Rights and Wrongs Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

It’s been a long five months since I overcame the feeling of ‘wrong’ and made a very ‘right’ choice with my son, Ben. I might have aged a year in that time – I’m thirty-nine now – but I feel ten years younger. Twenty years or so at times.

There’s no doubts in my mind now that Ben has a lot of his father’s genes in him. Or at least, those ones his father displayed when he and I were much younger. Ben’s a lover of excitement – not to mention an exciting lover – and I’ve been happy, overjoyed, to play along. It started almost as soon as we got it together, Ben and I, and wonderfully, gloriously took me by surprise.

That first weekend was a shock to my system. I mean to say, what mother wouldn’t be shocked to find herself fucking her son and – despite the internal debates about rights and wrongs – enjoying every second more than she could ever remember enjoying herself? By the time Ben went off, reluctantly, to his part-time summer job on the Monday morning I was almost delirious with delight, not to mention sore.

I paced the house – well, limped around – doing my best to tell myself that it was all so very wrong. It was taboo, it was – let’s be honest here – incest, it was… just so very, very good. All I could think about that Monday was how naughty, how bad, how wonderful it all had been. It wasn’t just the sex, which had been surprisingly good in every sense, but we had kissed like lovers do, lips and tongues locked in a passion that was deliberate and meaningful. We had changed, in seemingly no time at all, from a normal mother and son to a very sexual partnership – still mother and son, but now lovers.

The ‘right’ was outweighing the ‘wrong’ by a hundred-fold.

Then, of course, I started to doubt Ben and what my son would be thinking. Perhaps he had just got all he wanted. Perhaps he was just a MILF hunter and I would be just another trophy. Perhaps it would be all too much for him, all too ‘wrong’.

I looked down at myself. I’d dressed in a rather short summery skirt with just a lightweight cotton blouse, both pale blue. The blouse was loose and buttoned to just below my small breasts, a deep V of cleavage displaying more flesh than I would normally offer to the world. Was it too much? Did I look desperate even? Was it all too–

The front door slammed shut and my mind did the same.

Until Ben burst into the kitchen where I had been sipping coffee.


I could see in an instant that Ben had been carrying as many doubts as me – and that he wanted the weekend to be all true, and that it had a future.

“Hey, Ben. Am I glad to see you!” My motherly instincts were busy scrapping with the sluttier ones, and I had no idea what my greeting really meant.

When Ben glanced at my loosely buttoned blouse and his face split into an eager grin before he answered me, I knew Ms Slutty had won the day. And boy was I happy.

“So, ma, it wasn’t all a dream?”

“No,” I said, wanting nothing more than his lust, “We spent a very naughty time together and made each other cum beautifully.”

“You got that right. God, I’m so relieved! I was thinking–”

“All sorts. Yeah I know the feeling.”

Ben closed the gap between us and put a hand on each of my shoulders, “You’re really okay about it all?”

I nodded, “More than.”

His hands dropped and covered my breasts, “I guess this is okay then?”

My heart-rate rose alarmingly, “Well, I didn’t stop you, did I?”

He gave the gentlest of squeezes, “No, ma.”

“Not too small for you?”

The next squeeze was a little firmer, “Perfect.”

“They’ve missed you.” I paused, “So have I.”

“Oh, jeez, ma, you have no idea how much I wanted to hear that. Can I kiss you again?”

I leaned up and planted the gentlest of kisses on my son’s lips.

His smile broadened to the point where I was slightly worried his ears might fall off, “Oh, ma. Can I… can I see your tits again?”

My hands trembled as I undid the couple of buttons of my blouse. I shrugged it off as Ben lifted his hands out of the way before returning them to my now-naked breasts.

“Ma, can I… can we…”

“Fuck again?” I asked, scarcely believing myself.

Ben nodded. “Yes.”

The trembles were worse as I unzipped the skirt. It fell to the floor revealing that I was naked beneath it. My son’s eyes widened as I stood before him. It was an offer to my boy and I knew that he wanted me then, really knew it. There was the longest pause as he looked down at my naked body, his hands moving back so that everything was on show.

I was shivering with anticipation, with a nervous tension that only now made itself felt. I cleared my throat. “Well?”

It broke the spell that had been cast over Ben and his hands flew to his jeans, buttons popping before he yanked the t-shirt he was wearing over his head. Within a couple of seconds he was as naked as I was and I more or less fell into his arms, our bare flesh meeting and our ardours rising to the ceiling and beyond.

