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He smelt her before he saw her. The enticing aroma of her Euphoria perfume that he had given to her the previous year for her birthday, coupled with her alluring natural scent, travelled down the hallway from her bedroom and greeted him warmly at the dinner table where he sat enjoying the breakfast she had made for him. He paused before taking another bite into his bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and looked up expectantly as she made her way from her room to the kitchen.

Edward completely understood the fact that Erica was his daughter, and it was morally, socially and traditionally wrong to be thinking about her the way that he had, and as an attorney, he could quote every piece of legislation in his jurisdiction which spoke against incest, but it was an undeniable fact that she was stunningly beautiful and desirable in every way imaginable, making him want her in a way that he had not longed for any woman in years. He constantly reprimanded himself by reminding himself that he was married to Erica’s mother, and it was she who he desired; however, he knew that this was nothing but a lie. Ever since his wife Jennifer had accepted a promotion at her job and was required to spend more time abroad than she spent at home, Edward had found himself becoming less and less attracted to her.

From the time Erica assumed housewife duties by cooking, cleaning and taking care of him, he had realised that she was beginning to unknowingly tug on his heart and pull it towards her direction. He tried to ignore his desire for her by becoming more involved at work and taking on more clients and cases, but as soon as he thought things were becoming better; his daughter had passed the bar and was looking for a job. Tons of applications later, she had landed herself at the law firm where he worked. He had already known that she was beautiful and extremely intelligent, but seeing her in the work setting with the professionalism that she exudes, and being even more aware of her competence and her aptitude by which she handles her clients and cases, he became tempted more and more to break the law.

Just then, Erica emerged in the doorway and as usual she did not disappoint. Edward’s eyes quickly examined her curvaceous body which was accentuated by her work clothes. He noticed the way her black pencil knee-length skirt hugged her hips and revealed the secret of her well shaped behind. The behind that he was so often tempted to touch. Not only to touch, but to grab as he pulled her closer to him while they made love. The red tank top she wore tucked into her skirt left little secrets about the fullness of her breast unanswered.

“Are you enjoying your breakfast?” she asked as she took a seat at the side of the table; at a right angle from where he sat, and raising her skirt slightly, pulled one leg up, and then the other so that she could comfortably put on her black stilettos.

“Yes darling,” he replied as he failed in his attempt to keep his eyes away from her. From the position they were both in, he could only receive a hint of her white underwear as she pulled on her shoes. However, that hint was enough to awaken arousal within him, and to increase his desire for more.

“I’m sorry I’m not able to eat with you.” She hurriedly jumped to her feet and grabbed her matching black jacket from the back of the chair and slid her arms in. “I have to go.”

“But why?” Edward checked his watch. “You’re almost an hour early. Aren’t you going to wait on me so we can go together?”

“I wish I could, but I really need to start going.” She took up her brief case and turned away, giving him a full view of her round behind.

She had absolutely no idea how badly he wanted to bend her over the dining room table, hoist her skirt, remove her underwear and fuck her brains out. He would spank and grab her ass as she screamed “daddy”.

“Honey, come back here”. He fought to keep his voice calm. “Sit down.”

“I can’t,” she hardly even turned around. “It’s the Smith’s case…”

“I don’t care,” he stood to his feet and guided her back to the table. “You hardly ever take time for yourself. Everyday you’re working on that damn case. You need to relax.”

“But daddy!” she yelled defiantly. “Right now I don’t care about relaxing. I have the strangest feeling that I am doing something wrong and I need to do some more research!”

“I don’t care,” he said simply to prod at her anger. “Sit down!”

“Will you ever listen to me?” She continued stubbornly. “I told you that I need to go…”

The rest of her words trailed off in his mind. He watched her with a peak in his interest and desire. She had always been so stubborn, but he loved it. He thought it made her even more attractive, and he was tempted to grab her and kiss her passionately and silence her.

“You’re beautiful,” He whispered as he stared into her fury filled eyes.

“What?” She said a little more quietly as the fury began to visibly dissipate.

“You’re beautiful,” he repeated. canlı bahis “I love you.”

