Realization Ch. 02

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Before their mother returned Kathy and Phillip engaged in sex, in one form another, several times. Almost every encounter included Kathy begging her brother to ejaculate on her. Phillip was very willing to accommodate the insatiable girl. His load shooting into her face was her particular fixation, but she found ecstasy in the goo sprayed over her breasts as they heaved with the exertion of their carnal play; or, the white liquid dribbled onto her ass already slick with her secretions and their combined perspiration. Kathy fellated her brother, copulated with him in various positions and places in their home, with an abandon that she would have thought sluttish or deviant just a few days before. Phillip walked in on her shower, entered her room as she slept, even interrupted her cleaning the kitchen.

This activity completely ceased with their mother’s arrival home Sunday night. The siblings had spent the warm afternoon in a frenzy of fucking and sucking while sprawled on cushions by the pool. It was as if they were looking forward to a dry spell and were building up a reserve. They greeted their mother with sincere joy upon picking her up at the church. She was saying her goodbyes as they approached and they overheard Mrs. Young tell her, “Now Joan, you must plan on going with us on our next trip. I’ll be in touch with the details when we have them.”

“We’ll see, Liz. It was fun…I’m sure I’ll be able to find the time. Thanks so much for inviting me.” Joan replied. The two women embraced and Joan turned to her children. “Ready to go?” she asked,

“I’ve got your stuff in car, Mom. We’re ready.” Phillip answered. They got into the car and started home.

She cheerfully recounted some of her experiences to her children as they drove home, laughing at some points. Phillip and his sister let their weekend of lust fade into their joy at seeing their mother in such high spirits. They were further distracted by a flurry of goings-on as the evening progressed; helping with unpacking, getting their mother settled, and preparing and sharing dinner. After such a full day all concerned retired to bed early and were slumbering peacefully straight away.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with a smattering of the usual. Kathy and her brother were occupied with various errands and interactions with friends that kept them from any real time together. The addition of a third party at home was another issue that impeded their connecting in any way other than the norm. That this third party was their mother truly heightened the sibling’s sense of disquiet. A shared smile at breakfast or a gentle caress while passing through a room was all that they dared. It was enough, though, to let each of them know that it was simply a matter of time. Thursday morning Phillip had slept late. Upon rising he showered and shaved and went into the kitchen to find Kathy washing dishes.

“Good morning, Kath.”

She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Good morning.”

Phillip approached his sister and embraced her around the waist, kissing her neck softly.

“Phillip!” she exclaimed. “Mom is home!”

Kathy motioned with her head out the window over the sink and Phillip looked out. The house was slightly above ground level so the pool area was completely visible from the kitchen window. Their mother was laying in a lounge by the pool, her oily body shining in the morning sun. Her pale yellow two-piece was conservative but still revealing and contrasted nicely with her tan skin. Phillip pressed his body against Kathy’s, his groin contacting the firm spheres of her ass.

“Phillip! Don’t!” she protested.

“C’mon, Kath. You know she can’t see into this window. She won’t know a thing.” He slid his hand under her pastel blue tank top and gently cupped a breast.

Kathy closed her eyes. “Oh, god.” She breathed.

Her brother pushed his other hand past the waistband of her shorts and, since Kathy had opted not to wear panties, his fingers came into direct contact with the spongy folds of her pussy. Now kissing her neck again he moved his fingers in a circular motion over Kathy’s clit. Her immediate response was to shove her hips back so that Phillip’s stiffening cock became lodged in the crack of her ass. With the friction on her clit and the pressure of her brother’s thick meat grinding against her anus Kathy sensed her pussy start to ooze. Phillip’s fingers found an erect nipple and he squeezed it with a slight twisting motion.

“Do it.” Kathy moaned.

“Do what?” teased her brother as he moved a finger past her clit and pushed it between her wet labia.

“Fuck me!” she hissed as her hips writhed under the manipulation of his finger. Phillip had nurtured this part of his sister’s sexual expressiveness. Her penchant for vulgar and graphic words when excited aroused him and seemed to propel her anticipation before, and delight during, their carnal interaction.

Abruptly, Phillip stopped his diddling and pulled his sister’s shorts past her hips and to the floor. Placing his right hand on her shoulder he bent her at the waist and, reaching into his bursa escort shorts, took his erect cock in his left hand. Phillip stroked Kathy’s dripping cunt lips with the head of his dick making it shiny with her juices.

“Little brother’s gonna give it to ya.” He growled and moved his hips making the rigid rod slide into Kathy’s warm sheath in a slow steady motion.

