It’s My Room

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The senior class at my school organized a ski weekend over one of the long weekends. There was only room for a limited number of people, and the bookings were made on a first come, first served basis. By an odd coincidence this meant that the older students (18 and up), who didn’t need to get signed parental permission, snapped up all the available places. The suggestion made by some of the losers that we were just going away for a dirty weekend was ignored, considered to be the whining of losers.

I will admit that most (make that all) the male attendees were probably hoping to get lucky, but I rated the chance of the average guy as not too hopeful. After all, they weren’t getting lucky now. Why would the odds improve because they’re on an excursion? Regretfully, I have to admit I’m an average guy.

We got to the lodge on the Friday afternoon and we weren’t due to leave until Monday. We had a couple of hours out on the slopes and then it was inside for a meal and a bit of a party. We weren’t too rowdy. We did have the name of the school to think of. Soil it and our own names would be mud.

Watching the interactions between the guys and the girls I could see my suspicions about luckiness were holding true. The only guys who looked like getting anything were a couple of the jocks who already had steady partners and had those partners with them. The rest of us were suffering from wishful thinking.

Eventually we all wandered off to our solitary beds. I like to read in bed and I had my eReader with me, so before turning of the lights I read for an hour or so. When I did eventually turn off the lights the place was as silent as a tomb.

I was just nodding off when I was startled awake again by the sound of a door being slammed. Some people have no consideration. I was just settling down again when my bedroom door was flung open. There were lights on in the hallway and they silhouetted a lovely figure. One I recognised quite easily.

Cheryl was one of the cheerleaders. A blonde, with a very nice figure, and quite athletic, as well. I’d seen her doing a few fancy stunts out on the slopes earlier. Right now she was wearing what I think the girls call a peignoir. Whatever they call it, it was very flimsy and the lights from the hallway backlit it nicely, showing off that very nice figure I mentioned and strongly hinting that the peignoir was all she had on.

Cheryl came storming into my room, taking off the peignoir as she came, and slamming the door closed. It appears that she was the one who had no consideration. The moon was shining through the window and showed her off very nicely, all silvery with mysterious dark shadows. And nude. That peignoir had been the only thing she had been wearing. She apparently hadn’t spotted me yet, probably because the bed was where the shadows were deepest.

I had no idea why she had barged into my room and stripped and I waited for her to explain. What the hell was going on? She came stalking over to the bed and sat down hard, then burst into tears.

What the hell? Had she lost a bet and scored me as a booby prize or something?

Digressing slightly here, my mother used to do child-minding. I learnt that by injecting a certain amount of warmth into my voice when I was talking to the kids that littered the place I was able to soothe them, calming them and chasing tantrums away. A very useful trick. I injected that warmth into my voice now.

“What’s the problem, Cheryl?” I asked her. “Maybe I can help. If I can’t, I can still listen.”

That very useful trick fell flat on its face. Cheryl gave a horrified gasp and jerked away from the bed, landing on her bottom from the sound of it.

“Who the fuck’s that?” she squealed. “How dare you be in my room? Get out before I scream.”

“Ah, it’s Michael, Cheryl, and it’s my room,” I said, still using my calming voice. “You came in the wrong room. Just a moment while I get the light and you can see for yourself.”

OK. I’ll admit that last bit was just being mean, but I couldn’t resist, knowing she was naked.

“No,” she squeaked. “No light. Ah, I mean I’d rather you didn’t turn the light on. People might notice.”

I had observed that there suddenly seemed to be a bit of traffic in the hall. A couple of people had wandered up and down it. I could see their shadows against the light seeping under the door. I also suspected that Cheryl didn’t want to meet these people.

“I can’t help but notice that you seem a little upset. Why don’t you just sit on the side of the bed and tell me all about it. No tricks, I promise. I won’t molest you or anything. I’ll just sit here and listen with a sympathetic ear.”

“Um, if it’s all right I’ll just sit here for a few minutes and then find my own room,” Cheryl muttered, edging over to sit on the very edge of the bed.

“Easy to find,” I consoled her. “You only missed by one. You’re next door, that-away.” I jerked my thumb toward the right then realised that she probably couldn’t see me. “That-away is actually the first door to the right when you step into the hall, same tecavüz porno side as mine. I noticed that I was next to you. Now if you don’t want to talk about what’s wrong, I’m going to sleep. Night.”

