Rebecca’s Visit – Sunday

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Note: I will repeat here a brief introduction to myself and the reality of my aunt / niece relationship. These stories go well beyond the reality, although it is amazing just how real a fantasy can seem when it lies just beyond reach. In any case, for a more thorough description and understanding, you may want to read the Saturday chapter first.

All Characters in my stories are 18 or older.

I hope you will enjoy her as much as I do.


I’m Aunt Leslie. I’m 38, and married, and have developed a very open mind about my erotic feelings. That all began when I was in high school… well… before that, actually, but that was with boys. Junior high boys are soooo easy, and were so much fun to begin the exploring parts of my hormone burst. A few years later, two of my friends and I discovered how much fun and how totally erotic other girls can be. To this day I’ve never come out to my parents or my older sister, who is much more conservative than I am. My older brother knows, but he’s always been a close pal, and since it hasn’t been part of my realtime life since married, it’s all sort of in the background now.

But well in the foreground, in my mind, there has been a resurgence of the feelings, the arousal, the incredible sensuality of woman touch. And as I watched my niece grow into her own hormone years, and as I had the opportunity occasionally to spend time with her, I began to recall just how intense those feelings were when I was her age. Oh, the naughty thoughts that raged through my mind when we would talk about intimate things. She has always seemed so comfortable with me, and I’ve been rather a “confidant” about some of the things that she says her mother balks at discussing. How much to let boys touch her… (verrry non-commital answer there)…Will her breasts be as large as mine and her mother’s (we are C cups, and hers have a ways to go)…Do I keep my pubic hair trimmed and why ( I do, because I like it… she does, because she’s a competitive swimmer and all the girls do, some totally bare)…How will she know when she’s really in love (hard one to settle on, isn’t it!)…What was it like dating in college? (wild!! But I haven’t told her everything)…Did I have sex before I was married? (OMG yes… again, veryyy careful answer)…How old was I when I first masturbated? (Yes, we really got to that kind of question, after a number of years of talking! I was 11. She was a little older.) Now that she is 18, and still comes to the cabin for visits, our relationship has indeed grown. It took some time for me to uncover those deeply erotic feelings, but they were clearly there from early on, and now…well, now for some time she has been my darling pet.

Morning broke softly, and I lay still, feeling my darling Rebecca’s warm body spooning me, naked, firm, young, smooth. She was 18, and though we had been intimate for some time now, this was the first opportunity I’d had to actually sleep overnight with her, in one bed, girl to girl, skin to skin. After our adventure on the dock yesterday, and another right in the living room before bedtime, we had slept well together. My own sleeping patterns have changed over time, and my husband and I find a large King size bed more to our liking, where we can find our own separate space. Not so all night, feeling the delicious beautiful bod of my niece Rebecca beside me, legs and arms often intertwined.

Her arm was draped over my left side as I lay there, her fingers lazily working back and forth across my belly button.

“Your aunty has a little tummy there now, doesn’t she?” I giggled, pressing my bottom back against her thighs. She opened her legs and let one slide up over my hip, pulling herself closer. I could feel her firm young tits grazing my shoulder blades as she rubbed them back and forth, nipples hardening. Her nose nuzzled my neck, pushing my dark wavy hair aside, and she licked me on the back of my shoulder, then my neck, then my ear. She is an amazingly sensuous girl, and has learned all the things her auntie loves. I could feel her curly brown muff against half of my bottom as she rocked her hips. I lifted her hand upwards to cup my left breast.

“Your aunty’s tits hang and sway a lot now, darling. Once they were like yours, firm, shapely, staying in place,” I lamented.

“I LOVE your woman tits, Aunt Leslie,” she answered. “I love how they feel, how they sway when u go without a bra, how they taste, and how long and thick ur nipples get when I play.”

Indeed they were responding nicely to her fingers as she cupped my tit, working it in circles and pinching a little on my extended nipple. I reached back with my left hand and caressed her thigh, working upwards until I could feel her teen ass cheek, smooth, round, not a bubble butt, but nicely formed. She liked having it touched, caressed, and more. But for now, just fingertips along it made her shiver. I reached further back, twisting a little, and I could just reach between her legs enough to feel the soft folds of her pussy with my fingertips. I explored. She shifted bursa escort to help the contact.

“Did you sleep well enough, love?” I asked, even then sensing her breathing was quickening.