The girl grunted as she felt the intruding member stretch her hole and fill her slick pussy. Bracing herself with her hands on the sink, Kathy forced her hips back so that Phillip’s cock would be completely buried into her body. Her brother initiated a thrusting motion so that the full length of his cock moved in and out of Kathy’s pussy. The warm wetness of his sister’s hungry hole surrounded Phillip’s penis and energized his desire. As he hammered his meat into his sister, the boy looked out to make sure their mother was still sunbathing. She was still in the lounge but she had drawn her knees up with her feet flat on the lounge. Phillip now noticed that her bikini bottoms were pressing tightly against her groin. Even at this distance the boy could clearly see the garment stuck in the deep crevice of his mother’s cunt. “God, that is sick.” He thought, but the image brought his arousal to a fever pitch and the thrusting of his hips increased to a punishing pace. Kathy felt that she could climax soon, her body being impaled by her brother with a ferocity that was new. She was grunting with pleasure with each stroke and trying to form the words to direct Phillip to give her more. In her orgasmic fog she was incoherent and uncoordinated as well. Her hand slipped and her upper body fell against the sink with part of her torso ending up in the dishwater. Kathy was beyond caring about such details as her body quivered with the passion of her lust. Phillip could hear his sister’s guttural utterances but they made no sense; his attention was riveted on the flood of her climax down his thick shaft and the vision of his mother’s reclining form. At the peak of Phillip’s exertion his mother reached down to adjust her bikini. The boy’s eyes widened as he watched her slide her fingers along the crotch of the garment to smooth it out. In doing so she inadvertently altered the fit so that the chubby outer lips of her pussy were exposed, white in contrast to her tan thighs. It was too much. Phillip withdrew his penis from his sister’s clinching slit and jacked it violently spewing his semen over the small of her back and across the milky white skin of her ass. Still shaking from her effort, Kathy squealed softly as each mass of her brother’s cum struck her body. Gasping for breath, Phillip picked up the dish towel and wiped the white liquid from his sister. He pulled her shorts up to cover her nakedness and left the kitchen. Kathy realized that the front of her tank top was drenched with dishwater and she absently daubed it with the towel, but not before some of it streamed onto her shorts. She was still trying to catch her breath when her mother entered through the kitchen door.

“What happened, child?” Joan asked her daughter, noticing the wet garment.

“I…dropped a pan…it splashed…” Kathy stammered in reply.

Kathy’s mother sensed uneasiness in her daughter’s manner and assumed that the girl was upset at her clumsiness. “Don’t worry about it, dear. You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?” She inquired, reaching out to smooth a stray strand of Kathy’s hair.

“No…no…I’m ok, Mom.”

“Kathy, you must really try to wear your bra. Even around the house. It’s only proper dear. I don’t mean to lecture, but…” Joan nodded in the direction of Kathy’s chest.

Kathy looked down and saw her erect nipples poking wickedly against the damp cotton tank. Her breasts were pushing against the clinging material and she just as well not be wearing a top at all. She could feel her cheeks burning with embarrassment, and felt sure that her indecent activities were clearly apparent to her mother. However, Joan merely smiled and patted her shoulder gently. Smiling, Joan said “Like I said, I’m not lecturing.” She desperately wanted to ease her daughter’s anxiety and complemented her on her outfit. “Those colors accentuate your complexion so well, Kathy!” The pale blue top and white shorts drew attention to Kathy’s deep tan. Taking the towel, Joan pressed it gently where the droplets were falling onto Kathy’s shorts. As her eyes moved over the girl’s attire, Joan noticed that Kathy’s shorts were pulled up very high. In his haste Phillip had not taken care how he replaced the garment. Kathy’s vulva was plainly outlined, the swollen lips distinctly visible. A part of the towel hung loose from Joan’s grasp and she inadvertently raked it over Kathy’s still sensitive clit several times. Kathy endeavored to keep still but simply could not restrain herself and jerked her hips to the side. Her intent was to evade the stimulation of her sex, but she managed to maneuver her groin directly into the back of Joan’s hand. Joan immediately felt the heat of her daughter’s vagina and the protruding lips squashed against her hand. Both women made several bursa escort bayan opposing motions to disengage from this predicament which only resulted in prolonged and repeated contact. “You were tickling my belly!” exclaimed Kathy, trying to conceal her arousal. Her mother, equally embarrassed, tried to excuse her self. “I was just trying to help.”

