In Morning…

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It is early in the morning and I am working at my computer. You are photocopying and come up behind me, I feel your hands on my neck and rubbing over my shoulders, they move down my chest and play with my nipples. They grow hard and beg to be sucked but this is not the time or place. You bend down to whisper in my ear. “I want to play with your nipples, lick them with my tongue and kiss my way down your stomach. To taste you pussy, to flick my tongue over your clit and have you fill my mouth with your cream.” You walk away from me, leaving me with wet panties and the desire to flick my fingers over my clit, imagining your tongue doing the same thing. Placing your mouth over my clit, sucking it gently in and your tongue making quick circles over and over my hard nub, I am ready to cum again and again.

My mind is flooded with these thoughts as I attempt to get back to work. The want, the need to enter your office, to pull down your pants and underwear, to suck your cock, to feel it grow so hard, so long fake angels porno in my mouth and have you push me against the wall and plunge into my dripping pussy. “Fuck me, fuck me, and let me feel your cock deep inside of me.” Instead I sit at my desk, with my thoughts, wet panties, and shivers running through my body.

When I get home, I will play with my pussy, sitting outside with my legs spread wide, my thighs wet with my juices and my clit rock hard. It doesn’t take long for my orgasm to rock through my body due the daydreams, the feeling of your fingers on my nipples, and sitting all day with my wetness dripping unto my panties. Licking my fingers clean of my juices, I feel satisfied but not for long, I need something more. I go to the toy chest, lying on the bed, with my vibrator I play with my clit and plunge my fingers deep inside my wet, tight pussy. I get up on my knees so I can sink down slowly on my fingers, so I can fill my pussy the same way your cock does. However, fake cop porno it is poor substitute for your rock hard cock; it is you that I have in my mind as I fuck myself. As good as the vibrator feels against my clit, it is your fingers that I want to feel, to stroke it; to rub is between your thumb and fingers. The combination of finger fucking myself and the feeling of the vibrator lets me explode as I drench the bed. As I cum, it is your name I scream, it is your cock that I imagine is inside of me and your fingers that have been playing with my clit.

You awake early in the morning, with my lips wrapped around the head of your cock. You have woken with a hard cock, my lips and tongue are making it grow, and soon you are big. My tongue explores every inch of your rock hard tool as I rub your pre-cum over my lips. You tuck a pillow under your head so you can watch me suck your cock. I look up at you, you wrap your hands in my hair and your hips lift up to push your cock deep fake hospital porno in my wet mouth. Your hips shifting back and forth, you fuck my mouth, and before you cum, I can feel your hands gently pulling me up. Swirling my tongue around the head of your cock, I kiss my way up your body. As I straddle your thighs, I pull my t-shirt off and unhook my bra. My fingers caress my nipples and when they are hard, I lean forward brushing my nipples against your chest, your face and over your lips.

My pussy lips are brushing over the length of your cock, and I am soaking you with my excitement. As I play, I feel the head of your cock against my entrance and I slowly sink down every inch of your long, big cock. It feels incredible to ride your cock, I move my hips in circles, and massage my clit against the base of your cock. Your hands move to my hips so you can control my movements and soon I am fucking you hard as the sound of your cock moving in and out of my wet pussy can be heard through the room. You pull out of me and you push me on the bed. I soon, feel you cock pushing into my pussy as you fuck me hard, hammering in and out of me. My legs wrap around your waist so I can pull you closer in me. I orgasm and throb against your hard shaft. You pull of me so you can lick my pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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