“OMG yes, Aunt Leslie,” she answered. I’ve asked her to call me just “Leslie”, but she almost always says “Aunt Leslie”. I think she enjoys stressing the relationship as much as I am turned on by the taboo element… the fact that my sister’s daughter is my lover, my teen pet, my source of erotic life. “But it’s morning now, and you feel sooooo good,” she continued.

I turned onto my back and turned my head to offer her my mouth. Her kiss was soft, open, wet. My tongue slid back and forth across her upper lip, then her lower lip, then I seized it with my teeth, pulling lightly, and she mewed, reaching for my right tit, scissors fingers working up my nipple.

“If we are going to do this, I need to pee,” I whispered.

“Me tooooo,” she giggled into my mouth as we never broke our kiss. “Can I watch you?”

Her words surprised me a bit, as we hadn’t broached that subject before. “Ahhhhhh… welllll… why would you want to do that, my darling girl?”

She lowered her head a little and paused. “I uhhhh…well, I dunno really. Somehow it just seems to excite me to think about it… I mean… it seems so… like intimate or something.”

My heard lept and quickened, thinking of how totally exciting it is to me to feel all the intimacies we have shared. When we kiss, the kisses are wet, sloppy, back and forth. She seems to relish the wetness without anything being gross, and for me, all the tastes and scents of her body are arousal points.

I slid out of bed, pulling her hand with me. “You can watch if I can,” I countered, and we made our way to the bathroom. I sat, and she sat in front of me, brushing the hair out of her eyes. She reached down and caressed my blue painted toenails, and my calf. I spread my legs so she could slide forward a bit, and I caressed her soft hair as I let the warm stream begin.

Her eyes were locked on my pussy, and I slid my hips forward and titled up just enough for her to see better. I used my other hand to pull the top of my lips open, and I heard her sharp gasp as the stream became even more visible. Her hand went to her breast, squeezing it as she watched.

I reached for some tissue, but she stopped me. “Leave it?” she pleaded with her eyes uplifted. “Just leave it on there a little?”

My minx… My amazing little minx wanted a slight taste of my pee. So I reached down with a bare hand and rubbed the remains across my vulva, even on my inner thighs a bit, and stood.

“Your turn, sweetheart,” I whispered, and sat on the floor between her knees as she sat. She imitated my movements, tipping forward and using one hand to spread herself so I could see. Her stream shot a little more forward than mine had, twisting in its path, and I reached one hand out to her inner thigh. I could feel the warmth in the air as it streamed, then diminished, then shot again a bit as she squeezed, twice. I reached out and used three fingers to spread the remains across her pussy lips, as I had done. “We’ll just leave this here, too,” I said, imagining what was to soon happen.

The day was warm and humid, rare for our cabin, but lovely to enjoy naked. We giggled and played slapbutt a little while we had breakfast. It felt so free, so totally joyfully free and wicked and fun to hang out together naked. We kept our ears open for the sound of a car in the driveway, but an unannounced visit from the neighbors is rare.

After breakfast I led my strong sleek naked niece to the living room couch and sat her down, opening her knees and pulling her forward. I knelt, and said with a wink, “Just a little taste to get us in the mood for the day. Besides, I think there is something there I want to experience.

She spread wider, lifting one foot right up onto the couch, and my tongue slipped quickly up her inner thighs, until I could lick her tasty skin in the hollow spot beside her labia…made by the beautiful strong tendon that tightens when she opens her legs…tickling it and licking it, and sensing the tangy smell and taste of the pee that we left on her…Soon I was lapping at her pussy, and she squirmed, loving it, but feeling a little ticklish. Such a youngster! She giggled. She squirmed. But I wanted that special girl taste, mixed with the pungent attractive intimate lingering taste of her pee…not a lot, just lightly, in the background. It aroused me so much!!

But by that time all kinds of other naughty thoughts had flickered in my mind. I wanted to show her off. I wanted to do something a little dangerous, a little demanding, in an “auntly” kind of way. My Becks had developed an affinity for being my pet to command, a little, and it excited both of us so much when there was opportunity. She was wearing nothing by her black velvet collar, the one that says “Leslie’s” on it. I tilted her fair young face upwards, letting her brown curls dangle back, and kissed her, lingering, bursa escort bayan holding her chin just so and rubbing my knee between hers. She parted her legs obediently and let my thigh slide upwards to feel her soft groove.

