A Common Situation

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It was a common situation: their parents married making them step-siblings, and the world as they knew it ended. It was less about them not liking each other than the fact that each resented the other for the intrusion into their lives. And to make matters worse, his mom had passed away years ago and her dad was out of the picture so neither had another parent they could turn to for refuge. They had to live in the same house. Not even the fact that they secretly found each other attractive was enough to stimulate any camaraderie.

So, Annie tolerated Jason and his father, Frank, and he tolerated her and her mother, Caroline, which mostly meant they all stayed out of each other’s way. There were the occasional arguments and disagreements, much to the disappointment of their parents, who wanted nothing more than for the two nineteen-year-olds to get along with each other and their step parent.

In an effort to bring the new family together, but a move that also had the potential to drive a deeper wedge, and because the parents had not been able to take a honeymoon, they decided everyone would take a family vacation. It worked in the sense that both teens independently agreed that it was a bad idea and that the parents should go alone.

However, Annie’s and Jason’s protests fell on deaf ears. If there was an upside it was that it would be a beach vacation. And to even make matters worse, the step-siblings had a to share a hotel room, and only the fact that the room had two beds kept it from being a complete disaster.

“This fucking sucks!” Jason said, plopping down on the nearest bed when he and Annie entered their hotel room after dinner and the eight-hour drive.

“That’s alright. I’ll take this bed,” Annie said sarcastically since there was no discussion of bed selection. She sat on the edge of the other bed. “At least they’re queen-sized beds,” she noted, trying to find some good in all of this.

Seeing that she was right, Jason remarked tersely, “Why do you need the extra space?”

“So, I can be further away from you,” Annie shot back, annoyed by his harsh tone. “Why do you dislike me?” She’d never asked such a question before, but since they were stuck together, they might as well discuss it. Also, like him, she was frustrated with their situation and it just came out.

“I guess for the same reason you don’t like me.”

“I never said I didn’t like you,” she heard herself say.

Jason took notice of that. “Oh,” he said after a few moments thought. “Then why are we so antagonistic toward each other?”

“Probably because we were both forced into this situation. But I wouldn’t call it antagonism.”

“What would you call it?”

Annie shrugged while crawling all the way onto her bed and leaning against the head board. “How about frustration? I’m sure you were content with it being just you and your dad, as I was with just my mom and me. Now, we each have two more people to deal with, opposite sex, and that presents other issues. It was nice to be able to walk around the house in just my underwear.”

Jason wished she would walk around the house in just her underwear, because the only thing he could tolerate about her was her hot body. “Wow. That’s very astute,” he commented.

She grinned, turning onto her side facing him, head propped up on her forearm. “I’ve had a lot of time to think about it.”

Jason smirked, and it was the first time either could remember having such a moment. He also took a few seconds to steal a glance at her shapely legs, which were revealed by the short skirt that had risen on her thighs when she changed positions. Her low-cut top also showed off the tops of her nicely rounded breasts. He’d caught glimpses in the past, but not nearly as close, so that aroused his interest.

“It’s been a long day,” she noted because of the eight-hour drive. “I just want to shower and go to bed. But if you want to go first, go ahead so I can take my time.”

“I’m too tired and I showered this morning. Let me just pee and brush my teeth.” He had a thought while in the bathroom, executed it and was back out in minutes.

Annie took her turn. While in the shower, she considered the fact that Jason had been checking her out on the bed. It was both annoying, and in a weird sort of way, something of a turn-on; enough that she considered masturbating while showering, but quickly concluded that it would be strange doing it thinking about her stepbrother.

“I left my cell phone in here,” she heard Jason say. “Can I come in and get it?”

Knowing she was safely hidden behind the shower curtain, Annie answered, “Yes,” trying to stifle the annoyance in her tone. When she heard the door close, she peeked out to make certain he was gone. When she was done showering, she realized she had come into the bathroom without grabbing something to sleep in. With a heavy sigh, she dried herself off, wrapped the towel around her and stepped out into the bedroom. “What the fuck?” she exclaimed.

Jason scrambled to pull bursa escort up the covers of his bed. He’d been lying on his back, head propped up on pillows, his knees were spread and raised. He’d been looking at his phone.

