How We Met

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The year was 2006. Spring. There I was sitting at home one night blogging on a popular site where everyone has a page. I decided to be fun and random with my writings of my days and things I thought about. I had another site where I wrote about things more personal. I wrote mainly to make myself laugh and maybe my friends. I have been told I have a way with words.

I been told I just have a way.

She was lonely, depressed, and mostly horny. She tried to take her friends advice about getting back out there in to the dating pool. She signed up for 3 personal sites that night, but she came back to her page on that popular site. She thought she would look up anyone close and see if the pickings were slim. She looked over many. Reading their blogs and finding them to be so two dimensional, no life in the writing, and no heart. She fought her self, but after a night many nights alone she wanted to get laid. So she read and looked. She finally found one. She read his blogs, all witty and charming. Making her laugh out loud to the point she wanted to call her friend and tell her to read what this guy writes. Then it hit her. I will send this man a message, she tried to look at his photo, it really didn’t show his face or his eye. Those are what she really wanted to see. Those eyes.

She sent him a email. It said:

So I was wandering aimlessly in the world of “popular website” and browsing around looking at pages that I am sure I really have no right to be looking at (although-if people don’t want complete strangers looking at their site they would set it to private-so I figure public profiles are fair game to anyone that is bored (desperate?)enough to be looking into other peoples lives) and came across -that one guy. (aka-you). I saw you worked at Wal-Mart and wondered why I have never seen you before since Wal-Mart seems to be the primary place to shop in this small area. Anyway… since it was midnight and insomnia was keeping me awake I decided to read your blogs out of lack of anything better to do. I must say that it has been a long time since I have laughed so hard then at the randomness of what you write.

It made my night just a little bit better (although I am still wide awake so you were no help in the insomnia aspect but you can’t win them all).

Thats it-just a random email from a random stranger.

He was happy to see a complete stranger enjoy what he has written and something compelled him to write back. This is what he said:

Thank you very much for your comment.

I work in the back unloading the trucks at Wal-Mart. I noticed that you are from a town not too far away. I go there once a week to play cards…aka…geek out.

This might explain why you haven’t seen me there?

Or vise-versa..

Anyway, I am glad I made you laugh.

Add me as a friend if you want. I would like it..

You seem pretty nice. That’s the way I see it, because you were being very flattering to my ego!



(My name is Barry, nice to meet you!!)

They exchanged many emails such as this.

From Her:

I work in around that area at a home for the handicapped so I frequent the Wal-Mart there often there. So if you one day see me shopping and think-hey I know her from somewhere but can’t quite put my finger on it….

Nice to meet you too Barry.

From him:

Would you like me to say hi?

I don’t know how awkward that would be…

I just might though.

Have a good day.


This went on for about week. Till he asked her out. Now he thought we was taking this beautiful woman to a movie. She had other ideas. He wanted a nice night out and for it to end with nothing but a hug or even a kiss. She wanted a nice hard fuck. She wanted to actually see him though. She wanted to at least know that he was fuck worthy, if the chemistry was there. So, she suggested instead rent movies and getting a pizza. She knew that she was taking a risk having him come to her place, but she had a feeling that everything czech casting porno would turn out just the way that she was hoping they would. They finally found a day that the two of them could meet. Both were nervous about what was to come, both for different reasons. She paced the apartment waiting for him to arrive. The time came and went that he was supposed to be there. Finally, twenty minutes after he was supposed to be there, he calls. He is lost. She laughs as she gives him directions as her place is quite easy to find (although he didn’t agree).

He FINALLY get there and he politely knocks at the door. He waits with flowers he just bought, it was the real reason he was late. She opens the door. Their eyes meet. She smiles. He smiles back nervously. His heart melts as he hands her the flowers and she invites him in. He looks to see how clean her apartment is, and she notices.

“I have been cleaning all day.” She tells him as she shuts the door and thanks him for the flowers.

They sat down and talked for a few minutes, about what the plan was for the evening. She suggests they go and rent a few movies from the video store around the corner. He tells her he will drive. They get into his car and go. He tries to make small talk as they get out of his car and walk into the video store. He opens her car door for her and the door for . She isn’t too impressed, but she has never had anyone do that for her before. They walk around and see a few movies. The pick out the one with Will Ferrell and the one with Matt Damon and Leonardo Di Caprio. They watched the Will Ferrell one first when they got back to her apartment. She laughed at him when he hit the curb when they pulled in. He doesn’t lie and tells her he is really nervous. She looks at him and thinks its cute.

