Indulgence into a Fantasy

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Alex Mae

As we sat there having dinner I wondered, just what could I do to turn things up a notch on my beautiful wife for one night that she would never expect. As our waiter came back with the second round of drinks, I noticed that he was smiling a little more at her than your normal waiter’s do. Just a man’s intuition as well, we know when someone is checking out our significant other. Even if they are subtle about it, which at the time he was trying to be, and I must say as hot as she looked that night (and everyday before or since then) I would have been offended if he hadn’t looked twice at her.

Brad, the waiter, sat down the drinks and plopped down on the booth seat next to me and made small talk, surprising since the restaurant was jam packed but a nice touch, whether for just a bigger tip for being personable or if this was really how he was, it was an effort that would be noted at check time. He began to talk though and I watched him as his eyes darted to the copious amounts of breast my wife was displaying, she rarely dresses “slutty” mind you, but tonight we were out alone without the kids and she didn’t have to be mommy, just a hot wife.

“So are you two here on your anniversary tonight?” he asked, “I remember when you were here a few weeks ago with those two adorable girls of yours and I was just wondering if this was a special occasion or you just came back for my wonderful service,” he chuckled.

“A little bit of both Brad,” I answered him, “just a date night without the girls and last time you were such a good host that we figured a repeat performance was in order.”

I saw the glint in Cristina’s eyes as I said this, she wondered if I would tease him, or be my normal obnoxious self and have a little extra fun with our conversation. She tried to the words “be good” with subtlety but Brad caught part of it.

“Oh I can be,” he said, turning to me with a wink.

Now a bit intrigued I wondered just how far this conversation would be able to go and how red Cristina’s face would get. “Oh really,” I asked.

“Well just trying to have a little fun, I like customers like you two that come in and return, it means I did well, and a little added conversation just keeps me in your mind the next time you decide to eat out.”

“Well Brad,” I smiled, “I eat out a lot and Cristina never seems to mind.”

Just then Brad realized he should be checking the other patrons and excused himself with a small bow. A bit of flourish that was timed just right. I looked at Cristina as he left and knew that she was watching his ass as he walked away.

“Hey babe take a picture and then it might last a little longer,” I teased her.

“Just what are you planning in that demented mind of yours Chad?” she asked timidly.

“Oh nothing, just having a little fun baby, loosen up, I know that horny girl inside you is dying to get out tonight, we don’t have to rush home, Steph has the kids under control I’m sure and maybe we’ll be able to have some fun.”

“Alright, but just be good please,” she said with an amused plea.

She then excused herself, saying the drinks had run right through her and with that my mind went into pervert overdrive. I quickly pulled out my cellphone and called home to check on the girls. Finding out they were watching a movie and tormenting Steph, was music to my ears. I asked if she might be able to stay overnight because we were drinking and might have to go to the hotel across the street and she assured me it wouldn’t be a problem.

Now with that in order I called information and got the hotel across the road’s number and dialed the number, reserved a room, and had my phone tucked away before Cristina had returned. Just as I took another drink Brad popped back up.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to step over any boundaries here with you two, I might have gotten carried away,” he apologized.

“No problem Brad, actually let me ask you a few quick questions. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No actually, I’ve been going to school and working so much that a woman would just get in the way,” he laughed.

“Alright then, and now a big question, would you have a problem fucking another man’s wife at the same time he is? I mean a threesome with a woman and another man? No touching between the two men needed.”

He looked at me for a minute and then asked a question of his own, “Are you asking me if I’d like to fuck your wife?”

“Look I’ll be honest this is unchartered territory for my wife and I, but I know it’s her biggest fantasy and I’d like to give it to her. I like the fact that we are strangers, yet, a good fun conversation and more with you is possible.”

Brad thought a moment more, “If you’re cool with it I am, I mean your wife is amazingly hot and I would hit on her if she just came in by herself. Just say where and when.”

“Alright she will be back in a minute or so, what time do you get off tonight?”

“Actually as soon as you two are done, you’re my last table tonight.”

“Ok that bagros porno settles that then, when we leave give us about half an hour and then come over to the hotel across the street and come up to room 212. I’ll make sure she thinks it’s room service and then we’ll all have some fun.”

