Ryan Family Ch. 07a

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I’ve tried to make this comprehensible to anybody who hasn’t read the earlier chapters, but reading them first is still a good idea.

As always, remember that Mark, Carol and Dina – who are all safely past their 18th birthdays, by the way – are all counting on you: positive comments and appreciative voting are the sort of positive reinforcement that gets subsequent chapters written a lot sooner, and in the end that means more fucking for all of them. Would you like it if they kept you from getting laid?


Just after noon, Dina dialed me from her cell phone. “Get your ass downstairs. We’re here.” I could hear my mother start to ask her whether she knew how to speak politely, when the call disconnected.

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My parents had collected my sister Dina from her college the night before, and now we were all on our way to Grandma Ryan’s farm for the holiday.

I was going to see Carol in person for the first time since February. And we were finally going to make love.

I wasn’t sure how we were going to manage it — it would be a busy few days, the house would be fairly crowded, and of course the boy cousins and the girl cousins would be crammed into separate rooms — but we were going to make it happen.

We weren’t on the road for long before daydreaming about sex with Carol gave me the beginnings of a massive erection. Dina noticed and with a little smirk, gently patted my crotch. I somehow managed not to gasp.

We broke for dinner around 5, then continued to drive until we got to our motel around 9. The plan was to get going again early, and get to Grandma’s around noon.

“The three of us made do with one room last night,” my father said as we got out of the car, “but four would be pushing it, so we got a second room for you kids.” I told him good idea, trying not to think

about the fact that he and Mom probably wanted to be alone so they could have sex.

As soon as Dina and I stepped into our room, she dropped her backpack to the floor, double-locked the door, and began getting undressed. “This is going to be a fun night,” she said, tossing her shirt at me.

Her bra was almost sheer. Her breasts were as beautiful as I’d remembered. But no.

“We can’t,” I said.

“We can.”

“We won’t.”

She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” I said.

“Bullshit,” she said. “Yeah, I know, you promised yourself to Carol, yadda yadda yadda. But that ship sailed back in August, as I’m sure you remember. You fucked the hell out of me, didn’t you?”

“That was once.”

“And how many times did I suck your cock? And you ate out my pussy?”

Goddamn, my cock was getting so hard it was starting to hurt.

“What about when you were at school?” she asked. “Did you keep your promise to Carol the past few months?”

“Yes I did.”

“No sex at all?”

“Well…” I began.

“Wait,” she said, pulling down her jeans and dropping down on one of the bed wearing only her panties. She put her hands on her breasts, not nearly covering them. “Go on, I’m hoping this will be good.”

“I dated some. One girl gave me a hand job in a movie theatre.”

“Ohh. Did she reach into your pants, or did she take your cock out?”

“She opened my pants and took my cock out.”

Dina was rubbing her breasts. “Did you cum?”

“Oh, yeah. I got cum all over the seat in front of us. Thank God nobody was sitting there. Why am I telling you this?”

She was pinching her nipples, and I couldn’t stop watching. I’d had cybersex with Carol at least a dozen tuzla escort times, but I’d never seem a girl playing with herself in person. I could smell Dina. “Oh, don’t act so

innocent,” Dina said. “You’re enjoying this. You’re so turned on watching me, you can hardly stand it. Now tell me more.”

Well, I could tease as well as she can. “Another girl, we were on her bed and I was down to my underwear and she was wearing nothing but her panties — like you are — and we were rubbing against each other. I was hard and she was wet.”

Dina began rubbing her pussy through her panties. “Tell me you fucked her.”

“No. We turned around and I started eating out her pussy.”

“I bet she had no idea how much your sister loves when you do that. Mark, get over here and fuck me.”

I grabbed a change of clothing out of my backpack and headed for the bathroom. “Come on, Dina, you know I can’t.”

Dina stripped off her panties. “Fine, Mark. While you’re taking your shower, just keep in mind that I’ll be out here fingering myself until I cum.”

Well, I thought to myself as I closed the bathroom door behind me, I won that test of wills; but that was definitely the worst “win” ever.

My cock sprang to attention as soon as I took off my pants and shorts, and I thought about the warm, wet pussy it could have been sliding into right now. The cool shower water helped, but not enough. Well, there was nothing keeping me from jerking off, was there?