“Are you fucking jerking off?” Annie asked accusingly in disgust.

“No, no. What are you talking about?”

“Yes, you are. What do you have porn on your phone?”

“No, I wasn’t—”

In his haste, Jason had chosen the bed nearest the bathroom, and Annie was close enough that she could see his phone on the bed beside him and what was what was displayed on the screen. She instantly grabbed the device before he could retract it. The video of her undressing in the bathroom and getting into the shower was still playing. She was appalled. “You fucking pervert! You hid your phone in the bathroom to video me so you could whack off?” Just as quickly, she ripped back the covers again before he could react. His hard cock was exposed, standing tall and straight. It took her breath away and she gasped.

Jason could see the anger on her face and was fearful for a few seconds about what she might do. But he also noticed that she was staring at his erect penis, and suddenly, he wasn’t certain it was wrath in her eyes. He tried a different tack. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re just so hot I couldn’t help myself.”

That did take some of the wind out of her sails. But she still had some presence of mind. “How many other videos of me have you taken?”

“That’s the only one. I’ve never done that before. It was an impulse. I’m sorry. I’ll delete it.” But he made no move to do so. “I didn’t think you’d be out so fast. I thought I might have a few minutes to myself.”

“So, you think I’m hot?”

“Yes,” Jason answered slowly, nervously, not sure where this was going.

Annie sat on the edge of his bed, turned toward him. Almost without thinking, she pulled the covers down further to reveal his boxers pulled down below his crotch. “You’re really big!”

“I am?” He thought he probably was, but really had nothing to compare himself to and none of the other girls who had seen it had made such a comment.

“Uhh, yeah. No girl ever told you that?”

“No. But I haven’t been with that many.”

“I haven’t been with that many guys either, but you’re bigger than any I have been with.” Annie crawled around to the other side of his bed and sat with legs crossed facing him. She was careful of her movements, still wearing only the wrapped towel.

Jason was glad that she liked his cock because having her move around on his bed with only a towel, he couldn’t have gotten rid of his hard on even if he had wanted to. Even though she wasn’t really showing anything other than cleavage and legs, knowing she was totally naked underneath had his dick pulsing. He feared some clear pre-cum would soon bubble up.

“So, how far have you ever gone with a girl?” Annie wanted to know.

He felt his cock pulse again. “That’s a rather personal question.”

“Yes, it is,” she agreed with a giggle. “But given our current situation and the fact that we’re in the same hotel room in the same bed, half naked, it might not be that difficult to talk about.”

“Fair point.” There was actually something erotic about this setting. “I’ve only been with two girls. Not sure I would really call it sex. My penis has only been in one vagina, but only for a few minutes. She made me pull out after a few thrusts. Said it hurt and jerked me until I came all over her belly. I had to finger her to orgasm. The other I don’t even want to talk about.”

With raised eyebrows, Annie said, “Wow! I’m impressed.”

“What’s there to be impressed about?” Jason asked with a frown.

“You could have lied and boasted about great conquests. With a cock like yours, it would have been believable.”

Now, Jason chuckled. “Actually, the second girl was fearful of my size and wouldn’t let it anywhere near her . . . her . . .”


“Yeah. She didn’t like to call it that either.”

“She sounds uptight.”

“That’s putting it mildly.” Hesitantly, Jason asked, “What about you?”

“Two for me also. Neither made me come and I made them pull out before they came.” She laughed it off, and that caused her towel to come undone under her armpit. It slipped a bit revealing a little of the side of her breast. She didn’t re-tuck it, but rather just held it up with her arm against her side. “So, here we are, a guy with a big dick and a girl—”

“A hot girl.”

Annie shrugged. “Okay. A guy with a big dick and a hot girl neither with any sexual experiences to boast about.”

They both chuckled and it was another moment for them. But then the mood became awkward, as though they suddenly realized how this scene looked.

After several seconds of silence, Annie sat up on her calves, legs spread, almost showing off her pussy, but still managing to keep it covered. The top of the towel slipped a bit more to just above her areola. She did nothing bursa escort bayan to fix anything. “I would like . . .” She took part of the towel that had come undone and raised it to cover her face in embarrassment.