“Oh yeah we will, and just so you know, I will leave tonight in that hotel room, no contact after that unless you both seek me out. I don’t mind this, but I’m not into breaking up a marriage.”

“That just made you a sure thing in my book Brad. By the way thanks for that, it’s easy to see why guys hit on my wife but knowing that you can do this and leave it at that I’m assured that tonight is going to be very interesting.”

Just then Cristina came back to the table smiling, “Sorry honey, I guess all that drinking, has kinda ran right through me and with the line in the little girls room, it took longer than I expected.”

“Not a problem sweety, Brad just stopped by to ask if we needed anything else, right Brad?” I asked with a wink.

“Yes, sir, and by the way may I say you looked lovely tonight miss.”

“Thank you Brad it’s always nice to hear, and I do hear if from Chad a lot but a new voice behind it is a sweet thing to a girl’s ears.”

Brad walked away to get our check and I slid over next to Cristina, I slowly ran my hand up her smooth legs and up under her skirt. Since we were in a side booth no one would be the wiser, I pushed my hand up farther and touched the center of her panties, they were a little moist and I knew she was horny already, brushing her panties to the side I kissed her neck and pressed my fingers deep inside the wet hole.

“Chad this isn’t being…oh my god…good honey, can’t you wait just a little longer till we get home?”

“I already called and the girls are fine and I told Steph that we were going to be out a little longer than expected. She said stay out as late as you want the girls are fine.”

“So what did you have in mind stud,” she asked as her hand found its way into my lap and grasped my rock hard cock.

“You’ll see,” I whispered into her ear as I flicked her clit with my thumb.

Just then Brad returned with our check. I handed him my credit card and saw the hunger in his eyes as he noticed what might be going on under the table. “I’ll be right back with this so you can get out of here and take care of that itch you seem to be scratching well by the look on your wife’s face sir.”

Cristina’s eyes flew open and she realized that he had seen or guessed something and she nudged me, “Get your hand out of my panties for the moment, Chad, and when we get in the car I’ll be all yours.”

As soon as Brad brought back the check I added on the gratuity and we headed out, “Change of plans babydoll,” I told Cristina, “I booked us a room at the hotel over there,” I said pointing across the road, “when we get in there I’m going to fuck you, lick you, spank you, and take you to places your fantasy’s have only been so far.”

Cristina sighed a content breath, “I knew you would do something like this, it’s those impulsive things that made me fall in love with you to start with.”

“Fuck love baby, I want to get inside those panties of yours and fuck you senseless tonight,” I paused, “I want to make you cum over and over again until the neighboring rooms are calling to complain because you are so loud.”

Inside the hotel we got our room key and stepped into the elevator, as soon as the door was closed Cristina was on me in an instant. Her hands squeezing my hard cock and her mouth all over my flesh wherever she could get to. As the door slid open I pushed her back and grabbed her hand leading her to the hotel room door. Once there I pushed her up against the door and kissed her letting my hand slide up her skirt, ripping away the panties and sinking my fingers into her wet pussy as I opened the door.

As soon as the door was shut Cristina slid to her knees and pulled open my pants, pressed me against the door and yanked my boxers down until she was faced with my cock throbbing before her. She looked up at me and licked her lips, “Feed me stud,” she whimpered as she plunged her mouth down over my sizable erection. Her mouth was bobbing a mile a minute and she was using her tongue to its best possible ability, curling it around my manhood as she slid those lips up and down and over again on me. I knew I would cum quickly and warned her.

“Cristina if you keep this up I’m going to feed you a mouthful of cum baby,” I panted.

Pulling back for just an instant, she looked up, “That’s exactly what I want tonight, a few mouthfuls of cum and a hard cock inside me.”

Forcing her head down with my hands I let her know that was what she was undoubtedly going to get as I fucked her beautiful mouth hard and fast. She moaned and purred and as the first shot spurted into her mouth Cristina began to swallow with my cock in her mouth and then pushed farther than she had gone before bangbus porno embedding me in her throat as I came hard.

“Oh my god you sexy little slut you are amazing, ” I told her.

