I Feel So Used!

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We’d both had long, tiring days at work. Top that with running the kids to ball practice, fixing dinner and fighting to get the kids into bed and we were both more than ready to go to bed.

I was so tired. But still, as always happens when my wife got undressed for bed, my body responded with a raging hard-on. She was so damned beautiful and I was so damned lucky! The slope of her full, natural breasts, that still stood firm after all these years never failed to make my heart stop. And as she turned to place her jewelry in its cabinet, I marveled at the perfect shape of that ass. Firm, smooth and delicious. She worked out on a regular basis. She’s one of those women who when you look at them from the back, you can see her pubes protruding down past her buttocks, the view unhindered by any suggestion of flab on her thighs. I was so damned lucky!

I moved behind her and nuzzled against the nape of her neck, kissing softly from just below her ear to her shoulder, then back up, sucking gently on her ear. I lightly caressed her shoulders with my fingertips, then ran them down her arms to grip her hands in mine. I held them firm as I repeated my attentions to the other side of her neck and shoulders. I pressed the hardness of my erection into the crevice of her buttocks to let her know that I was ready to go.

She moaned out her own arousal. She is a very highly sexed woman, another reason that I am lucky. It doesn’t take much to get her going, and I know her well enough to know which buttons to push.

She turned, so I released her hands. She pressed herself against me, the hardness of her nipples pressing against my chest, yum. She put her arms around my neck and turned her face upwards, inviting me to kiss her. We kissed for a good five minutes; she is such a good kisser! Among other things.

Gently I picked her up and lay her on the bed. She cried out softly as I entered her in one smooth, slow motion. She gyrated her hips against me, pressing her sweet sex against my swollen manhood.

Once I knew that she was good and moist, that she had opened up enough to be comfortable female agent porno with my erection within her, I began to quicken my pace. She softly whispered her encouragement to me, “Oh yeah, that’s it baby, give it to me. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

She looked so fucking hot! Her legs up over my shoulders, her pendulous breasts moving in time to my pounding into her sweet box, a light down of blonde hair covering her nether lips where I could see my cock sliding in and out of her. And a fantastic, pre-orgasmic, angelic look on her face as she called out my name, an angel telling to “fuck me, Damnit!”

Oh damn! It hit me before I was ready, before I knew it was coming. Literally. My balls drew up and I felt that familiar feeling as my orgasm approached. I cried out blissfully as I shot spurt after joyous spurt into my lovely wife, “AAARRRGGGGHHHHH..UUNNGGG!!”

I had to slow and stop. It was so sensitive now that I couldn’t take it. I fell off of her and lay on my back beside her.

She looked at me with that “What?” look on her face. I’d like to say she was looking at me with shock on her face, but alas, this wasn’t the first time this had happened.

I was so tired. All of my energy had drained from me through my manhood.

Mandy looked at me, “What about me?”

Sleep was dragging me down, “I’m sorry honey, I-I-I’m just exhausted now….I’m sorry.”

I felt so bad. I could see tears of frustration in her eyes, “I understand you getting off before me sometimes, I know you can’t help that. But what about me? You know, Angela says that Jeff will go down on her and take care of her when that happens! I feel so USED when you do this!”

I looked at her like she’d grown horns, “Yuck! You’ve got my stuff down there now, and you’re all sweaty and…..yuck!”

She looked so angry! But I can’t get hard again and I’m so damned tired.

“I’m sorry honey. You can take care of yourself can’t you? Or maybe in the morning when I’m rested, I can…” And I drifted off to sleep.

Ah, heaven! I awoke in the morning with the sensation of gizli cekim porno lips pressed against my manhood, which she had brought to its full tumescence before I awoke to her loving ministrations. Damn, I’m lucky!

She ticked the bottom of my testicles as she gently sucked on my raging erection. She was so good at this! I whispered, “I love you…ooohhhh.”

Now that I was wide-awake, she moved and threw her leg over mine, straddling my midsection. She lifted up and reached down, guiding my hard cock to her velvety lips. She rotated her luscious hips as she worked me all the way into her sex until she was fully impaled. As I looked up at her I realized that she must have been up for awhile. She was already fully dressed. She wore a white, wispy peasant blouse and no bra, and a tan miniskirt. Obviously she wore no panties under that skirt. Wow!

She leaned forward and I was rewarded with another long, passionate kiss. She sat back up, bracing her hands against my chest, then started to ride me with amazing vigor. Slamming herself down onto me relentlessly one moment, then gyrating herself around my cock the next. Her lovely breasts hung down in front of her, swaying back and forth, tempting me. I couldn’t resist, and reached up to fondle them. I gently tugged and twisted at her nipples and…that was all it took.

I love the fact that I last so much longer in the mornings when I’m rested. She slammed herself down on me hard, grinding her sopping cunt against my cock. Her entire body tensed, her fingernails dragged across my chest, leaving deep red furrows in their wake. I loved it when she came hard enough to do that! When I was aroused it didn’t really hurt, it was just so fucking hot! Her face was a heavenly sight as she cried out through her orgasm.

After a moment to recover, she began to gyrate around my manhood again, and I could feel her strong vaginal muscles squeezing me within her. She was sooooo good! She began pounding against me again, alternately grinding herself against me.

I could feel my own orgasm rising up within my straining glory hole secrets porno cock, my balls tightening up against my body.

Ever so slowly she came to a stop. I tried to gyrate my hips against her. Just a little more and I can cum! But she suddenly lifted herself up and away from me.

She moved up my body until she was straddling my chest, “All in good time, lover. I want something else first!”

She lifted up and I could see her swollen, battered labia and the soft down of blonde hair bordering her sex. Damn she is so sexy. I could tell that she hadn’t cleaned herself after our lovemaking the previous night. I started to say something but before I could, my mouth was covered in hot, sweat covered, cum coated pussy.

I was so aroused. It wasn’t that bad after all! And I love making her cum this way. I sucked gently on her labia, first one, then the other. Then I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top. Her clit was swollen, distended and ready. I began dancing my tongue back and forth across it, then flattening my tongue and bathing it gently, alternating my attentions from one technique to the other.

Soon she was crying out in the first of several orgasms. One seemed to slip seamlessly into the next, and I was rewarded with even more proof of her arousal as she ejaculated hard into my waiting mouth. Her hot cum bathed me as she cried out, “YYYEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! OOOHHH FUUUCCKKKK!!!!!”

She was holding on tight to the headboard in desperation.

She fell back, resting on my chest as she caught her breath. I couldn’t wait until she regained her composure so she could mount me and finish me off. My poor tortured cock was swollen, purple and leaking pre-cum. I needed to cum so badly!

She slowly rolled off of me and stood, straightening her skirt and blouse. Smoothing her hair.

I looked up at her in shock, my cock literally bouncing with anticipation, a puddle of pre-cum forming beneath it, “Uh, what about me?”

She smiled down at me impishly, “Jack off if you want to, Asshole. But you better hurry, the kids have to be woke up in..” She looked down at her watch, “Oooo, two minutes!” She reached down and gave my throbbing member a playful flick with her finger, “Love ya, babe! See ya tonight.”

I was still staring at the empty doorway to our bedroom when I heard the front door slam shut. She was gone.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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