I snuggled down in the bed, quite comfortable and pleasantly intrigued by the naked young lady sitting on my bed. After a couple of moments I could feel a little tremor in the bed and I realised that poor Cheryl was shivering. We were above the snow line and the night was cold. I sat up again.

“Oh, for crying out loud,” I snapped. “You may not want to talk but I can’t let you just sit there and freeze to death. Can you imagine the trouble I’ll be in if they find your corpse frozen to death in my room? You have a choice. Run off to your own room right now or snuggle under the covers for a while and warm up. You can safely choose the covers. I’ve already said I’m not going to molest you.”

Cheryl didn’t say anything, but neither did she get up to leave or get under the covers. I sighed, tossed the covers to one side and drew her over next to me. Then I flipped the covers over us both. I almost squealed like a little girl myself. She was icy. Cheryl made a token struggle but then relaxed, lapping up the warmth. I just held her lightly. She had gently tested the strength of my hold and seemed satisfied that I wasn’t trying to hold her prisoner.

“It was Carl,” she suddenly said.

I didn’t say anything. Just squeezed her arm to let her know I was listening.

“You know he’s been chasing me pretty hard over the last term? Trying to coax me into bed?”

“The whole school has noticed.”

She gave a bit of a hiccup of laughter.

“I thought that this weekend might be a good time to see how we dealt with each other,” she mumbled. “After everyone appeared to be asleep I snuck out of my room and went down to his.”

She was silent, remembering something nasty. I waited.

“I went into his room and he wasn’t alone,” she snapped, suddenly furious. “That cow with the huge udders was with him. They were naked. He was supposed to be my boyfriend and there he was with that tramp!”

I was a bit puzzled at first. I couldn’t really place which of our classmates would be considered the cow with the huge udders, then it twigged. One of the waitresses had been very well endowed, mammary-wise. I’d noticed her flirting with Carl.

“Anyway, I slammed his door hard to let him know he’d been caught out, and came back to my room and finished up here. I can’t go out there while he’s prowling around looking for me. I’ll just wait until it’s quiet again.”

“I’d tell you that you’re better off finding out now that he cheats, rather than later, but that sort of advice doesn’t really help, does it. It still hurts.”

Cheryl gave a woebegone little sniff and cuddled up to the warmth. I started rubbing her back.

Cheryl tensed a little but then relaxed, enjoying the soothing massage. She tensed up once more when my hand started stoking lower, settling on her bottom and rubbing it.

“Not there,” she muttered, reaching down and pulling my hand away from her bottom.

I slid my hand back over her back and down to her bottom again.

“I said, not there,” she said firmly.

“I know. I heard you. You have a lovely bottom, you know.”

Cheryl gave a deliberate sigh. “If I say not there, then you are supposed to move your hand away.”

“Yes, I know. Silly idea, that. I like rubbing your bottom.”

Actually, my rubbing was coming very close to other sensitive places. I was now stroking down over her thighs.

“You’re coming very close to molesting me,” Cheryl pointed out. “You said you wouldn’t do that.”

“I think rubbing my hand over your naked bottom might be considered molestation,” I admitted, “but when I said I wouldn’t molest you, I lied. I’ve decided that not only am I going to do a little molestation, I’m going to do my best to ravish you.”

“You can’t do that. I’ve said I don’t want you to. You have to stop.”

“Is this better?” I asked.

My hand left her bottom and moved up her back. Half way up it moved to the side, meeting a soft warm breast. My massaging continued, though I wasn’t moving my hand very much.

Cheryl gasped and pushed my hand away, and then protested when it wandered down to her bottom.

“Will you stop touching me?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “I like the way you feel, all warm and silky soft. Why don’t you lie on your back for a while?”

To add authority to the suggestion I moved closer to Cheryl. Her instinctive move away landed her on her back before she caught on to what I was doing. My hand came up and cupped her breast again.

“Cheryl, I was perfectly serious when I said I’m not going to stop. If you don’t want me to make love to you it’s going to take more than a few soft words to stop me. How hard are you going to struggle?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I bent over her, my mouth seeking her breast and finding it. I bit gently into it, then ran my teeth across her nipple, letting teen porno her feel them rasping against it. At the same time my hand slid down over her tummy, across a smooth mons and down over her mound, cupping and squeezing. She bucked sharply when that happened.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she gasped.

