Roberta Ch. 05

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Alan was the first to reach the large wooden entry door of the cabin. He turned as the others caught up and watched as Sandy rustled around in the small woodshed to the side.

“C’mon, Sandy…it’s getting chilly out here!” he chuckled. He knew she was as anxious to get inside as the rest of them but he couldn’t resist teasing her. When she didn’t respond, he stepped over to help her.

“I can’t find the damn key!” Sandy whined, looking back at him. Alan smiled reached around her.

“Here”, he said, letting his hand run over her breasts, “Let me help you look…” Sandy slapped his hand but she held her position, letting his hands roam over her tits. She could feel her nipples hardening under his touch, but she wanted to get inside.

“Cut it out, pervert! That’s not the key!” she said poutingly, “To the cabin anyway…” Alan laughed and stepped back, then pulled his Zippo from his pocket, flicking it open and lighting it quickly. The small flame lit the area nicely.

“Good thing you have a man around…” he teased, “Step out of there. There’s a reason men carry manly things in their pockets…” Sandy gave him a comical sneer, but stepped back nonetheless. As Alan peered into the dark shed, she moved up behind him and slipped both hands into his front pockets.

“And what other manly things do you have in here?”, she said with a laugh, “Uh-huh…pocketknife… and, Oh….my….you do have manly things in here!” Her fingers curled around his half-hard cock and she toyed with it as she pressed her full tits into his back. Alan moaned at her touch, but willed himself to push her away.

“Back, devil-woman!” he said in his best Dudley DoRight voice, “If we don’t find that key, we’ll all perish in this frigid cold! Back I say!” He turned to face Sandy and the others, his lighter held high over his head in a classic hero stance and everybody, including himself, broke up laughing until tears were flowing down their faces and they were gasping for air. The fact that it was at least eighty degrees out, combined with his spot-on Dudley voice was enough to immediately transform all the sexual tension they all were feeling into near maniacal laughter. Bobbi had never seen her brother in this light and it made her feel wonderful as she laughed hysterically.

Finally, when Alan got himself under a bit of control, he stepped back into the shed and again lit the lighter. There were sounds of rustling around for a minute or two, combined with comical yelps and “animal” noises, then he stepped out of the shed.

“After a considerable investigation, Nell…”, he said in his Dudley voice, “I have determined that there is no key in the shed!” This cracked everyone up again, and Sandy punched him in the shoulder.

“That’s what I told you, dipwadd!”, she laughed, comically slapping and punching him. Alan laughed along with the others, then stood stone faced with his hands on his hips.

“So….” he said thoughtfully, “What do we do? Window? Back door? Locksmith? Battering ram?”

Sandy smiled at his joking around, but was obviously thinking about the alternatives. She knew there was only the single key and it was obviously missing. She was certain she’d returned it to the shed the last time she and Alan had used the cabin. She was mulling over every possibility when she heard Jeff coughing and trying to get their attention. He was standing at the front door with a big grin on his face as everyone turned to look at him.

“Ta-daaahhh…” he sang, as he clicked the latch and swung the door inwards. “We didn’t think to try this…” he laughed, stepping inside and flicking on the light. Bobbi squealed her delight as she followed him inside, but Sandy and Alan paused for a moment. Both of them knew that the cabin was always locked, so this was very unusual. Feeling a little concerned, Alan called for Bobbi to come back outside.

“Wait here with Sandy for a minute, sweetie. I want to do a quick check with Jeff first.”

Bobbi sensed his concern and had a worried look in her eyes. Alan saw this and grinned.

“Not to worry.” he said comfortingly, “We probably forgot to lock it up last time is all. Try to stay warm…we’ll be back in the spring…” Bobbi tried to laugh, but her apprehension stifled it.

Alan gave her a warm grin and walked into the cabin, taking Jeff by the arm and whispering something to him as he handed him a flashlight. Taking one for himself, they split up and began to walk slowly through the house.

Jeff grinned as he walked through the lower part of the building. The word ‘cabin’ was quite a stretch for what he saw. The front door opened into a high ceilinged great room with a huge stone fireplace taking up an entire wall. Big, beige leather couches were in a semi-circle in front of that and an impressive array of stereo and television equipment was inset into the stone on thick wooden shelves. He whistled to himself as he made his way into the dining room, trying to focus his attention on the fact that he was looking for a possible bursa escort intruder.