They order pizza and like a gentleman orders and pays for it. They sit and eat as she hands him a paper plate and some paper towels. They watch and they eat. They are both nervous and try to make conversation. As, she puts in the next movie she sits in front of the TV and changes the dvd to the next and asks him,

“What are you looking for?”

He has always been the one asking that question. It a first for him. He hides his feelings as not to scare her away and tells her sort of anyway,

“I am looking for a relationship.”

She looks up, and breaks it to him,

“I am not looking for a relationship, because I just got divorced.”

Now thinking the answer he always gives is coming back to him now. Not a good sign he thinks. He has never experienced the whole “love at first sight” till this very night and with the woman who isn’t looking for a relationship.

He laughs nervously and tells her,

“I will take what I can get.”

She looks at him and tells him,

“Even if it’s just for one night? That just doesn’t seem fair to you that you are looking and I am not. Are you going to be able to handle that?”

He tells her,

“It’s fine. Been there done that. It’s cool.”

She approaches the couch and sits as they get more comfortable with each other. 20 minutes into the movie she complains about a neck pain. He tries to massage the area and has to move around to get at it better. She sighs and she feels it working. After some time he looks at her and finally goes in for a kiss. Now she thinks about fucking time. It was full of passion, so much she wasn’t sure quite how to kiss back. The lust between them building as they proceeded to make out on her couch. Kissing and talking, that they feel like teenagers all over again. He tells her he is waiting for her parents to come in and send him home. She laughs and tells him, honey this is my place and my parents won’t be sending you home tonight. The make out through out the entire movie, but for the end. She gets up and pulls him to her and they being to kiss again, she is now leading him to her bed room. She climbs into the bed and he follows laying down next to her. They pick up where they had last finished. He knew czech couples porno he would end up there from the moment she told him she wanted to stay in for the night. Not really what he wanted, but he isn’t going to turn down sex with this beautiful, sexy, and horny woman.

They kiss and kiss. The lust is growing, her panties soaked beyond belief. She thinks to herself its either been a really long time or there is something about this guy I have to have. He tries to remove her bra with one hand and she lets him. Still kissing he pulls off her shirt, very self conscience of her body she thinks, this is the last time I am going to see this guy. What the hell. She goes with it and now is topless. He starts to take a nipple in his fingers and plays with it. To her surprise she lets out a moan. Then his lips and tongue soon follow the path his fingers took. She moans louder. He caresses her body, thinking she may not be wet enough. She feels his touch and thinks she can’t get any wetter, what are you waiting for? He kisses his way down her body and only serves to turn her on that much more. He starts to pull off her pants one motion. She stops him. He looks at her.

She then lifts her ass up and helps him get those pants off. Then she realizes that this man isn’t nearly naked as she is. She thinks she is laying here in nothing, but her panties and he is still fully clothed. On that note, she proceeds to pull of his long sleeved shirt only to find there is a t shirt underneath. She pulls him up as she does this only to move on to his pants next. He helps and removes his socks at the same time now he moves back to her. Kissing his way up her legs to get to her pussy. He thinks to himself. It’s been awhile since I have done this to anyone, but she smells so good. He touches her and works her panties off in between kisses. He can feel as he runs a finger over her covered pussy.

He whispers,

“You are so wet.”

She smiles and tells him,

“It’s been awhile.”

They both know that she is really turned on by him. He kisses her again and feels her wet panties as he tries to work them off which she does. Once they are off she breaks the kiss to tell him,

“Condoms are in that top drawer right there.”

He looks over opens the drawer and takes out the pack and pulls one out and sets it the dresser. They look at each other and he says,

“I have to do something first.”

She looks at him weird as he works his way down, kissing every step of the way to her wet and soaking pussy. She knows what he is going to do. On the first date she thinks? Then realizes oh, wait. He feels with his hands and then his tongue. He has to know what she tastes like. He covers her clit region with his entire mouth and sucks it in. She moans. He beings to suck, lick, and bite that sensitive clit of her’s. She thinks to herself, this boy got some talent. He alternates between doing that and actually diving his tongue into her wet pussy a few times. She starts to moan louder and he realizes that she is oh so close. He beings to just assault her clit now, sucking it hard. Biting and licking it. She grabs his head and cums hard. Oh god was heard. Unbelievable she thinks, not many men have made me cum from that.