Jason could now see the entire side of her breast. Once again, his cock pulsed.

Annie witnessed that, and her eyes widened. “Can I . . . touch you?”

“Touch me? What do you mean?” he asked innocently.

“You know what I mean,” she said nervously. “Please don’t make me beg.” Annie walked forward on her knees, the motion and towel unable to hide her pussy. Slowly, she reached out and gently wrapped her hand around his hard dick. She sucked in her breath. Her palm moved up and down his shaft slowly.

Jason’s breathing quickened even though she wasn’t actually jerking him off.

“This feels amazing,” Annie remarked.

“You’re telling me?” Her stroking him was nice, but it felt more like she was examining him. It didn’t matter. It had been quite some time since a girl had held it in her hand and it was marvelous, even considering that it was his stepsister.

With her other hand, Annie reached out for his nearest hand. This caused the towel to completely fall away exposing both of her beautiful breasts. They weren’t as big as his mind taunted him to think they were, but they were perfectly round with small areola and nipples. She felt his cock pulse in her hand as she placed his palm against her nearest tit.

“Should we really be doing this?” Jason nervously asked.

“They put us in a hotel room together to get to know and like each other and learn to get along,” Annie reasoned.

“I don’t think this is what they had in mind,” Jason noted with a smirk.

“Well, those are the chances you take, aren’t they? Besides, what the hell else do we have to do?” She paused for a second, and when he didn’t respond, she asked, “Are you not enjoying this?”

“This evening is just turning into a big surprise. This is the last thing I would have ever dreamed happening.”

“And it’s not over yet.” With no further use for her towel, Annie tossed it aside, much to Jason’s amazement. She pushed his covers all the way down, pulled his boxers down to his knees and then straddled his lower legs. One hand grabbed his rod, the other fondled his balls.

No one had ever done that. He groaned involuntarily.

“Did I hurt you?” Annie asked, mistaking his throaty sound.

“Not at all. That feels wonderful! Are you sure you want to be doing this?”

“I’m sure. But if you’re not, tell me and I’ll disappointedly stop.”


“This has all gotten me quite aroused and I’d like to go farther.” She ended with a questioning look.

There was no doubt that Jason was highly aroused also. He had no idea what she meant by farther, but there was no way he was going to question her any more. He came on this trip resenting his stepsister. Now, he wanted to be as close to her as she would allow.

Breathing heavily, a combination of nervousness and excitement, after a few more strokes, Annie asked, “So, either of those two put a mouth on you?” When she felt his dick pulse again and his eyes widen, she added, “I’ll take that as a no.” She then bent over and licked the head of his penis with a swirl of her tongue.

Jason tried desperately to keep his breathing even, but it was nearly impossible as she took the crown of his cock into her mouth. She twisted her head with her tongue pressed firmly against his shaft. It was magical. And just when he thought life couldn’t get any better, she took his entire length into her mouth, but didn’t deep throat him. He didn’t know if it was because she couldn’t or just didn’t want to. But he wasn’t going to complain. She’d already gone farther than any girl had.

Next, she grasped his dick at the base, dribbled a little spit on it and bobbed up and down about halfway. This went on for a couple of minutes mixed with her simply licking his shaft. As though contented for the moment, Annie rolled off of him onto her side facing him and sighed.

Jason couldn’t help but reach out and caress her breast. “These are magnificent.”

“Thank you,” she whispered. “I like you playing with them.” She reacquired his cock with her hand and stroked it gently.

He made sure he gave both boobs and their nipples equal time.

Moaning, she slithered down and took his rod again into her mouth.

This was the most glorious feeling Jason had ever experienced. It could all end now and it would almost be enough. But then she straddled him again, this time just under his scrotum. He could feel the heat from her pussy against his balls. She then grabbed his cock again; however, not in a manner to stroke him, but rather, like she was going to do something else, like she was going to insert . . . as much as he now wanted to fuck her, he had to stop her and ask, “Annie, think about this.”

“What is there to think about?” she questioned.

“Well, for two people who came escort bursa into this room disliking each other, we’ve certainly gone to extremes.”

“I told you, I never disliked you, but I will if you make me stop.”

