Ride to the Hotel

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We’d been at the beach for only an hour when it started raining, a storm surely following. The thunder had told us of its arrival but I’d hoped we were wrong. “Oh God don’t let that be coming our way.” Mom groaned beside me. “So much for a relaxing day at the beach.”

It’s not like we’d had much else go right on this so called “vacation”. We’d gotten to Myrtle beach two days ago and right from the start things went wrong. Our bags had been lost when we got to the airport. Our hotel couldn’t find our reservation and we’d had to call a cab who spent the entire time eyeing mom. We found another hotel cheaply enough but, it wasn’t what we’d been hoping for. Mom had went all out, even had a hot tub and I’d really been looking forward to it. The new hotel was the one silver lining.

Yesterday we couldn’t do anything because mom had left her debit card in her bag and while I had mine, my last check didn’t go thru till this morning so we hadn’t eaten more than a small pizza in over a day, not that mom would eat much. The women is insane when it comes to keeping her figure, not that I can blame her. I hope I look half as good as her when I turn her age.

Last night finally started to look bright when a girl staying on the same floor seemed interested and I got so close to getting laid when mom walked up and went full Mom Mode. SO uncomfortable and incredibly awkward as your mother starts being all bubbly and welcoming to a girl you just really needed to fuck. I couldn’t even remember her name, admittedly I was in a hunter mindset. I loved my mother dearly but dating was so hard, even just getting some.

This morning my check went thru so I treated to breakfast and I ate my heart out. My hair kept stinging my face, my hair ties had been in my bag, another reason to be upset. It had been a good plan. Mom and I would catch up and spend some time together, a vacation for the two of us. It had been years since she had dated and I only ever slept around. She was too good for most men and although I didn’t exactly use women, I mainly cared for sex and just hadn’t found the right girl that I’ could be with just to be with. I was young and I guess I just wanted to be free.

As I said, I loved my mother and although she was a ditz, she’d always been good to me. Even as I ate, my mood sour, she’d slipped her hand on my shoulder and pulled me tight. Moms hugs had never failed to cheer me up. “How about the beach baby, after we eat? I bought a new bikini I’ve been dying to wear, we’ll get you some trunks and spend a few hours, then maybe go grab a bite to eat?”

“Sure mom, sounds good.” I’d always loved the beach and it was why I had suggested one, I ached for water. I’d been obsessed with swimming since I was a kid. We ate, ran to buy some trunks and got back to our room. The beach was rather far so we ordered another taxi which, after two hours, never came. Further pissed, we decided to walk, finding out the beach was almost two hours away. Neither of us spoke on the way, both sour. When we finally got their it was as if we’d found the promised land. I fell , screaming “Hallelujah!” while mom fell in a fit of laughter behind me. I’d dropped a towel and set up an umbrella for mom. She wanted to lie in the sun a bit, even though the skies had been getting cloudy.

I’d run off to find someplace to change. I never wore shorts around mom or anyone unless I was hoping for sex. I was hung like a horse, as more than a few girls had told me, and I didn’t like showing it off around mom. I’d learned that unless I was hoping to fuck someone, it was better to keep it hid unless I wanted to start something. Granted she had some idea but it’s not as if we talked about it. It didn’t always matter. I mean, my mother was currently lying down in a bathing suit porn stars would find too revealing. I mean, who wears a bikini bottom that’s nothing more tuzla escort than string in your ass around your son? Granted she did have this shawl …”thingy” wrapped around her. I ignored it, she was hot and occasionally liked to show it off. I doubt she’d planned to have me around when she was wearing it.

“I’d just stepped my foot on the beach when I heard a loud rip and my shorts had torn down the front, not too much but you could definitely not see the Full Monty but about half of him. Ok, a few inches anyway. I’d gotten long ones which mom hated but they covered everything, or they DID anyway. She thought I should show off my muscular legs but it wasn’t my legs that worried me to show.”God Damnit!” I cursed under my breath.

“What’s wrong baby?” Mom had called, her sentence finished by lightning flashing across the sky, followed by rain starting to sprinkle.

“The Gods must hate me.” I said, realizing I would have to walk in my slowly tearing shorts with my mother for two hours in the rain. I grabbed moms basket, bending down to hear another loud rip. “Stupid cheap shorts!” I screamed. Mom laughed, her tanned chest heaving as she covered her mouth. I tossed her the large sunglasses and large hat she’d been wearing and I’d already feared I’d end up carrying.