Our lips met, an awkward clash that felt sublime. The heat of Ben’s cock, rigid against pendik escort my bare belly, felt as if it could sear my eager flesh, and it was all I wanted at that moment. I pulled down on my boy’s shoulders and felt him lit me from my feet. My legs opened wide and I hooked them around his hips, suddenly free from the floor and gravity. I lifted my belly further, guided by his rigid heat, and offered no resistance at all as my womanhood, my very centre, eased along his length until the tip – the tip of my son’s hard cock – was positioned between my eager, flowering labia.

Ben’s grip shifted, easing me lower and despite expecting – wanting – everything, I was still delightedly shocked as my son started to penetrate me. He eased that hot cock gently into my very heart, parting my eager lips, the head finally slipping fully inside me and its oh-so warm shaft following until he was fully and properly buried inside me.

I started to rock then, easing myself higher then lower on that gorgeous shaft, and our kiss became deeper, hungrier. A deeper, ravenous appetite overtook me then and I started pistoning up and down, eager, desperate and shockingly so much closer to a climax that I had been wanting without even realising it.

My son’s hips were now rocking in rhythm with mine and he broke the kiss for a few moments to stare down, first at my bare breasts and then further to where I was buried deep on his cock. “Oh, ma… mum… I love this. Love you!”

“And Ben, I love you. Love you fucking me, fucking your mum.”

“Oh jeez, oh mum! I hope you love me cumming inside you as well because that’s gonna happen real soon!”

I laughed, “Love it! Want it!” We began rocking faster, “As long as you don’t mind my juices all over your gorgeous cock!”

Ben groaned and pulled me tighter, our teeth clashing before the kiss resumed.

Faster movements became slippery as we began to sweat, but each and every thrust of hips was perfection. I could feel the climax building inside me and simply rode the wave, the thrill building ever higher as we kissed and squirmed together, our movements become jerkier, until Ben thrust harder than ever.

“Oh mum!”

The first wave of my own climax hit me then, “Ben! I’m.. ungh… ahhh! I’m cumming!”

Ben wailed in delight and I felt his cum spraying, surging inside me. “Oh mum!”

“Ben! Oh, Ben yes! Oh BEN!”

Wave after wave of delight coursed through me and I wailed and moaned, matching every groan and moan that squeezed from my son’s lips. Still we pumped together, grinding our groins more tightly than I imagined possible, oblivious to every sensation but that of my son’s gorgeous cock. A final spasm almost wrenched me from his arms but he grabbed me even tighter and I trembled and shook, impaled gloriously on his hard cock.

The ‘right’ was now outweighing the ‘wrong’ by a thousand-fold.


I was still impaled when I got my senses back in some sort of order, still in the same position save for the fact that my butt cheeks were perched on one of the kitchen counters. I was breathing as if I’d just run a couple of marathons and Ben, young and fit, was little better.

“Whatever happened to ‘hi, ma, what’s for supper?’?”

“I think I prefer this sort of supper,” my son gasped.

“We’ll try it for a few days and see if you still prefer it, if you like?”

Ben nodded, “I feel sure I will. Jeez, ma, you’re loud though!”

“Hurt your eardrums did I? I haven’t been that loud for as long as I can remember.”

“I liked it,” Ben told me, “Made me feel I wasn’t the only one enjoying things.”

“You got that right.”

“Mind you,” Ben nodded over my shoulder, “You might get complaints from other quarters.”

I looked over my slippery shoulder and saw the kitchen window was open, “Oops.” As we stared, the curtain flapped back in the gentle breeze, leaving no barrier between us and the golf course at the bottom of the garden. “Oops again. Sorry.”

Ben shrugged, “It’s rather nice.”

“I take it,” I said, facing my boy, “that you’re not referring to the view?”

He shrugged again, “Is that so bad?”

I smiled, my mind whirling back for a moment to the daring games I used to play with his father, “Anyone could have been walking past, you know?”

“Risky, huh?”

“And you really don’t mind?”

My son shrugged yet again, but inside me I could feel his cock hardening again – to both my surprise and delight, “I don’t if you don’t.”

“You know,” I said slowly, starting to rock my hips very gently, “back in the day I used to love a bit of danger.”

Ben’s cock became fully hard in an instant, “I never tried anything like it before but now you mention it I get the impression that I rather like the danger.”

“Of being seen fucking your own mother?”

