Satisfying Mom

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“MMMmmmmmmmmmm, mom you taste sooooo delicious” Jake said as he lifted his face from between his mother’s legs and stared gleefully into her eyes. LeeAnn let the feeling of guilty pleasure flow over her. Caressing his forehead she stared back lustfully and smiled.

“Thank you baby! You make me feel sooo sexy the way you turn me on such much with that tongue of yours, it makes me so wet, MMmmm, I love it! I love you!”

Jake went back to skillfully attending to his mother’s pussy. She leaned her head back and let the waves of pleasure crash over her. LeaAnn and Jake had been lovers for a couple of years now, but it was not cooling off, which neither of them were complaining about. Together they chalked it up to the fact that they were both redheads, but it had to be more than that. While nothing had happened between them when Jake was growing up, after his father left his mother when Jake was away at college, for a much younger woman to boot, Jake’s anger at this had brought him and his mom closer together. Out of frustration, LeeAnn had started dressing a little more enticingly. The effect this had on Jake was very “noticeable”, which strangely had turned his mother czech experiment porno on even more. “If I can give my own son a hardon, I must not be that bad to look at” she thought.

It didn’t hurt that, even at well over 50, she had kept in good shape by walking, and nature put whatever she couldn’t work off in places that just made men drool even more. She stood about 5’6″ to 5’7″, had naturally auburn hair which she would highlight when the mood took her. Her boobs weren’t as small and perky as they had been in college, but the way men ogled them at their very voluptuous DDD size now, she figured it was a change she could easily live with. Jake however loved her legs most, which were nice and lean from walking. He told her that having nice legs pretty much guaranteed a nice ass, which he confirmed that she had regularly by feeling, cupping, smacking, caressing and pressing his hard cock up against it at some point throughout the day when he would come over. He’d even do it when they were out together if he thought they were alone. She loved it is well, it made her feel young and desired again.

It was amazing how open they were with czech first porno video each other. They were entirely comfortable with each other sexually. “MMMMMMMMmmmm don’t stop licking mommy’s pussy baby, mmmmm” Involuntary spasms shuddered though her body as she felt his tongue stroke and caress the walls of her vagina. Then, as she knew he would, she felt his lips wrap around her swollen clit and gently suck it. “Ohhh yess, baby, I’m gonna cum!!” At this she felt him bury has face further between her legs and could feel his hands caressing and cupping her ass, pulling her closer and urging her to grind on. “Ooohhhh Yes, baby, Mmmmmmm you are making mommy feel so good, eat my pussy baby!” She couldn’t resist giving the naughty encouragement. Three seconds later, Jake felt and tasted it as she came, squirting slightly against his tongue. He thrust his tongue deeper, lapping up the nectar of his mom’s lust for him.

“I need you inside me baby, Mmmmm I want to feel my son’s manhood fill me up” Jake didn’t need to hear any more. Shooting up from between her legs, he kissed her, deeply, letting her taste herself on his lips and mouth. She reached czech game porno between then and took his raging hard cock in her hand. “Oh yes baby, I want you so much right now!”

“Mmmmm, yes, mom, I love you sooo much” Without wasting a moment, he buried himself inside her. She gasped as she felt him filling her up, his cockhead deep inside her. Wanting her so much in return, he began to slowly but powerfully stroke his cock inside her. Feeling the head of his cock caress her sweet and surprisingly tight pussy. She loved to feel his huge balls slapping against her from the force, and the way he would slightly grind against her pussy lips as he fully buried himself inside her.

Their eyes met, filled with lust for each other. “Cum for me hun, fill your mother up, I want it soo bad”.

At that, Jake couldn’t take it anymore. Despite how long they had been lovers, there were just certain things his mom could do that would make him cum instantly. That was one of them, and she knew it. Pounding his manhood inside her, he let go, letting the explosive release pleasure them both. As his cock erupted inside her, she felt as his sticky cum coated her insides. She pulled him close and kissed him, “Thank you baby, MMmm you take care of me soo good!”. They collapsed into each other on her bed. She whispered into his ear “Stay inside me for now, darlin.” as she ran her fingernails gently along his muscular back. In minutes they were both asleep, rolled up naked, entwined with each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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