Scout’s Honor Ch. 3

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This is the continuing story of a university hockey scout who may have just bitten off more than he can fuck when he gets involved with the player’s mother and daughter. This is chapter three.

* * * * *

For about ten minutes after the two ladies left, Dylan O’Neill just sat there, waiting for the inevitable wake up from this incredibly vivid dream.

None came.

“Wow!” He finally said to himself. “I think I just fucked Richie Belton’s sister and mother! I’ll bet Jerry McGuire never did that!”

It was 4:00, time for Dylan to get himself showered and cleaned up, plus some dinner before 7:30. Would he really show up? Would there be a repeat performance? His head spun.

He quickly dressed and slipped out of the arena meeting room, which smelled of sex. He would love to see the face on the next person that walked in there.

He was in such a sexual fog, that he almost forgot to call his boss, the Athletic Director at his university to say that things were going well. The AD urged Dylan to get Richie to verbally commit to the university.

“I’m laying the groundwork as we speak,” was Dylan’s reply. Did I really just say that? I’m laying something, but it’s not the groundwork for any commitment!

The clock moved slowly towards 7:15 p.m., which was when he calculated that it would be a good time to head over to the Belton household. He splashed on a bit of cologne and hopped into the rental car, nervous and hard as a rock in anticipation.

He noticed that the family SUV was gone, which probably meant that – just as Holly Belton had said – the husband and boys were gone for the evening. His cock got stiffer, if that was possible, to the point of being painfully uncomfortable in his jeans.

Dylan parked a few houses down and walked back, hoping the walk would ease his hard-on. It did a bit, and he was a little more composed when he reached the front door. He made a breath check, and rung the bell like some horny teenager, he thought wryly.

The door opened, and Dylan’s jaw almost hit the floor. The blonde standing there was statuesque, with full, beestung lips, sparkling blue eyes and a cute little nose. She stood about 5’9”, with longer legs than he had ever seen, encased in a pair of leather pants. Her burgundy blouse was open just enough to catch a glimpse of some incredible cleavage, but left a lot to the imagination. He was, without a doubt, the most beautiful woman he had ever stood this close to.

“Hi there,” the goddess said. “My name is Shanna, Shanna Belton. You must be Dylan O’Neill, the scout.” She held out a manicured hand, and Dylan clumsily held it and shook it.

“Yes, ah, um, I am Dylan,” he stammered, flustered by her.

“Come on in, I’m Richie’s oldest sister. My mother went to grab a bottle of wine, and Veronica is walking our dogs.” With that, she turned and went into the house. Dylan’s eyes nearly bugged out at the sight of her almost perfect ass filling out the leather pants. His hard-on was back in full force, and he wasn’t sure his feet were listening to him any more.

“Are you coming in?” Shanna asked.

“Right, yes, coming in, sorry…you’re just really beautiful…and I was expecting…”

“Oh, thank you,” she replied. “A lady always appreciates hearing that, you know.”

“Yeah…I…know.” God, can I stop sounding like a babbling idiot now? Say something intelligent! “I could have grabbed wine on the way, I should have said something to Hol…your mother.”

She turned back, her cock-sucking lips turned up in a wry expression. “I see you’ve become a little less formal with my mom to know her first name,” she said.

“Well, she insisted I call her by her first name,” Dylan replied.

“That’s my mom, very open.” She turned away again to head to the kitchen. “Have a seat, would you like a beer?”

“Um, water would be fine.” Dylan said.

A few seconds later, she returned with a tall glass of ice water and a bottle of beer. It looked like she might have unbuttoned another button on her blouse, but Dylan figured he was hallucinating. She sat in the leather recliner across from the couch he had plopped down on.

“So, do you live here in town?” Dylan asked.

“No, I’m just visiting from New York. I run an advertising agency. A small one.”

“Oh, wow, New York must be exciting.”

“Well, if I had time, I suppose, but I work my ass off trying to keep my small business afloat.”

I’d like to work some of your ass off, Dylan thought.

“So, you’re on vacation?”

“Sort of, my parents were hoping I could be here during this time to make sure things go well for Richie when he commits to a university. I know contracts pretty well, went to Harvard, minored in contract law.”

“Wow, pretty impressive. Have there been other universities?”

“Yes, but none seemed as impressive as yours, so they haven’t been to the house to meet the family.” dvd full porno When she said impressive, Dylan could swear she licked the rim of her bottle of beer with her delicate pink tongue.

