Return to Paradise Ch. 09

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Big Tits

I decided to build on characters we have met. The background of characters allow a lot of depth to the characters. Keep the Comments going.


Chapter 9

My Brother and Me – Young Lovers from the electronic Store in the mall Charlie and Teddy

I was lying in bed at night around midnight and all was quiet in the house. I just could not fall to sleep for some reason. We’d just moved here because our mom got a new job and it was twice the money she had been making. I left behind my boyfriend and all my friends. The only stable thing in my life is my stupid brother. He seems to be trying his damnedest to be around me whenever he can. I guess he’s alone too. Tonight’s just one of those nights I don’t want to be alone.

I heard a thump from my brother’s room which is right next to mine and the only thing that ran through my mind was “Great he’s at it again.” That boy masturbates l most as much as I do. Then sure enough I heard the tale tale thump-thump-thump of his bed as he was jacking off. I thought to myself, “Morning, and night every frigging morning and night I should say something to him about me being able to hear. ” but then I realized if I did he would probably die from being embarrassed, and never do it again. Then I simply thought, “If you can’t beat them.” and slipped my hands down into my pajama bottoms and found my clit. Now the race was on, I was picturing him in his room doing the same thing. He was getting faster, and I was speeding up my pace. He went really fast and stopped about the same time I started my own orgasm.

I guess I recovered first from mine and I quietly opened my door and went to the bathroom. When I came out Teddy was coming out of his room to use the restroom before going to bed. Teddy was wearing just his boxers and it looked like, no it was his cock was visible through the little slit in them. He looked at me and smile, “Hello, didn’t expect anyone to be up.”

I said, “I’m not up, I just had to pee. I missed seeing you when you came in, you know you are like my only friend here so far.”

Teddy replied, “You are mine too. And I really gotta go to the bathroom.”

When we passed in the hall I said, “Thank you” and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

He lay hand touched my arm and said, “Good night.” And pulled me in for a hug.

I went to my room and when I got in I felt my arm was wet and a little slimy, I took my finger and ran it through the substance and sniffed. Oh my god it was my brothers cum. I had smelled cum before, I once gave my boyfriend a hand job that got messy. I brought it to my lips and licked my fingers clean. Not too bad, not great, but I could learn to .. and then my subconscious kicked in .. “Don’t go there girl!”

I climbed in bed and off to sleep I went, I got just what I needed.

The next morning, everything was normal and off to school we went. When I got home that afternoon I figured I had at least 3 hours since Teddy had football practice afterschool and mom never gets home before seven. I went and got into my smallest bikini and went to lay out by the pool. Our house was not huge, but we had a pool and a backyard with a privacy fence around it. I got my book, something to drink, some sunscreen, a towel and proceeded to the back yard. The weather was wonderful, I laid out my stuff, put the towel on the lounger and lay down. After a little bit, I thought, “I’m out here all alone and if anyone comes home I will hear them.” So I slipped off my top and thought “What the hell.” And undid my bottoms. I was completely naked when I sprayed sunscreen on. I lay on my stomach for a while letting my back get toasted. I guess the lack of sleep affected me because I fell asleep. About two hours later I woke up, took a drink of water, and turned over, and repeated the process not intending on sleeping again.

And sure enough about 2 hours later I woke up again, this time Teddy was there his shadow blocking the sun from me. He was saying, “Charlie, I love how you look but I hate to tell you this, you are going to be sorry about this. You are RED as a lobster.”

I Looked down and I was. I said, “I didn’t think, the sun down here is so much hotter than up our way.” And then it hit me. I was stark naked in front of my brother and his shorts had a nice tent tuzla escort to them.

Teddy said, “I’m sorry Charlie, but you are going to be sore.”

I grabbed my towel and went to wrap it around me and it hurt to touch me. “What am I going to do..”

Teddy said, “I have some of the green gunk in my room from when I got burnt. Come with me.”

I didn’t know what to do, I hated him seeing me like this. I blindly followed him. I think if he told me to jump off a cliff I would have, I was lost as what to do.

We got to his room and he got out a big bottle of Aloe with Lidociane for MAX PAIN relief. He said “It really helps with the pain and the red will go away in a day or so with it.”

I begged, “Please.. Please.. help me..” the cool air of the house I guess had woken up the nerves in my skin. “It hurts.”

He squirted some out in his hand and started to rub it on my breast. His hand made it to them and I said, “I think I can do those.” And took some gel out of the bottle, “Will you do my back?”

Teddy said, “ah.. Sorry sure.” His hands with the cool numbing gell had me in heaven. He covered my back and said, “Is it okay if I continue down, it’s red too?”

I said, “Yes, I don’t care you’ve seen everything now anyway. I bet you are enjoying it.”

Teddy said, “You do know I can stop you know.”

I said, “I’m sorry please continue. Please.. I’m sorry.” And I was truly sorry and needed his help.

