Jill Ch. 04

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Jill brought enough cash to pay for a taxi there and back, and of course, buy a couple of the largest realistic dildos ever made for the inflated thousand-dollar price.

It had started raining on the way to the bookstore. She was glad she had worn a pair of old high-heeled sandals, but wished she had brought an umbrella.

She waited a moment before stepping out of the cab, hoping the rain would die down.

The taxi driver said he would have to turn the meter back on if she stayed in his cab much longer. She asked if he had a newspaper – anything to keep her hair dry – and he handed her a three day-old copy of the Times.

As if on cue, the rain fell harder and the wind blew faster as soon as Jill stepped out of the taxi. She held the paper above and to the side of her head, managing to keep her face and hair dry, but little else. Her white blouse was plastered to her skin.

She shivered as soon as she walked through the door.

Jill stood on the floor mat just inside the door, water dripping from her blouse and skirt.

This wasn’t the statement she had in mind.

She had wanted to make every man in the store drool over her, but she especially wanted the rude store owner to get an eyeful.

Instead, she looked like she fell in a swimming pool and managed to keep her head above water. She was drenched.

The rude store owner was nowhere in sight, either. A short black woman was behind the counter in his place.

“You lost, white girl?” the black woman asked, “or are you trickin’?”

Shivering, Jill managed to explain the story of the bachelorette party and the remaining party favors she was yet to buy.

“Yeah, that T.J. is an asshole, sometimes,” the black woman. “Sorry about that and all. He not all there, ya’ know?”

Jill smiled, shaking.

The black woman pressed a button and spoke into a microphone on the counter. Her voice carried to the back of the store, “Dee, you got your gym bag here?”

“Iris, I told you I ain’t going to the gym in this weather,” a voice answered.

“Well, bring it up here. I might need some of yo’ stuff.” Iris added.

Iris looked at Jill. Where Iris was short, black, and very heavy around the butt and legs, Jill was tall, white, and slender but curvy in all the right places.

“You sure you not ho’in?” Iris asked.

“Positive. Married, mother, real estate agent. I just want to buy those toys and go home.” Jill answered. “This was just to get into T.J.’s head so maybe he wouldn’t be so mean. So much for that idea, huh?”

“Well, look at you, though. You gonna get pneumonia in those clothes. Dee, here, has sweatpants and a sweatshirt you can wear if you want to try to give your clothes a chance to dry a bit.” Iris took the gym bag from Dee, the patron from earlier.

Jill looked at Dee. “You work here?”

“Yeah, sometimes.” Dee answered. “The rest of the time I’m a fireman. This isn’t glamorous or nothin’, but sis’ needs me to keep the trouble out, so I do.”

“Well, that’s very nice of you.” Jill shifted. “Dee.”

“Dee, why don’t you sho’ Red to one of the booths so she can get out of her wet clothes?” Iris saw the look on Dee’s face, and then added, “So she can change into your gym clothes while they dry.” Dee frowned slightly.

“I’m gonna see where T.J. put those two dildos.” Iris walked to the back of the store.

An elderly black man entered the store while two middle-aged black men walked out. Another two men exited the video booth area as Dee showed Jill to a vacant viewing booth.

“Ever been in one of these?” Dee asked.

“No, why?” Jill lied.

“Well, you have to be careful. Sometimes the floor can be slippery. Mostly from guys beatin’ off and not having the courtesy to nut in a hanky or somethin’ like dat.” Dee explained. He opened the door for her.

Jill walked inside, taking the clothes from Dee, and then closing the door behind her. Elsewhere, she could hear tokens dropping into video machines, and movies begin playing, skipping, and playing again as the occupants changed channels.

She heard someone enter the video booth to her right and caught a glimpse of an eyeball peering through the waist-high hole in the wall between her booth and his.

A moment later, someone entered the booth to Jill’s left and immediately deposited several tokens into the viewing machine. She bent over and looked through the hole on the left to try to see the movie the occupant was watching.

The occupant to her left had unzipped his pants and was quickly stroking himself to erection as he watched a tanned goddess get slapped in the face with a fat, flaccid black dick. The tanned blonde then leaned back while the large black man squatted over her face. The blonde in the video licked the underside of the man’s scrotum, and then licked around his anus before finally plunging her tongue deep inside his hole.

“Wow.” Jill said quietly. “I’m not sure if I should be grossed out or turned on.”