“Just touching for now,” I reassured her. “You can relax. I’ll warn you before I actually start getting serious.”

“You won’t. You’re a liar. You just admitted as much.”

I had to laugh. She was right.

“Well in that case, use your own judgement as to when you need to struggle in earnest. For now, you can feel free to relax a little.”

“Relax?” she squeaked. “How can I relax with you trying to rape me?”

I was too busy to answer. My mouth had found her breast again and I was gently sucking. She was probably going to have a few interesting bruises in the morning. At the same time I continued to raise havoc with her pussy, squeezing, massaging and trespassing inside, slowly rousing her. Any struggles and resistance that Cheryl was putting up seemed to be very minor, more for forms sake than with serious intent to fight me off.

Cheryl was breathing hard when I finally pulled back.

“If you’ve quite finished,” snapped Cheryl, but there was a decided breathiness in her voice.

“Oh no, barely started,” I said. “I’m just taking off my pyjamas. They’ll get in the way from this point on.”

“What?” Cheryl almost shrieked. “You’re not seriously suggesting that you’re going to, to. . .”

Her voice died away.

“Make love to you?” I asked. “Of course I am. Why did you think I was petting you?”

“You’re not really going to, are you?” she whispered, while I snaked a foot between hers and drew her legs further apart.

“Come on, you’re not serious?” she said as I moved into the space between her thighs.

“Oh my god. You’re really doing it,” she gasped as she felt my erection pressing against her softness.

I held there for a moment. I’d expected at least a token struggle but Cheryl just lay there, legs parted, waiting for me to take her. I wasn’t going to disappoint her. I pressed slowly forward, feeling her lips first yield, and then close around me, drawing me deeper. My earlier explorations had already determined that she wasn’t a virgin. I pushed firmly forward, sinking in deep.

“Oh my god, I’m being ravished,” she gasped, pushing firmly up against me, making sure I was fully engaged.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe this is happening to me,” she said, panting with the effort she was making to meet my thrusts. I’d intended to start slowly, bringing her along gradually to a satisfactory pace, but Cheryl wasn’t having a bar of that. She was bucking hard beneath me, urging me to do my best. Or worst, depending on how you look at it.

Now I’m not so up myself that I attributed Cheryl’s willingness to my fantastic love-making ability. I knew damn well that there was a whole lot of revenge fuck going on, but I could live with that. I drove in hard, doing my manly best to show her that she was truly appreciated.

And I did truly appreciate her. She was exquisite, matching my movements and cooperating with my every whim. I kissed her hard, dragged my mouth down to her breasts to taste them, then back to her mouth to taste her lips, all the time with my hips pumping into hard, feeling her reciprocate.

She was all excitement, and our mutual lust just kept escalating. I was driving in harder and harder while Cheryl clung to me, humping her hips in a frantic effort to meet me.

She was groaning with the effort she was putting in, and I could hear her voice developing a higher pitch as she moved inexorably towards her climax. I must admit, with appropriate modesty, that she wasn’t moving towards that climax by herself. I was driving her there, hoping I had enough gas in the tank to last until she reached it.

I did, fortunately. It would have been just too embarrassing to run out of steam too early, but she beat me to a climax by a good quarter of a second. She clung to me shuddering, while I was shuddering in return, expending myself deep within her.

Afterwards she just clung to me while I cuddled her, hearing her cry softly. Then she fell asleep. A short while later, so did I.

When I woke up the early morning sun was peeping through the window. Cheryl was still asleep, snuggled up close to me. Close? She was half on top of me, one of her lovely long legs pressed between mine, her arm flung across my chest and her beautiful breasts pressed firmly against me. My arm was around her, holding her.

Needless to say I had a morning wood, which didn’t show any signs of going away. Especially when Cheryl muttered and shifted in her sleep, rubbing against me. I sighed quietly and waited for her to wake.

It wasn’t long before her eyes fluttered open. She seemed to slowly take stock of her situation and then blushed. She gave a convulsive little jerk and would probably have vaulted out of the bed if I hadn’t been holding her.

“You travesti porno bastard,” she snapped at me. “You took advantage of me.”

What could I say? I had indeed taking advantage of her, and enjoyed every moment of it.