“Um, ah, yes, we like to think our university is impressive and always a threat to go to the Frozen Four…”

“I’m sure that’s not what my mother meant, Mr. O’Neill.” She had an evil grin on her face.

“Oh? I’m not sure I follow, and call me Dylan.”

“I’m sure you will follow. Soon enough. I’m impressed, Dylan, you’ve been very gentlemanly.”

Dylan’s throat was suddenly dry; he guzzled back half the glass of water in two seconds.


“Yes, you haven’t made a direct pass at me. Most guys have a line within 90 seconds of seeing me.”

“You seem too smart for lines,” Dylan managed to get out. “Plus, your mother…”

“My mother? Come on, Dylan, my mother graphically detailed your encounter with her and Ronnie. I know all about it.”

Dylan was stunned. This family was quite open. Who else knew?

As if reading his thoughts, Shanna said, “We waited until the boys were gone, and drank our last bottle of wine while she told us about your big cock and how it felt in her tight ass.”

Dylan moaned as his cock lurched painfully in his jeans.

“Now, let me see it.”

“Excuse me?” Dylan felt lightheaded.

“Pull out your cock, I want to see it,” she said matter-of-factly


Shanna moved off the recliner to the floor in front of him, licking her lips, her eyes riveted to the front of his jeans. “I can tell it’s hard. It’s been hard since you got to the door. I love big hard cocks.” With that, she started unbuckling his belt.

“I…” Dylan couldn’t speak; it was just too good to be true.

She worked his jeans down over his hips, and made him lift his ass so she could pull them down to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and she yanked the jeans off in one motion, and then hurriedly pulled his boxers down to the floor, his stiff cock springing forth, angry red in color.

She moaned softly, and then licked the length of his shaft like a Popsicle. Dylan gasped at the luxurious feel of her tongue.

She swirled her tongue around the head, licking up all his pre-cum. Her tongue traveled the length of his cock again when the door opened, and Holly strolled in, wearing the same outfit from the afternoon. She had a big smile as she surveyed the scene of her eldest daughter licking Dylan’s stiff rod.

“That’s my girl,” Holly said. She put the bottle of wine down on the coffee table and kneeled next to her daughter.

“Shanna, you greedy cocksucker. You couldn’t wait, could you?”

“No, mom, his cock was hard when he came to the door. I know you wanted me to wait, keep him off balance, but it was too tasty looking. I had to suck it!”

Holly stood up and removed her sweater, once again baring her satin grey bra to Dylan’s hungry eyes. He licked his lips, and she reached behind her, but then stopped.


She put a finger to his lips. “Come with us.” She reached down and gave his cock a gentle tug. Dylan got up and followed along with her, Holly never letting go of his hard tool. Shanna was already headed toward the bedroom and Dylan practically drooled at the sight of her round ass swaying in front of him. They entered the master bedroom, and Dylan was impressed by the size of the bed, which looked like larger than a king. It was decked in metallic colors and black and silver bedclothes, which Dylan soon found were mostly satin.

Holly sat him down, and his prick pointed skyward. She licked her lips, then turned to her daughter, swiftly undoing the young woman’s blouse. She parted the burgundy silk and cupped her daughter’s mounds, covered by a thin white bra. Holly pushed the silk blouse off Shanna’s creamy shoulders and to the floor, the reached to undo the front clasp. The swell of her tits bounced slightly when freed from their confines. Holly rubbed her daughter’s small pink nipples, cupping the full breasts in her hands.

Dylan’s hand unconsciously went to his iron bar of a cock. He stroked it almost absently, watching the lewd spectacle in front of him. Holly caught what he was doing and turned, wagging a finger at him.

“No, no, no. That’s for us. You be a good boy, Dylan, and you won’t be sorry.”

Dylan reluctantly removed his hand, his mouth agape as he watched Holly turn and take one of Shanna’s nipples in her mouth, licking and whirling her tongue around the plump nipple. Shanna moaned softly.

Her mother undid Shanna’s pants, and slowly, teasingly, eased the leather down her shapely legs. Dylan saw that Shanna did not have panties on underneath, and also that Shanna was freshly shaven. Once the leather pants hit the floor, Holly knelt before her daughter.

“Oh, mommy,” Shanna moaned and ran a hand through ensest porno her mother’s auburn locks. I couldn’t see, but the way Shanna’s head rolled back, I was sure Holly was giving her daughter’s pussy a thorough tonguing. She stopped after a few licks, and Shanna whimpered in protest.