“Just fucking a gorgeous woman. No one playing golf would ever know who you were to me,” Ben started to meet my thrusts with gentle ones of his own, “but now you mention it, perhaps that would be fun as well.”

We were fucking again, already, and Ben’s words brought a new urgency escort pendik to my actions. I’d never thought of that sort of danger before, ever, but now he’d said it aloud… “We have to keep what we do a secret, right?”

“Yeah of course, but maybe a little risk occasionally. Where we’re not really known…?”

“Naughty,” I managed.

Ben adjusted me on his hips, his thrusts suddenly harder, “You like the idea, don’t you?”

“Could be,” I managed, “but you can see the thing about strangers who don’t know us, can’t you?” I motioned back at the window.

“I can sure feel that, ma.”

“And you love it, right?” Our movements were already rapid, juices squelching from me.

By way of answer, Ben shuffled us both sideways until he could reach the curtain. “I could pull this right off the rail.”

“You waiting to see if I will tell you not to?”

“I’m polite like that.”

“Makes a change,” I said.

“You haven’t stopped me yet.”

“True,” I nodded. No one had come close to seeing me like this for almost two decades and the thought was having a totally shocking effect on me. I was already in shock about Ben and me, but if Ben was this daring as well…

“You know I love you, ma?”

“And that we’re fucking, yes.”

“Well I don’t care who knows how beautiful you are!”

I heard curtain rings hitting the counter and felt a cool breeze wash over my naked body, “You’re a bad boy, aren’t you?”

“A lucky one!”

“True. And I have a feeling we can have a great deal of fun. Would you like that?” The slutty part of me was winning hands-down now.

“I think I’m going to love it. And ma? I can see a couple of old golfers coming vaguely this way.”

My pace quickened, “They won’t be the only ones cumming.”

“Don’t move then?”

“Just faster,” I gasped, the first moan leaving my throat.

Ben’s thrusts become faster as requested as I wriggled us round sideways so I could see if anyone really was approaching, my moan turning to a wail as I spotted the two elderly golfers cresting a small rise behind the house. When one of them looked straight across at the house, his jaw dropping open even as he nudged his playing partner, the wail grew to a full on yowl.

Ben had seen the two old men as clearly as I had and his movements became as frantic as my howling. “Oh, fucking hell, mum!”

“Cum for me then, Ben, fill me!” I managed between gasps and howls.

As his seed flooded into me an orgasm of such unexpected power surged through me and I properly howled, “Oh fuck yes! All that cum in my cunt! I love it, love you, Ben!”

“Oh yes, mu–”

As wild as the waves of climax were, I managed to clamp my mouth over his, stopping him from saying the fateful word when the old guys were close enough now to hear. I managed to mutter ‘later’ into his mouth as we shuddered deep in the throes of our second, bone-deep moments of ecstasy.

Such was the power of that orgasm that I thrust back at my son so hard that he slipped out of me, and in turn I slipped off of his hips, sliding down his legs to sprawl on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor. Seconds later, Ben more or less collapsed beside me, gasping but snorting laughter.

“Oh, ma, oh fuck! Oh wow.”

Giggles erupted from me, “Wow, wow. I have the strongest feeling that we’re going to have a whole lot of fun together.” My breathing was returning to normal even if my heart-rate was still up in the stratosphere, “You are a gloriously naughty boy, you know that?”

Ben was on his knees to my side, “I sure hope so. Is that a promise about the fun?”

“It is,” I managed, “Now pass me my blouse so I can get up.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes! Those two guys will still be out there and me being caught in the act is way different from me parading around topless here.”

Ben thought for a few seconds, before finally nodding, “I see what you mean.”

As he passed me the garment I nodded to myself, he was going to be more than a naughty, ‘wrong’ act for me. Ben was going to enjoy such a ‘right’ time…


As the week progressed I came to realise that my beloved son had never played those sort of daring games before. We didn’t play again ourselves, but it became a topic of conversation before, during and after a multitude of acts. Okay, fucks.

It was a busy week, fuck-wise. My ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ internal debates were lasting less and less time and while I came to accept that things were not normal, they certainly didn’t count as ‘wrongs’ in my book. And Ben was proving to be a technically very good lover. Or rather, a very good lover, technically.

By the next weekend I was happily exhausted and content in the almost certain knowledge that I now had a lover, sex-partner, with whom I was going to have a great deal of fun. I also had the snatch from Hell and could barely walk. It didn’t stop a permanent smile, though.