She pulls him up to her face and moves her legs open for him she is so turned on that she can’t help herself. She and him kiss with such lust and passion that they think they are just going to rip right out of their skin. He is still wearing his boxers and he is running his cock over her pussy. She reaches down to take hold of his growing member. She strokes it and kiss him. She wants him inside of her. God, she has never wanted anyone inside of her this bad. They kiss and kiss. She pulls it out from the boxers and tries to pull them down. He doesn’t let her. She whispers to him,

“What are you waiting for.”

Before he can answer she is running his naked cock over her naked pussy feeling how wet and hot she is for him. The boxers are worked off and she and him finally czech estrogenolit porno meet. pussy to cock. She has this man inside of her and he beings to move. Not in the in and out hard fuck, but the hard grind that is hitting all her right spots and she moves against him. He has never seen a woman so wanting and willing before. She starts to moan louder and louder. He is doing all he can to hold off, but this woman is just moving so right. She starts to climb to the top of another orgasm. She hits it and still feels him inside of her moving. She thinks is this guy trying to cum or make me cum again. She looks over at the table where he set the condom. She looks at him and tells him,

“You forgot something.”

He looks at her,

“Well you pulled me in, I was reaching for it and you..”

She looks at him and smiles, he is still nervous she thinks. She tells him,

“It’s ok. Just use it now. Have you cum yet?”

He grabs it, opens it, rolls it on, and tells her no. Good god she thinks. What is it going to take this man to get his? She lays there as he re-enters her again. After awhile the change positions and she takes a seat on top of his cock. She starts to move and everything seems fine, but he can’t stay hard. She feels it and looks at him and ask if everything is ok. He lies and tells her everything is fine. She looks at him and stops. She knows what the problem is. She tells him to remove it as she moves up slightly. When she said that he thought it was over. So he pulled off the condom and then once she saw it was gone she slammed down hard on to him. She felt his hardness growing. It was hitting all the right places and making her cum. He too was about to, but he tried for dear life to hold off. She started her hips in a circular motion and some up and down ones. She was hitting another orgasm again. How many can I have in one night she thinks to herself. She cums and he rides it out till he is sure that she is finished. She rides him and whispers, cum, but not inside me. He lets her move and move. He lets go and feels his orgasm building. He tells her to move off him and he move his hand to his cock. He cums all over his chest and stomach.

They each take turns in the bathroom and clean up. Then return to the bed and have a smoke. They talk about the whole experience and dress a little for bed. The entwine themselves around each other. This isn’t the lust that was there before. This was something else. She began to think what is this man doing to me? The fall asleep like that. For some reason he wakes up around 5. He figures they have only been asleep for a few hours, but his dick is hard as a rock. He wakes her with a kiss and she responds to him. She and him start to feel each other up, again and proceed to place his cock inside her wet pussy and she beings to moan and she cums once that way again, then riding him. She cums first and just when he is about to hit he tells her to stop and stroke his cock for him. She does and cums all over himself again. They clean up, have another smoke, and try to go back to sleep.

He wakes with her in the morning to the sound of the alarm clock. He and she get up. She tells him she has to work today. He tells her so does he. They dress and kiss. He heads for the door as she walks him to it. He kisses her for what he thinks is the last time. He tells her bye as he walks out the door.

The next morning he finds a email. It said:

I am still amazed at your ability to rock my world…even at 5 in the morning.

Talk to you soon


He sent one back in response:

And you mine.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Now thinking he wasn’t ever going to see her again he was talking on that following Friday at the shop he hangs out at. He was talking to his buddy J.R. about this girl he met on Wednesday. He told him man that was a one night thing, she isn’t going to call you again. You know you are right he tells him, but I have never had sex that intense before. He sits there and starts to pack his stuff. His phone rings and he picks it up.

“Hi Barry, you still in town?” She asks, trying to sound very nonchalant.

“Hi Clara and I was just heading home out of the shop.” He tells her.

“Can you come over?” She asks.

“Yup, be over in a few.” He tells her.

He was late again.

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