Ruined for All Others Ch. 02

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When Catherine died my whole world was turned upside down. Taking care of Brianna, as I had done since she was a small girl, was a no brainer. Now as a young woman she lay in my bed, naked and no longer a virgin. A wave of guilt tearing at my stomach as I gaze down at her.

What have I done? She has no idea what she is asking of me.

My desires are dark, they always have been and always will be. It just is who I am. I love control. I thrive on making my submissive surrender to me. It’s the only thing that satisfies and fulfills me. Catherine understood my needs and needed what she got from me in return. She was a born submissive and apparently has passed that trait on to Brianna.

Brianna is snuggled against me, sated and exhausted. I watch her as she sleeps in my arms. Her chest, still flushed pink from her orgasm, rising and falling in a sweet, gentle rhythm. Her breasts so firm and round. The nubs of her nipples still hard and centered in the middle of her perfectly pink areola. My mouth waters as I imagine them plump, red and clamped while she is tied up and begging me for release. She is truly beautiful and reminds me so much of her mom. She is too damn innocent to get caught up in this right now. I need to tell her tomorrow that I won’t be taking her to my playroom.

My inner demons raged when she told me she wanted me to take her virginity. A struggle of will power against desire. Desire obviously won! I gave her what she asked for, honored that she wanted me to be her first. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised since I have been around for many of Brianna’s firsts. When she looked at me with those baby blues and begged me to take her, I couldn’t resist. It’s been years since I have touched a woman, felt her warmth and tasted her sweetness. I lost control and gave in to Brianna. That’s a dangerous position to be in. A submissive relies on her Dom to be in control at all times, a daughter expects the same from her Daddy and I failed in both respects tonight by allowing my cock to supersede my rational thought.

I kiss the back of her head, inhaling the scent of her hair and she stirs. Wiggling her ass against my cock as she presses her body against mine. A soft moan escapes her mouth and my cock twitches back to life. God she is going to be the death of me!

“Are you sore Baby girl?” I ask, praying she says yes, partly due to fear that I won’t be able to resist her if she doesn’t stop wiggling and partly due to my Dom ego. I like leaving my woman sore, it reminds her of who owns them, who controls her pleasure. It is exhilarating and what makes me tick.

“No Daddy, not at all”, she responds with a sleepy, sexy little smile slayed across her cupids bow lips. She continues to squirm against me making me rock hard.

“Mmmmm”, she moans, “I want more Daddy.”

“Shhhhh Princess, go to sleep.” Please, for the love of God, go to sleep!

Kissing, touching, tasting her and feeling the heat of her pussy wrapped around my cock has me wound up so tight. I was easy on her because it was her first time and she trusted me, but right now all I want to do is fuck her so hard she can’t remember her own name.

I pull her closer putting my arm across her hip hoping that will keep her still until she drifts off to sleep. My thoughts are running rampant as I go back and forth wondering what the hell I am going to do now. How am I going to resist her? I must have drifted off myself because I am dreaming that Brianna has my cock in her mouth. God she feels so fucking good.


Even though Daddy just made me cum so hard no more than an hour ago, I want more, I need more. I watch him sleep. So handsome and sexy. His hair is dark with a few scattered greys, making him look distinguished and mature. A five o’clock shadow growing on his chiseled jaw, his lashes long and dark fluttering slightly as he dreams. His body muscular and perfect. A tribal tattoo covering his left pec and encompassing his entire left arm. He is sexy as fuck in his uniform but seeing him like this, in the raw, has me drooling. I lightly trace the lines of his tattoo with my fingertip, his bicep flexing slightly under my touch. My fingernails brush lightly down his abs, they quiver under my caress and his cock starts to thicken.

I slide down his legs, pausing to admire his package. His cock is thick with a ruby red crown, a shiny drop of cum peeking from the tip. He truly is a fine specimen of man. I wrap my hand around it softly. He takes in a slow deep breath and softly moans in his sleep. I stroke his length leisurely. I love the feel of his cock in my hand but what I really want is to taste him. I want to give him the same pleasure he gave me. I pull from the base to the head rhythmically, a bead of cum spills from tip. I lick my lips and drag my tongue up the slit to catch it. It’s warm and salty and I want more.

