Samantha Finally Comes Home

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That’s it Daddy, just let those hungry eyes of yours keep working their way up and down my skinny legs, I bet that big dick of yours is already hard and begging you to get inside me, isn’t it? All those times I’d go downstairs and bend over emptying the dryer just enough for you to see my bikini panties is what you’re thinking about now, but I’m not emptying the dryer now, am I Daddy, and I’m not wearing any panties either. But you know that already, don’t you? So just keep sitting there enjoying the show I’m putting on for you, and of course for that oversized prick of yours too.

“What’s going on Samantha,” I hear his words as if he’s a thousand miles away as I’m reaching up for the little box of green tea knowing his eyes are going to be straining themselves to get a look at that little slit between my legs.

For three nights now Daddy I’ve teased you just like this, and each night you’ve had to notice how my little nightie just keeps getting shorter and shorter. You like looking at my long skinny legs, don’t you Daddy? That’s why Mommy had me go down and walk through your workout room wearing one of my little nighties Saturday morning when you were pumping iron, but it was me that you really wanted to pump, wasn’t it Daddy? Then I got you so worked up that you had Mommy come downstairs to get naked with you, and it wasn’t long before you had her moaning as I was standing at the top of the stairs rubbing my kitty imagining it was really me you were molesting.

“What do you mean Daddy,” I reply fumbling with the box knowing his eyes are glued to something that they’re not supposed to be seeing now.

If you were upset with what I’m offering you Daddy, you’d walk out of the room, but you’re just sitting there with your eyes unable to take themselves off of me. You’re frozen in place with that big dick of yours screaming in your ears because of what it wants to do to me, and that little bit of guilt you’re feeling just can’t compete with the thrill you’re having looking at my ass and legs, can it Daddy? Mommy told me you’re a leg man Daddy, and you’re already thinking about spreading mine wide open, aren’t you? That’s what I’ve always wanted from you, and you and Mommy both knew it, didn’t you? She could see how I’d struggle to climb up the stairs with my legs trembling after teasing you, and she knew my kitty was hemorrhaging inside my panties too.

“Let’s see; in less than a week you’ve quit your job, dumped your boyfriend and moved back home. I’d say something is going on, don’t you,” he asks so softly as I finally turn around and put a tea bag in each of the mugs and bring them to the table.

You’re the one who told me that you were thinking of going on Match, it’s too soon Daddy to go out looking for someone to replace Mommy. She’s only been gone a few years, but I know you’re lonely Daddy, and you’re tired of just having your hand sliding up and you. That’s why I’ve come home Daddy, I’d rather you take me in Mommy’s bed than just screw some random stranger you found on the internet, and let’s face it Daddy, you and I both know that’s what you want from me. I’ve never really gotten past that awkward stage most girls go through thinking about taking their Daddy’s as their lover, then again, Mommy never let me either, and you haven’t stopped looking at me without feeling a throbbing between your legs, have you Daddy?

“I hated that job, he wasn’t my boyfriend, and I just missed being away from home,” is all I say already feeling his eyes locked on my nipples.

You like your girls tall and lean with small breasts, don’t you Daddy? That’s the body Mommy had when your eyes first went up and down her skinny body, and it’s the same one I have too. I still remember that first time Mommy caught me staring in her full-length mirror at my naked body, all she did was whisper in my ear that most men get an erection when they look at a body like mine. She was right Daddy; do you know how many of my horny old professors let their eyes go up and down my legs not even trying to hide what they were really thinking? All of them Daddy, and they loved the way I put my hair in a ponytail for them, so will you Daddy. I might be twenty-three, but I’m still so cute and innocent looking just like that skinny girl who use to bend over emptying the dryer in front of you so long ago, aren’t I Daddy.

“That’s all it is,” his voice already sounding so stressed, tell me he longs for me just as much as I do for him.

“It’s just the two of us Daddy, you don’t need anyone else in your life,” I whisper with my fingers intertwining themselves between his.

You have big hands Daddy, are you going to pry my little ass open when you start pumping me? I hope so Daddy, I love that feeling of being so spread wide open, and I’m sure Mommy did too, didn’t she? I may look like that same naive skinny girl who use to tease you down in the basement, but I’ve had a few boyfriends Daddy, and believe me, between my mouth and kitty, I’ll drain you in ways pendik escort that will have you begging me for even more. But we have to go slow Daddy, you have to want me just as much as I want you, at least that’s what my plan is now. Things could change though Daddy; you might even come in my room and rip my little nightie off me tonight. But if you do come in my room Daddy, you’re not going to find me wearing my nightie, and my kitty is going to be so juicy too.

