Rhapsody for Mom

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Introduction: The characters in our narrative are mother Lois; her second husband, Paul; her nineteen year old son, Robbie; and two daughters who have no names. Her first husband, Philip, has passed, as they say. Essentially there are three people who are alive and contribute to keeping you amused.


Lois Johnson climbed the stairs to her bedroom. She was forty years old, a tall, regal woman, almost five feet eight, with full hips, a plump ass, heavy tits and a thickening waistline. She had graduated from Yale law school, and practices family law, especially custody cases where parents fight over their children. Philip, her first husband was a criminal defense attorney and had spent too much time with his clients – mostly drug dealers. He thought selling drugs was much easier than practicing law, and finally got himself shot by a jealous husband.

Birds outside on the freshly mowed lawn were chirping, and the paperboy didn’t forget to deliver the morning paper. It was a great day in the neighborhood! As usual Lois went upstairs after seeing her family off for the day. She thought about how lucky she was. She gazed at herself in the mirror and thought about her second husband, Paul, and the children. They were not really children, they were old enough to drink.

Paul and she had both been divorced when they met. Paul had custody of his two daughters, and she had her son, Robbie . When they decided to get married, they knew it wouldn’t be easy combining two families. Now, after a year, it had worked out better than either of them dreamed. She had come to love Paul’s daughters and Paul was crazy about her son. The children squabbled occasionally, but for the most part they got along quite well.

Yes, life was good and Lois knew she was lucky. And if there were moments when Paul’s fucking bored her, it was a small price to pay for security and love.

She did love him, as a wife these days defined love. Essentially she tolerated him. She confided in him about everything, except the one thing she never told anyone. For years she had had a weakness for younger men – much younger than herself. When her son was small she had a number of affairs with younger men, and when Robbie was old enough to wonder what the hell was going on – where were the men? – Lois began concentrating on men her own age. That was when she met Paul.

When she married Paul, she vowed not to think of her son in a sexual way, and for a while she succeeded. But it was becoming increasingly difficult. Even as she surveyed her naked body in the bedroom mirror she acknowledged to herself that she was attracted to her son, Robbie .

Wanting him isn’t the same as acting on it, she thought. I’ll masturbate, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll satisfy myself so I don’t have time to think about Robbie . She needed to get a job, or a hobby. In desperation she could volunteer at the senior center. But that was really going to extremes!

Almost every morning when Paul left for work, and the kids for college classes, she spent a quiet hour jilling off. She thought of it as her quiet time, a time when she could satisfy her body and entertain fresh lurid fantasies – mostly rape fantasies. For some reason women like to pretend they were being forced, that they didn’t enjoy being fucked so hard their teeth rattled.

It was nice to have the house to herself. She ran down the hall to the bathroom naked. How nice to have a big house! Paul was such a good husband. She had so much to be grateful for.

When she was through pissing, and diddling her clit, she returned to the bedroom. She was a highly sexed woman and always had been. Even if she had sex every night she felt horny before dawn. It wasn’t Paul’s fault that he couldn’t satisfy her. Not that he even tried.

At times like this she found it impossible to keep her hands off herself. Still gazing at herself in the mirror, she toyed with her tits and romanced her pussy. She sometimes wondered if the girls were virgins. The girls were college age now and the only virgins left in town were obese, and plain looking. And those were probably lesbians. But now in her sexual prime, Lois was so horny she could not go grocery shopping without having to detour to a rest room to masturbate.

It was time for her step daughters to do something with their lives, become something, to prepare for the future. She’d sent away for college brochures, both co-ed and all-girl schools. To realize unrestricted freedom in her home, she decided to send the girls far away to school – to Italy! There were wonderful schools in Italy. They could learn to speak Italian, and get exposure to great works of art. One of the top schools was the University of Bologna. She told them she’d wanted to send them there, as she had relatives in Bologna. Going into details was not considered a ‘need to know’. Her two uncles in Bologna were in prison for running a prostitution ring.

She had considered Rome, but in Rome, there were vultures eager to seduce nubile young women. It was not safe. In the bursa escort final analysis, it didn’t matter where they went to school. The girls would learn about life in Italy, and with any luck they will marry an Italian nobleman.

