Jeanie’s Law Office Ch. 02

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The next day Jeanie woke up excited. This was a new feeling for her on a work morning. Most days she hated to get out of her warm and comfortable bed, but today she was excited. What would Mike ask of her today? What did he have planned? Oh how she couldn’t wait. She hurried though her morning routine and rushed to work to see Mike.

However, once she arrived at work she lost her confidence. Her plan was to walk directly to Mike’s office, but she went to her cubical instead. There she turned her computer on, logged into the network, checked her email, and made sure her projects were up to date. Even though she was busy doing all that busy work all she could think about was Mike.

Around ten Mike realized that it was time to teach Jeanie a few things and picked up his phone, “Jeanie can you come to my office.”

Mike sat there thinking about what he should teach her today. She was ready for her next step weather she knew it or not. Now it was Mike’s responsibility to train her in what will be expected of her in the next few months.

A few moments later she walked into his office, “Sir, you requested me?”

“Yes I did. Jeanie close and lock the door, then undress and place your clothes over on the conference table.”

“Sir?” Jeanie looked confused and excited, her face turned flushed by his orders. She had no idea what to expect. Maybe Mike wanted to give her a new outfit she thought. His strong confident voice melted away any resistance she felt.

“Jeanie, we both know that you heard me. Now, follow my orders.”

No one had ever used those words or tone with her before. There was something different in his voice, more powerful. She followed his instructions and started to undress. Jeanie knew that he would want her to walk to his desk wearing only her stockings and pumps. Even though she wasn’t looking at him she felt his eyes on her, with each article of clothing being removed Mike would feast on her naked skin.

Jeanie slowly undressed taking her time and making sure when she folded her clothes not to wrinkle anything. Once she undressed to his needs she walked over to him. The cold air teased her skin, little goose bumps formed all over her body and her nipples hardened.

Mike opened his desk drawer and pulled out two shinny items. Jeanie wasn’t sure what he had but realized she was in for a treat. She trusted him and felt comfortable fully submitting to him. She watched him lean forward taking her left nipple into his mouth. All she could do was enjoy the moment from the fear to arousal. Then Mike moved to her right nipple. Once hard and wet Mike stood up and carefully he placed the clamps on Jeanie sensitive nipples.

Oh, the pain, Jeanie wanted to scream but knew that would disappoint Mike. All she could do was control herself with little whimpers of pain. Oh, the clamps pinched into her delicate flesh causing her clit to throb. Never before had she experience something like this. Even though nothing was touching her clit she could feel each ounce of blood pouring into her clit. Jeanie wasn’t sure what to do, rip off the nipple clamps or massage her engorged clit.

Then she noticed he had something else, he knelt down. He moved his face inches from her pussy. What was he going to do to her? She felt him touch her, her pussy so exposed, and she offered no resistance to him. First one finger entered her ensest porno soft wet folds, then a second only to be pulled out. When she looked down she noticed him putting his fingers into his mouth, oh how sexy she thought. Mike wanted to taste her arousal. Slowly he inserted three fingers into her, causing her to gasp only to realize his fingers where touching her lips. She took his fingers into her mouth, using her tongue to lick off her juice.

Jeanie noticed that he had this thing that looked like a paper clip. He guided it between her legs then between her lips. She felt the cold steel against her lips and then he clipped it closed. The steel rested at the base of her lips causing her lips and clit to swell even more. Talk about delicious torture. All she could think about was what was this man going to do to her next?

Mike stood up, then started to walk around her, “How does that feel Jeanie?”

“Oh Sir its so much, so much, almost too much to take.”

Mike wanted to make sure that she wasn’t in pain. He asked, “Does it hurt?”

“A little Sir, but nothing that I can’t work though.”

“Well Jeanie let me tell you that from my perspective, I really like what I’m seeing.”

“Thank you Sir.”

Mike reached up and removed the left nipple clamp, and Jeanie could feel something deep in her. Then the right clamp was removed, she backed up against his desk for support as that feeling over took her. Oh it felt so good when he removed the nipple clamps, and without any touching she started to orgasm. She wasn’t able to fight it, wasn’t able to stop it, wasn’t even able to understand what had happen. The pain of the nipple clamps tormented her but the pleasure of the release sent her over the edge. All Jeanie could think about was her orgasm; she had never cum so quickly before.

