Jenn Ch. 03

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Jenn led the naked young skater to her marital bed. She herself had become completely nude as she began to kiss him passionately. He took his chance and began fingering her pussy making her wetter in the process.

“Oh fuck yes don’t stop big boy!” Jenn said grabbing hold of his hard cock pointing at her. She started massaging it and then began jerking it getting it super hard. Suddenly Johnny pushed her onto the bed, Jenn landed on her perfect and tight round ass. Johnny got between her legs and began to lick her pussy.

“Oh my god I see this isn’t your first time.” Johnny had been with a couple of girls at school and lost his virginity to his moms’s friend Teresa Kersey. No of them were even close to the buxom brunette who laid spread eagle before him on her husband’s bed.

Johnny began to work two fingers into her pussy while licking her lip in unison which began to make Jenn build up to a orgasm. “Ohhhhhhhhhh… hhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck yes god dammit!” Jenn hollered as her pussy started to explode. Her pussy was so tight that Johnny could barely get two fingers in there at once and it was becoming tighter by the second.

“Do you want me to shove my horse cock up your pussy?” Johnny said removing his fingers and stand in front of her. Jenn sat up using her elbows as support she saw his angry looking cock pointing straight at her vagina mere inches away practically teasing her.

“You need a condom.” Jenn said not knowing where it had been.

“No condom I want to feel every inch of female agent porno my new pussy.” Jenn salivated at the prospect and gave in without a fight.

“Yes, do it right now!” Jenn didn’t want it she needed it and Johnny knew it.

“Say please.” He said.

“What?” She asked wondering why he wasn’t just going in.

“You heard me bitch say please.” He said as he lightly touched her pussy lips making Jenn begin to lose control again.

“Please.” She said.

“Please what?” He asked.

“Please fuck my pussy.” She said practically begging.

“Please Master!” This was it if she called him master she would be his and he would have this fit brunette on call to fuck him 24/7 whenever he wished all he needed to know was if she would call him master.

“Please master, please fuck my husband’s cunt, please make me your bitch. Say that and I’ll give you the treat you desperately want.” He said grinning ear to ear.

“Please master, fuck my husband’s cunt, please make me your bitch.” Jenn said no longer thinking about anything but the ten inches of human flesh about to tear her pussy apart.

“Good girl.” Johnny said as he began to push the tip of his dick into her pussy. After several minutes of resistance he began fitting it in with a couple of inches. Jenn had moved to the edge of the bed and fell to her back unable to support her wait on her elbows any longer her pussy was convulsing, never had Jenn been filled this much. It was a whole new female fake taxi porno experience for her as she began getting fucked by this punk stud on her husband’s bed.

“Ohhhhhhh! god yesssssssss!” Jenn screamed loudly grabbing her sheets tightly as the young boy began a back and forth motion making another couple inches disappear into the beautiful tightness of her cunt. Jenn slowly started to movie her ass onto his dick using her pussy muscles to climb up his long shaft.

“Shit this is the best pussy ever. You’re gonna make the best slut I ever had.” Johnny said raising her ankles to his shoulders and began to force his cock balls deep into her.

“HOLYYYYYYYYYYY SHITTTTTTTTTT!” Jenn screamed as she began squirting juice all over the bed floor, and Johnny in an instance. After she had stopped gushing he pulled out and began eating her out again. Jenn sat up and grabbed his head forcing him deep into her pussy.

“Turn over now slave.” Jenn did as instructed and got on her hands and knees on the bed. Johnny followed her and got on his knees behind her just staring at the sight before him a naked older woman doing whatever he said letting her unprotected ass stick up in the air at his face. Never had he had this much power over a person before it was making harder than anything by the second.

Johnny wasted no time now and pushed his dick balls deep into her pussy and began fucking her in a very quick rhythm. “Oh my god yes master pummel me please!” Jenn fuck in traffic begged.

Johnny got up on his feet and pulled her ass in the air while her head went into the mattress. He began to fuck his cock in and out of her harder than ever before. He then pushed his thumb against her anus.

Jenn snapped out of her daze. “Whoah! No not that.” Jenn was trying to make a line.

Johnny smacked her ass cheeks. “Slut I will tell you what the line is.” Jenn fell back into place and began to orgasm over and over the skater punk who was her enemy that morning was now commanding her to be his slut. She loved and hated it at the same here she was face down in her husband’s mattress as a kid 19 years younger than her fucked her pussy and thumbed her asshole with reckless abandon like an animal.

“Here it comes!” Johnny yelled as he turned her around and got her on her knees. She watched as his cock danced in her face. “Suck.” Jenn did as instructed and began sucking his plum head and stroke his dick. Johnny bent over and grabbed her tits and began mauling them.

“It’s cumming.” He said as he began erupting. Before Jenn could move he grabbed her head and held her in place as he unloaded a stream of jizz down her throat.

“Hughggggg.” Jenn couldn’t swallow it all and it began to flow out of her mouth onto her tits. After several shots he was done. Finally after several hours of sucking and fucking the punk cock was going down. Jenn had lost tracked but knew she had cum at least 10 times.

“Master when can we do that again.” Jenn said in her slave voice on all fours beside him cum dripping off of her.

“Give me five minutes. This time I’m going for your ass.” Jenn smiled and her asshole began to twitch this boy really was going to be fun.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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