Jeff made his way through the dining room and into the huge, professional looking kitchen. Shining his light along the wall, he saw a door that obviously led to the back patio. Stepping lightly up to it, he tried the latch and found that it was locked securely from the inside. He peered through the glass and smiled when he saw a large boat dock and an even larger redwood deck at the water’s edge. Smiling to himself, he filed that information away and turned back towards the great room. And, just as he reached the center of the room, he saw Alan’s light bobbing down the stairs. He could only imagine what the upstairs of this place must be like!

Alan read Jeff’s face, then shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing upstairs.” he said, “Did you check everywhere?” Jeff assured him that he had looked everywhere, including closets, cabinets, silverware drawers and cubbyholes, only finding a large fully stocked liquor cabinet during his search. His response made Alan grin and shrug his shoulders again.

“Well then, I guess we’re okay, then… ” he said, forcing himself to loosen up, “Let’s go see if the girls are still alive…” He put his arm around Jeff’s shoulders to thank him for his help, as they walked outside.

They both stopped in their tracks when they saw the girls.

Sandy and Bobbi were standing shoulder to shoulder, ten feet away from the cabin. Each girl had a long, stout staff raised over their head and their eyes were wide. Obviously they’d talked themselves into thinking they were going to be part of the next Friday the 13th scene and, with the light streaming from the cabin door they couldn’t make out who was approaching. They both felt a little sheepish when the guys began to chuckle and they slowly dropped their weapons.

“It’s okay, Xena!”, Alan laughed, “We’ve slain the beast! Now we’ve come to claim our reward!” He stepped closer to Sandy and took the long stick from her, tossing it to the side as he pulled her close. Her apprehension disappeared as he kissed her and she pressed her body into his.

“Mmmmm…my brave knight…” she breathed, moving her hips against his, “You’ve made the castle safe for us…” She kissed him deeply as she moved against him and she could feel his cock beginning to grow. “Mmmm…”, she sighed moving back slightly and reaching her hand down between them. She found his growing cock and curled her fingers around it, squeezing him gently.

“And I definitely have a reward in mind for you…” Alan grinned and put his arm around her waist, guiding her toward the door. They passed Bobbi and Jeff who obviously were having a similar discussion. Bobbi though, had taken it a step further, releasing Jeff’s hard-on from his pants. Sandy could see his glistening shaft in the light from the doorway.

“And Sir Jeff has his weapon at the ready, I see…” she chuckled as the four of them walked inside.

Alan shut the door and locked it. In addition, he slid the two wrought iron slide bars into place with a resounding thunk, showing a bit of residual unease.

No one bothered to discuss the matter of a possible intruder any further, preferring to let it pass into the backs of their minds. The embers of their passion had been rekindled outside and they were all ready to relax. Alan suggested to Jeff that he pick out some music, then stepped out into the kitchen. He returned in a matter of minutes with a large pitcher of ice and four glasses on a tray. He set it on the table in front of the couches and straightened up, beaming down at the girls.

“I thought a drink might be in order.” he said, trying to sound worldly, “Gin and tonics anyone?”

Bobbi chuckled, amazed and delighted to see her brother acting this way. She grinned up at him and ran her tongue over her lip teasingly. “You know I don’t drink very much, Alan…”, she breathed, “I don’t know what I’ll do if I get drunk…” Alan’s smile faltered slightly as he watched Bobbi’s tongue move over her upper lip, then shook himself.

“Precisely, my dear! Precisely!” he replied with a terrible British accent. He turned on his heel and walked back towards the kitchen, returning promptly with a liter of Bombay Sapphire and two bottles of tonic. He sat between Bobbi and Sandy on the center couch and proceeded to mix each of them a drink. Smiling, he handed the other three their cocktails, then lifted his in the air.

“Well, here’s to hoping there’s no axe murderer hiding in the house!” , he chuckled, before taking a long pull from his glass. He swallowed, then looked around to see Bobbi and Sandy staring at him with disapproving looks on their faces.

“Not funny, Alan…”, Sandy said, giving him a reproachful look. “I’m still a little freaked about the door thing…” Alan could see that she was serious, and set his glass on the table before taking her hand in his.

“I’m sorry baby… It’s just my way of letting off steam. I was a little freaked too, you know…”

Sandy could bursa escort bayan see the sincerity in Alan’s eyes and visibly relaxed. “But you guys checked everywhere, right?”, she asked. Alan nodded and turned to Jeff for confirmation.