But you’ve always known that about me, haven’t you Daddy? Just the way my eyes have always lingered on that big bulge between your legs told you what thoughts were really going through my head, and sometimes you and Mommy even made love in my bed when I’d go to school, didn’t you? I may have been a virgin Daddy, but I knew what those stains were in my sheets, and I knew how they got there too. Did you pull my panties down Mommy’s legs and take her thinking it was me Daddy, I bet you did, and Mommy whispered in your ear as you were pumping her that she was me, didn’t she? You loved that freedom Mommy gave you, but I’ll give you freedom too Daddy, and I’ll even let you take me whispering in your ear that I’m really Mommy that your buried inside of right before you fill my insides with your love. That’s what you really need in your life now, isn’t it Daddy?

“Is this all happening because I told you I was thinking about going on Match,” he asks with his eyes looking right into mine.

“When you look at me, you see Mommy, don’t you Daddy,” is all I say knowing there’s already a puddle between my legs from the way my kitty is over-juicing herself.

“From that very first time you started wearing one of those short little nighties in front of me, I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of you because of how you looked so much like Mommy,” he barely gets the words off his lips as I see the tension on his face getting even more intense.

“And I’ve never gotten past emptying the dryer in front of you feeling you’re eyes going up and down my legs,” I ask forcing myself to get up with my lips gently pushing themselves against his cheek?

Just turn your head Daddy and let my tongue slip inside your mouth, then you’ll lift me up and carry me to your bed with your beast screaming in your ears to slip inside me. You’ll take me too, won’t you Daddy? It’s been almost three years since Mommy left us, so I know you need to feel that warmth that only a kitty who loves you can give you. But I need to be stretched Daddy, for so long now my fingers are the only ones that can give me relief. You’ll fuck me hard, won’t you, and then your tongue will slide down between my legs and get me off, won’t it Daddy?

“And neither have I,” he whispers with his lips just so close to mine.

“They’re calling for blizzard conditions tonight, and you know how cold my room gets, so don’t be surprised if I climb into bed with you later to warm up,” I whisper in his ear and then force my legs to move one after the other out of the kitchen feeling his eyes still locked on the both of them.

I’m not going to able to last long kitty the way you’re already begging me to have him take you, but we have to let Daddy think about everything that just happened between us. But he wants you kitty, and so does his beast. Don’t be surprised if he’s stretching you tonight just like he did with Mommy, but that’s what you want, isn’t it Mommy? You knew this day was going to come as you so slowly slipped away from us, that’s why you asked me to move back home after I graduated, but I’m finally home now Mommy, and I’ll make love to Daddy just like you used to do.


“I need to warm up Daddy, it’s so cold in my room,” I whisper as I slip under the covers with my whole body already beginning to tremble.

Look at me Mommy; I’m lying next to Daddy totally naked with my kitty on fire. It won’t be long before he’s pumping me just like he used to do to you, will it? He’ll probably fill me in no time at all with his sticky goo, but soon he’ll have that same staying power he had with you. That’s what I need in my life now Mommy, I want him to toss me around like a rag doll with him buried inside me like he use to do to you, and then whisper in my ear how much he loves me as he’s filling my insides with his thick creamy love. You’ll watch him doing it to me, won’t you Mommy?

“You shouldn’t be here like this Sam, you’re not a little girl anymore,” his voice so choked makes me remember all those times I’d climb into bed with the both of you so long ago Mommy.

In the beginning when I still so small Mommy, you and Daddy would let me slip under the covers with the both of you, but once I turned eighteen, everything changed, didn’t it Mommy? That’s when the both of you always kept yourselves hidden under the sheets when I’d climb onto your bed after I finished my homework, but I knew you were both naked underneath them, weren’t you Mommy? It excited me knowing your hand was working its way up and down Daddy, and it excited escort pendik you too, didn’t it? But you loved the way Daddy’s eyes were looking at my skinny legs with my little nightie showing him so much skin as you got him closer and closer to getting off, and I knew what thoughts were really going through your head as Daddy’s eyes just couldn’t keep themselves from devouring every inch of me. That’s why I’d come in your room so late at night Mommy, and you and Daddy were waiting for me, weren’t you?