A bit shaken, Joan forced herself to speak. “Thanks for doing those dishes, dear. I’m going for a shower.”

Joan passed her son in the dining room. “So you’re finally up, Sleepyhead?” she teased.

Phillip smiled at his mother. “Yes. Finally.” He reached out to embrace her. “Good morning, Mom.”

“Oh, Phillip. Don’t. I have oil all over me.” She protested. The boy didn’t hesitate. “So? I like coconuts.” He replied laughing. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her body against his. Feeling the soft flesh of his mother’s ample breasts contacting his body, Phillip stroked Joan’s slippery back. Joan squirmed in protest, weakly trying to free herself. “You are incorrigible!” she laughed as well. In her attempt, Joan had felt her son’s semi-turgid penis slide against her midriff.

As his member stiffened, Phillip moved his left hand lower, letting it come to rest just above his mother’s ass. “I don’t think you used enough sunscreen, Mom.” He whispered into her ear. “No?” Joan questioned, wondering what he meant. He shifted his hand slightly so that the waistband of her bikini bottom was pushed lower. “I do believe you missed a spot.” He observed calmly. Still not sensing anything unusual and now becoming preoccupied with the firm shaft growing longer between them, she asked “Where?”

Phillip looked down at his mother’s ass, the white skin of her buttocks just showing. “You may have a bit of a burn.” He said, and moved his fingers slowly over the area, spreading the slick substance lower. “This doesn’t hurt?” he inquired. “N-n-no…” she responded, now very confused. Joan felt her son’s solid upper body compressing her titties and his erection snaked over her belly with every motion. She was beginning to lose herself in the moment and could not understand why. She tried to concentrate.

“Phillip.” Was all she was able to say. He could now see the top of the deep crevice between the generous globes of her ass. He slid his middle finger into the cleft and her cheeks flexed, seemingly grasping at the digit. Abruptly she shook her head, as if to struggle against a daydream. “Let me go! I need a shower!” she playfully scolded. Phillip laughed again and released her, walking into the den.

Joan entered her bedroom with her mind in a slight turmoil. Before this morning she had not assigned her children any sexual qualities. They had just been her children. Now, in just a ten minute time span, she had been subjected to the realization of the raw, sensual quality of her children. If that were not over-whelming enough, the awareness that she had just touched both her children’s genitals slowly crept into Joan’s mind. As she entered her dressing area, Joan gasped audibly, covering her mouth in a manifestation of her alarm. She could not keep the flood of memories replaying themselves in her brain. Joan relived the heat of her daughter’s engorged labia quivering against her hand. The pulsing of Phillip’s erection, his manipulation of her ass vivid in her mind’s eye. Joan looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. She observed that her bikini bottoms were pushed down so that half her ass was revealed. The glaring white skin was glistening where her son had spread sunscreen. A desire undeniable coursed through Joan’s body. She wanted, needed to cum. Sitting on a bench seat across from the mirror she slid the bottoms down her smooth legs and removed the top. She spread her legs and immediately applied her fingers to her rapidly moistening slit. Up and down over the clit and lips. Her fingers were sopping with her lubrication in just a dozen strokes. Groaning, she plunged two fingers into her self. Not wanting to waste time, Joan frigged her hot hole with hungry abandon. With her unoccupied hand she roughly kneaded her pendulous left breast, then the right, until the nipples jutted out in erected agony. Pulling, then twisting each nipple in turn the once meek widow now thrust her hips so that her fingers slammed into her body briskly. Joan looked into the mirror seeing the reflection of a wanton, lust-filled woman on the brink of a long overdue release. The image of the writhing woman in the mirror, impaling herself on her fingers, so enthralled Joan that it almost seemed she was watching someone else. “Look at that shameless slut.” She thought. “You shameless slut.” Joan muttered aloud, addressing herself. She watched the body of the woman in mirror as it spasmed in orgasmic release. “Slut! Oh! God!” She grunted as she felt the waves of pleasure wash over quaking body. Joan reclined on the bench as her ecstasy subsided, breathing deeply trying to recover from her exertion. She began to cry softly, feeling the burden of an emotional morning.

Kathy had waited a few minutes after her mother left the kitchen escort bursa to collect her composure. She wasn’t sexually attracted to her mother, but Kathy definitely felt a lewd fascination with the memory of having her pussy rubbing her mother’s trembling hand. She was still in an excited state as she ambled through the dining room and into the living room. When Kathy saw her brother seated on the couch stroking his erect cock she wasn’t surprised. She was very familiar with Phillip’s ability to quickly recover after sex.