I slide my mouth around his cock and gently suck the head, twisting my hand so his sensitive spot is laved by my tongue. He moans and bursa escort wraps his hands in my hair.

“Fuck Baby girl, your little mouth is so fucking hot!” He pushes my head down and his cock fills the back of my throat. I panic slightly, feeling like my airway is being cut off and try to raise my head but he holds my down.

“Relax Princess, open your throat for Daddy.”

He raises up and looks at me, his eyes dark, burning with desire and need. He strokes my cheek with his thumb and smiles at me. The look on his face both eases my fear and sets me on fire at the same time. I stop fighting and allow my throat muscles to relax. He seats himself as deep as he can get and growls.

“Fuck yes Baby girl, that’s where Daddy wants to cum.”

He pulls back slightly and pushes deep again, slowly fucking my throat. I feel him growing bigger and harder with each stroke. I allow him to control my head as he pumps in and out of my mouth. I can feel his orgasm building and I purr, the vibration sending him over the edge. With one more thrust he buries his cock in my throat, holding my head as he unloads hot white streams in my mouth.

“Swallow Baby”, he coaxes with his cock still buried. I drink all of him down and smile around the base of his cock.


A few days have passed since I took Brianna’s virginity and woke up to her sucking me off. God her mouth felt so fucking good. My skin tingles at the thought of my cock buried in her sweet tight pussy. I picked up a couple extra shifts at work, working doubles to stay away from her. I need to get my thoughts together. We only run into each other when I’m coming home and she is leaving for work or school. She has yet to mention our night together but she has been floating around the house like a butterfly. I wonder how she will react when I tell her I’m not taking her to the playroom.

It’s not that I don’t want to. Trust me I want nothing more than her submission, to own her and ruin her for all others. I want to tease her, lick her, spank her and fuck her mercilessly until she begs me to stop but I’m not sure the intensity of this type of sexual relationship is healthy for her. She is brand new to sex, shouldn’t it be vanilla to start with? The last thing I want to do is hurt her or stain her perception of sex and a sexual relationship.

As I pull into the drive the first winter snow is starting to fall. Fuck her car is still here. Down boy! I have to wrestle my cock every time I turn around. Thoughts of her red, freshly spanked ass high in the air as I pound her are flooding my thoughts. Staying away, working long shifts, jerking off in the shower, none of it is helping to squelch the fire burning in my groin.

Determined to have my little talk today, I enter the house but don’t see Brianna. I call out for her with no response. I look upstairs with no luck. Where the hell is she?

“Brianna!” I yell as I continue searching every room in the house to no avail. Then it hits me…the basement. As I look in the spot where I hang my spare keys, they are gone. The playroom! I quietly descend the stairs to the basement, my heart is pounding as I get to the bottom of the steps and see the door to the playroom is ajar. I watch her from the small opening. She is walking around the equipment, her slender fingers touching and surveying each item curiously. She inspects the paddles and floggers hanging on the wall, I swear I can see her skin flush from here. My cock jumps at the thought of her ass flushing pink after I spank her for snooping.

“Uh hum!” I clear my throat. She jumps and shrieks as she spins around and sees me standing there. I close the gap between us quickly. Coming in from the side, methodically and purposely like a lion stalking his prey. Her discomfort and embarrassment evident in her body language and her eyes.

“What are you doing in here Princess? You know this room is off limits.” I say sternly, hoping she gets the point that I am displeased with her. Not because she disobeyed a rule given to her many years ago but because seeing her right now in my playroom, so curious, so innocent, so inquisitive has my cock throbbing.

She flashes me that pouty lip. God damn it! She knows how to fucking work me. I take a deep breath and sit down patting my knee.

“Come here Princess.”

She parks herself on my knee and looks up at me with those sweet baby blues and I melt.

“Brianna, honey, you don’t really want this. I know you think you do, but trust me baby, this is not a good way to start your sexual endeavors. It’s dark and intense. It takes commitment and devotion. You are so young and have your life ahead of you Bri. This isn’t just fun and games.”

She listens to me intently and without missing a lick responds. “I know Daddy. I have done a lot of research. I know what I am getting into and I am big enough and smart enough to make my own decisions.”

I look as her with disbelief and exasperation. She has always been so damn head strong. How bursa escort bayan do I get my point across to her?

