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Ginger Grinding

My cock is pounding into you as your ass slaps the floor with each stroke. Your breasts are heaving, your mouth is open in a scream of pure raw fucking pleasure. With each thrust, I say your name, I grunt your name, until I can’t hold back. As I pour warm cum into you, your legs wrap tight around my waist and you moan, saying you are cumming with me, cumming with me, cumming with me.

As our bodies slow down, our breathing relaxes, we look at each other and smile, then start laughing. Our clothes are still on. We are in the kitchen where ten minutes ago, standing, talking.

It started with a kiss at the front door. Late afternoon on a busy Saturday, you about to step out to get some extra food for the following weekend’s road trip; me, returning from errands, stepping inside to the smell of Italian canlı bahis sauce–garlic, tomato, basil, olive oil–filling the house. We met at the door, pausing briefly for a kiss on such a busy day. We hadn’t seen each other since the morning’s coffee and we were so consumed with so many things to do, you almost stepped right out the door before I could land one quick kiss on your lips. When I smelled the cooking, you asked me to keep an eye on the simmering sauce. As I headed for the kitchen, you followed, warning me not to add anything else to your perfect recipe.

In the kitchen, I tasted the sauce on a wooden spoon, then offered you a taste. As you sampled, I reached for the pepper mill and you grab my hand. We started laughing and I leaned in for another kiss. Your hand locked onto mine as we kissed. bahis siteleri When our eyes both opened at the same time, in mid-kiss, we smiled. And then closed our eyes and kisses a little deeper.

I mumbled something about the door still being open and you said something about thinking you closed it. My hand found your hair and yours found my face. We had kissed like this after breakfast, but timing and schedules and errands kept that kiss short. This one lingered, and lingered, until I was pressed against you and you were leaning into me.

Suddenly, our hands were everywhere–your hands up the back of my shirt, on my back, down the sides of my legs. My hands raced through your hair, over your face, along your neck and chest. One hand found your breasts and you moaned into our kiss. And felt me bahis şirketleri grow harder against you.

Seconds later your hands pulled me out of my jeans and started stroking me. I reached for the folds of your skirt and you broke our kiss, bent down quickly and gave my cock a long lick, then laid down on the floor, lifting your skirt. Your fingers pulled aside your panties and guided me into you so fast I almost came instantly from the warm shock of your pussy. I started slow, with long strokes in and out of you, but your hands on my ass and back pulled against me, speeding me up.

And suddenly we were locked in an animal fuck, a loud, crashing, pounding, hips slapping together kind of fuck, each of us completely abandoned to the pleasure. Your nails dug into my back, I bent down and tugged at your ear with my teeth. You started saying my name and I told you I couldn’t hold back, I had to cum.

Afterwards, we stood up, straightened our clothes. Kissed again. Tasted the sauce once more. When you left, I added some pepper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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