But some night’s Mommy I wasn’t even wearing any panties, and I was always hoping that I’d feel Daddy’s fingers slowly sliding up my legs until one of them slipped inside me as you were tugging on him. He never did though, but you wanted him to finger my kitty, didn’t you Mommy? I’m sure you would have tugged on him even harder if you heard me moaning with his fingers jammed deep inside me, and then you would have licked my juices off his fingers after he filled the sheets with his sticky goo. But it wouldn’t have been long before Daddy was screwing me right in front of you, that’s what you really wanted to happen back then, wasn’t it Mommy? You wanted Daddy to fuck me just like how Mia wanted her step-daddy to fuck her in front of her Mom, but Daddy never even tried to take me, did he Mommy.

If only I could tell you all the stories Mia use to tell me when we’d be lying next to each other rubbing our kitty’s Mommy, that’s why she was always staying over with me, and I loved listening to her telling me all the ways she was teasing her step-daddy. But one night she pushed him too far, and right in front of her, he pulled the covers off and spread her Mommy’s legs wide open and fucked her until he filled her insides with his love. After that night, Mia never wore any panties under her little nightie when she’d go into their room, and I think her step-daddy was bouncing back and forth between the two of them, but that’s the one secret she’s ever kept from me Mommy. You and Daddy always wondered how she ended up going to Duke, too bad I couldn’t have told the both of you the real reason of how she ended up there, but maybe one day I’ll whisper in Daddy’s ear some of her other secrets when he’s buried inside me.

“I wasn’t all that little Daddy, was I,” I whisper as I let my fingers begin to glide up and down his hairless chest.

You don’t have the body of a boy Daddy, a thick muscular chest and arms that could easily twirl me in the air like a rag doll, no wonder all my friends still drool over you the way they do. That’s why so many of them loved coming over so long ago, they all wanted to see you in your tight sweatpants and skimpy little t-shirts. You knew it too, didn’t you Daddy, and so did Mommy. But it was skinny Mia who was infatuated with you the most, it wasn’t enough for her to be sucking on her step-daddy, she wanted to suck on you too. I’m half surprised she hasn’t tried to seduce you since Mommy left us, but that’s one of the reasons why I’m home now Daddy, you’re beast needs relief, and I’m the only one who can give it to you.

“No you weren’t, but I’m not sure we should be lying naked together under the covers the way we are now Samantha,” he whispers as I let one of my fingers slip into his navel.

Sometimes when I walked in you were spooning with Mommy, I knew from what Mia told me, that’s how it all started with her step-daddy. You were buried inside Mommy, weren’t you Daddy? I could tell by the looks on your faces the strain you were both under, but I knew if I dropped my phone like Mia used to do and lean over the bed with my ass and kitty exposed to you, you probably would have taken me in front of Mommy. I wanted you to take me Daddy, but I was afraid Mommy might get mad at me. You wouldn’t have though, would you Mommy? That’s one of the main reasons I need to take Daddy now, because I know you’ll be watching me, won’t you Mommy?

“Mommy needs to see you filling my insides with your love, you know that Daddy, don’t you,” is all I reply as I feel his body beginning to tense under the strain I’m putting on it.

You want me to slide my hand further down you, don’t you Daddy? Be patient, we have all night, and tomorrow morning too. Are you going to be up for the challenge Daddy, I’m going to ride you just like Mommy did, and you’re going to make me scream just like she did, aren’t you? I always faked my orgasms with Gregory because he just couldn’t seem to please me, but your tongue will do it to me, won’t it Daddy? Mommy told me how good you were at eating her kitty, and she didn’t have to beg you to do it either. That’s what I need Daddy, I need to feel your mouth on me, and you need to taste my kitty too, don’t you Daddy?

“Are you trying to seduce me,” is all I hear as I let my fingers slowly begin to slide down his thigh.

“Do you want me to seduce you Daddy,” I ask fighting that urge to wrap my hand around his beast.