Whatever she decided would be okay with her husband. He was so absorbed in the stock market he hardly ever spoke to her. Paul’s ambition was to become a trader. Not a day trader because he was too high strung for day trading. But he knew just enough about investing, and the market, that he continually made bad trades. He was a momentum investor, and that almost guaranteed he’d lose money. Moreover he lost his libido as well. Luckily Lois was making good money as an attorney. Even though he lost money in the market, it was okay. As long as he didn’t want her to suck his cock. She avoided having sex with him.

At this point in time, Lois, our lusty wife, spread her legs and glanced down at her thick auburn bush. She always enjoyed looking at her body. It was a good body. Not pencil slim like some, but solid and womanly. In her lewd opinion, she saw herself as voluptuous.

Her heart beat faster when she pictured her son, Robbie , and how cute his ass looked in his skin-tight jeans. Her pussy was wet. She was primed, so she moved to the bed and lay down without bothering to close the door. This was her time, and no one would disturb her. Besides, she was a bit of an exhibitionist, and she had an insatiable desire to have someone watching her. Even having a woman watch her would be fun. It was time her step daughters appreciated a mature cunt!

In one of her fantasies, Robbie watched her play with herself. He watched for a while and then would finally burst in and take her by force. By force! The thought of being raped by her son made her pussy throb. She wondered if other women had an urge for their sons. She couldn’t be the only one!

At the moment she thrust a finger into her cunt and squeezed her tits. She gazed down at her finger, wet with her juices, and put it into her mouth. “Hmmmm … ” she murmured as she thrust a second finger into her hole. Closing her eyes, she became totally engrossed in the exquisite feeling between her legs, the squishiness of her gaping vulva.

If she had been alert she would have heard Robbie come back home, and seen him peeking into her room. He had come back home to get school papers that he had forgotten earlier that morning. Now he stared at the unexpected sight of his mother fingering herself, grunting like a sow.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. He blinked several times, glued to the spot. Her fingers were jammed in her cunt. Her tits quivered and shook. Man, what a bush she’s got, he thought. Too bad her hand hid her pussy flaps!

Robbie prided himself on being a Casanova with the girls, a sophisticate. In truth his experience was limited to a few girls his own age. But self confidence is sometimes based on delusion. In the year they’d all been together he’d never taken advantage of either step sister. His father had cautioned him to regard them as sisters and in a way they were. Still, as Robbie stared at his mother all he saw was a hot-assed female, not a mother.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Lois moaned, opening her legs wider and giving Robbie a good look at her hairy grotto.

Robbie felt his cock growing hard. He forgot about going back to class. He stood in the hallway and stared at the writhing woman on the bed and he wanted her. Who could blame me if I ran in there and jumped her? he thought. Would she yell rape and tell Dad? Jesus, how much can a guy take?

Lois was fantasizing about Robbie. She fingered her cunt and pretended it was his cock drilling into her, his balls slapping her ass.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she gasped almost out loud.

Robbie took his cock out and began stroking it. Damn, look at that pussy, he thought, perspiration running down his face.

At one point Lois rolled onto her belly and shoved a pillow between her legs. As she gyrated her ass, Robbie watched, mesmerized. God, she’s a wild woman! Lucky Dad! Man, she must really fuck his brains out.

He thought she was climaxing when she rolled onto her back and squeezed her thighs around the pillow. Her attractive face was contorted. Her long hair spread out over her shoulders.

Robbie ‘s breathing was coarse and shallow. He grabbed his dick and jerked it wildly as his mother climaxed.

Lois arched her back and opened her eyes. A strange sound caught her attention and she sat up, seeing Robbie standing there, pumping his cock furiously. She rubbed her eyes. It had to be a dream. It couldn’t be real. It was her fantasy, but fantasies don’t really happen! Do they?

She didn’t know what to do. It was obvious he didn’t know she had seen him. He was fisting himself, his eyes were closed, a look of tension on his flushed face. She wondered how long he’d been watching her. Long enough to get himself excited. She couldn’t restrain herself. When she jumped off the bed and ran to the door, it was almost as if she bursa escort bayan had no choice. It was a normal reaction, a molecule of modesty that propelled her.

“Stop that!” she gasped.

“Oh, God!” the boy gasped.

She stared down at his thick weapon. Her breath caught in her throat. “Don’t waste it. For God’s sake, don’t waste it!”

Robbie could only stare at her. Then as he turned to run, she grabbed his arm. “Let me go!” he yelped, his embarrassment overpowering his excitement.