Teddy continued, “It’s okay, not what I expected either.” His expert hands continued over my ass, and down my legs and I was in heaven wherever he touched. The gel worked its magic quickly. He came back up my legs getting the inside of my thighs, and when he ran his hand between my butt cheeks I let out a small sigh, wishing he could go further.

I said, “Can you to the front too? Please?”

“For you my sister anything you desire.” He took the gel and put more into his hands, he started at my shoulders worked his way down each arm and then over my chest. I didn’t have the nerve to tell him I already got my breast, so I just let him continue. He made it down my stomach, and as close to my pubic hair as he dared and then the fronts of my legs. When he stood up he had a rather LARGE issue going on between his legs. I glanced down looking at the tent, he was so much larger than my boyfriend we left behind.

Being done with applying the gel and feeling I owed him something I said, “Thank you, you were great at that, it felt so good and I don’t hurt now.”

He said, “The pain might come back later, If it does the gel will help you again. I know it was weird having me help you.”

I said, “No I would rather you help me than anyone else. That was kinda personal and I don’t normally like people touching me.”

Teddy said, “Mom could have.”

I said, “What and know I was out nude sunbathing in the back yard, I would rather hurt.” And I reached out and hugged him, my bare breast pressed into his shirt, his arms softly wrapped around my back as to not hurt my sunburn. “Will you help me slip on a t-shirt? Oh wait, one last thing, I know you’ve helped me and I really am grateful, can I help you?” and I grabbed his cock through his shorts.

Teddy was surprised at me being that bold, but being a gentleman, “You don’t owe me a thing. I will help my sister anytime. But thank you.”

He helped me with a t-shirt and baggy shorts, no bra or panties. And I hung out in my room when mom got home to avoid questions. Later than evening around the midnight hour again, the pain was coming back. I quietly snuck down the hall to my brother’s room. A slight knock and Teddy opened his door. Wearing a white t-shirt and boxers. “Whats up? You back for more gel?”

“Yes would you do it please? You are the best.” I said.

Teddy repeated the process earlier. First undressing me, then he did my back, all the way down without stopping or any hesitation even. Teddy moved around me ad started with my legs since he was already down there. I know he had to smell how excited I was, but to his credit he was a gentleman mostly. He saved my breast for last and took his time doing them. I was enjoying the feel of his hands on my breasts, the way he would let my now hard nipples sliding between his fingers was making me wet, I was afraid I would tuzla escort bayan start leaking out. Standing there I caught a glimpse of the head of his cock peeking out at me. I didn’t know what to do but I didn’t want to leave him like this.

Again, I offered, “You know I was serious about helping you out.”

Teddy replied, “I have to decline, I want to, but not for helping you with a problem, you don’t owe me for this.” He followed this up with a little kiss on the lips just pressing his lips to mine. I happened to look down and saw his not so little friend had come out and was touching my leg. The purple head was swollen and looked almost painful, and had a drop of precum on the tip again he apologized, “I’m sorry sis, I couldn’t help it.”

One last time I offered, “I’m serious about helping you out.”

He shook his head and said, “You need to get to bed, morning comes early and if you stay here I might be tempted to take you up on that.”

With that, I kissed him on the lips saying, “Thank you, you are the best.” Grabbed my clothes and went to my room. Laying on the bed naked, I let my fingers find my soaking wet pussy and take care of my problem while thinking about Teddy’s hands all over my body.”

In the morning it was quicker, it had to be but the gel helped a lot. When I got home from school he was there waiting with the gel in hand. Teddy said, “Come on, we got time to get you done before mom gets home.”

We went to his room again, and I let him undress me. He reminded me of a kid opening his Christmas presents as he undid the button on my pants. I told him you should take all your jeans and nice shirt too or you might get the gel on them. He agreed, and I was delighted at the thought of seeing more of his cock. Same routine, he spent a lot of time on my ass and my breasts. The way he did my breast each time he touched them was amazing, his firm hands and when my nipples slide between his fingers got my motor started. When he was done I hugged him to my chest, for the first time ever we were both bare chested. His chest was muscular, and I fit so well into his arms. My nipples were hard as diamonds against his chest and I’m sure that helped turn him on too. His boxers were they only thing between us. I pulled him in closer, the head of his cock was aimed up out of his boxers at the waistband and touched my stomach. Instead of offering, I simply took one hand and grabbed the knob of his impressive cock in my hand. It was slick with his precum. With the other I dropped his shorts down.

Teddy said, “You don’t have to do..”

I cut him off, “But I want to do this I think as much as you do.” I dropped to my knees and took what I could of him into my mouth. He was in heaven. Teddy bucked his hips a few times, grunted out a “Thank you!” as his cum filled my mouth. I swallowed, I liked the taste but didn’t like the slime texture that much.

I said, “You’ve been great and I wanted to do that since a couple nights ago we met in the hall around midnight and you got some cum on my arm.”