“Come on baby.” She said sadly, leading the way as I once again ended up the pack mule, trying to carry with one arm and trying to keep from releasing the Kraken with the other. After only five minutes mom tripped. Beautiful but clumsy. “Mom!” I lifted her with one arm while she tried to wave me off. “I’m all right!” She asserted, wincing as she put her foot down. “Ok no I’m not!” She whined as she jumped on one foot. I grabbed her to keep her from falling and of course she took me down with her.

A battered old truck came by, an older Hispanic couple in the front. The guy behind the wheel tried to speak but I couldn’t understand him and he didn’t speak much English. I pointed towards moms ankle and he nodded. He concentrated for a moment before speaking. “r-ride?” He asked, tossing a thumb towards the back, rolling his shoulders apologetically. I understood, “it’s not much but it’s something.”

Not much is right. It was one of those old trucks with wooden almost fencing in the back, which was filthy. Bags filled the back of the bed near the cab, so high you couldn’t see inside, and so much around the sides a small nook was all that’s left.. I helped mom in and turned to the driver, trying to communicate the name of the hotel. It took a moment but he nodded. I thanked him and handed him a few bucks that I had but he waved me away.

I crawled in, trying to figure out where to sit. Mom winced and shrugged. “Think you can hold your mom on your lap baby?”

“Oh God what a day!” I thought but didn’t say. I crawled in and pulled mom gently onto. I was worried, any more tears and I’d be out, I was already about halfway there. The truck start and music started blaring from the cabin. Mom plopped down on me and shrieked. “Oh my god what’s that?” She asked, eyes wide as she looked down. I blushed and the look on my face apparently told her.

“Are you fucking serious?” She cried shrilly, a hand covering her mouth. “Oh my God.” She mumbled.

“Awesome day, just awesome.” I griped, covering my face with my hands.

She sat rigid, back arched. She kept shaking and at first I didn’t realize what it was, then it started when mom started barking out laughter in a way I’d never heard. “Oh my god you could hunt with that!”


“I’m serious, just run around clubbing deer to death!” She cried, mimicking hitting something with a large club. “No wonder you have no issues getting girls. Oh my god it’s like my arm.” She sounded dumbfounded and incredibly shocked, not to mention uncomfortable. It’s not like I was enjoying this.

I started tuzla escort bayan laughing too, both of us incredibly nervous. “It’d tear me in half.” She muttered under her breathe but I heard her. “12?”


“12? No, 14 right?” She was shaking and I wanted to die.

“We really doing this?” I asked, her gyrations not exactly helping. As big as I am I can never truly be soft but man was blood pumping. Mom was smoking and having her almost naked ass in my lap wasn’t helping me one bit. She nodded, her face blood red. “A little over 15.”

“Oh my god. That thing would kill me. Just be careful, the last thing I want is to be stitched back together.”

“Relax, it’s still in what little bit of short I have.” I said hastily, incredibly uncomfortable by where this had gone.

“I mean it.” She said pleadingly. “I may have pushed you out but that thing would send me to the hospital.” Her voice cracked.

“Well I wasn’t planning on anything damnit!” I barked. “It’s not like it can just slip in anyway, it’s hanging down at my knees so relax.”

She didn’t say a word and I didn’t know what else to say. The truck hit something and mom slid and as she did I heard it. “RIP” My short were now essentially lying in tatters on either side and because my luck sucks, mom flew up when we bounced and mom landed back on my bare dick. I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t the only one having troubles with our proximity. When she landed it was like a swamp covering my cock, hot and wet, moist, engulfing. “OH NO!” She tried to jump up in a panic, her hands finding nothing but the soft bags. I hurriedly tried to pull it back. Mom cried as she put weight on her foot and fell.

The head found her, poking into her tight and burning maw, but she slid and soon her lips were kissing me and with another bump she began to fall. If it had been slow she might have been ok but the truck bounced as the guy went too fast over tracks and mom flew up, then down. Suddenly heaven itself fell on me and I forced itself inside, almost eight incredibly thick inches buried in a heartbeat. Mom let loose with a blood curdling scream, her eyes shut tight but tears managed to leak thru. Her fingers gripped into my arms as her back arched, trying to lift off of the pain but her legs were too weak. I went to lift her up and off of me, but we slipped and mom fell another few inches, her hair falling on my face and her scent filling my lungs. I felt myself jerk a bit inside of her as I breathed deep.