Jill’s clothes were still dripping wet, creating new puddles in the outdoor sex porno video booth. She stood up and peeled off her wet clothes, including her bra. Jill put on the sweatshirt first, and when she could see that it was as big as a dress, she folded the over-sized sweatpants.

She had already added to the mess on the floor, so she didn’t think a little more water would hurt anything. She wrung out her shirt and bra, and rolled her skirt several times until most of the water was out, then spread everything on the back of the single chair in the booth.

She bent over to see how the occupant was coming along on her left only to find the booth empty and the video screen cycling through previews. She hadn’t brought her purse, so she tucked her driver’s license and money in her bra. Thankfully, only the outside $100 bill was wet.

She carefully stepped to the right side booth. An eye continued to watch her. He probably watched as she undressed, and who could blame him? Video is one thing, but she was a real-live redheaded white woman, barely out of reach.

Jill wondered what Iris and Dee would think of her if she went out to buy some tokens. Surely, they must have been wondering what she was doing in there. Maybe they figured she was afraid to walk out in oversized sweatpants, sweatshirt, and slinky high-heeled sandals.

“Psst.” Jill whispered to the staring eye.

There was no response.

“Psst. Can I buy some tokens from you?” Jill asked.

The eye blinked and then the occupant stood up. Jill looked back at her door.

“Hey…” Jill started.

“Be quiet.” The occupant’s voice sounded familiar. “I’ll get you all the tokens you want, but you have to be quiet.”

“Dee?” Jill asked.

She was answered with the sight of several tokens being dropped through the hole and falling onto the wet floor. She reached her hand through the hole and felt a very large hand grab hold of hers. She then felt a role of tokens pushed into her hand.

She carefully pulled her hand and tokens back through the hole, stood up, and clicked toward the video screen. Jill watched as the previews cycled. When she was satisfied there was material worth watching, she deposited the entire roll into the coin slot.

She stepped back toward the chair and sat on the folded sweatpants. She selected the tanned blonde video that the left occupant had been watching.

The blonde was having her pussy stuffed by a fat, but not particularly long black cock. The girl looked barely twenty years old, but the black man could have been in his fifties. Judging by the blonde’s pigtails, “old black man does little white girl” seemed to be the intended plot of the story. It worked for the guy that had been in the booth on the left, so it worked for Jill.

There were no windows or window ledges in this particular booth, so Jill had to hold her feet up as she began fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her abdominal muscles rippled as she raised her legs and leaned back.

She found her rhythm and felt her clit swell under her fingers.

There was a knock at the door.

Jill stood up too quickly and almost slipped. She felt dizzy. Could she still be drunk?

She pulled the sweatshirt down around her hips, not realizing she was only barely covering her pussy.

It was Dee with a bag.

“Here, I already paid for them. Said I would, so here.” Dee whispered.

“I can pay you. I brought money.” Jill said.

“No, it’s okay, as long as you keep doin’ what yo’ doin’ and don’t mind if I watch.” Dee said with the sound of hope in his voice.

“I don’t mind.” Jill took the bag and looked inside. Two dildos and another roll of tokens were barely visible. “Thank you, Dee.”

Jill closed the door and hung the bag on the doorknob. She slid the sliding latch to lock the door, but knew it was really just there for looks. A soft breeze could probably blow the door open.

She reached into the bag and found the elusive toy that had caused so much trouble. It wasn’t very wide, but it was eighteen inches long. The box claimed it had a realistic foreskin, floating balls in the sack, and the shaft had something called “jack-o-matic” action. She turned the box over and could see that – with batteries installed – the shaft shortened and lengthened, requiring the user to simply hold it steady and the toy would do all the pumping.

“I’ll save that one for later.” Jill carefully put the box back in the bag. She reached for the other one, which was only a foot long in comparison, but as wide as her forearm.

It had no moving parts, but was beautifully sculpted. Jill quickly pulled it out of its carton and sat back in the chair.

The blonde in the video was alternating between having the fat cock fill her pussy, to having it fill her mouth. Jill rubbed the toy up and down on her pussy, rotating it until the entire head and shaft was slick with her wetness.

As the old man turned the blonde over and mounted her from behind, Jill eased the head of the toy inside public agent porno her pussy. She could see eyes looking at her from the left and right holes. In the background, dozens of other video machines were having tokens simultaneously deposited in them.