“Phillip, you must want to get caught.” Kathy stated matter-of-factly.

“I told you I’m not ashamed of what we’re doing.” Her brother responded.

“I know. But, with Mom right down the hall? Please.” She tried to sound irritated.

“You wouldn’t believe how horny I am right now.” Phillip said as if ignoring his sister’s concern.

Kathy laughed. “Oh, yeah I would.” She sat beside him. “You’re always horny! Now put that thing away before you get caught!”

“Mom’s went for a shower and I haven’t heard the water start. She won’t be out for a while. Take your shorts off.”

“Dammit, Phillip.” Kathy glared at her brother. He calmly continued moving his fist up and down his dick. “C’mon, Kathy. Show me that pussy.” He taunted her.

“No. No more until we’re alone.”

“How long will that be?” he asked, frustrated.

“As long as it takes. I’m not gonna get caught just ’cause you’re horny.”

“You know you want it just as bad. Don’t you remember ten minutes ago?”

“I do want it. But, I don’t wanna get caught, Phillip.”

They both heard the sound of the shower. “See? She just got in, Kathy.” Pleaded Phillip.

He leaned over and kissed her shoulder softly. “We can fuck before she gets though.” He said.

Kathy shivered involuntarily at his use of the word “fuck”. “Noooooo.” She made a feeble attempt at pushing him away. Phillip continued kissing up her neck, a few pecks along her cheek and their lips touched.

“Oh, Phillip.” Whispered Kathy.

Phillip tongued his sister’s lips until he felt her resistance melt and she sucked his tongue into her mouth. As they French kissed he placed her hand on his rampant cock and she responded by squeezing the gristle-filled organ tightly.

“You gonna get naked for me now, Kathy?” asked Phillip, breaking their kiss.

Staring at him while biting her bottom lip she answered, “Why do you want me naked?”

“So I can stick this cock in you. Fuck you with it. You want that, Kathy? You want this cock inside you?” Phillip asked as he moved his hips causing his hard-on to slide back and forth in his sister’s tiny hand.

Kathy whimpered as she nodded in silent assent. Phillip backed up slightly so she could remove her shorts. When they were off he pushed her knees apart and moved between her legs as she sat facing him. Kathy’s trim legs wrapped around his waist and he looked down her flat belly to that forbidden flesh. Phillip kissed her again, deeply, and brought his hands to Kathy’s breast. Squeezing a handful of each, his thumbs circling her nipples stimulating them into erection. Kathy squealed in appreciation as her brother leaned against her, his engorged manhood wedged between their bodies.

“You want that dick?” asked Phillip, moving his hips so that his erection slid across his sister’s clit. Kathy grunted in response and matched his motion with her hips so that they were moving slowly in rhythm.

“I want to fuck that cock. I want that hard cock to fuck my pussy.” Snarled Kathy.

Within a few more strokes their movements synchronized and the flared head of Phillip’s penis split his sister’s labia and he thrust the entire length into her. Kathy yelped at the penetration of her brother’s thick member, the sensation of its intrusion familiar and longed for.

They moved in unison with an occasional grunt or groan marking their progress to ecstasy. “Oh, God, Phillip!!” screamed Kathy. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

Phillip slammed into his sister’s pussy with such force that their bodies met with audible slaps. The suction of Kathy’s vagina on her brother’s penis created a sloshing noise that the siblings had experienced a dozen times over the past week.

“You’re a hot little piece, Kathy.” Growled Phillip.

“I turn you on, don’t I?” she struggled to exclaim. “You want to cum on me?” Kathy squeaked, her eyes begging.

“When you cum, sister…when you cum.”

Her orgasm began with that promise and Kathy groaned loudly as the pleasure erupted in her body. Grasping her brother’s broad shoulders for support, Kathy let her self become enveloped in her climax. Still moving slowly in and out of his sister’s cunt, Phillip watched her orgasm slowly subside. As she still trembled in her excitement he withdrew his cock from her pussy and stood up slightly. Holding Kathy’s head with his left hand he roughly jacked his purple veined meat, aiming at her face. Kathy began to weep in anticipation. “Shoot it, Phillip. Shoot it on me.” Just as she said “me” a violent, hot stream spurted from Phillip’s cock over her face. His sister shrieked in surprise and he unloaded two more ropes of cum across her face. The viscous liquid flowed slowly down her cheeks and chin as his organ twitched, releasing a few more globs that dropped heavily onto her chest.

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