I was just starting to stroke my cock when the bathroom door opened. “Can I watch?” Dina asked.

“Uh… watch what?”

“Oh come on, are we getting shy now?” She stepped into the shower – still naked, of course.

“I… I can’t do it with you watching.”

“After I let you watch me,,, rubbing my clit… thrusting my finger deep inside my pussy…?” I was certainly hard enough again, anyway. “Here, let me help you out,” she said, wrapping her hand around my cock and softly stroking it.

I sighed. It felt so good.

“Is this the best hand job you ever got?”

“Yes,” I said. “Yes it is.”

“Are you going to cum all over my naked tits?”

“God, yes.”

“Maybe I’ll rub your cum into my its. How sexy would that be?”

I couldn’t speak. It was all I could do to keep my knees from buckling.

“I bet you really need to cum right now, right?” she cooed. “If you don’t you’ll explode.”


“Good,” she said, letting go of my cock, turning around, and bending over, pressing her body against my cock. “Then you’re out of options.”

I grabbed her hips. “Fuck you,” I said with a resigned laugh.

“Yes,” she said. “Please.”

I rammed my hard cock into her pussy. “Oh yes,” she said. “Yes. Fuckfuckfuck, nobody’s ever made me… fuckfuckfuck, uhhhhh, yes, cum in me, cum in me, cum in me…”

I didn’t last two minutes before I filled her pussy with one, two three hard spurts of hot cum, happy that she’d cum before I had.

We rinsed off, then wrapped towels around ourselves and returned to the bedroom.

“Damn,” Dina said, “you’re still the only man who’s ever made me cum.”

“Thank you, but –“

“Thank you.”

“Dina, I’m serious. You know I told Carol I wasn’t going to fuck anybody until we did it.”

“Except for me.”

“That was during the summer, it was once, and she knew about it. That was supposed to be it.”

“Oh, bullshit,” Dina said. “Does she know how many time I sucked your cock? And the hand job and blow job you got at school?”

“Well, no, but…”

“Then don’t get all self-righteous about it. You didn’t actually fuck anybody tuzla escort bayan at school, which is what you promised her, and that’s admirable. She already knows we’ve fucked, so what difference does it

make if we did it just the once, or three times?”

“Three times?”

She reached under my towel. “I know you’re hard again and if I got on top of you and impaled my wet pussy with your hard cock, you wouldn’t do a thing to stop me.”

I smiled. “Just try it. I dare you.”

And she did. And I didn’t do a thing to stop her.


We fell asleep together, my cock still sticky with her juices, my cum still dripping from her pussy. I was awakened a little after 3am when I felt a warm mouth sucking my cock. I didn’t think my body could have produced any more semen this quickly, but after a few minutes I came in Dina’s mouth: not very hard, just a dribble, but I did come and it was good.


The next time I woke up was a few minutes after 9. Our parents were pounding on our door. We were both lying naked over the sheets, my cock pressed against Dina’s ass and my hand clutching her breast.

Thank God we’d locked the security lock, so they couldn’t open the door with the motel key.

We were both immediately awake, trying not to panic. “We’ll be ready in a minute,” I yelled back at the same time Dina was yelling “Go ahead to breakfast, we’ll meet you in a minute.” I pulled clothing out

of my backpack while Dina, beautifully naked, yanked the sheets off of both bed so they’d look slept in.


Around noon, when Dad said we were about half an hour from Grandma’s, I shook Dina’s shoulder, pretending to wake her up, and told her to sit up. I needed that half hour for my cock to settle down.

We’d barely set out that morning when Dina said she was still tried and asked whether she could stretch out on the back seat and use my lap as a pillow. She closed her eyes, but sleep wasn’t on her mind: She made a point of resting her head directly on my cock, and every few minutes she shifted position, using the side of her head to rub my cock. Not enough to make me cum, fortunately, but enough to give me a

boner that never quite went away. Once, she arranged herself so that her mouth was right next to where the head of my cock was bulging through my pants, and then made sucking motions as if she were sucking my cock through my pants.