Jill licked her lips and pushed the toy inside her farther.

The screen suddenly went blank.

Light from the adjacent booths was just enough to see the bag hanging on the doorknob. Jill reached inside and pulled out the other roll of tokens.

Before depositing the roll, though, Jill decided to really give Dee and the other occupant a show and removed the sweatshirt.

When the video screen came back to life, everyone watching her was treated to Jill’s full breasts, shaved pussy, curvy legs and pretty feet in high heels.

Everyone included the man on her left, Dee on her right, the other video booths, and Iris, watching at the front of the store – all thanks to a hidden security camera.

In the back of the store, everything was captured on videotape.

Jill sat back down and rubbed the wet dong on her breasts before placing the toy in her mouth. She was no stranger to the taste of her own wetness, and licked the entire shaft.

“Mmmmm.” Jill said, looking at Dee’s staring eye. She had no doubt he was stroking his large, thick cock in the other booth, and that seemed to turn her on even more.

She pushed the toy back inside her pussy while her other hand feverishly rubbed her clit.

In the video, the blonde was now on top of the older black man, facing away from him, and toward the camera. Jill knew these were actors, and the girl was being paid to look like she liked being fucked by this fat black dick, but the girl didn’t looked like she ever went to acting school.

She was either a natural actress, or she was really enjoying the fuck she was receiving. The possibility that the girl may have been on drugs never entered Jill’s mind.

Jill pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy faster and deeper, but she couldn’t bring herself to orgasm. She finally withdrew the toy from her aching pussy and clicked over to the hole on the right.

“Dee.” She whispered. “Come in here.”

She put the toy and her wet clothes in the bag and unlocked the door.

Dee quietly stepped inside.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He had just broken up with his college girlfriend, and hadn’t gotten laid in three weeks. He almost never masturbated, and his balls were telling him he was overdue.

“I don’t have a condom – they don’t make them big enough.” Dee said.

Jill’s pussy gushed with anticipation. “Tell me you’re clean. No diseases, right? You’re a good fireman?”

“I’m clean, little lady.” Dee answered, placing his large hands on her waist as he bent down to kiss Jill on the lips.

Jill opened her mouth, inviting his large tongue as she guided one of his hands to her pussy. Dee gently pinched her clit before sliding a finger inside her.

“You sho’ are wet, little lady.” Dee said between kisses.

“You’re making me wetter.” Jill confided.

Even Iris was getting turned on watching her brother finger this skinny white girl.

Jill reached down and felt the outline of Dee’s swollen cock through his pants.

“It’ll get bigger.” Dee said as he slid a second large finger inside Jill’s pussy. His thumb gently rubbed her clit as his fingers pressed up, rubbing in time with his thumb.

Her orgasm took her by surprise.

Jill came hard, soaking Dee’s hand as her legs went limp. Dee reached back and held her up, cupping an entire ass cheek in his hand. His large forefinger brushed against her anus.

Jill barely caught her breath before she bent over, trying to figure out how to undo Dee’s belt.

“You don’t have to do that, little lady.” Dee said.

“I want to.” Jill said, kissing him as she struggled with his belt.

“Dat bitch in heat,” Iris said, watching the little monitor under the counter.

The pay-per-view patrons in the other video booths likely thought the same.

Iris could hear the tokens cascading into the coin slots of the video machines and smiled.

Dee pushed Jill back while he undid his belt. He opening his fly and lowered his pants, never taking his eyes off of her. She looked whiter than she actually was with her red hair, soft overhead blue-white light, deep-red painted finger and toenails, and black high-heeled sandals.

When Dee lowered his silk boxers, Jill gasped. His flaccid tool resembled two soda cans in a black sock. Only the head of his shaft looked normal and familiar, being only slightly larger than her husbands.

Jill’s heels clicked as she carefully approached Dee. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do next. She had just wanted to see his manhood.

Now that she had seen it, she wanted to touch it.

She kissed Dee with an open mouth, which he quickly filled with his tongue. Jill reached down, trying to hold his thickening shaft with one hand. She was surprised by it’s reality kings porno weight.

Dee cupped one of Jill’s breasts, pinching her nipple harder than she thought he would.

“It’s not for show.” Dee said as Jill rubbed herself on his clothing.

“What’s not for sure?” Jill asked, panting.