Holly took her daughter by the hand and led her onto the bed, pushing her daughter onto all fours facing Dylan. Shanna scrambled forward and took his prick into both her hands, licking the tip like an ice cream cone. Dylan felt the electric charges go up and down his body as Shanna’s tongue worked its magic again.

“Oh, god that’s good,” he cried.

Holly knelt behind her daughter and pressed her face into the younger woman’s pussy. Shanna took Dylan’s cock into her mouth and moaned her pleasure around it.

“My daughter has a talented tongue, doesn’t she?” Holly said

Dylan nodded, groaning.

“She just loves sucking cock. She’s never been fucked in her pussy, which she saves just for me. I love the taste of my daughter’s cunt. I bet you would too”

“Can…I…taste,” Dylan said breathlessly.

“Maybe, but not yet.” came the reply. Holly burying her face in her daughter’s hot box again. Dylan could she her eyes and nose above the cleft in Shanna’s perfect ass, bobbing up and down as she gave her daughter a good licking.

Shanna had most of Dylan’s tool down her throat and was flicking it with her tongue while sucking it like a big straw. A sheen of sweat had broken out on Dylan’s body as he heated up. He lightly ran his fingers through her soft, silky blonde tresses. Just then, there was a light knock on the door, and it opened, revealing that Veronica was back and naked. The young woman smiled widely, and then sat down at the chair beside her mother’s dressing table. She watched for a second as Shanna deep-throated Dylan’s cock and Holly took long, slow licks of Shanna’s outer folds while caressing and kneading her asscheeks.

Veronica opened one of the drawers and her eyes lit up as she extracted a large black dildo. She licked the head of the large tool while watching the sex scene in front of her. With her free hand she pulled alternately on both nipples, whimpering lightly. Dylan could see that moisture had already formed on her young, tasty pussy.

Dylan thought he was going to lose control, but Shanna seemed to sense this and slowed her sucking, clutching at the base of his cock to keep him from coming. She turned over, and her mother immediately shoved her tongue back in her daughter’s pussy.

“Oh, yes, lick me,” Shanna hissed. Dylan watched Holly’s tongue flick rapidly like a snake’s over her daughter’s clit. Shanna writhed and pinched both her nipples, crying out with each step she climbed on the way to orgasm. She grabbed Dylan’s ankles tightly, digging her nails into him, into the bone it felt like.

Dylan looked over and Veronica was rubbing the huge dildo’s length along her pussy, the toy glistening with her copious juices. Her mouth was open and her tongue rested on her bottom lip, her eyes riveted to where her mother ate her sister’s pussy.

Shanna’s back arched as her mother drilled her tongue into her quim, then back out to circle her clit. Her mouth was agape, a wordless scream coming out as she went higher and higher, her back arching farther, trying to jam her cunt down her mom’s mouth. Holly licked and sucked at Shanna’s clit, faster and faster until finally a low yell started in Shanna’s diaphragm getting louder and louder until it was a scream of pure joy.

The scream ended, and Shanna gasped for breath, quivering and shaking. Dylan thought his ankles would never be the same. Holly lifted up, her face glistening with moisture and moved forward on the bed, eyes locked on Dylan’s cock. She straddled his legs and ran his turgid member along the length of her sopping pussy. Her eyes bored into his as she slowly lowered herself, engulfing his prick in her warm channel. It gripped his cock like a velvet glove and he grunted with desire. Once he felt her sparse pubic hairs intermingle with his, she leaned in and kissed him full on the lips. He tasted Shanna’s juices, licking Holly’s face to get them all off. His mind was ablaze with lust; he didn’t know what he was doing. His tongue was everywhere, tasting Shanna’s sweet fluids.

Once he had licked them all up, she grinned back at him, licking her lips lewdly. He looked over and saw that Veronica had the entire length of the dildo inside her. The 12-inch monster was being worked in and out by Shanna. Veronica clutched the arms of the chair, moaning and writhing as she took the entire length again and again.

He felt Holly bouncing up and down on his hard cock, and decided to take matters into his own hands, he moved up, rolling Holly back onto the bed, onto her back. He draped her supple legs of his shoulders and poised his prick at the entrance fake agents porno to her sex, an evil leer on his face.

“What are you waiting for?” Holly taunted. “Fuck my ass!”

He moved down slightly, placing the head of his sopping wet cock at her anus. She reached and spread her cheeks and he wedged the mushroom head into her ass.