I felt horrible, she was arched so far back I could see the pain. “Mom I’m so sorry I didn’t mean…are you ok?” Her jaw was clenched, her teeth gritted and eyes shut in pain, a scream stuck in her throat. I tried to touch her, to move her but she shrieked “NO DON’T MOVE!” At the top of her lungs. I gripped whatever I could find, trying to ignore the vice grip on my cock, dripping liquid passion down my length. The truck wasn’t helping, it felt like every bump there was the guy hit.

“Mom I’m so sorry.”

“You’re..s-splitting m-me IN HALF!” Her voice tore out from her locked jaw, teeth grinding in pain.

Tears were pouring down her face, clouding her sunglasses, sobs tearing themselves from her throat. I knew she was in pain, few girls let me go that deep. I was too big and she was impaled but, a part of me was in heaven having found paradise inside of her.

Her back finally let out and she fell against me, a loud cry as her hands fell down to my thighs, digging deep enough to leave marks. “Get it out get it out get IT OUT!” She kept crying out like a dying animal, her body jerking and her hat whacking me in the face over and over.

“All right all right.” I freaked, trying to move her up and off. She started hitting the little bit of the truck bed she could. I started to move her, pushing her way slowly, inch by inch as to not rip it all escort tuzla at once and cause further damage and she bit down on some of the bags, her fingers tearing holes in the material. The whole time she cried and shrieked.

I had a few inches left and I lifted her leg to pull her off and we stopped, the brakes squealing loud enough to cover mom as she shot forward and landing on every inch of meat I had. We both froze, not a sound as mom slowly looked down in horror, the once flat and toned stomach of hers now bulging out, an outline of my dick tearing away from her. It was enormous, perfectly showing, the head poking out almost between her breasts. Below that, I could see my mother’s bald cunt swallowing me, the pink lips stretched to their limits. Her head tore back and she let out a scream I’ll never forget, the scream you’d from something right before it died and had known it was coming.

It didn’t help and I thrust up, grinding inside, her barely contained breasts locked between us her weak grip tried to find me, her hands bouncing off of my chest each time she tried to find me. Her body had gone limp, her eyes rolled back and her pelvis just kept twitching. I could feel her, coming over and over, spraying me. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I have to!” My hands gripped her ass and I began to grind harder and harder, never imagining it could feel like this. I could feel her tears falling on my face, almost hear her teeth grinding as her body spasmed over and over. When she pressed against me, I could feel my dick inside of her pressed tightly against me.

I pulled her up and brought her down, slowly, going slower and slower. Moms hat blocked me from seeing anything. She’d buck each time I brought her down, her cunt eating me alive. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. We’d already been going at it quite awhile, although slow, and I needed to finish. I started thrusting up harder and harder, every desire to protect my mother gone for the first time in my life, my need to never hurt her as my balls boiled and my cock ached. She kept screaming and I thanked god those people had music blaring.

I let my fingers slip from her ass and gripped her thighs as I brought her down, slamming my thighs up and drilling her so hard I thought I was going to bust thru. “I’m sorry mom!” I Screamed at the top of my lungs as I exploded, my balls finally getting sacred relief. I didn’t pull out, just gripped her hips and ground her on my each time my hips moved themselves. Every time I let a rope off, I could see it. I came and came with every thrust and soon moms belly was jutting out. I hadn’t cum in weeks and it showed. Her belly was now bulging outward. By the time I was done she looked a few months pregnant and my balls felt a few pounds lighter.

The entire time I came stayed limp, her arms hanging loosely at her sides and her legs like jelly, soft and empty moans escaping from her throat. Her eyes had rolled back, her sunglasses hanging down her face while sweat fell like rain from her brow, her breathing shallow. When at last I was empty, guilt setting in, the truck stopped. I freaked. Moms breasts had popped out sometime while I was fucking her and her tiny bottoms had popped apart.

“Fuck fuck fuck FUCK!” I picked her up, tying her shawl thing around her waist to try to hide where I was and slipping her enormous breasts back into her tiny top. Slipped her gold arms around my neck I tried to lift her, knowing I was doing more damage to her as hear her cringe each time I moved. “No more.” She whined, pleading.

“Que?” The guy stuck his head out, looking at us. We weren’t at the hotel yet but they must have heard something or decided to check on us, either way he looked worried. I waved, smiled, knowing we probably smelled like sex and trying to keep back from him. “Passed out.” I said, pointing to mom as she convulsed on me and I felt a spray of cum down my leg. I took off towards the hotel, watching the guy’s wife mimic pregnancy with her hands a foot from her stomach, a confused look on her face.

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