That smile was in full force on the Saturday afternoon following a relatively (no pun intended) gentle bout of sex in the confines of the living room.

“Still having fun?” pendik escort bayan I was slightly nervous that this would all be a very quick passing fancy, even though I knew our time together was going to be limited. Three months would be a lot different to a week or so.

“Ma, I feel like I’m in a dream. A perfect dream.”

“You certainly feel like a dream to me. Oh, hang on. Pass the bucket, that was vomit-inducing.”

“I don’t care. I want more.”

“You always were a greedy kid,” I laughed, “but bits of me need a rest just now. Nothing to do with age, I hasten to add, just the fact that a certain sensitive part of me is unused to all this exercise.”

Ben stretched beside me on the sofa, “I didn’t mean right now. I’ve got my own sensitive part even if it’s happily sore. I was talking about the daring stuff, the games.”

“Oh?” I didn’t dare say anything else in case my voice wobbled too much.

“I know you get super-hot when we talk about doing daring stuff but did you really mean it all?”

“How could you ever doubt your own mother?”

Ben was normally quiet, verging on shy, but now I could see a new intensity to him. He was hesitant but, I could tell, determined. I adored Ben as my son, but now I found myself falling in love with the young man, my lover. “Ma… would it be possible, do you think, if we could maybe… if it’d be alright with you, of course… could we maybe go away for a weekend? Somewhere no one would know anything about us, I mean? If you know what I mean?”

“In no particular order,” I said, not letting myself think beyond my wants and needs, “Yes, yes and yes. A long weekend, if you like?”

Ben had clearly been expecting at least one ‘no’ and had geared himself up for a three-fold refusal, so the look of surprise on his face was a joy to me. His words even more so, “That’s a ‘yes’ then?”

I laughed, happy to be the senior partner in this new alliance, “It’s very much a ‘yes’,” I assured him, “I think it would do us both good to let off some steam. Even more steam. Leave it all to me and I’ll book us a nice room somewhere a hundred miles away, by the sea.”

“That’d be great, ma. I can afford to… did you just say ‘a’ room? You mean one each, of course?”

“Money or not, I don’t think we’ll need more than one, do you?”

“Oh, ma! No. No I don’t!”


The week passed in something of a blur, my sore part given a timely rest by the arrival of a normally most unwelcome monthly visitor. To make the usually despised pains even better, it meant that I was both clear by the time the weekend arrived and at my horniest, a mood that always struck in the two or three days after each period. Like I needed the boost!

I met Ben at the local railway station after his Friday at work was finished, with two lightweight bags, our weekend changes of clothes safely stashed away. The train was packed with commuters heading home, and the crowd barely thinned even as we approached the resort that was to be our temporary home for the next four nights. Back near our own station we were the souls of discretion, a mother and son heading off to the coast for the weekend, probably to visit an ageing relative or similar, but the closer we got to the coastline, the harder it was to keep up that pretence. Sly winks became ever slyer pats on the thigh and during a momentary darkness as we clanked across points in a tunnel I felt Ben’s hand brush across the front of my blouse. Hopefully the ensuing sudden glare of light hid my blush…

The mercifully short taxi ride from the train station to the small hotel I had booked for us was almost wordless for Ben and I, and I scribbled our details into the check-in book at the establishment’s front desk before we took the corridor to our room at a near-run. The room’s door was fitted with an electronic card lock which was just as well since I don’t think either of us could have managed a proper key, and clothes were being pulled off before the door even closed properly.

What can I say about the next few minutes other than ‘we fucked’. It was breathless, animal passion. We were loud and free, somehow even freer with all those people just a wall or two away from us than we had been in the more-or-less privacy of our own house, and boy did it set the mood for the nights and days to follow.

Don’t get me too wrong here. I still understood, deep down, that this was all very wrong as far as many people would be concerned, but I knew better than to argue against how I was feeling deep down inside. I didn’t know what the weekend would bring, never really had much of a clue. And for once in my life, I simply didn’t care.

That first night of our first weekend away, we lay together after the first sex session, naked on the double bed. We stayed that way for maybe half an hour before I finally managed to rouse myself and I eased myself from the bed, telling Ben to wait where he was for a few moments.

I took the larger of the two bags and slipped into the small en suite bathroom where I unzipped the holdall and drew out a specially purchased dress. With a smile at my reflection in the room’s mirror, I towelled myself dry from the sweat of sex and pulled the black garment down over my head. A few minor tweaks and I was happy enough with the look of things. I stepped back into the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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