Mike kept his distance allowing her to fully enjoy the experience. Once she came back to earth Mike walked up to her and gave her a quick kiss on her left check, “That was amazing.”

Jeanie wasn’t sure on what to do next, what did he want from her? It was only eleven and there was no way he would want her to go home. She realized that it would be best if she dressed and went back to work. Slowly she made her way back to her clothes and started to dress. She knew that Mike was looking at her but he never said a word. Was he unhappy with her, but how could he after that experience, and once dressed Jeanie left his office and went back to work like nothing happened.

“Jeanie what are you doing?”

“I’m getting dressed Sir.”

“No, not yet.”

She turned to face him, “Sir, what can I do for you now?”

“Jeanie come over to my desk and stand right in front of me.”

Jeanie walked over to him, stood in front of him. She wasn’t sure if she should face him or keep her back to him. She decided to face him and sat on his desk. She put her hands down on his desk for support. As she sat on his desk Jeanie realized that she had his full attention. Of all the women that worked for him Mike had picked her. She enjoyed the ego boost.

The rush of excitement knowing that someone could walk into his office, oh Jeanie has never been this naughty. Then she felt a bead of arousal drip down her thigh.

“Jeanie, I want you to kneel down, unzip my pants, and take me into your mouth.”

No thought, Jeanie knelt down and did as he asked. She reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. Mike’s cock wasn’t fully hard yet, but he was impressive. She moved closer and took him in her mouth. Jeanie inhaled his cologne.

Jeanie opened her lips to take him in her mouth, with her left hand she reached out and held his semi hard cock. She took him in her mouth and felt him grow till his cock was fully hard. Oh, did she enjoy that. Jeanie always felt powerful when a man grew hard in her mouth.

Mike’s cock was now rock hard in her mouth. Jeanie used her left hand to wrap her fingers around his thick cock and then she started to lick up and down his shaft. Jeanie noticed that his balls hung low and fake agent porno were larger than her past lovers. Oh, she knew that this man had a strong sex drive and could really cream a girl.

Then it hit her, Mike had no body hair. This was the first man that didn’t have body hair, and she liked it. Now she didn’t have to worry about spitting out pubic hair out of her mouth. She came up and looked at Mike, and was pleased to see him looking down at her.

Jeanie used her tongue to lick down his shaft and then his balls, and her hand stocking his thick shaft. Mike moaned when Jeanie started to lick his balls. Jeanie was fascinated by the shape and softness of his balls. Slowly she licked and lightly sucked on his sack while not forgetting to stroke his hard cock.

When Mike closed his eyes she knew what he wanted. She took him deep into her mouth and really started to work his shaft. In a way she enjoyed a triple team action, using her tongue to tease the head of his cock and shaft, her lips to keep sucking on his cock, and her hand to stroke the base and play with his balls.

After five minutes she could taste his salty precum and when she looked at Mike’s balls they were tight now and she knew he was about to cum. Jeanie started to work his cock faster with her hand and mouth. Up and down she took his cock deep in her mouth till she heard him groan. Then she felt the tip of Mike’s cock expand and the first stream of cum shot deep into her mouth hitting the back of her mouth. The second stream filled her mouth and Jeanie tried to swallow as much as she could. Like a good girl she kept working him allowing him to pump all his cum in her hot, wet mouth.

One he was finished Jeanie started to get up, she placed her left hand on Mike’s desk and used her right hand to wipe some of Mike’s cum from her lips. She then looked up at him, “What about my needs?”

Mike stood up and zipped his pants, “Oh Jeanie you are a submissive and in time you will learn. However, right now I have to get ready for a meeting. I will call you after the meeting and if you’re a good girl then we can talk about your needs.”

Jeanie took a deep breath and watched him walk to a file cabinet. Mike pulled something out and what appeared to be massage oil. “Tell you what I will do for you Jeanie. I know that you’re a good conservative woman and we need to prepare your body. I want you to stand at the front of my desk, pull down your pantyhose and bend over my desk.”