“Let’s get dressed,” I whispered. “We are going to town for a bit.”

At first she gave me an exaggerated pout, and reached for my tits, which were already aching with anticipation. But I assured her that there was play involved, and told her to get her short denim skirt, the one with the buttons in front, and her barely there white thong, and sandals, and I found an old tee shirt that I had doctored a bit. I had cut it off so that it hung just a few inches below the bottom of her breasts.”No bra, my dear,” I smiled as I handed it to her. She slipped it on and blushed.

“If I raise my arms…” she said as she turned towards the mirror and lifted her hands.

“Oh, yes, my darling girl, the bottom halves of your lovely teen tits show so nicely, don’t they?” I finished her thought. “And leave two of the three big buttons on your skirt undone as well, lover. Let’s go.”

“But people in town…I mean… Don’t you know people?” she asked, following me to the car.

“We won’t go to the nearest town where I usually shop and where I do know some people. We’ll go a bit further, where we will be more anonymous.”

As we drove the country roads we listened to music, hummed along, and I reached over to her smooth girl thigh, sliding my fingers higher. She responded like a sweet young pet should, lifting her knee up wider onto the center console, sliding forward a bit in her seat, and spreading her legs.

I felt the warm moisture of her thong on the back of my hand, and I let my fingers slide back and forth over the puffy lips that it tried to contain. Rebecca’s fingers toyed with my hair, my ear, and caressed my face as we drove, loving the feel of each other, even in the car.

On the edge of the small town we passed a playground park, empty of people except for two girls on the swings, and I pulled in. “Let’s see what this all feels like, my dear,” I said as I slid out of the car. I was wearing a light blue cotton twill top, waist length and sleeveless, with buttons undone to between my braless C cup breasts, and a pair of kahki shorts with mid-thigh loose legs. They felt breezy and open, since I wore nothing underneath.

I led Rebecca to a bench about 50 feet or so from the swings and we sat side by side. I smiled and waved at the pair as they talked and swung. “They look just your age,” I remarked to Becks. “I wonder if they are just friends, or maybe better than friends.”

She rested her head on my right shoulder and we wondered together for a moment, until I unbuttoned the rest of my top and put my hands up wide on the back of the bench, which pulled my top mostly apart. The girls looked, giggled to each other, and kept swinging, stealing furtive glances.

“Suckle,” I said softly. Just one word, and my darling pet responded without hesitation, pulling the right side of my top open and licking me from the side to my nipple, then locking on and swirling tongue over and around it. I felt it expand and I felt the surge go through me. I was afraid I might have gone too far, but when the girls just continued to steal glances, and whisper back and forth to each other, I grew bolder.

“Panties,” I commanded, and held out my hand.

My lovely Becks scooted forward until she could plant her feet and lift her hips, sliding that tiny thong down her thighs, over her knees, and off, handing them to me. When she sat back down I noticed that her skirt had pulled up behind, so that she was sitting on her lovely bare bottom.

The two girls jumped down and ran to a climbing / sliding apparatus, disappearing at the top and then emerging, lying side by side at the front of a large tube that gave them a view of us from just a bit further away. I left my top as it was, aside, heart pounding with the naughty play, and whispered, “Spread.”

Becks lifted her left leg up over my right thigh, and put her right foot up onto the bench, which pulled her mostly unbuttoned skirt upwards and open. “Don’t worry, darling, I’m watching,” I reassured her as she looked furtively around the grounds.

“If anyone else comes, I’ll tell you.”

I was so full of wicked feeling…sitting in an almost empty, yet public place, showing off my beautiful niece. My right arm dropped from the back of the bench, fingertips resting on the swell of the top of her right breast. Slowly I worked the fabric upwards until I had exposed her firm tit, and I dropped my hand to cup it from above. It felt so warm, and when I scissors fingered her nipple, I felt her shudder a little and nestle into me further. Moments went by, and we watched the two girls whisper back and forth, and then kiss, smiling back at us.

“Good choice of an audience,” I thought. When I noticed another car coming down the block I signaled to Rebecca, and we quickly covered up, and got up to make our exit.

Already escort bursa I had taken the opportunity to show her off, risking that my chosen audience wouldn’t give us away. And it had worked. But there was more in store.

