Reunited Twins Ch. 03

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It was heaven on Earth.

Here I was, twenty five, with the love of my life, and I was on tour. The next show was also my last in the tour, Rome. The tour had lasted for a year and a half, now we could finally go home after this last show. It couldn’t get any greater then this. I was getting to see the world with Liz, my sister, my love.

“OK yea, uh huh. Got it. Hey John got it. Mmm hmm yes there too,” my manager was rattling away to some promoter on the phone. The van hurdled us from the airport to our hotel. Flying through the streets of Rome at an incredible pace, the scenery seemed to blur.

The limo with escorts in place were taking another route. Hey when you want privacy sometimes its easier to deceive the public at large. I was especially private when it came to Liz and I being seen together. I had nearly flipped when new magazines had the headline “John’s New Squeeze” on the cover. She wasn’t a squeeze, she was my angel and now as we flew down the streets she lay across the seat, her head resting in my lap.

She must have been worn out from the constant flights, stops, shows, road trips, etc. I couldn’t blame her. Last year I had nearly past out on stage from exhaustion but now I had learned to get used to it. It had been two years since she had came to live with me. My first album that was released prior to her living with me had sold a whopping 45 million copies worldwide. The follow up had almost doubled that. Life had been perfect, not to mention the sex.

We were like a newlywed couple every time we were alone together. Our bodies always seemed to cry out in hunger. We were only too happy to oblige. The scenery changed constantly around us. Sometimes I would look up in the sky after making love and wonder where we were, only to realize it didn’t matter. I was with her.

“OK here we are. Hey Rob drop them off around back,” Jim my manager told the driver. As the van pulled to the back entrance we opened the doors and hopped out. It was strange not hearing the moans of fans, the grabbing of your clothes, the excitement in the air.

I poked my head back into the door. My angel lay still, sound asleep in the seat. ” Hey Liz, we are here babe.” I rubbed her cheek and she stirred. Her eyes opened slowly taking in her surroundings only to focus on me afterwards.

A smile formed across her lips, “About time,” she yawned, “I thought we were just gonna go straight to the show without any sleep.” She sat up and exited the van.

Turning back to Jim I asked, “Hey what room?”

“Hang on one sec big guy, yea thats what I’m saying. Movie this summer and come out with the soundtrack at the same time. Have everyone jumping up and..”

“Jim what room!” Liz and I both said, annoyed at Jim. Man we had done a show, had a twelve hour flight, and had like seven hours before the next show. I needed some goddamn sleep.

Jim put his hand over the phone, “Umm I think its 312. Oh yea I’m back. See that what I’m talking about come out with a bang right here the whole world will be talking,” and just like that he was off again. The van pulled away with him still rattling off. I loved Jim, greatest manager ever but his phone conversations were annoying as hell.

I put my arm around Liz and we headed inside. We made our way to the room and entered. At least Jim had honored my request, no fancy suite just a regular room.

“Oh god I’m dying for a shower,” Liz said after trying out the bed. She went in the doorway and grabbed her clothes from the pre-packed bag in the room.

“Hey mind if I join ya?”

“Of course not silly,” she let one of the straps fall down onto her arms. Her cleavage looking more and more savory. I composed myself and went into the bathroom. She had already began to undress while the water warmed.

“You know I don’t think I will ever get bored with you,” I said taking a breast in my hand and giving it a little squeeze.

“John not tonight, here lately it seems thats all we do. Tonight lets just enjoy each others company,” I continued to play with her breasts and she let out a laugh, “If you don’t knock it off there are going to be fifteen little John’s all over the house.” She shove my hand out of the way and removed her panties.

I laughed too. We certainly had been doing it a lot. Maybe she was right, maybe we needed to slow down and see how things progressed. “OK love.” I gave her a kiss as she backed into the shower door with a thud.

“You know you always were a little hard headed,” she wrapped her arms around my neck, “but tonight I mean it, no sex.” She stepped into the shower, I followed. I honored her words, no sex. Man it was gonna be a long night.

We soaped each other up, being careful not to miss one inch of each others bodies. I gave her a neck massage after rinsing the last of the soap off. She had a pain in her neck from sleeping awkwardly on the plane. I wrapped my arms around her waist and whispered in her ear, “Will you marry me?”