All this time, I could see that her blouse had come unbuttoned a bit past how she’d ever wear it in public. She was wearing a bra, of course — she was much too busty to go braless without everybody

noticing — but the bra was very low cut and very sheer (I’d seen her put it on, after all), and I was getting a nice show in addition to having my cock occasionally rubbed.

I wished Dina could suck my cock: the teasing was driving me nuts. I wondered whether Dina would be crazy enough to actually do it if I’d asked: Dad was driving and Mom was dozing, but the consequences of getting caught would be unimaginable.

In any case, by the time we got to Grandma’s, my cock was no longer threatening to make a spectacle of itself (and of course Dina’s blouse had been re-buttoned). The other relatives were already there, and came out to greet us. I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing Carol in the flesh, though of course I was looking forward to seeing a lot more of her flesh.

I wanted to run up to her and kiss her passionately, of course, but I couldn’t. Instead, I went over to Grandma and hugged her and gave her a chaste kiss, then did the same to my two aunts, and finally Carol.


We finally got to escort tuzla be alone around four, after a long lunch and a couple hours of intra-familial catching up. Yes, Grandma, I have grown, thank you. My Aunt Nora, who’d just shed her third husband, had one

son, Scott, who was about Dina’s age, and then several dozen boys and girls under the age of ten. Seemed that way, anyway. The “boys bedroom” and the “girls bedroom” would each have grandchildren stacked like fire wood the next few nights, so Carol and I finding an empty bedroom was definitely not a possibility.

We walked over to the forest behind Grandma’s house. It was hard to remember that this was Thanksgiving weekend, because we’d never spent Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house before. Late November in the Deep South was certainly different from late November in Illinois. We were wearing t-shirts and shorts, and it still felt warm.

We twisted and turned through the woods for a while, and finally I asked Carol is she was sure she knew where we were. “Sure,” she said. “We come out here every year, remember, so as long as we stay on the paths –” (I honestly couldn’t see any paths) “– and it’s daylight, I can find our way back. Soooo,” she added win a grin, “if you ever want to get out of here alive, you’d better be very nice to me.”

“You have me at your mercy, you fiend,” I said.

“Okay, first of all, I want a real kiss out of you, not that bullshit peck you gave me when you got here.”

“As you command,” I said, pulling her close to me and kissing her the way I’d been dreaming about for months. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, and I sucked on it. I slipped my hands up the bottom of her t-shirt, until I was rubbing her upper back and her t-shirt in front had been pulled up to just under her breasts.

She looked around quickly and satisfied we were alone, she lifted her t-shirt over her breasts. “They need to be kissed too,” she said.

I put a hand on each of her small breasts, rubbed each nipple softly, and then leaned down to suck on first the right one and then the left one. She groaned.

Finally she pushed my head away and said, “Listen, Mark, I hate to keep being the one to say ‘we can’t do it now,’ but…”

“We can’t do it now?” Not that I’d expecting anything of the sort when we’d entered the woods, but the past few minutes I’d been daring to hope.

“Since Aunt Nora lives down the road, her kids know these woods like they know their own homes. One of them can come running by at any moment.”

“That wouldn’t be good,” I said.

“No. But…” she added, placing her hand on the front of my shorts, “I can make sure you’re presentable before we go back to the house.”

“Oh?” I asked as my cock pushed out against my shorts, as it had so many time today already.

“Just keep your eyes peeled. Let me know if you even think anybody might be in the woods with us.” She pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees with a single yank, freeing my cock. Then she knelt down a took it into her mouth.

The first girl who’d ever given me a blow job was sucking my cock again, and it felt amazing. Her t-shirt was still pulled up to her neck so her tits were still exposed, but I kept my promise to keep a

watch out for little cousins.

She swirled her tongue around the head of my cock as she sucked and less than a minute after she’d taken my cock into her mouth, I came. She kept sucking until I felt empty inside, and swallowed all my cum.

She stood up, fixed her shirt, and smiled. “I think you really needed that.”

“You have no idea,” I told her. I meant that more literally than she thought: it was probably best that she didn’t know Dina had been teasing me mercilessly for the entire car ride over here.

“Good,” she said. “Because later on, I want you to be ready for a good, long fuck.”

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