“I mean it’s not for looks. When I take it out, it’s to use it.” Dee looked down at his half-erect shaft.

Jill could barely put her hand around it. As it swelled, her thumb and forefinger were separated by at least two inches.

Jill squatted in front of Dee and lifted his large dick to her lips. She licked the shaft, and even spit on it a few times as she had seen in the movie she was just watching. Her mouth would only open so wide, though.

“I want to make you come. I really do. But I can’t get it in my mouth.” Jill panted, trying her best to stroke his larger-than-life black cock.

“Then get it in your pussy.” Dee said, less friendly. He sat down in the chair, his wet tool bobbing up slightly.

Jill’s clit throbbed as she thought about Dee’s manhood filling her like no man had ever done before.

Dee handed her another roll of tokens and she put all of them into the machine.

When she turned around, Dee had taken off his shirt.

He had a few tattoos, but what she really noticed were his muscles. His chest was big, his arms were big, and his waist was a rippled mess of muscle.

She could see eyes peering at her from the adjacent video booths.

She turned her back to Dee and stepped backwards, straddling his lap.

Jill bent over, reached down, and guided the head of his large cock to her pussy. She grunted and exhaled but was wet enough to fit half his length inside her. She leaned back against his massive chest and placed one of his hands on her breasts and the other on her clit. Jill then attempted to lower herself on him further.

Jill watched as the tanned blonde in the video was doing the same thing to the old black man, except she had her feet on the man’s knees.

Jill carefully kicked off each sandal and placed each foot on Dee’s large legs. This allowed another two inches inside her, and she fucked herself harder.

“My poor husband. This black dick is three times the size of his.” Jill thought to herself, but only for a second. The thought went away as she felt the first wave of another orgasm overtake her.

She bucked hard against Dee and drenched his balls.

Iris manipulated the joystick so the little security camera could focus on Jill’s pretty feet, shapely legs, flat stomach, and hairless pussy. Iris paused for a moment on Jill’s large clit, but became confused when Jill suddenly stood up. Everything went out of focus.

“What the hell she doin’ now?” Iris said to herself, not realizing she had been squeezing one of her own nipples.

Jill stood up, making sloshing sounds when her feet hit the floor as well as when Dee’s hard dick popped out of her stretched pussy.

“I ain’t finished, yet, little lady.” Dee said, proud of the fully erect black statue on his lap.

Jill turned to face him. She bent over and licked her juices from his shaft, down to his balls. She licked under his scrotum, around his legs, and then up to his chest. Jill sucked on his nipples, then his neck and finally his mouth.

She dug her knees under his armpits, while come and water dripped from her toes.

Jill fed him her breasts, and then eased her soaked pussy onto his erect shaft. There was no need to hold his slick cock as he penetrated her. The head easily found her stretched opening. She lowered herself further and when she had about half his length inside her, began rocking her hips fore and aft.

“Is this better?” whispered in Dee’s ear.

Dee reached down and took each of Jill’s ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed hard. Jill winced in pain as the shock of it allowed another two inches of his cock inside her.

“You tell me.” Dee whispered back.

Jill teetered between pain and pleasure as she continued to rock her hips back and forth. As she arched her back, her clit made full contact on the top of his shaft.

Jill panted, then whimpered as she could feel herself on the brink of another orgasm. Dee was barely breaking a sweat.

“You’re gonna fuck me all night, aren’t you?” Jill gasped.

“I’d say you’re doin’ all the fuckin’ little lady,” Dee smiled and kissed her.

He put a middle finger in Jill’s mouth, and Jill sucked on it as best she could between breaths. Her back and chest were drenched with sweat, and her hair was matted on her forehead and neck.

Dee reached down and spread Jill’s ass cheeks.

Moans filled the room as a few of the occupants in the other video booths reached orgasm.

Jill was expecting another painful squeeze followed by Dee’s massive dick splitting her in two.

Instead, she was introduced to his wet middle finger penetrating her asshole.

Jill came instantly, but not without yelling, “Fuck! Yes! Fuck!” at least a dozen times.

Her pussy tightened around Dee’s shaft but her anus remained inviting as he continued to finger her butthole.

Dee’s load was substantial. Come instantly oozed from Jill’s pussy around his cock.

Iris’ camera zoomed in on Dee’s finger still inside Jill’s asshole.

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