“Uhh,” she looked surprised. “I… love… you too, dad?” Her statement curved into a question as her anger was replaced with confusion.

He knew that she had no idea of how he meant it, but he decided to leave it at that. The feeling was scaring even him, but he seriously felt as if he was feeling something more for her… Something more than he should be feeling for a daughter. He could not distinguish whether it was an emotional desire or simply a sexual thirst for her which he needed quenched, but he wanted to find out, even though he had no idea how to.

“I just don’t want you to be worrying yourself too much,” he decided to say. “Just relax for me, please?”

“I will,” she reassured him and then she turned to walk away.

He watched her as she walked through the door, admiring her ass and her walk as she did so. They are so many things a man can tell from a female’s walk and the way she carries herself. He could tell that she has never been made love too properly, or in the way she deserves to be. He noticed that she had never encountered a man who really took the time to appreciate her body. It was not before she disappeared at the other side of the door that he finished his breakfast before getting ready for work.

He had decided that it was only by taking it slowly and by luring her towards him that he would get close to what he wanted. It did not take a genius or past experiences to tell him that it is almost impossible to grab his daughter’s attention by doing the same exact things he would do for any other girl. Almost anything he does would probably scare her away, or turn the law against him, and that was the last thing he needed. How would it look; an attorney at law being arrested for sexually assaulting his daughter?! He most definitely could not have that happening. This means that he would have to try much harder. With just a few things in mind, Edward decided to start working on it that very evening.

After an extremely long day in which he was unknowingly tempted and excited by his daughter, as he watched her around the office studiously and intently looking through her files, flicking back her hair which she always wore hanging loose, or walking skilfully in her heels with her hips seductively swaying as she entered and exited offices, or even bending to the file cabinet as she retrieved some information to help her with her case, he was ready to have his problem solved. He had it all planned out, but even though he was known for being good at planning things and often thanked by the success of the events, he was extremely nervous because he was completely unsure to how this one would turn out.

“I want to take care of you tonight,” He told Erica as they entered the house. “I don’t think you take care of yourself well enough, so let me. You really need to relax.”

“And how exactly do you plan on doing this, dad?” She stopped walking and looked him directly in the eye.

“After dinner we’re going to watch a movie, or maybe talk. I know a lot of stuff must be bothering you.” He was having difficulties looking her back in the eye especially knowing exactly what his intentions were, so he played it off by keeping himself busy by taking off his jacket and shoes.

“Ok, well, I guess a movie and conversation it is then,” she said as she walked away.

As it turned out, there was no movie which Erica was interested in so they decided to simply sit and talk. Pouring two glasses of red wine, Edward took a seat beside his daughter and handed her a glass.

“So tell me about your day,” he began. “I know you encountered another concrete wall in the case.”

“Yes,” she began and then sipped her wine. “Just when I believed that we were going to get a breakthrough in the case, the other guy brought in a report from a psychologist diagnosing him with some mental condition of the sort! I mean what am I suppose to do now? I have been working on this so long!”

Edward sat there in silence simply listening to Erica as she rambled on about her job. Taking her free hand in his, he held it there for a while as he watched her go on and on about her day. Then, he slid his fingers to the inner side of her wrist and gently stroked his middle three fingers along it, being careful to keep the stroking in one direction. He continued to watch her and noticed as she subconsciously leaned a little closer to him and presented more of her hand to him. Taking this as a welcoming sign, Edward gently slid his fingers further up her arm and continued the soft caressing.

“But you don’t understand,” she started to raise her voice slightly as she rested her head on his shoulder. “I need to do this right, there’s a child caught up in the middle…”

“Shhh,” he said as he buried his face in her hair, taking in the beautiful vanilla scent of her hair products. Putting down his wine glass, his other hand became free. He bahis siteleri then started to gently caress her knee as well, slowly making his way to her inner thigh and back. Her thighs parted slightly and he seductively slid his fingers halfway up her thigh and back down.

“What would you do… if you were in my position?” Her breath caught in the middle of her question and this simple result reassured him and told him that he was doing something right.