She looked away from him, took another deep breath and did as he asked. Once she pulled her pantyhose down she leaned forward onto his cold desk. Jeanie didn’t want to see his face, she couldn’t look at him, and she had no idea what he was about to do. Then she felt it, something wet and hard touching her anus. Slowly she felt it enter her. Never before had something entered her ass. Sure she had boyfriends that tried and a few even tried to finger her ass but this was something different. Whatever he was using on her wasn’t too big but she did feel a little uncomfortable. Then it stopped. She felt her pantyhose being pulled up and she assumed that Mike was finished. When she felt Mike pull away Jeanie carefully pulled up her pantyhose, then rose to her feet. She then straightened her skirt. Jeanie felt the toy in her ass. The toy didn’t hurt but made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Mike gave her that smile that sent her heart racing, “Jeanie you will feel a little awkward at first but by the end of the day you will be enjoying the sensations.”

Jeanie didn’t know what to say or do, so she just smiled.

“Now my pet I have to say that I’m very impressed by your communication skills, and your bravery for accepting your second assignment.”

Jeanie looked down at the floor, “Thank you Sir.”

“So tell me my pet,” Mike took a deep breath. “Jeanie look up at me and tell me how your new toy feels?”

“I’ve never had something in me but I’m getting use to it. Its different that is fore sure.”

Oh Jeanie I can’t wait to sample your fake cop porno ass. However, we have to make sure your ready and that is why we will be using several toys on you till you’re ready for me to take your ass.”

“I’ve never had anal sex before.”

Mike gave her that smile that melted her heart, “Jeanie trust me, I know that you will love it.”

“And how long am I suppose to keep this in me Sir?”

Mike walked up to her and kissed Jeanie on her forehead, “Wait till you get home tonight. I want you to take a shower and then remove the toy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mike walked over to the door and opened the door. Jeanie knew that he wanted her to get back to work. She tried to walk as normal as she could even though she had a dildo in her ass. She started to wonder if anyone could notice.

Every time someone came to her with questions about work, she couldn’t help but wonder if that person could sense the dildo in her ass. Oh was she so self conscious walking to the ladies room, or when she went to get a coke. Could someone tell the difference in the way that she walked? What if Mike was watching, would he want her to walk differently some how? Did he enjoy watching the dildo slide ever so deeper into her ass?

Then she started to fear if Mike did the same thing to other women in the office? What if she wasn’t the first? Sitting at her desk in total fear Jeanie started to look around to see if she could tell if anyone had a dildo or something else in or on their body. Then she remembered part of the conversation about having conservative women and drama queens in the office and how Mike wanted to have them all terminated. Still she watched to see who went in and out of Mike’s office and so far only men and a couple of the older women.

The rest of the day dragged on and what felt like ten hours later even though it was only 2 hours, it was time to head home. Jeanie shut down her computer and made sure her desk was organized. Then she left her workstation and headed down to her car.

Carefully she drove home; ever time she would hit the break the dildo would move in her ass sending waves of shock and pleasure through her body. It was almost too much, and one time she almost lost control of her vehicle.

Finally Jeanie was home. She walked into her bedroom and immediately went to her bathroom. Then she started the shower and waited for the water to warm up. While she waited she started to undress. Once nude she walked into her shower and pulled out the dildo. Once the dildo was out Jeanie felt empty, like her body grew accustomed to the dildo. Maybe that is what Mike meant by getting her ready. What if he wanted to use a bigger toy or his cock? All she could think about was how long before she would be ready to take him in her ass? Oh she wanted to please him and hoped that he would enjoy taking her, to be the first man to fuck her ass.

Once she had removed the toy Jeanie grabbed her favorite body wash and started to massage the soft oil into skin with her mind racing on giving her boss a blow job at his desk, the way that he didn’t allow her to get off, and then to place a dildo in her ass was too much for her body. She needed release and between the warm water, and body wash she quickly started to rub her throbbing clit.

All she could think about was Mike’s cock, and what he had planned for her. Jeanie’s body has never been this alive before, nor did she ever experience something like today. Every time she moved she could feel the dildo in her ass and it took everything in her not to masturbate at her desk.

Oh she was so close, her orgasm building, and her clit throbbing. When she started to think about Mike fucking her that is when she lost it! Jeanie started to cum. This was the first time very that Jeanie came while standing up and she was in shock. She knew she was close but never thought she would really have a powerful orgasm.

After a few moments Jeanie started to laugh, turned off the shower and grabbed her fluffy towel. She was spent. Quickly she dried herself and jumped into her warm bed. She flipped on the TV and started to drift off to sleep, but in the back of her mind she wondered what Mike had planned for her next.

End of chapter 2

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