“Why did you come home?” she said, still holding onto to his arm.

He averted his eyes to avoid staring at her naked body. “I forgot my research notes,” he murmured.

“Were you standing here a long time?” she brushed her tit against his arm.

“Not really … a few minutes. I lost track.”

“I’ll bet you did.” She glanced down at his cock. It had softened slightly, but still stood up, angled at the ceiling. “I meant what I said about not wasting it.” She pulled him into the room and kicked the door closed.

He didn’t reply. He stared at the floor, his face was pale. He seemed unaware that his affair was still hanging out, but Lois couldn’t take her eyes off it. Young flesh! How delicious it looked!

“Come here,” she said, reaching for a robe. “I don’t mind you watching me. In fact it turns me on. And no one is going to know, right? It’ll be our secret.” She was holding his cock, and begun stroking it.

The boy stood motionless, his eyes still on the floor. “You mean you’re not mad?”

“No, I’m not mad.”

Suddenly he became aware of her hand. “Mom, you’re jerking me off!”

His instrument grew under her touch. She wrapped her soft fingers around the shaft and felt it swelling.

“You don’t mind, do you? It’s so tempting. I’ll just hold it a while …”

He cleared his throat. “Did you mean what you said about not wasting it?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know,” he croaked.

Suddenly she wanted to confide her secret to the teenager. “I have a confession to make,” she said.

He raised his eyebrows, ignoring her words. “Why’d you put that on?” He motioned toward her robe.

“I’ll take it off,” she said, untying her robe and throwing it off. “Come here to me and I’ll tell you my secret.” When he sat down on the bed next to her, she whispered in his ear. “I have a weakness for guys your age.”

He looked confused. “You mean before you married dad?”

She nodded, curling her fingers around his dick and squeezing it. “I haven’t cheated on your father once, but now that you’ve grown up I don’t know …”

This was a new situation for him. A mature woman, not a sappy teenager. A woman with a ripe voluptuous body, and a very hairy love niche. After a moment of hesitation, they threw their arms around each other. Robbie was shaking as she pushed him onto the bed, then climbed over him.

“Touch me here,” she said, moving his hands to her plump ass.

“Jesus, Mom … I can’t believe you’re really letting me do this.”

“Kiss me. Shut up and kiss me!”

He kissed her and after that there was no turning back. He grabbed her tits and hefted them in his hands. He wanted to suck them. If only he could suck them.

“Suck them,” Lois said, shoving her tits into his face.

Robbie had second thoughts. He pulled back. “I can’t.”

She followed him as he rose up off the bed. “Where are you going?”

“This is all wrong.” His eyes were tortured. “I better get back to class.”

Lois was frantic. “You can’t leave me now. Not like this. I need you, Robbie . I need you …”

With a submissive groan, he lowered his head and filled his mouth with some of her tit. She cradled him against her chest and pinned him back onto the bed. She was very strong.

“We don’t have to … go all the way,” she said. “We can just play around with each other. Make each other feel good.”

“You mean masturbate each other?”

“Yes, we could do that.”

“Will you jerk me off?”

“Do you want me to?” She was pulling his pants off.


“Or, I could suck it …” Her eyes were gleaming.

His eyes widened. “Suck it? You mean you’d actually suck it?”

“That’s what women do to men. Hasn’t anyone ever blown you?”

“Oh, that, sure,” he lied.

“You’re lying to me, aren’t you? No one’s ever sucked your cock. Tell me the truth. It turns me on to be the first.”

He lowered his eyes and nodded. “But I’m no virgin.”

“Girls your age are so silly,” she said, burying her face against his chest. “They don’t know how wonderful it is to truly make love to a man.”

“I’d sure like to try it.”

“I’m going to take your cock in my mouth, Robbie . I’ll pretend you’re not my son.” She giggled nervously. “Then it won’t seem like a sin.” She was wondering who ever made up that dumb concept. Incest made people feel good. You didn’t have to worry about social distancing. No disease issues. It saves gas. She could think of a thousand reasons why fucking escort bursa her son was a good idea. Moreover, it took pressure off the old man. He was probably jerking off to some porn site anyway.

His cock twitched as she tickled it. She rolled his foreskin up and down over his purple nut, before lowering her face and rubbing her cheek against his balls.