“John you know we can’t, but if there was a way I would,” she pendik escort turned to face me. A look of hurt came over her face. She rubbed my face with her hand and gave me a soft kiss.

“I’m not talking about a huge ceremony lets just say we are married. I can get you a ring, nobody would ever have to know. ” I kissed her, long and deep. Letting my words sink in.

“Your wrong. One person would know,” she teared up, “John it would be wonderful to be your wife, but we just can’t. She would ruin everything in our lives.”

“Don’t worry about her, I can handle it. If she approved, would you?”

She thought the question over for a minute, “Yes, I would John. I love you.”

Later on that night after Liz had finally went to sleep after cuddling and soft kisses, I made my way to the phone. After going through the proper channels to get the call placed I found my heart racing when it began to ring.

What would she think? Her own daughter that she hated and son that was perfect had wound up together. They are even thinking of marriage. “Hello?” a soft voice answered.

“Yea um hi Mom its me, John,” that was all I could work out.

“Oh, well do you know what time it is young man? This is no hour to be calling up ladies, especially your mother. Didn’t I rai,”

“Hold on mom before you chop my head off I need to talk to you,” oh I would get it later at Christmas. Mom hated being interrupted.

“Well I suppose you’d better get on with it eh,” she sounded annoyed now. Her breathing quickened a small bit and she started to suck her teeth. The little noise she produced would have sent me and Liz asking for a sleepover at a friends house rather then deal with her.

I took in a deep breath, “Mom I am going to get married. I have found this great woman. She brightens up the day. When I’m around her its like I don’t know how I survived before without her,” I went on and on and on until I thought I had ground the point into mothers mind.

“Well she seems like a lucky girl John, but why do you have to call me and tell me about it.”

“Because mom, the woman I want to marry, the woman of my dreams its…its.” I couldn’t bring myself to say it. Halfway from fear of the backlash but also from a hope that there was still something human about mother. I didn’t want to be the one that took that away from her.

“Elizabeth, ” she said.

It was like being kicked in the chest, “How…How do you know.”

” Oh John, you two were always together when you were little. Hugging and kissing, holding hands. I tried to put an end to it but it was no use. I reckoned being hard on you sister would stop it. You, after all, are a man. My words wouldn’t even start to keep your hormones at bay. But the day that bitch put you in the hospital I had enough.”

Holy crap. Mom had always knew, Liz and I thought we were being discreet about everything when we were little. I guess a mothers intuition really was something else.

“I don’t care John, if you want to ruin your life fine. But don’t ever come back home. Thats the deal, I assume you called so that I wouldn’t tell anyone your brother and sister? Well if you don’t want me calling and spilling the truth to everyone, don’t ever bring yourself or her back here again. Do you hear me?”

That punishment seemed easy enough, “OK mom. You got it.” It was done, Liz and I could be married.

I hung up the phone and got into bed. Liz lay with an expression on her face seemed to say she was having a good dream. I slid my arm under her and pulled her in close. She awoke for a short minute. Just long enough to glance upwards and smile at me.

It wasn’t long before I was asleep too.

The knock came at nine in the afternoon. Liz and I had gotten a solid six hours of sleep. ” Hey man time to go. Code 13.”

I woke Liz as I got up to get my stage attire. She sat up in bed and yawned. Her eyes struggled to adjust but seemed to do fine when finding me. “That time already?”

“Yes love, will you come with me tonight?” I had wanted to drag her to a show since she had started tagging along. She, however, preferred to stay in the room.

“Tonight I think I will. Its not everyday my man is playing in Rome. I would love to see the city.” She got out of bed and stretched. Making her way over to her bag she started dressing as well. ” What should I wear, a dress?”

” Oh no just put something on thats comfortable,” at least I could say the same. My stage outfit for this tour was simple. Denim, Denim by the tons. Converse sneakers, jeans, black tee, denim jacket and shades.

When we were through we departed and headed for the back door. Once again everyone thought I was on the other end of town so there wasn’t anyone in sight. Hand in hand we got into the van and were shuttled off towards the show.

“I talked to her last night Liz, ” I whispered. We were alone in the van except for the driver but I didn’t want him knowing we were engaged.

“And what did she have to say about that?” She turned her head towards escort pendik me. Looking mad as hell.