“Oh, god, I’ve got to get back to my room,” she said, sounding a bit panicky.

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her. “I’ll check and let you know when the hallway is clear. It’s still very early and nearly everyone will still be asleep. There are a couple of minor issues that we should go over before you leave.”

“Like what?”

For answer I reached down and shifted her hand a very short distance. Instead of resting on my tummy it was now resting just a little lower. Cheryl hastily snatched her hand away.

“You don’t really think I’m going to let you. . .”

Her voice trailed off.

“The other thing,” I said, capturing her hand and easing it back where it belonged, “is that it was dark last night and I didn’t really get a good look at you, so I’m going to move the covers so I can see you properly.”

I followed that up by tossing the covers to one side, tilting Cheryl firmly onto her back as I did so. She very quickly moved her hands to cover her breast and mound. I shook my head.

“I want to look at you, not your hands,” I told her. Reaching over I took her wrists and lifted her hands up above her head, holding them there quite easily in my own hand. I admired her figure, my free hand tracing lightly over it, sweeping from her nipples down to her mons.

“Move your legs apart,” I murmured, gently rubbing her mons.

“If I do that then you’ll want to do things to me,” Cheryl muttered, not looking at me.

“Cheryl, sweetheart,” I said, speaking softly. “I thought you’d already noticed that I want to do things to you. Moving your legs apart won’t change that. It will just give me permission.”

I released her wrist and brought my hand down to cup one breast while I continued to gently massage her mons. Cheryl was at least looking at me now, albeit with a slightly stunned expression.

“Do you seriously think I’m going to give you permission to molest me again?” she demanded.

“You’re a woman,” I said. “I wouldn’t presume to know what goes on in a woman’s mind. Let’s just say that I really enjoyed molesting you last night and I really want to see if it was as good as I thought. The decision will be yours.”

To encourage her towards the correct decision I hooked a toe against her ankle and gently tugged. There was a moment of resistance and then Cheryl’s legs started drifting apart, while she glared at me, daring me to say something.

I’m no fool. I kept my mouth shut and let my fingers do my talking. My hand slid further along her mound, tracing the cleft in her flesh, lightly scratching against her lips, hopefully sending little vibrations deeper into her. It seemed to have worked as Cheryl started breathing harder, the flush on her face one of excitement rather than embarrassment or wrath.

Moving carefully I slowly built on Cheryl’s excitement. The next time I eased her hand down into the vicinity of my erection she didn’t withdraw. With only the barest hesitation her hand closed over me and it wasn’t long before she was playing with her new toy with an unexpected enthusiasm.

Cheryl had a lovely figure and I let her see that I loved every bit of it. My hands wandered freely, and my mouth would follow my hands. When I parted her lips and let my tongue seek her intimate places Cheryl had to jam her hand in her mouth to stop herself screaming. A little tongue action around the area of her clitoris and she was almost bouncing off the bed. My cue I decided to take her.

I rolled between her thighs, pushing her legs even further apart.

“I wasn’t sure whether to take you like this so you could see me enter you or to take you hard and fast from behind. I decided to leave the hard and fast for another time.”

Cheryl seemed prepared to bridle at the insinuation that this liaison wouldn’t end with the current session, but before she could comment I was leaning into her, my erection pressing firmly against her mound. She hitched herself up slightly onto her elbows, seeking a better view, and watched intently as I pushed past her lips and into her passage, her soft flesh yielding eagerly.

I didn’t mess about. As soon as I was firmly in place I was withdrawing again, preparing for the next thrust. Cheryl gave a little gasp and pushed urgently up to meet me.

For a while Cheryl watched me sliding in and out of her. I have to admit I was watching it, too. Seeing our bodies coming together was stimulating, heightening the experience for us both. As the tempo of our coming together increased we stopped watching. I was now lying fully on Cheryl, my hips pumping hard as I continued to pleasure her, enjoying the sensation and happily listening to the sounds of excitement she giving out.

My hands were holding her breasts and I increased the tempo yet again. Cheryl’s eyes were now closed, her senses all turned inwards, just feeling what was happening. Another final increase in my rate of ravishment and it was all coming together. This time I climaxed before Cheryl, but the splash of my seed within her caused a muted scream and then she was clinging to me while she rode her own climax.

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