We drove through the small town and over to a side street where there were several shops. We wandered through the shops a bit, pretending to look at nicknacks. I would have my Becks lean over a table, letting her loose tee top drape down. From behind at the right angle, there would be a rather open view of her firm young tits as the wide hem of the cutoff tee hung loose. I would whisper to her to reach forward, pick something up, which pulled it up more. I would tell her if someone was noticing, and I would tell her how excited it made her horny auntie to see her tits showing for others like that, even for a moment.

We moved on fairly quickly, maintaining the air that all was an accident. But god I could feel the wetness slipping down my inner thighs, and I wished I had worn panties to help stem the flow.

Soon we came to my objective, a salon owned by my friend Janet. I’ve had pedicures and manicures, and facials, and had my hair attended to when I’m at the cabin in the summer. But I don’t spend much time wandering around town because I prefer to keep myself rather anonymous there, and because it is further away, for most shopping purposes. But Janet is a special friend. Very special.

We wandered in and Janet quickly approached, stepping in to give me a lingering hug. I tapped my hands on her butt, cupping her cheeks and sliding her pelvis back and forth across mine as we greeted. She tipped her upper half back enough to give me a soft kiss with her greeting.

Janet is about my height… 5’6″, with lighter hair…almost blonde, though it tends to change from time to time. Her breasts are larger than mine, but firmer,as she is a few years younger. They are tipped with the most glorious large nipples, darkish red/brown, that sit in the center of large areolas,with ridges of little bumps around the ring. They ride high, tilting upwards as if begging someone to touch, and point a little bit outward. I fell in love with Janet’s amazing tits the first time we made love.

We parted, and I put my arm on Rebecca’s back, urging her forward to meet my friend.

“Ahhh, yes, Leslie,” Janet smiled broadly. “This is the lovely young niece you have been bragging to me about.” She took Rebecca’s upper arms, holding them down straight and letting her gaze move from head to tits to belly to partly exposed thighs. “Welcome to my little shop, Rebecca,” she beamed. “I was hoping that I would get to… Ahhhh… SEE you here someday.”

“Oh, indeed… That’s why I brought her here, my sweet friend.” I took my Becks by the hand and led her to the larger salon chair…the one with a headrest and padded seat and back, and padded arms, where I’d had my hair styled numerous times. I moved around behind my darling and reached over, pulling her brown curls back behind her ears, and reaching down to caress her neck on both sides. “Lift your arms for Janet, my pet.”

Janet smiled and pulled up a smaller chair in front of us, one of her hands in her lap, the other caressing her large full round breast, until I could already see her long thick nipple pressing the fabric beneath.

“She likes you, my sweeheart,” I whispered into Becks’s ear, and she responded by lifting her hands to my head, caressing my hair, pulling my mouth further into her neck. She turned her head slightly to the side, and I nibbled the full sweet lips of my darling niece, while at the same time lifting the hem of her cutoff tee the last few inches to expose her small tits, with her spiked aroused nipples. We heard the sharp intake of Janet’s breath.

I whispered further into my teen pet’s ear, and she lifted one leg at a time up and over the arms of the chair, scooting forward until her bottom was on the very edge. Her little skirt had parted completely, exposing her brown curly muff totally to my flush-faced friend. “What a beautiful young pussy,” Janet breathed, flicking her finger back and forth across her turgid nipple. “Look at how her hair curls, above her lips, and how full and fleshy they are. I imagine they feel very very good under your fingers, and your tongue, Leslie.”

“Why don’t you come and find out, sweet Janet,” I offered. Rebecca turned her head and smiled. “She will open herself for you to see, and you can touch her if you want.” Becks used one hand to continue stroking my hair, and the other to part her lips, showing her glistening wet inner folds. “But give her a bit of woman tit to suckle… She does love our large full tits in her mouth!”

Janet rose, unbuttoning her top and opening it to show her magnificent full D cup woman tits. She stepped up beside the hair, her hand caressing Rebecca’s inner thighs, and leaned forward to kiss me, wet, tongues, saliva moving between us. As she leaned, her right breast hung deliciously in front of Rebecca’s youthful mouth. Without hesitation, my darling niece leaned up and licked, all around that full ripe nipple, around and around it, and then just as she had been taught, she latched on, sucking it in, lips firmly around the base, tongue lashing back and forth across its tip.

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