Rent Negotiations

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Shelby Shay looked around the newly refurbished apartment. It was perfect for the young college student. It featured two large bedrooms and a living room with polished hardwood floors. A huge kitchen with all-new appliances and it was also furnished so she wouldn’t have the added expense of buying furniture she would likely not want to keep after graduation.

There was only one small problem. It was beautiful but it was also twice what she could afford.

Checking it out had been her mother’s idea. “It can’t hurt to take a look,” Virginia had said to her daughter. “Your aunt and uncle live 15 minutes from the college, you wouldn’t even have to use your car. You’d save on gas and you’d still be near us in case of an emergency. Your aunt and I roomed with friends when we went to college and it worked out well for the two of us.”

That was not a selling point. Shelby was young and wanted to have a little fun. She couldn’t ever imagine Virginia being young and carefree, although she knew that most kids felt that way about their parents. At 42, Virginia was still a lovely woman, tall and elegant with dazzling good looks. A lesser woman would not have been able to attract a man like Steven Shay. Shelby laughed as she remembered her Daddy telling her when she was little that he was determined to sire a son in whatever way he could manage it. Shelby was born and from the first time her tiny hand grasped his finger, Steven was in love with his daughter. Shelby was an only child who adored her strong, vibrant father and missed him when he was overseas on business. He loved spoiling his daughter and Shelby was most definitely a “daddy’s girl”. It was not that she didn’t love her mother; it was simply that the dynamic between the two of them was much different.

“This place is perfect, Uncle Tom,” she said to her father’s brother. Her parents were twins that had married twins. Her aunt and mother were identical twins while Tom and her father were fraternal. One way in which that was evident was her uncle’s salt and pepper hair, which she thought made him look so sexy. Shelby had a long-standing crush on her gorgeous uncle that had not abated over time. She knew that if she lived this close, she was going to try and seduce him, at least one time. She would have to satisfy her curiosity and that’s when an idea crossed her mind.

The 19-year old thought perhaps she could negotiate the rent down by flirting a bit and perhaps offering a little booty for rent. Shelby knew what some would say about that, but it wasn’t as if she wouldn’t have fucked him anyway. This was just a way for everyone to get something they wanted.

So the pretty ash blonde put on her shortest skirt and added sexy heels and decadent lingerie to the ensemble. She made sure to make herself up and put on some very sexy perfume and added a bit of mascara to give her brown eyes even more appeal. Shelby knew that she looked hot and doubted that Tom would be able to resist her charms. The pretty girl knew her strengths and few men had been able to stand in her way. She liked sex and she was choosy. A girl who was as pretty as Shelby could afford to be selective.

“It’s a great apartment, Uncle Tom,” she said, continually brushing up against him. “I think I could really enjoy living her and being so — close — to family,” she said, letting just a hint of seduction drop into her voice.

“It’d be nice to have you here kid, I could look out for my brother’s daughter and you’d be around your cousins,” Tom smiled. Shelby had to refrain herself from fuming. She was NOT a kid and her twin cousins were 4 years younger. She was in college now; she didn’t want to hang out with high school kids. Tom seemed a bit oblivious to her efforts, so she tried a little harder.

“I like everything about it, including the private entrance,” bursa escort Shelby smiled. “My guests could come and go as they please, right?” She leaned in close and smiled up at him, hoping now he might clue in.

It didn’t seem to help. “Yes, you’d be living on your own right above our garage in case you needed anything,” he smiled. “You’d be welcome to join us for dinner whenever you liked, I know your aunt loves to cook for a group. One more plate would hardly matter,” he said. “Do we have a deal? Can I take the `for rent’ sign down?”

“I don’t know yet, Uncle Tom,” Shelby said, sitting down on the couch and crossing her legs. She let her skirt ride up and gave him a bit of a show. She had great legs, even though they weren’t as long as her mom’s or her aunt’s. “I want to say yes, but the price is a bit high. Is there room for … negotiation?”

“Your aunt and your mom did most of the work up here,” Tom answered, once again seemingly missing her flirtations. “I let her make the decisions, I’ll send her up and the two of you can discuss it. I hope you take the place, it will be nice having family living close.” He exited the apartment, not noticing a fuming Shelby behind him. She might as well cross the apartment off her list right now. She was a bit pissed about that because any apartment she could likely afford would not be anywhere as nice as this one. Her aunt, an interior designer in partnership with Shelby’s mom, had made this place into a palace compared to most dorms or college apartments. True, Shelby could have found a roommate and gotten a nicer place but then, you were at the mercy of the roomie’s whims as well. She really wanted this place and now, had no idea how she would go about getting it.