“Yes,” she yelled. “Fuck that ass!”

He felt the length sliding in fairly easily, until his balls bumped against her tailbone. He paused, sweat dripping down his face.

“Don’t stop! Fuck me hard!”

He pulled all the way back, and then plowed her like a farmer does his field. Holly shouted out with each thrust, and his thighs and abdomen beat a rhythm on her firm butt cheeks.

“I want you to keep fucking my ass like that, nobody fucks it like this, fuck me harder, Dylan, harder!”

Her words were spurring him on, but he didn’t need any encouragement. He was pumping like a jackhammer, pinning her down and reaming her harder with each thrust, his full weight falling on top of her each time.

Once again he stole a peek over and Veronica was bent over the chair now with Shanna pumping her pussy full of the large black dildo.

“Harder, fuck me, harder, fuck me, harder!” Holly was babbling and shouting with each thrust, her eyes closed tight.

Dylan felt the cum boiling in his balls, he looked down and watched her anus clutch at his cock as it came out, then part as he slammed it back in.

“Dylan, I’m cumming,” Holly panted. “Oh, fuck me HARDER!”

His head was swimming, but he tried valiantly to keep banging her tight ass harder, sweat cascading down his face. He felt his own cum firing up his prick and he yelled something incoherent as the torrent shot into Holly’s bowels.

“I feel it! I feel it! I’m cumming! Oh god yes!” Holly screamed.

Dylan felt the room buckle as the last throb of cum jetted from his cock. His vision blurred, and he thought he might pass out, he was so dizzy. Holly just kept chanting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and he realized he was still thrusting hard and fast into her ass.

Finally he stopped, and rolled to the side, Holly giving off little sighs of contentment. He looked over and saw Shanna on her knees, licking her sister’s asshole as she buried the dildo to the hilt in Veronica’s pussy. Holly was also watching, idly stroking her clit.

Veronica was moaning, juices flowing down her legs and all over the dildo. “Deeper, Shan, deeper!” she moaned.

It didn’t look like Shanna could get that huge thing in her any farther, but she worked it around and Veronica squealed. Her tight asscheeks quivered as she moved around working herself back onto the dildo with each of her sister’s thrusts. Dylan felt his cock stir. He looked and noticed that Holly had three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. He reached over and pinched a nipple, and she looked back and smiled, looking at his growing cock.

She rolled over onto all fours, facing her daughters and said, “Fuck my pussy, but gently.”

Dylan got up and moved behind her slowly sliding his hardening tool into her warm cunt. It was almost as tight as her ass, and he loved it. He watched Shanna still pumping her sister’s gaping hole with the huge dildo and reaming her ass with her tongue. Holly groaned once he was in.

“Now, fuck me slowly, let me feel every inch of your cock in me.”

Dylan did as he was told, slowly pistoning his prick in and out of her amazing pussy. It gripped him tightly, not wanting him to leave. He grabbed her hips for leverage and was soon into a nice steady, slow rhythm. Veronica was shouting that she was about to cum and Shanna seemed to go even faster.

“I’m going to cum all over that big black cock!” Veronica screamed. “It’s so good! It’s so deep! OH MY…!”

Veronica yelled and groaned and wailed through her orgasm, and Dylan felt another one coming close for him. “Gonna cum,” he groaned breathlessly.

Holly whimpered, then whirled around pulling him out of her pussy and jacking him with her hand. It felt so amazing he shot a torrent of goo into Holly’s beautiful face. The first gob landed on her forehead, the second on her nose and the third on her talented tongue which flicked and licked the underside of his mushroom head. She took the length in her mouth and sucked the jets of cum out of his prick and down her throat.

He shook and shivered while dumping his cum into her clasping mouth, then fell back onto the bed, exhausted. Holly moved up the bed and into the crook of his arm. Shanna and Veronica lay at the foot of the bed, arm in arm.

“That was more amazing than I ever imagined,” Dylan gasped, still short on breath. Holly cuddled closer.

“Thanks, sweetie. You were damn good. My ass is still tingling from that amazing fuck you gave it. But, I have a confession. I kind of lied to you.”

“Lied? Lied how?” Dylan’s heart fell.

Holly looked at Veronica and nodded. The younger woman nodded and got off the bed, headed for the closet…

To Be Continued…

I love feedback, anonymous or otherwise, but drop me an e-mail and I’ll be sure to respond and keep you up to date on new chapters.

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