“If I was in your position,” he removed his hand from her wrist and began to caress her face, “I would try to relax before going back to it.”

“But how am I to relax?” She lifted her head from his shoulder to sip her wine, and he took this opportunity to nuzzle his nose up and down her neck as his hand slid higher up her thigh.

“Sip some more wine,” he whispered and she obeyed by taking a little more than just a sip. “You are way more beautiful when you are relaxed. Do you know that?”

“Hmmmm,” was all she could say as she snuggled closer to him causing his arousal to grow even more.

Not being able to contain himself much more, he gently took her chin in his hand and kissed her gently on the lips. She seemed hesitant at first, but as she seemed to have given into her subconscious, she returned the kiss with twice the vitality he was offering. Taking this as a definite green light, he pulled her in closer, and wrapping his hand around her, he began to caress her lower back as their tongues were introduced to each other for the first time. Erica was extremely encouraging as she slipped her hand underneath his t-shirt and gently slid it up and down his back. His cock was almost standing at attention in his sweatpants as she pulled him even closer to her. It was as if they just could not be close enough to each other.

Carefully pulling her onto his lap, Edward deepened the kiss, enjoying the sweet taste of her tongue as she innocently navigated her tongue around his. In an attempt to become more comfortable, she wriggled a little in his lap, but stiffened as soon as she accidentally encountered his hardened anxiously waiting member. For a second, it had appeared as if she was going to abandon her current actions and leave, but at second thoughts, she placed her legs at either side of him, almost in a kneeling position and continued kissing him.

From this angle, Edward could reach her butt that he had been longing to touch for such a long time. Sliding his right hand down her side and slowly over her hips, he led it to her butt which he simply touched for a while; feeling and examining it intently like a blind man trying to pull out every single detail. As he always guessed, it was perfect. Well rounded and just as tempting as the rest of her body. Grabbing it, he pulled her lower body even closer as he started to trail kisses down her neck. Her breaths were detached and coming heavily and it was becoming even clearer that she was aroused. His lips began to dip even lower and he started planted kisses and tiny nibbles down her shoulder and upper chest. Her hips were slowly gyrating now, slight tiny movements that were driving him crazy. He could hardly take it anymore, but he knew that he should not rush things.

Turning her only a little to a side, he continued his kisses down her chest and along the neck of her tank top. Her hand was in his hair now, stroking his hair and down his neck an around his ears, while the other was buried under his shirt and caressing his chest and gently stroking his left nipple. He was completely aware that his breaths were as shuddered as hers were, and he was almost too aware of his throbbing cock which stood there begging for attention, but he was still set on taking things slowly. He reminded himself over and over that it was his daughter he was dealing with; a nice, intelligent, beautiful and desirable girl, not any ordinary girl, and therefore he needed to take care of her.

His hand found her hardened nipple outside of the shirt and rubbed it softly enjoying the sounds of her tiny moans. He squeezed it lightly and was rewarded by her moving his hand, only to place it underneath her shirt. He paused only to pull her shirt completely off, and then resume his rubbing and squeezing. It was not long before he placed her to lie in the couch, and getting between her legs, he began to suck on her nipple while his hands continued to play with the other. His tongue lashed and licked the tiny bud between his lips, causing her to arch her hips as if to beg for more, but even though he was extremely turned on, he would have none of it.

Finally, his hand made its way underneath her skirt which he hoisted to expose her white underwear. He wasted no time with it though, pulling it off, he revealed a neatly shaven pussy which stood there, lips slightly parted and already glistening from her leaking juices. Trying the waters, he inserted one finger. She was wet. She was soaked. He knew that if he was to make love to her that very second, even though bahis şirketleri her vagina was still hardly touched, his cock would be able to slide right in without any problems, but he wanted to taste her first. He wanted to sample the wonderful cuisine of his daughter.

Turning her slightly, he slid down to his knees and wrapped her legs around his neck; however, just as he was about to bury his face in her pussy, she grabbed his head and started to push him away.