Jennifer Shay entered the apartment and smiled at her niece. “Tom says that you’re interested in the apartment?” She said as she hugged Shelby. “It’s a little out of your price range, is that right?”

“Yeah, a fair bit,” Shelby answered honestly. She saw no sense in prolonging her agony, if she couldn’t afford it, best move on and find something before the start of the semester next month.

“We might be able to work something out,” Jennifer smiled at Shelby. “Why don’t you come downstairs and have dinner with us? When your uncle goes bowling, we’ll come up here and talk some more.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t impose,” Shelby protested.

“I know your uncle already invited you and you know I love to cook for a group,” Jennifer grinned. “I’m making lasagna and I won’t take no for an answer.”

“YOUR lasagna?” Shelby brightened. “You won’t hear it, that’s one of my favorites. Okay, you’ve got a deal.” They went down the stairs and Shelby noticed something for the first time. “You’ve gone auburn; I really like it on you, Aunt Jen.”

“Thanks, I was getting tired of our clients and other people mistaking me for your mother,” Jennifer laughed. “I’ve been an identical twin for 42 years and I wanted a change.”

“I see your point,” Shelby grinned at her aunt. “I’m glad to be an only child; I never missed not having brothers or sisters.”

“Lately, I think your cousins would agree with you,” Jennifer laughed.

“Are they still fighting?”

“Like cats and dogs. How can two girls who look so much alike be so different? I don’t think your mom and I had three fights all the years we were growing up,” Jennifer told Shelby as they entered the house.

“You and my mom are a lot different too, you know,” Shelby said to her aunt.

“Not as much as you might think,” Jennifer said. “Girls, come out here and say hello to your cousin.”

Vicki and Nicki ran out of their bedroom and even now, they were squabbling over who got to hug their cousin first. Shelby did love her younger cousins, but they were such kids. She couldn’t believe that they were only 4 years bursa escort bayan apart because to her, it seemed like a lifetime.

She had a nice dinner with her family, but in the back of her mind was the disappointment over not being able to afford her dream apartment. She wouldn’t be able to put anything over on Aunt Jen. She was a lot smarter than her husband; everyone knew that she was the brains of the family.

“Head on back to the apartment, I’ll meet you up there as soon as I’ve got the dishes done and your uncle heads off to bowling,” Jennifer told her niece.

“Oh, you have to let me help, you did all the cooking,” Shelby said.

“Your cousins are going to help, that’s why they get an allowance,” Jennifer told Shelby. “Go on and relax, there’s a TV up there and you can just be alone with your thoughts if you like.”

Shelby wasn’t too sure that she wanted to be alone with her thoughts because they were all of how much she wanted to live in the gorgeous apartment. She went up to the apartment and tried to watch TV, but she was too bummed. She heard footsteps coming up the back entrance and knew that her aunt was coming to join her. She would do her best to negotiate, although she figured it was likely a lost cause.

Jennifer entered the room. After dinner, she had changed into a pair of shorts and a crop top, as it was a very warm evening. It was hard for Shelby to come to terms with the fact that this attractive woman and her mother were twins the exact same age. They were so dissimilar, much as her cousins were. Jennifer sat on the couch across from her niece and crossed her long legs. “So, you like what I’ve done with the apartment, do you?” She asked Shelby.

“Oh yes, very much,” Shelby beamed. “It’s a magnificent place and I know I’d be very happy living here. It’s just a bit more than I can afford, as Uncle Tom already told you.”

“By how much?”

“You want almost twice what I can afford,” Shelby said honestly. “Could we maybe work something out? I could do yard work or help clean or do laundry … anything! This place would be a dream come true for me!”

“That’s one way we could negotiate a reduction in rent,” Jennifer smiled, touching her niece’s bare knee. “Or we could work out the kind of deal you were willing to try with your uncle.”

“Excuse me?”

“Darling, don’t play it coy, you aren’t very good at it,” Jennifer chuckled. “You had a bright idea; you just tried it on the wrong relative. Your uncle isn’t the sexy one in this family darling — I am. If you want to trade some good times in the hay for a reduction in rent, you should have talked to me. I’ve always thought my niece was a hot piece of ass and I’d love to tear up the sheets with you. Have you ever played with another girl?”