All he said was, “I’m sorry.”

“Will you quit being sorry. Remember I wanted you as much as you wanted me. There is one other favor I want from you. Would you mind.” I said.

Teddy said, “Like I said anything for my favorite sister.”

I replied, “I’m your only sister silly, but will you help me.. get off.”

Teddy said, “I’m not sure how really, I’ve never done it, but I can try, I saw some porn and have an idea.” With that he took a nipple into his mouth, and said, “I’ve always wanted to do that since you got breasts, just not with that gel on it.” And went down the hall and rinsed his mouth, and came back to find me laying in his bed, legs spread.

I said, “How about you do that right here, I will let you do my breast when they don’t have that stuff on it.” I pointed to my pussy and he took the hint.

He dove his head between my legs and started licking for everything he was worth. To be honest it all felt good, but he wasn’t finding the right spot, so I helped guide him a little. “Yes, Right there, a little higher, oh my god… keep that uppppppppppp!” and my legs clamped around his head on their own as the world went bright white.

Teddy was tapping my legs and I released his head, he was out of breath saying, escort tuzla “That was so damn cool, but I thought I was going to die with my head in your..”

I said, “Pussy, you can call it that. Now get up here and kiss me.”

He crawled up my body and kissed me on the lips, our mouths fighting for control of the others tongue. I could taste myself in the kiss, and I would bet he could taste himself too. He was hard again, and aimed directly at my pussy, the tip rubbed my clit and alI had to do whisper, “Do it please?” and I felt the head of his cock push past the opening to my pussy, an flash of pain as my hymen tore. He pumped into me for what seemed like forever, maybe 30 seconds, and flooded my pussy with his seed.

Teddy rolled off me and said “I hope you are on the pill.”

I said, “Mom put me on them two years ago.”

He looked over and said in a very shocked voice, “You are bleeding, I hurt you.”

“No, Teddy. That was my cherry, you were my first.” I said.

“You were mine too. We better get cleaned up before mom sees this mess.” He said. Being the very smart brother I’ve always known.

I got the sheets and stuff to the washer, and he was in the shower and jumped with I opened the door and let myself in with him.

I tippy toes a little and kissed him softly on his lips, my bare breast on his chest and said, “Thank you, this has been the best day of my life.”

We got out, dried off, we got the fresh sheets for his bed, and I was in pain again, the quickly put on the gel and I wanted more, but we heard mom’s car pull up out front, I grabbed my clothes that was in his room and made a naked dash down the hallway to my room where I dressed.

Mom called out, “I picked up everyone’s favorite, ‘Chinese’.” We both made a beeline for the living room where we ate and enjoyed a good evening watching mom’s favorite TV show, followed by an old movie called, “Blue Lagoon.” We made comments about how beautiful the island was, and then things got a little strange, with the kids in the movie. If you haven’t seen it watch it.

Teddy and I turned in for the evening and mom stayed up for a bit. About midnight, I was hurting again and wondered if I should go visit my brother again. I slipped my clothes off in my room and snuck down the hall and into his room. I figured he would like the little surprise of a naked girl, even his sister, visiting him at night. He was under the covers when he saw me he opened them up and I forgot why I came down to his room. I slipped in beside him, we made out for a bit. In a hushed voice I said, “You are great kisser.”

Teddy said, “And you are great at everything, I love you so much.” He held me tight and we fell asleep in each others arms. I guess Worn out from earlier. I’d like to say we made love first, but we both were tired.

All was all good in the world until the morning when Teddy’s door opened, and Mom poked her head in and said “Teddy have you seen your …” and after a long pause, “What are you two.. Oh my god.. you are..”

She then did the unthinkable, She came in, sat on the bed, and told us “It’s okay, I understand, you guys just shocked me that’s all. “

Teddy said, “We are sorry Mom.. muumpp” as my elbow hit him in the stomach a little.

Mom continued, “I had a speech ready for you guys about this, but screw it. You know it runs in your family, I didn’t want you to know, but your dad was my brother. I won’t judge you guys. I promise. If you want you can share a room or whatever. Just don’t let anyone else find out. The world is not a friendly place for people like us.”

We were shocked both for finding out our late Uncle Charles was our father and the fact we both were not killed by Mom on sight. Nothing else changed around the house really, I moved into Teddy’s room officially a couple weeks later, although I had spent everything in his arms. Not all the evenings were sexual, although we had a good deal of that too. We share a very special connection, both being each other’s first and only.

We did get a little lax and Mom saw us a time or two, I think she was a little jealous. Teddy told me she was in the hall one night when he snuck to the bathroom and he thought she checked him out, and he caught her in the bathroom getting ready for a shower naked once. Said she was not bad for an old person. We are not sure what happened to her when things went bad, she was at work at the hospital. After a few days of things we joined a group bugging out to “Paradise Island”.

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