“You think so, do you Princess?” She nods her head at me, affirming she isn’t about to change her mind.

“Stand up and take your clothes off.” I demand in a gruff voice, catching her off guard. We will see how damn serious and brave you think you are baby girl.

Not only does she do as she is told without so much as a peep, but she takes them off teasing me and smiling the whole way through. She jimmy’s out of her yoga pants, her ample hips swaying back and forth as she works the clingy fabric down. Her legs long and still kissed from the summer sun. Then she raises her hands over her head and pulls her t-shirt off, her taunt stomach peeking at me with each inch she exposes, until she stands before me in her bra and a tiny thong. Fuck she is mouthwatering. My plan is going to pot right before my eyes. She makes me lose control. I am so out of fucking practice since Catherine died. I have to round her back in and make her understand who the boss here is.

“Come here, now!” I bark, causing her to jump. That’s right Baby girl, I am boss and I am about to show you who is in control here.

Brianna cautiously approaches me, her bottom lip poking out slightly like she did when she was in trouble as a little girl. Oh no baby that isn’t working this time. When she is within arm’s length, I grab her and pull her down across my lap holding her down with my arm. She wiggles but doesn’t protest, doesn’t try to get away. The globes of her ass are so perfect, so pale and creamy. I rub my hand across them one by one, relishing the feel of her smooth, young, tender flesh. She doesn’t have a clue what’s coming when I smack her ass with my hand.


God, he looks so fucking sexy as I walk towards him. I want him to see that I do know what I want, I know what I can handle and I know what I need and it’s HIM and everything he is willing to share with me. I glance at him before I lie across his lap as he has demanded and the hunger I see in his eyes is overwhelming. My pussy is soaking wet already and he hasn’t even touched me.

His warm, strong hand gropes my ass cheeks and I melt into his lap, relaxed and ready for whatever he has to offer.

SMACK! His hand makes contact with my cheek, the heat and sting catching me off guard but quickly reverberating straight to my clit.

I squeal and wiggle in his lap. “Hold still baby girl”, he says pressing me down with his arm as he lands another firm smack to my other cheek.

Jesus, this is so fucking hot. Although the sting is painful at first, he uses his warm palm to rub each cheek gently after each blow, dissipating the pain and flooding pleasure to my core. He smacks each cheek, rubs them gently and then pulls my thong causing it to rub against my pussy over and over until I am panting.

“Please Daddy!” I beg him.

“What Princess? Tell Daddy what you need.”

“I need you to make me cum Daddy!” I answer breathlessly.

He laughs, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Oh no baby girl, not yet, not even close. You will not cum until I think you should come, until I give you permission to cum, if I give you permission. Do I make myself clear?”

I whimper, desperate for release, as he lands another slap to my tender ass.

“Lesson number one, I am in control, not you. I control your orgasms…when, how many, how I will get you off and how hard you explode. Lesson number two, when I ask you a question you answer me quickly and truthfully”, his hand making contact again. “Lesson number three, in this room and my bedroom you will address me as Daddy or Sir, your pick baby girl. Do you understand?” he asks as he soothes my sore bottom.

“Yes Sir!” I whimper, more out of desperate need than anything else.

“Good girl” he praises as he slides a finger through my soaking wet slit and growls.


My finger glides through her soaked cunt. Jesus Christ she is definitely going to be the death of me. She is so fucking turned on by the spanking that she is writhing on my lap, begging me to make her cum. Well, that plan back fired in my face! My cock is about to burst the zipper of my pants and I feel a drop of precum wetting my boxers.

I pick her up and stand her on her feet, her legs wobbling underneath her.

“Take your bra off baby.” She pauses a second too long, and I growl at her, “Now!”

She moves quicker now, but shyly reaches behind her back to unfasten it, cupping her breasts after she lets it fall to the floor. I want to smile but know that I need to keep my composure so when she looks up at me through those long lashes looking bashful I arch an eyebrow at her keeping my face as serious as I can manage.

“Suddenly shy are you? Is this really what you want Princess, we can walk away now if you want, just say the word.” I am giving her an out, it may be my undoing but I have to ask her one more time before I take escort bursa this to a whole other level.

I watch her closely to see what her next move will be and what she does blows me away. She doesn’t pause to think, she simply walks over to me and kneels at me feet, resting her head on my lap. Yep…it’s definitely my undoing.