“Don’t be nervous Shelby, I don’t bite. Well, I do, but that comes later,” Jennifer laughed. “Do you think you might be willing to give it a whirl? If it isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine and perhaps we can work out another arrangement for you to stay here. Somehow, I think you’re going to have the most fun you’ve ever had. I’m hot as hell when I’m with another girl and it’s been too long a time since I’ve bedded someone like you. Once I let loose baby girl, you won’t know what hit you.”

Shelby knew that she couldn’t really object on moral grounds, because if she had been willing to fuck her uncle, so why not her hot aunt? She had bi-sexual girlfriends and had considered it a time or two. Why not play along until she knew which way the wind blew? “Okay, Aunt Jennifer,” Shelby nodded. “I guess it’s worth trying. What next?”

“First, no `aunt’ when we’re fucking, call me Jen or even slut, talk really dirty to me,” her aunt grinned. “Sex with two women is amazing, I’d indulge more often, but your uncle is always home. His escort bursa poker nights and his bowling are the only two nights I get to myself, aside from a little fling here and there with clients,” Jen grinned as she took her astonished niece’s hand. She led Shelby into the beautifully-appointed bedroom. “I took a lot of trouble with this room and was hoping we’d rent it to a hot girl that I could play with,” Jen told Shelby. “I had no idea it would be you, though.”

“I hope this works out,” Shelby said as her aunt started undressing her. “I hope that I’m a good playmate for you, that I please you.”

“Don’t worry about every last detail,” Jennifer said as she nuzzled Shelby’s neck. It sent goose bumps down the girl’s tanned flesh. “I have enough girl-on-girl experience for the both of us. Do you like what I’m doing so far?”

“Very much, yes,” Shelby murmured. “Please, don’t stop. It feels amazing.”

“I have no intention of stopping,” Jennifer laughed quietly. “I love this beautiful underwear you’re wearing, where did you get it?” She slipped away the black and gold brocade bra from Shelby’s lovely, round tits.

“I used the La Vie En Rose gift certificate you gave me for my 19th birthday,” Shelby sighed. “So indirectly, you bought it for me.” Jennifer laughed with delight at that. Shelby lifted her hips so that Jennifer could remove the matching thong. Aside from her stockings and heels, she was completely naked with her gorgeous aunt. “No fair — you have ALL of your clothes on!”

“Would you like to help me rectify that?” Jennifer teased. Shelby picked up on what was expected of her and helped her aunt undress. Underneath what little she had on was — nothing at all. Not only that, she was shaved bare and it was hot. She pressed her body close to Shelby’s and they kissed. Not as aunt and niece, but as two women eager to see what the other one had to offer.

A flurry of kisses led to two lovely women tumbling down on to the bed in a tangle of long limbs and heated bodies. Shelby had never been with another woman before and yet, she seemed to be picking it up as she went along. Gentle fingertips trailed her aunt’s spine and down to her buttocks. She loved the graceful way her aunt seemed to be moving and how her soft lips were raising more and more chills from Shelby’s body. She liked the newfound experience and allowed herself to be guided in the ways of lesbian pleasure. After about 15 minutes had passed, her reluctance was forgotten and she was giving as much back as she was capable of.

“God, you fucking talented little slut,” Jennifer panted as Shelby licked her nipples and fingered her pussy. “Your uncle wouldn’t have been able to handle you; you’d have worn him out in about half an hour.”

“How long have we been going at it?” Shelby asked as her aunt’s fingers probed deep into her own horny cunt. The two women twisted about and fingered each other’s pussies, tasting the juices. Shelby had been fearful she wouldn’t like the taste but the first few drops had made her a convert.

“For about two hours now,” Jennifer told her niece. “We’ll have to call it a night in about 40 minutes, your uncle will be home and we’ll need to tidy up. So let’s have a nice loud cum and then we’ll call it a night.” That’s what they did — two lovely lesbians, one mature and one young, twisting and bouncing and fingering until a climax ripped through both of them.

“I know you still want to fuck your uncle,” Jennifer told her niece as they cleaned up and got dressed. “With you living here, we’ll find a way to make it happen. Maybe for his birthday or for Christmas, but we’ll set something up.”

“I’m glad we worked all of this out,” Shelby said. “I just wonder why my mother suggested I live with you? She said that the two of you roomed with friends when you were in college.”

Jennifer laughed and hugged her niece warmly. “Yes, we certainly did. Shelby, they were all `friends with benefits’ — just how do you think two sexy-yet-broke, college student sisters were able to pay their rent?”

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