bikini.”

Shocked and speechless all Steven could do was let his jaw wide open but not able to get one word out.

“The reason I have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend is cause I’m terrified for their reaction to it. I don’t need or want to be called a freak. All it means is one extra hole and the doctors told me I would never be able to have child, he also told me I’d still be able to have sex and all that just had no eggs or anything like that inside me so giving birth is impossible.”

“I researched it and found out there’s no way to change that because of my condition. Even if i Found someone and wanted to have a family with them I will never be able to and I can’t do that to someone, so I’ve pornhub porno stayed away from sex or even four play.”

Finally, Steven shook his head and gave his sister a big hug.

“I’m kinda glad you stayed away from boys and didn’t tell anyone. A lot of guys out there would jump at the chance to have sex with you and never have to worry about a condom or getting you pregnant but I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to tell me that, I have so many questions but you have told me enough for now when you are ready you will let me ask.”

“I’m gonna go take a dip in our big outdoor pool you can join me if you want to or you can do your own thing just want you to know I am and will always be here for you Jess no matter what I love you sis.”

“Thanks for understanding and not acting different you have no idea how much that means to me I want to go for a drive I need to get some things did you need anything while I’m out.”

“Well if you’re offering to get me something I’ll give you the money and buy us both a real coffee this coffee is fine but I’d love one from Tim Hortons here(he handed her a twenty dollar bill) you can grab a coffee or ice capp and donuts or something if you want.”

“You don’t have to buy me anything Stevie but I appreciate it nonetheless.” after a nice long hug and kiss on the cheek Jessica was out the door and driving away towards town…


Again thank you to everyone who read this story your comments in the first part of my story were appreciated but I would like to ask to keep them positive or don’t bother. To those who favorited the first story, followed me or left nice comments I really appreciate it so thank you. In the next part of this series will continue to get interesting I’m sorry if some of you find it slow but its how I am choosing to write my first story.

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