“But we’re stepbrother and stepsister. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“If I were any other girl, would you want me to stop?”

“Of course, not. And even with whom you are, I don’t want you to stop—”

“Then why are we still talking about this?” Annie slid closer, pressing his rod against her pussy, rubbing it from side to side. “If you’re worried, I’m on birth control.”

“Good to know, but that aside, what if you, or we, regret it? That’ll just drive a deeper wedge—”

“Then we’ll have to make sure we don’t regret it, won’t we? Now, either stop me or shut up.” She pulled her legs to a squatting position, then lifted her inner section up. She gave him no further chance to protest, and he was amazed at how easily her pussy sucked his cock in to the hilt.

They both let out a cacophony of moans/sighs/groans and other sounds of pleasure. He thought he even heard a cry-like sound from her.

“Are you okay?” he had to ask.

“Yes,” she whined. “This is wonderful. I’ve never felt anything so perfect.” She just sat there enjoying the feeling of having a cock, this big cock, inside of her. Slowly, she started pivoting her hips back and forth. “Oh, my, you’re so big. You fill me so completely.”

Jason reached up and latched onto her breasts, fondling and caressing. He felt he had done what he should in trying to make sure she knew what she was doing and that she really wanted to do it. He almost wished he had recorded her insistence so it would not come back to haunt him later, but he knew that was overreacting. But now, they were past all of that, he wanted this as much as she apparently did, and he was going to enjoy it. He had to agree with her descriptions of how this felt. His dick felt snug inside of her tender pussy, but it was the softest thing he had ever known. The walls of her vagina caressed his penis like nothing he had ever experienced.

While she was gyrating her hips, which was sloshing his cock all around inside her velvety pussy, she reached down to flick her clit.

Jason was now so into it, he was past the point of no return. He sat up pushing her back and into the classic missionary position. Now, he was actually fucking her.

“Oh, yeah,” she yelled, and he hoped not loud enough to be heard in the next room. “Fuck me. Really fuck me.”

And he did, even though he had envisioned his first real time to be loving, tender and romantic. But he quickly learned that emotion and the intensity of sex was uncontrollable, and it became what it was. Which meant that anything goes.

He was pumping her with steady, even thrusts, and she clasped her legs around his back as though to keep him locked in—like if he would pull out. Their brains were so intoxicated with the emotion of what they were doing that it took very little time for each to slide into the throes of orgasm.

“I’m coming!” she announced with much passion and a blare of various sounds that supported her climax.

He could feel her muscles tensing and her body shuddering. He had been on the verge himself and this pushed him over the edge. He tried to pull out.

“Don’t you dare!” Annie commanded. “Come inside me. I want the full experience. I’m protected,” she reminded.

And so, he blasted her with an amount of semen he had never unloaded from masturbating.

“Oh, yes!” she cried, feeling his cum being forced out of her pussy by his repeated thrusts. It felt spectacular. She finally let him pull out when she felt him cease spurting, and this caused another gush to flow out of her. And it was still wonderful.

A few minutes later, they lay side by side allowing their breathing to subside.

Finally, she turned to him and grinned. “I don’t regret a single thing. Thank you.”

* * *

The evening of intense intimacy gave way to a morning of awkward uncertainty. Annie was awake and looking at something on her phone when Jason finally opened his eyes. He watched her, but she didn’t look at him. Now came the regret, he thought. Fearing a potentially bad encounter, he quickly arose, mumbled a quick, “Morning,” and darted into the bathroom. He didn’t hear her return the greeting.

After showering, Jason dressed quickly as the phone rang. It was his stepmom telling them to meet down in the hotel restaurant for breakfast. He relayed the message as Annie was getting out of bed, and then told her he’d meet her downstairs.

Annie thought her stepbrother’s behavior was a bit odd, but then, it had been an unusual evening. She’d have to try to pull him aside and talk to him later.

At breakfast, the family discovered it was raining and the forecast was for precipitation all day. Being the planner that she was, Caroline had indoor options planned. When the teens were asked what they did last night, catching Jason somewhat off guard, he merely stated that they were tired and went to bed. Annie had been a bit more prepared and said that she had showered and then went to bed. Neither story was a lie and no one pressed any further.

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