“Stop!” She was still panting. It was clear that this took a lot of effort to do. “Please stop.”

He could not believe what he was hearing! He was aroused beyond return, and she was almost as wet as Niagara Falls, and she was begging him to stop.

“What’s the matter, honey?” He asked politely. He knew however, that he could not stop. There was one thing in his mind, and that was his goal for the night. He was going to slide his cock into her beautiful pussy and fuck her. He wanted to fuck her until she needed him more than ever. Fuck her until she became so hooked on him that she would never be able to say ‘no’ to him again. He wanted it, and he knew she wanted it to, so what was the problem?

“We can’t do this.” She tried to sit up, but he gently held her down.

“And why is that, honey?” His voice was low and seductive.

She hesitated for just a bit. “You are my father. This is wrong.”

“Oh, is it now?” He planted a kiss on her belly. “Don’t you want me?”

“Of course I do. You know it.” Desire made it difficult for her to talk. “But, it’s legally and morally wrong.”

“Is that so,” he started to kiss inside of her thighs. “What is that you use to quote from ‘Hamlet’? “Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”? Is that it?”

“Yes,” her hips restarted her gyration again. “But the law!”

“Yes, I know the law, honey. I’ve been an attorney longer than you have.” He nibbled on her inner thigh a bit. “Sections 10 and 11 of the “Sexual Offences Act”.”

“But,” her hand grabbed the cushions of the chair as she struggled to control herself.

“No ‘buts’ honey, just listen to your body.” He slid his hands up and down her body, tenderly brushing over her breast as he did so. “We are both consenting adults. We know what we are doing. Who is to judge us if no one knows?”

“Yes, I guess so.” She ran her fingers through his hair in resolve.

“Good,” he kissed her passionately on the lips, allowing their tongues to reunite. “Now relax”. He trailed tiny kisses down her neck, chest, breast, and belly and down to her vagina which was even wetter from anticipation.

Wrapping her legs around his neck again, he was finally able to bury his face in her pussy as he licked and flicked her clit which stood erect, so swollen that not even its shelter could contain it. He nibbled and sucked on her clit, completely enjoying her response as she buckled her hips and grabbed his hair. Wanting to tease her just a little longer, he licked and kissed her labia and all around the clit before plunging his tongue into her vagina. Her moans were becoming even louder, and he knew exactly what to do to bring her to her release. Returning to her clit, he began to lick and lash it repeatedly while he slid one finger into her vagina. Her hips rotated and buckled to the rhythm he created as she begged him not to stop. He did stop though.

Lying on the floor, he pulled a complaining Erica towards him and made her sit on his face. There, he returned to the nibbling of her labia while she frantically gyrated and grabbed everything in her reach.

“I can’t… Take… It… Anymore!” She cried as she started to pull at her nipples. “Please! Please!”

He complied this time. Returning his attention to her clit, and quickly pushing a finger in and out of her, he brought her to a massive climax. He licked and swallowed her wonderful sweet-tasting juice. Completely enjoying the taste of her cuisine. Exhausted from her body rupturing orgasm, Erica collapsed on the floor beside him, but he could not allow her to relax. It was his turn to reach an orgasm. He had waited too long, and he was ready for it.

Placing her to bend over the couch, face down, ass up and knees parted, he dropped his pants and boxer to the ground, and directing his cock to her vagina, he started to put it in. Although he was aroused and ready beyond turning back and almost out of his control, he waited for her response. She pushed her hips back a little to meet him, and seeing this as a signal of it being alright, he thrust completely into her. She yelped a little at first, but then her pain dissolved into pleasure as her muffled moans were heard and the rhythm of her hips matched his.

He thrust in and out of her, grabbing and spanking her big rounded ass as he did so. Too soon, he felt his orgasm build up within him, and he slowed his pace to make it last longer. With one hand secured around her hips to control her and pull her hips into him, he allowed his other hand to travel up her body and to her right breast which he rubbed and squeeze tenderly.

“Oh… my… gosh daddy!” She screamed. “Fuck me! I’m going… to… come!”

This got him going again and he quickened his pace.

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