As soon as she was done I picked her up and with my cock still hard, tossed her on the bed. “You’ve been such a naughty girl lately that I think it’s time for that spanking your long overdue for.”

Cristina gave a soft moan as I flipped her skirt up and brought my hand down quickly across her naked ass. I instructed her to count and then began to slowly redden the sexy ass of my beautiful wife. I paused for a moment and reached between her legs to see just how wet she was now and was rewarded by my fingers gliding inside her soaking slit. Over the past few years I had found just how turned on this made her and tonight I was striving to elicit as much pleasure as possible.

I cupped my hand and spanked her ass hard, gently rubbing the spot for a few seconds before swatting her again. After about five minutes I asked, “Who’s little slut are you baby?”

“Mmm your’s master,” she purred.

“I’m going to do something now that I know you love baby, strip and crawl up on the bed,” I commanded.

In a few quick seconds her blouse was gone as was her bra and she was lying back on the bed with hunger in those pretty eyes of hers. I deftly looped my tie around her hands and bound her to the bedpost. With her arms above her head, with slack so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable, her breasts were heaving and she looked just like I had hoped she would when Brad came in. He was due at anytime so I had to work quickly. I grabbed a hand towel from the rack in the bathroom and tied it over her eyes, I didn’t want her to have any clue what was going to happen at first, nor did I want her to try and become her normal shy self and refuse to let herself enjoy the pleasure of the night I was intent on giving her.

I picked up the phone and put my fingers over the button so that there was no actual connection and then randomly hit a button or two. “Yes, I’d like to order up a little room service please, a bottle of champagne and some strawberries please.” Hmm, I thought that might actually be a good idea, so I did call down and order something, explaining as the phone rang to Cristina that our connection had accidently been severed.

I knew this was going to be close and as I waited for room service, I slid down between Cristina’s legs and began to lap at her shaved pussy, not a hair to get in the way, just the way I loved her to be. I enjoyed the way her nude pussy lips felt in my mouth as I sucked on them and ran my tongue up and down the sides before plunging it inside her pussy as my fingers worked their way in as well. All too soon there was a knock at the door and I hopped up, “Be right back baby, don’t go anywhere,” I chuckled, throwing on my pants expediently.

I heard her sigh as I stepped out of the bedroom area and into the front room, I opened the door and it was the room service tray, tipping the man, I looked out into the hall and spied Brad waiting by the elevator. I motioned for him to come down the hall and into the room putting a finger to my lips making sure he knew to be quiet for the time being.

“Here’s the deal,” I whispered, “Cristina is naked back there with her legs spread and completely wet. I am going to go in and begin to eat that sweet pussy a little more and then I want you to slide your cock against her lips when I signal you. Are you cool with that?” I asked him.

“Sure thing, or and this is just a thought, I could go in there and go down on her and let you play with the rest of her until you’re ready to move on, that way she won’t know exactly who’s where on her body.”

“Good idea, Brad,” I replied, “Now let’s go get her, and just remember a condom if you fuck her, and she won’t take it in the ass so don’t even try unless she begs. That’s all you need to know, everything else is fair game.”

“Gotcha boss, by the way, this is the best tip I’ve ever gotten,” he teased.

We entered the room and Brad wasted no time slipping out of his clothes, I looked down at his cock, hell yeah I was curious if there was any chance he was going to fuck my wife tonight I wanted to see what he was packing before hand. To my pleasant surprise he was about the same size I was, I may have had an inch or so on him and he had a bit (a little bit dammit) more girth than I do. So it would even out, Cristina might take a while to figure out whose cock was whose.

Brad slid between her legs and began to lick her soft, wet pussy, it was amazing that his technique from what I could see was nearly identical to mine. That would throw her off as well, at least until she felt his tongue and no hoop in it, she knows I wouldn’t take it out for anything so if Cristina paid attention this would alert her immediately. As Brad teased her pussy I reached down and began to run my fingers over her nipples, lightly pulling and rolling them until beurette tour porno they stuck out nice and erect.

Brad had kept his hands at his side using only his mouth at first and now I looked at him and motioned for him to slide his fingers up inside her as he lapped at her clit. Upon his doing this I sank my mouth over one nipple and began to tug the other.