He lay back on the bed and sighed. “Dad will kill me if he ever finds out we did this.”

“He’ll kill me too, so we both have an investment in keeping quiet.”

“Jesus, you sure have a nice ass …”

“So do you, darling. So do you.”

She kissed the tip of his prick lightly. His knees fell open and he groaned. He gazed down at her as she opened her mouth and inhaled his cock.

“Jesus!” he muttered.

“So good,” she whispered, one hand fondling his balls.

“Oh, shit, you’re going to swallow it!”

“Do you like it?”

“Oh, fuck, are you kidding?”

“I’m trying to go slow so you won’t come right away.” She was keeping up the light friction, fondling him.

“Can I come in your mouth?” He sounded ready.

“I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. But make it last. Don’t let it out yet.”

“I wanna fuck you,” he pleaded.

She clamped her lips around his cock and held it there without moving. Sucking was one thing, but fucking was a different story. She wanted to let him do it to her. But could she risk it?

Without speaking, she made her decision. Her pussy was throbbing, as if it were communicating to her in cunt code. Overcome with lust, she climbed over him, her pussy poised over his cock. “Don’t move, I’m going to fuck you …” she said, bending down and kissing him on the lips.

He squirmed around beneath her. Her cunt was touching his prick, yet she continued frenching him. He thrust his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it hard, her soft long tongue drove him wild.

“I want it too,” she murmured, rubbing up against him.

“I’ll never tell,” he said.

“It’ll be our secret.”

His cock was inside her. “Oh, shit, I can’t believe it!”

“Believe it …” She whispered to him hotly. “Believe it because it’s happening.”

Lois was ecstatic. After such a long time she was finally going to fuck a young guy again. Maybe I’m a pervert, she thought, feeling his prick massaging her clit. But if I am, how come it feels so good? She pushed his cock inside her womb and held it there without moving. Robbie let his breath out. The hot-assed mother kissed him again and then sat up straight.

Their eyes met. She deliberately shook her shoulders, flouncing her tits at him. He reached up and took a tit in each fist. Then she began moving up and down.

“I love it!” she cried, raising and lowering her ass rhythmically.

“Jesus, Mom, it’s so damn good!”

“Oh, dear God, forgive me!” she panted. “Your thing feels so good …”

“It’s so tight!” the boy hissed.

He couldn’t help but move his hips up and down to plunge his tool into her velvety depths. After a while she stopped moving and let him do the thrusting.

“You’re a wonderful fucker,” she said, her voice quivering with excitement.

“So are you.”

“Should we come together?” She knew she could come over and over.

“Yeah, sure.”

“I’m almost there, are you?”

“Shit, yeah!”

“I think … I’m coming!”

She came in a series of mini-climaxes. She had a deep orgasm and then a clitoral orgasm. Then she had a climax that seemed endless. She finished coming, then he rolled on top of her and pumped his seed into her.

Chapter 2

Later in the day, she had her second chance. Her groin was buzzing and driving her crazy. Her clit was swollen and she was very wet. It turned her on to act lewd and whorish, to taunt him with the hanging melons of her tits. Hefting the weight of her tits in her hands, she tugged out her long nipples. Men were so easy to manage – stick a fat tit in a man’s mouth and he’d turn into a meek little lamb. She was thankful that God had given her heavy ripe-looking tits, the kind meant for sucking and fucking. She’d won more than a few cases as an attorney by pulling her shoulders back at the right moment.

They were sitting on the sofa, watching some dumb movie on TV, when it became obvious Robbie, in his shorts, was playing with himself. He wasn’t watching the movie; out of the corner of his eyes he was watching her. When Robbie rose up from the sofa, he still had his cock sticking out of the fly of his shorts. She hadn’t touched him yet, thinking she ought to wait, but now the temptation became too great and she reached out to run her fingers over the stiff flesh of his exposed limb.

“Oh, that’s nice!” she crooned, a bit drunk with the feel of his hot weapon in her hand. She milked him gently, not wanting him to spill his seed so soon, but delighting in how obviously sensitive he was to her stimulation. A large drop of clear juice oozed out of the slit in his rosy knob. She slowly rolled his foreskin back and forth over the flared rim of his affair and looked into his eyes.

“Do you like me doing this?”

“You know I do!” he grinned.

“We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s a sin.”

“Bullshit, Mom!”

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