I Want…

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I want to have an illness where I lose it if you haven’t fucked me in more than a few hours. Because of this illness I wait in agony when you are out on an errand. Wait naked and run out when I see you approach the house. You try to calm me down and get me inside the house. I cry and paw and whimper until you give in and fuck me right there. Against a tree or wall or the front- or back-yard, saying baby, you have to stop this, we can’t go on like this…

But I’m not listening. I’m like…baby, baby, dave, fuck me, fuck me, I need your cock, I need to fuck, you were gone so long. And I want you to be like, baby, shhh, it’s ok, look, I’m fucking you, shhh, I’m fucking you baby…look…

I want the juttiest, sluttiest nipples in the world — from your suckling. I want you to play this game where you are hungry and you are selecting a nipple. You look closely at each nipple. Hover over each, and watch as each nipple hardens. You look at the profile of each breast. Whichever nipple is more puckered and juttier and sluttier is the one you start with.

I want to wear tops with plunging necklines and no bra so you can suckle whenever you want.

I want you to spend a whole day on top of me as I lay propped up in bed. Just suckling and sleeping. Pulling and tugging on my nipples.

I want you to lick my pussy. Hold my pussy lips open and lick my clit. Long, hot, wet licks. Then I want you to clamp your lips around my clitnipple and drink my clitmilk until I cum. Then fall asleep on my pussy, with your fingers in my pussy hair.

I want us to make a video where your hands are all over my body. My face, my neck, holding türbanlı porno my face up for you to kiss, touching my breasts, belly, back. Touching me and not stopping.

I want you to rub my arse with some vaseline like thing. Making it really pliant and receptive and hot. Then I want you to rub the same on your cock and slide in and fuck me good in my arse. Over and over. Plunging your cock in and out.

I want to fuck in someone’s house. In their loo or a bedroom. I want to spend the rest of our time in their house with your cum dribbling out of me, whispering to you how drenched my panties are because of that.

I want to be mounted on my fours. I want you to get inside me and lean on me…I want to support your weight while you fuck me like that.

I want someone to see you kiss me and touch my breast when we are in a supermarket.

I want to be your meal one night. You sit at the table. I sit in front of you with my legs open. You tell me you are hungry and want to eat now. I am sitting on a plate maybe. I lean back and lie on the table, letting you eat pussy until you are full.

I want you to keep talking to pussy the way you do, telling her you want to marry her and stuff.

I want be models doing a photoshoot. Models for a calendar. Seaside, nearly naked. And I want to get hot while we do the shoot. And then we’re like touching, rubbing, kissing, flirting and the photographer is like hey guys, let’s concentrate. And we can’t and we start fucking. And he gives up and says, ok tell you what, go on, fuck but let me get some pics. Dave, get inside her but don’t move. Fuck without moving türk porno guys and let me get some shots ok? So I’m like on your lap facing you and we’re fucking without moving, and posing for the camera. Me looking sluttily at the camera and you looking at my body and touching it. We do different poses, like with your hand on my breast and another with your lips closing round my nipple.

I want you to kiss me on a train with people watching. Kiss my face and neck and be unable to stop, and run your hands over me.

I want you to put your arm around me in public and move it slowly down my arse and pull me to you.

I want to breastfeed you in a movie theatre. I want to suck your cock and swallow your cum in a movie theatre.

I want us to fuck in xxxxx’ room when he is in school. I want to fuck in every single room of that house and scent it with our fucking.

I want to come outside with you when you go out for a smoke and suck your cock, kneeling in front of you. In the daytime and at night…I want to do both.

I want you to force yourself on me when you are drunk. To get roughly inside me, hurting me as you do so.

I want to suck your cock while you watch tv…a show you are really engrossed in. I want it to be like you are not really interested in the cocksucking but have instructed your slave to do this and she is doing it. I want to be really horny for my master as I do that.

I want to be asleep on the floor, like an exhausted lactating animal and I want you to snuggle up to me and drink milk, giving me no respite. I want to be tired and asleep while you do that.

I want türkçe porno you to be my slaveboy and eat my pussy for hours.

I really want to fuck outdoors…not just in our backyard but in a forest or the park.

I want to breastfeed you in public places.

I want you to grab me hard and spank me and shove me roughly when you fuck me.

I want you to hold my jaw and talk very dirty to me when you fuck me.

I want you to push me onto a bed, face down, with my arm twisted around my back, and fuck me from behind while you are on top of me. Gritting your teeth and telling me how it’s going to be because you are my master and I am your slaveslut.

I want us to sit on the sofa during the day, with you fully dressed and me completely naked. You must touch me.

I want massages. I want to give you massages. I want you to give me massages. With candles and oil. I want us to rub and touch each other until we cant stand it. And then to fuck until we are oily and sweaty and panting.

I want to fall asleep with you inside me.

I want to fall asleep with you on top of me, suckling.

I want to sit on your lap, facing away from you, with my legs open and your arms around me. one on my tits and the other playing with pussy as we watch tv.

I want to be your little girl who sits with her legs astride you and who you fuck and fill with your cum. I want to have two ponytails in my hair, tied up with ribbon while you do that and then I want to fall asleep on your shoulder with my arms around your neck as you tell me a story.

I want you to call me ‘bitch’ and ‘dirty bitch’ when we fuck.

I want to go out without any underwear. Just a skirt, boots and jacket. I want you to unzip my jacket and fondle my breasts in public transport.

I want you to pay me for sex.

I want you to drop hints to others that I am a nympho that doesn’t let you rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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