“Everywhere…” Jeff agreed, sitting next to Bobbi on the long couch. “Besides, if someone had broken in, the wouldn’t have left all this cool stereo gear. To say nothing of the video camera and laptop in the dining room.” He continued on with his reassurances, but his words trailed away as he saw the surprised look on the faces of Alan and Sandy. “What…?”, he said.

“What video camera?” Sandy demanded, looking into the darkened dining room. “We never left a video camera, or a laptop, here at the cabin…” Jeff grinned and stood up, glad that he could prove himself. He walked into the dining room and returned holding a small digital video camera and what looked like a brand new Sony laptop in his hands.

“Then who’s are these?”, he asked with a smile. He expected to hear some sort of apology from Sandy as she realized her mistake, but his smile faded as he saw her shocked expression.

“Ohmygod!”, Sandy squealed, reaching out to grab the camera. “This is Peter’s camera! But he’s in New York!” She turned the camera over in her hands. “It IS his camera! It’s got a ding in the case from where I dropped it last year! He was way pissed off! Ohmygod!” She sat back on the couch as her mind swirled and she continued to turn the camera over and over in her hands.

“Are you guys sure you looked everywhere?” she asked. “I mean, upstairs…in the bedrooms…outside?”

She was rambling and Alan put his arm around her to try to calm her down. “We looked in every room, honey…” he said soothingly, “And Jeff said the back door was locked from the inside. There’s no one here…” He could see his words weren’t convincing her though, and tried once more to reassure her.

“Look…do you want to check the house with me? That way you can be certain.” Sandy looked at him and tried to smile.

“Would you mind…?” she asked, almost pleadingly. Alan grinned and shook his head as he turned to Bobbi and Jeff.

“You guys behave yourselves… We’re gonna take a little tour of the house…” He took Sandy’s hand and they walked through the dining room and into the kitchen. They checked all the rooms and closets in that area, and he showed her the locked back door. Only when Sandy was one hundred percent assured did he lead her back through the living room. Jeff was building a fire in the fireplace as Bobbi watched him and Stevie Ray Vaughn played through the surround sound stereo. Alan took a deep breath and led Sandy to the stairs.

“Wait a minute!” Sandy suddenly cried. “Did you look in the front closet??” Alan looked at her and shook his head.

“Honey….do you really think that your brother is hiding in the coat closet?”, he asked incredulously. Still, he wanted her to be comfortable and stepped to the closet, opening it with a flair.

Alan had to admit that all this talk about intruders had him half thinking that some black robed, droopy masked freak with a knife was going to jump out as he opened the door. He had to actually grab hold of his emotions to not let a sigh of relief escape him. After all, he was the brave knight! Tonight anyway…

He smiled at Sandy and led her to the stairs. He turned to Bobbi and Jeff as the mounted the first step.

“Hey, guys? If we’re not back in like ten minutes or so… You have my permission to run for your fucking lives.” Sandy hit him again, but she was now smiling and that pleased Alan. He knew that Sandy was very brave and self confident in most situations, which was exactly why he was a little freaked right now.

Still, he tried to relieve a little bit of her anxiety with his humor as they mounted the steps.

“Okay, Sandy…here’s the plan…” he ‘whispered’, “We run into somebody, you’ve got to hold them off while I go to get help….okay….?” Sandy grinned and whacked him on the shoulder again, making him wince. His shoulder was getting a little sore…

The two of them spent close to fifteen minutes looking in every closet and under every bed in the upstairs section, until Sandy had to admit that there was no chance anyone, not even midgets or dwarves, could be hiding in the house. After looking under the last bed, in the last room, Sandy sat on the bed with a slightly embarrassed look on her face as she looked up at Alan. He was giving her his best ‘smug’ look, but she knew he was kidding.

“Thanks, baby….” She said, “I don’t want to be a pain, but seeing Peter’s stuff her kind of freaked me out. Thanks for taking the tour with me….I really appreciate it…” She saw Alan’s face light up and she grinned as he stepped closer to the bed.

“Just how much do you appreciate it…?”, he teased. He grinned down at her, his hands on his hips.