It’s been so long since you’ve felt Mommy’s hand rubbing your thigh like this, hasn’t it, pendik escort bayan but I’m here for you now Daddy, and so is my kitty. You’re going to love the way she’s going to squeeze you, and you’re going to fill her with your love, aren’t you? She’s been waiting so long for you to slip inside her, and you’ll stretch her just like you did with Mommy’s kitty. Mommy told me you’re huge Daddy, and all those times she’d make my face turn beet red when we were in the produce aisle when she’d hand me a large green cucumber is all I can think about now. Maybe that’s why Gregory couldn’t seem to please me, but you will, won’t you Daddy? You’ll drive yourself deeper inside me than he ever did, and then you fill my insides with your thick creamy love, won’t you Daddy.

“What do you think,” is all I hear as I let my lips begin to caress the side of his cheek.

You should have kissed me in the kitchen Daddy, but somehow you found the will power to resist me. You won’t be able to this time though, and you know you want to feel my tongue slip inside your mouth, don’t you? So don’t fight me Daddy, once you have my mouth, I won’t be able to stop myself from giving you my kitty. But that’s what you want Daddy, isn’t it? You need to drive yourself deep inside me, and I need to feel it too. So please Daddy, turn your head towards me and let my tongue slip inside your mouth.

“Kiss me Daddy,” I hear myself whisper as I finally let my hand wrap around his beast.

Mommy was right Daddy, you do have a dick as big as big as one of those green beasts, and you’re going to slide it inside me, aren’t you? All those Saturday mornings when I’d walk by you trying not to look at that bulge in your gym shorts is what I’m seeing now, and you didn’t even try and hide it from me, did you Daddy? But now my hand is measuring you Daddy, and it’s so long and thick just like Mommy said it was. I need this big dick of yours inside me, so please Daddy, bring your lips to mine and take me like I know you want to do.

“Once I kiss you, I’m going to want to make love to you,” I hear his whisper as my hand is already sliding up and down him in a way I know that is driving him crazy.

“Kiss me and take me like you use to do with Mommy,” I moan as my hand still can’t believe it’s wrapped around something so big.

That’s it Daddy, turn your lips towards me and bring them mine like you did with Mommy. So many times I caught the two of you with your mouths locked together down in the family room, Mommy’s hand was sliding up and down you, wasn’t it Daddy? But you were rubbing her too, and you both knew I was watching what the two of you were doing together. The two of you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, and now those big hands of yours will be sliding up and down my skinny body, won’t they Daddy.

“Doesn’t this feel good Daddy,” I whisper as I let my hand slide up and down his entire length imagining what it’s going to feel like when it’s buried all the way inside me.

You have to be at least eight or nine inches long Daddy, no wonder Mommy’s legs were always spread apart for you. She told me you’ll do things to me that will have me screaming, and now that my hand is wrapped around you Daddy, I know she just wasn’t teasing me. But I need you to kiss me Daddy, then you’ll rip the covers off of us and take me, won’t you? That’s what I’ve been dreaming about for all these long years, and so have you, haven’t you Daddy?

“That’s what Mommy use to do to me in the beginning,” I hear his whisper as I feel him pulling me closer to him.

You have big balls Daddy, and they’re both filled with cream, aren’t they? You’ll fill my kitty just like you use to do to Mommy’s, and then you’ll tongue me until I start to moan and scream just like she did, won’t you? Mommy told me that’s what you use to do to her after you filled her insides with your love, but Gregory never sucked on me after he filled me, but you will, won’t you Daddy? But I can already tell that you’re going to be pulling the covers off of me in a second or two, and then you’re finally going to see my skinny body. I hope you won’t be disappointed with me, but I know you won’t, and I won’t be disappointed seeing you naked either Daddy.

“Do you want me to suck on you like Mommy use to do when she was stroking you like this,” I whisper already knowing what he’s going to tell me.

“Ever since Mommy left, this is the dream that’s been haunting me night after night,” I hear him say so softly as I feel the covers finally coming off the both of us.

“This isn’t a dream Daddy,” is all I can manage to get off my lips as my eyes begin measuring him inch by inch not believing what I’m seeing now.

You weren’t lying, were you Mommy, Daddy really does have a dick as big as one of those green beasts in the produce aisle. But maybe I’m just so excited now that’s making it seem so much bigger than it really is, but it’s so much bigger than what either Billy or Gregory had between their legs, and I can already feel my insides screaming for it to slide inside me. You’re just so long and thick Daddy, no wonder Mommy always moaned the way she did when you were stretching her. You’re going to make me scream too, aren’t you Daddy?

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