I retold our conversation. Liz sat there and took it all in. “You mean? She’s alright with us?”

“Well only on the condition that we never come back home. That doesn’t seem to be a problem.” I squeezed her hand and she teared up.

” Thank you John, my answer is yes. I will be your wife.” She kissed me softly, careful not to smear any of her makeup or god forbid get lipstick smudges on me. That would have sent the fans wild.

We arrived at the show in less then five minutes. We were rushed out of the van by security down the long path until we reached the police barricades. I made my way over to the piano below the stage and took my seat.

“Knock um dead John. I’m going to watch from the end of the stage across from you OK?” She looked excited. I hadn’t seen her have this much fun since we were little kids.

I nodded as the piano and I were lifted up to the stage. Once I was on the stage the audience decided to hit a certain pitch of screams. I was told it was nearly 180 decibels. “Good evening Rome and happy thanksgiving.”

I launched into the show, at three hours long it was one of the longest shows I had ever done. I couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for this young lady standing off backstage in the shadows. Finally the last number came up on the set list.

It was a song Liz had wrote for me. I had secretly put it to music without her knowing it. I turned to the crowd after a long swig of water, “Now I’m going to bring someone very dear to me up on stage. She wrote me this song and she is the most amazing person I have ever known. Elizabeth dear would you come up here.”

She put her hands up over her face and shook her head. Her eyes were wide with shock. I made my way over to her and took her hand, “Its OK they won’t bite.”

We made our way to the piano bench. Her taking a seat right next to me. I began her song and crowd seemed to calm down. Lighters came up, swaying from side to side. As I ended, the piano with Liz and I began to lower itself back down from the stage.

Liz was in tears. I had to carry her to the van as we made our way towards the airport.

“John that was so sweet thank you,” she finally managed to get out, “but if you ever bring me up there again I will kill you.”

“No you won’t, ” I smiled. Liz couldn’t hurt a fly everyone who knew her knew that. She also seemed to have forgotten that was the last show of the tour. Now we were homeward bound on our way to the airport.

She giggled and snuggled up close to me on the flight, “You know I have a surprise of my own little bro,” she fidgeted with anticipation.

“What is it Liz?” I thought it was probably more naughty lingerie. Nothing could have prepared me for what came out next. Those two words were the most magical words I had ever heard.

She leaned close to me and nibbled on my ear before saying, “I’m pregnant.”

I was stunned for a few moments. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to be a dad. “I love you,” was all I could manage to say.

A flow of kisses followed. We fell asleep in each others arms, if only the dream I had wasn’t so bad.

“I hate you,” our mother was screaming at Liz. Why did she have to be a bitch all the time. This time it was for dropping a glass in the kitchen sink and breaking it.

“Fine I WILL leave you alone.”

Liz came into my room crying her way over to my bed. She sat down, leaned her head against my shoulder and just cried.

“Liz its going to be OK We aren’t living here forever you know. Soon you and I will have our own places and be free of her.” I rubbed her back to get her to relax. It seemed to work she soon stopped crying and looked up at me.

“Why can’t any of my boyfriends make me feel the way you do John? All they want is sex.”

“Well for one I’m your brother, its my job. Two I really don’t care for sex. I got too much on my plate right now as it is dealing with my blood lust.” I pushed her auburn hair out of her face and wiped the tears from her face.

“Oh, how are you by the way. You haven’t came to me for any in awhile. I was beginning to get worried.” She sat up rubbing more tears from her face.

“I haven’t had any in a month. I’m starting to vamp out everywhere I go, but I will be fine for now,” I didn’t want the conversation turning to me, not now. I wanted to make her feel better, not like she was a toy for my use. “How is your hand Liz?”

Her hand had gotten cut pretty badly from picking up glass from the sink. The blood was starting to flow pretty bad. She had wrapped her hand up in her tee shirt but it was being stained red from the blood.

“It hurts like hell, I think there is glass still in there.”

I took my kit from the nightstand and collected the long pair of tweezers. She was right there were a few small slivers of glass in her cuts. Once I had them out I began to wrap it up. Being gentle not to cause anymore pain then necessary.

I leaned pendik escort bayan back on the bed looked at her. She moved forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. I inhaled her scent through my nose. The smells of the sunshine on her hair. Her skin smelled of honey, and her perfume, like lemons.