“Oh my god,” Cristina gasped, “Chad, who else is in here?” she pleaded for the knowledge.

“Don’t worry baby,” I told her, “My hot little slut is going to get her fill of cock tonight, and there’s nothing she can do about it. So lay back and be prepared for the night of your life.”

She started to say something and instead of words coming out all she got was a mouthful of my hard cock, “Shut up and suck my cock baby and let the man between your legs do what he came here to do.”

Cristina’s mouth was in overdrive as she sucked my cock and moved her head as much as she could up and down the shaft, she was allowing every inch of me to penetrate her throat now with relaxed ease. Brad looked at me and mouthed the word switch, I wasn’t sure I was ready to yet, but the thought of sliding deep inside her tight pussy was enough of a persuader.

Brad slipped away from her and took up my place as I lifted her legs and nudged her pussy with my cock. The head slipped in easily, looking up I could see Brad enjoying himself with two handfuls of big titties and his cock pushing into my wife’s sexy mouth.

“Do you like sucking his cock Cristina?” I asked, “Just moan if you do.”

“MMM, hmmm,” she moaned as I slid in to the hilt and just began slamming into her hard and fast.

I knew how she liked to be fucked, tonight was not the time for slow love making at least not right now. This was the time to give her what she wanted. Two big hard cocks inside her warm, wet, inviting holes.

I gave it all I had for about three minutes and then decided I wanted to keep Cristina reeling in pleasure, “Switch time buddy,” I told Brad.

I watched as he unrolled a condom onto his sizable cock and then right before he pushed it in I pulled the makeshift blindfold off Cristina’s head. I saw the mixture of lust and acknowledgment in her eyes as she looked at Brad poised right at her entrance. She looked up at me and I smiled as I pushed my cock into her mouth again. Brad wasted no time slamming deep inside her and lifting her legs to his shoulders. Each time he plunged to her depths Cristina would moan around my shaft sending little tingles of pleasure through my cock.

I reached up and undid her hands and then when Brad was ready we switched again, Cristina sucked on his condom covered cock tasting herself without even thinking about it. She pulled the condom off of his cock and flipped over onto her hands and knees as I knelt behind her. She scooted Brad to where she wanted him sitting on the bed and then began to suck his cock like the little slut I know she can be.

Slamming her tight pussy hard I began to spank her and give her a little verbal nudge. “That’s right slut, suck Brad’s cock deep and make him fill your hot little mouth with cum, while I take you like the hot little bitch in heat you are.”

This seemed to send her over the edge and her squeals could be heard around his cock as I cracked my hand against her ass and then held her hips and slammed deeply inside her. “We are both going to fill you with cum at the same time, and I’m close so you better do an amazing job baby.”

Brad grabbed her head at that moment and began humping his hips up towards her mouth hard and fast, “I’m going to cum any second,” he growled.

I held onto Cristina’s hips and began to fuck her as hard as I could raising her ass a little higher for the deepest penetration possible. With her ass in the air like this I could see her tight little asshole, and how relaxed it was, now I knew I wouldn’t get away with slamming my cock in there but a finger was a different story.

As I began to cum and I knew Brad was by his grunts, I slipped my finger into Cristina’s tight asshole and worked it quickly as far as it would go. Cristina just moaned loudly and I felt her pussy clenching hard around my cock, a sure sign she was cumming just as hard as Brad was and I was about to.

I felt the explosion start and continued slamming it as deep as possible while we all came together. A few moments later, Brad pushed Cristina away from his cock claiming it was too sensitive for anymore attention right then. She turned from him, forcing my finger and cock out of her hot little body and she slipped between my legs and began to suck my cock clean of our mixed juices.

Brad looked at the clock and said he was sorry but he had to excuse himself for the evening. We thanked him for the great night and then settled into bed after seeing him out. Cristina looked at me and grabbing a strawberry and sliding it into my mouth she grinned widely. “So stud, I guess now you’ll be wanting another girl to join us one night soon huh?”

“We’ll see baby, I did this for you, and for me, I didn’t mind seeing you sucking his cock or getting fucked like I had always expected. But yeah you’re probably right, I wouldn’t mind having my gorgeous wife and another woman soon.”

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