She whispers, “I want this Daddy, I want you. I want to learn how to be you’re submissive. I want you to show me how to please you, I want to make you as happy as you have made me.”

“Oh Baby, you don’t have any idea how truly happy you make me!” I stroke her face gently and then pop her firmly on her bottom.

“Now get that sweet little ass over to that corner”, I point to where I want her.

She scampers to the corner and waits for me. I grab a blindfold and strut towards her, I can smell her arousal and it’s driving me insane. I want to taste her, to devour her and make her come undone under my touch. I stand in front of her, gauging her, paying attention to her every response. I know she has probably read a lot of crap about BDSM and very little truth. I know I need to pay special attention to how she handles all the things I plan to do to her.

I bring her wrists together in the front of her and tie them with a silk scarf. I pull a rope that is suspended from a hook in the ceiling beam and wrap it around the scarf tying it off.

“What are you doing?” she giggles nervously.

“Shhhhhh”, I lay a finger against her lips, as I whisper in her ear, “Do you trust me Princess?”

“Yes Daddy”, she whimpers.

I use my foot to push her legs apart, spreading her legs wide, her cunt lips shiny with her excitement. Her scent, once again reaching my nostrils and setting me on fire. I reach down and run my finger through her folds, drenching it in her juices. I bring my finger to her lips and paint them with her nectar before tracing them with my lips and licking it off.

She moans deep from the gut and her knees start to give way. I pull the rope and raise her arms above her head, her breathing is heavy and fast. I watch her tits as her chest heaves in and out, taunting me. I finger her cunt again and paint each nipple with her arousal before I suck them into my mouth, one by one, sucking hard and nipping them with my teeth. My cock growing painfully hard as I listen to her little gasps.

I move behind her, letting her rest her weight against me, my hard cock pressing into the small of her back. I pull her long hair back bringing her ear to my mouth and I breathe heavily until her skin goose bumps. My other hand trails down her belly, I purposely take my sweet time knowing she needs it so bad. Her hips are bucking, reaching, desperate for me to get her off. I smile against her ear when she moans. My finger finds her clit and she gasps, I grab her jaw and place my mouth over hers, breathing her rapture into my soul.

“Please Daddy, pleaseeeeeeeee!” she begs me. I love to hear her beg.


Oh my God he is driving me insane and he loves it. My pussy is throbbing, my clit pulsing to the beat of my heart or is it to the beat of his heart? All I know is I want…no I need to cum so bad and he is keeping me right on the edge, denying me the ecstasy I know he is capable of giving me. It is maddening and thrilling at the same time.

His finger circles my clit with precision and expertise. My knees will barely hold me up, thank God he is behind me holding up my weight or I think I would fall out. He pulls back the hood of skin covering my clit and holds it between his finger and thumb and jacks me off, pulling and pushing my swollen nub between his masterful fingers. I throw my head back against his chest moaning and whimpering.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum until I tell you Princess!” he hisses in my ear.

“Daaaddddyyyyyy!” I half scream, “Pleaseeeee!”

He kisses my cheek and stops. Noooooooo! Oh my God, please don’t stop!

“What’s wrong baby girl? You don’t like being teased as much as you like teasing?” he chuckles as he walks around and faces me, lifting my chin to meet my eyes. I know they look desperate as I silently plead him to take me over the edge.

“You are so beautiful baby.” He smiles as he runs his thumb down my cheek. I lean into his hand, longing for his touch.

“Look at me baby and don’t you move your eyes from mine.”

I stare at him, my eyes locked to his as he glares as me with an intensity that melts my soul. His finger dips inside me and my eyes close uncontrollably. He grabs my jaw and forces my face down, “Look at me baby, I want to watch you cum.”

He slides a second finger deep inside, hooking them upward and working them against my sweet spot.

“Oh my God!” my fingers gripping his biceps, digging my nails into his skin with a force I can’t contain.

“Not yet Princess, hold on a little while longer for Daddy!” he growls.

He doesn’t ease up, he finger fucks me until I’m writhing. I can’t hold it any longer, my stomach muscles start to spasm and a feeling I have never felt before fills my groin. He picks up the pace and I come undone. Fluid splashing out of my pussy as he plunges in and out, my cum streaming down his forearm and down my thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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