I broke the kiss, leaning further back to rest on the headboard. She leaned in again to kiss me but I stopped her lips with my hand. “Liz we can’t, you mean more to me than anyone but we can’t.”

“You little slut. Look what you’ve done now. You just wait here, I will be right back.” our heads snapped around to the doorway. Mom turned and walked out my room to the kitchen area.

“Liz we have got to get you out of here now.” With that I climbed out my window and helped her out. We took off running across the front yard. Hearing mother race out of the front door with a butcher knife in her hands only made us run faster.

“Run Liz for gods sake RUN.” I took her good hand and pulled her with me. My heart was pounding from the fast running. We were at the street now, if we could just make it across we would be alright. We could lose mom in the woods.

“John wait,” Liz sounded terrified. Pulling against my arm to slow me down, but I kept going. There was no way in hell that bitch was going to hurt Liz.

“John,” Liz screamed as she let go of my hand. I didn’t even see the van coming. It hit me on the left side of my body. I heard the crunch of my leg as I rolled across the top of the van, finally coming to rest on the pavement behind it.

The sounds began to blur together, my vision began to darken, and then I was gone.

“All passengers this is your captain speaking we will be landing in Los Angeles one hour early. Please prepare for landing.” I awoke from my dream slowly. Letting the night seep in as we sailed through the sky. Liz was awake sitting next to me watching the in-flight movie.

“Ah your awake, I thought you would never wake up. You’ve been out for hours.” She smiled and took my hand squeezing it. Her lips mouthed “I love you”.

“I love you too,” I croaked. Three hours on stage and twelve hours of sleep a week will do that to ya.

“Shh rest your voice. Soon we will be home and we can,”

“Hey theres the big man. Great news man, great news. I managed to fill up some of your time tomorrow with a spot on the Ellen talk show.” Jim my manager butted in from behind the second class curtain.

I nodded and he vanished back behind the curtain. I gave a sorrowful look to Liz and she understood.

“Its OK, after that tomorrow your all mine.” She bit her lower lip and grabbed my crotch making my cock jump with joy.

I had passed out after the interview on the talk show. I awoke to the familiar feeling of lips tenderly kissing my cock. Her hands stroking me slowly, licking playfully at the head. She took my dick in her mouth in one thrust.

Her head bobbed up and down while she played with my dick with her tongue. She came up for breath, spit stringing from the head of my dick to her mouth. Licking her lips she climbed on top of me. Taking my cock with her hand she guided it to her welcoming pussy.

I leaned forward to kiss her as she slide down to the bottom. She broke the kiss and pushed me back down, “You relax and enjoy this. You’ve worked hard John.”

I watched as she rose to the top of my dick only to slam back down. She began to pound and pound into me. Letting out groans as she kept going faster and faster. I grabbed her hips forcing her down harder. She rocked with pleasure and collapsed on my chest.

Shifting my weight I rolled her onto her back. Taking position between her legs I entered her. She screamed my name as I pumped into her. Her legs had been wrapped around my back now straightened out and shook. Liz had incredible orgasms they were fun to watch. Her whole body would shake until she rode it out. Any normal person that saw her would swear she was having a seizure.

I never stopped and kept going faster. The sound of “fap, fap, fap,” echoed throughout the room.

“John stop please its too much,” she pleaded. She tried her best to push me off of her but I knew what she liked. Liz loved being taken to the edge so I kept going.

“Oh god, oh god, ohh..” another orgasm overtook her. I felt my balls pull tight, this was it. I gave one final thrust and emptied my sperm into her womb. Rolling over next to her I held her in my arms.

She pulled me close and continued to shake as her orgasm slowly receded. Her breathing calmed and she looked me in the eyes. “Why are you so good to me?”

“Because you deserve it.” I took hold of her hand and kissed it softly. She responded by snuggling close to me and purring like a kitten.

I had to admit, I had spoiled her rotten. After all the shit she and I had put up with it was time someone did though. I drifted to sleep with my arms wrapped around her belly. The belly that bore my child.

My head was all fuzzy. I was in a hospital, that I was sure of. The beeping of the machines beside the bed made my head pound. My left hand felt warm my right hand, cold. Struggling to look down I noticed my right hand had Iv’s running through it. My left hand was in someones grasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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