A Desert Tale

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A Tarantula Wasp, impregnated and laden with her egg, hovers in an arroyo deep in the Sonora Desert, searching for that giant, hairy spider that will feed her unborn daughter. She spies a large male and engages him from above, landing on his back where he is defenseless, and injects her potent juices. Within a moment he is paralyzed, and she drags him into her nest to deposit a single egg upon him. A woman watches, mesmerized by the sensuality of the she-wasp’s actions as she stings, then straddles, and finally drags the helpless tarantula off to serve her purposes. The images that hypnotize her mind are subtly transmuted into feelings, feelings that course down her body, electrifying her as her gaze leaves the wasp’s nest and focuses on the young hiker who has just entered the mouth of the arroyo, his muscles tense with exhaustion beneath his sweat-soaked shirt.

She sits watching him, motionless save for the throbbing of her heart and the quivering between her legs, where her nerves are so tight they fire with every pulse of blood. She sees and yet is unseen, her unbleached linen frock, her tanned tuzla escort skin, and her tawny hair rendering her indistinguishable from the rocks and sand of the desert. She waits as he follows the water-worn path of the now-dry little canyon until he is past her, and she follows him silently for a few steps. She calls to him, and the sudden breaking of the silence by a human voice unbalances him. He wheels around towards her and is transfixed by her eyes, voraciously staring into his. His hiking staff drops from his hand as he watches her frock slide from her shoulders and fall to the ground exposing the smooth nakedness of her body.

She steps from the frock and towards him, entwining her arms round his neck and pressing her lips to his. She forces his lips apart with hers and thrusts her tongue deep into his mouth, twirling it around his to taste him and give him her taste. As he starts to embrace her, she pulls away from the kiss and slowly drops to her knees, sliding her lips down his shirt, tracing his breastbone and then his abdomen, coming to rest in a caress of the bulge in his hiking shorts. tuzla escort bayan Her arms follow her lips, trailing behind and slowly gliding from his neck, forearms pressed hard against his chest and hands open, each finger tracing its own path down his body until her hands reach the top of his shorts. Belt, button, and zipper are quickly undone and she pulls the clothing down from his hips, gazing hungrily at what she has exposed.

Her lips resume their gentle caress, now on his nakedness, and he sighs heavily. She increases the force of her kiss and draws the whole head of his organ into her mouth, circling it with her tongue to taste the moist saltiness of his arousal. Then, with hands behind his thighs, she pulls him towards her as she takes his whole shaft into her mouth and withdraws slowly, pressing her tongue against the length of him. And she repeats her glide up and down him, driving him deeper into her mouth with each pull, until his knees buckle with the pleasure and she eases him to the earth in front of her.

She straddles him now, a knee beside each hip, and bends forward to kiss escort tuzla his lips, her breasts brushing against his chest as he lays there trembling. As she leaves the kiss, she slides her hips back so his swollen and throbbing organ presses into her labia, and she pushes down on it, forcing it between her nether lips and into her sheath. Her hands press on the front of his shoulders, holding her up while forcing him to the ground. She rocks her hips forward and back to stroke up and down on him, and circles her hips to rub him against the sides of her vagina. And with each rocking and circling she drives him deeper and deeper into her until even his root is forced inside her. She suddenly sits upright, her back arching and pulling her up from him and she feels the spasms begin inside her. Waves of muscle contraction flow through her sheath, and each contraction squeezes his swollen organ until it explodes in an eruption of hot fluids. And still she contracts, each spasm forcing more fluid from him until he is drained and her muscles relax. She leans forward to kiss him again and to release him from the tight grasp of her vagina, and then slides back over his body to kiss the head atop his still-erect shaft. Then she stands, picks up her dress, and walks away, leaving his exhausted body on the dry sands of the arroyo.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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