“A lot…” Sandy replied. She lay back against the pillows, letting her skirt ride high on her thighs. “I escort bursa wish there was some way I could show you how much…” she continued. She let her thighs part, giving Alan a tantalizing glimpse of her pussy. His eyes were wide as he watched Sandy writhe on the bed, her hands moving sensuously over her breasts as she opened and closed her thighs. She began to unbutton her blouse as she grinned back at him. “Maybe something I’ve never given you before….” Sandy whispered, reaching the last button of her blouse. Alan stared as she moved her left hand inside, cupping her tit and sighing as she teased her nipple. “Something new…and different…and tight…”

Alan felt his cock trying to rip through his pants as he watched Sandy tease him. There was no girl on the planet who knew how to get his cock harder than Sandy. Except for his sister, but that was gonna be a very close race that Sandy was winning at the moment. His eyes wandered over her firm tits and long legs as his mind whirled… ‘Something new… something she’d never given him before… different….tight…”

Alan’s eyes grew wide as he realized what Sandy was saying to him… His cock almost exploded as he stared at her! “You mean….? I mean…you mean…? I mean do you mean what I think…Oh, baby…what I’m thinkin’!” Sandy looked up at him and started to laugh as he stammered, then she smiled sexily and nodded.

“”You might have to get me drunk first….” she giggled, then sat up on the bed with a more serious expression. “Open your pants….” she breathed, “Let me see it…. Let me see your hard cock…”

Alan groaned as Sandy clicked into her ‘slut’ mode. She opened her blouse wide, letting him see her naked tits as his hand went to his belt buckle. He quickly undid it, then lowered his zipper, letting his hard cock spill out in all it’s glory. Sandy moaned and reached forward, curling her fingers around him and milking a large droplet of pre-cum from his head. She leaned forward, licking the drop with her tongue, then spreading it over his cockhead. Alan groaned as he watched her lick his cock and she smiled up at him.

“It’s what I want too, Alan…” she panted, licking his cock, “I want to feel this hard cock in my ass…” She grinned as she felt his cock buck in her hand. Just verbalizing what they both knew they were talking about made it more exciting for both of them. “Is that what you were thinking of…?”, she teased, taking his head into her mouth as she looked up at him, “Putting your hard cock in my ass…?” Alan stared into her eyes and nodded. She smiled and took his cock into her mouth, moving her head forward and taking him deep into her throat. She held him there as she reveled in his moans, then pulled back, sucking his cock in and out of her mouth until she felt him tense up. Immediately, she pulled her mouth off his cock and squeezed the base between her thumb and forefinger. Alan almost screamed in frustration, then began to laugh as his urge to come subsided.

“You are such a fucking cockteaser!” he said lovingly, grinning down at her. Sandy grinned back and ran her tongue over his cockhead, cleaning off his copious flow of pre-cum.

“And I’m still just learning…” she teased, releasing his cock. She sat up and began to button her blouse. “Better put that away, baby… We wouldn’t want to scare your sister with it…” Sandy winked and wore a mischievous smile. Alan looked at her quizzically, wondering what she was really saying. Did she know, or was she just guessing? She seemed awfully anxious to see Bobbi suck his cock, or was that just his own mind playing tricks? As he tucked his hard-on into his pants his mind wandered to Sandy’s anxiousness about her brother. What was that about, he wondered. He didn’t have time to think anymore on the matter because Sandy jumped up from the bed as soon as his hard-on was painfully tucked away.

“C’mon”, she said, “I think I feel like getting drunk…” She winked at him and pulled him into the hall, directing him to the stairs. But when they reached the landing, Sandy turned to him, holding her finger to her lips.

“Let’s see what they’re up to…” she giggled. Silently, they made their way around the corner and peeked over the railing. The music was still playing and, at first, they could only see the back of Jeff’s head above the couch. But as they continued to watch, Alan could see his sister’s hair over Jeff’s shoulder. It was obvious that her head was in Jeff’s lap and he knew why. He sighed as he watched her head rise, then lower, and Jeff’s low groans filtered through the music. He felt Sandy move closer to him as he continued to stare over the railing.

“She’s sucking his cock…” Sandy whispered into his ear. “Your sister is quite the little cocksuckers, isn’t she?” Her hand moved to his front, capturing his cock. “Mmmm…and you are as hard as a pipe…” She sighed and searched for his zipper, pulling it down before reaching her fingers inside to pull his cock out.

“God, Alan….your cock is as hard as a fucking rock…” Sandy breathed as she stroked him. “You like watching your little sister suck cock, don’t you, baby? Watch little Bobbi with a hard cock in her mouth…” Alan stifled a groan as Sandy began to stroke the full length of his hard-on.

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