Pumping Iron…, Mom! Ch. 1

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It all started when my dad brought home an exercise gym set. This thing had all the bells and whistles that must of cost him a small fortune. He told my mom and I who were watching him putting this contraption together.

“We were a couch potato family….but not anymore!…With this new home gym we can all get back into shape!”

I looked at mom and she looked back at me smiling while telling my dad.

“Oh Mike…We are not couch potatoes…are you saying I’m fat?”

Dad stopped what he was doing and got up from his kneeling position and went over to her and gave her a hug and softly stated.

“I’m not saying that…It’s just I think our son Mike jr. is 18 now and should be getting himself into shape so that he can impress some of his girlfriends and maybe find the right girl for himself that will make him happy for the rest of his life.”

I watched and blushed while I saw dad kiss mom sensuously and grab her ass. Mom rubbed herself against dad’s hips and looked over at me while she grabbed dad’s ass in a show of affection and smiled saying.

“I’m sure jr. will find somebody whether he lifts weights or not!…He is a fine looking young man.”

This made me blush even further and started to make my cock get harder. Dad released my mom and said.

“Mary, this gym set is quite the gadget…Two people can work out at the same time…It will help motivate each other and bring us closer as a family. You’ll see.”

Dad looked over at me and smiled.

“Jr., I want you to work out everyday after school when you get home…..Mom will work out with you too. And when I get home I will work out with Julie” ( Note: Julie is my sister, who is twenty and attends the local college, but lives at home with us.)

My mom looked at me and agreed with dad’s logic and for some strange reason I never saw or realized that she looked very sexy to me. This was causing my cock to rise more and more in my shorts. Mom walked over to me and gave me a hug. I’m sure she felt my hardon when she embraced me and stated.

“I’ll make sure all of Jr’s muscles get a workout…all his girlfriends will be jealous of how he will look in a couple of months…they won’t be able to keep their hands off him.!”

I thought my cock would blast a load of cum right then and there. I shyly broke the embrace between my mom and I felt myself blushing as I made an excuse telling escort ataşehir them I had to go to my room and finish my homework. I heard mom and dad chuckle as I bolted for my room. I rushed to my room….not to finish my homework but to take care of my now aching stiff cock. As soon as I got into my room I whipped out my swollen cock and stroked all 7 inches of it with lightning speed thinking of mom’s naked body. I saw her only a couple of weeks ago naked when I walked past her room while she was getting to take her shower. My mom has a beautiful body. You could not tell that she was only 38 years old and had given birth to my sister and me. She is a knockout! Even from the short glimpse I got of her breasts she looked hot!…with handful size breasts and huge nipples that looked just right for sucking.

I reached for some tissues on my night stand and quickly brought them up to the underside of my pulsating cock. I looked down at my cock as it started to shoot my cum into the tissues…. pulse after wild pulse deposited more and more of my cum into the already soaked tissues. I was whispering to myself…..

“This cums for you MOM!”

My knees almost gave out as I experienced one of the strongest orgasms I ever felt.

My mind went reeling from the orgasm I just had and thought of working out together with mom!…

“Thanks dad!”

I tossed the cum soaked tissues in the waste basket next to the bed. I finished getting undressed and collapsed on my bed falling asleep quickly thinking of mom.

I woke up in the middle of the night and put my robe on to go take a leak. The house was quiet and as I made my way down the hallway towards the bathroom I saw a dim light coming out from underneath my parents bedroom. I walked as quietly as I could trying not to make any noise. As I approached their shut door I heard them whispering. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying at first, so I placed my left ear to their door and heard mom talking to dad.

“…..Our Jr. sure shoots quite a big load!…Look at these cum soaked tissues!…I found them in his wastebasket when I went to checkup on him before turning in.”

My heart sank! and my cock was getting hard under my robe making its way out. My right hand found the hot fleshy staff and my mind was racing. Mom found my cum soaked tissues…but she didn’t sound like she was upset or mad. I kadıköy escort still had my left ear glued to their door as I heard my dad say.

“Did you see his cock?”

“No, he was sleeping on his stomach. But I’ll tell you something…I bet you he is hung like you. Look at these tissues. He must of shot one hell of a load!…”

“Mary, you look very sexy sucking on those tissues…look what you did to my cock, it’s as hard as a piece of steel….

I heard sucking noises and was picturing my mom as she sucked my cum out of the tissues. My own cock was hard as a rock. And then it struck me!

“My parents were perverts!….I should talk….Here I was listening to them behind closed doors with my own hard cock in my hands!”

A sudden thought hit me. My father being a dentist had one of those little dentist mirrors that he sticks in his patients mouths so he could examine the backside of their teeth. I made my move to the bathroom to retrieve that mirror from the medicine cabinet and would try to use it under the door. When I returned I knelt down quietly and then laid down on my stomach. I placed the little mirror under the space at the bottom of the door as I felt my hard cock trying to drill its own way into the carpet. My hand was shaking so much it was hard to find the right angle of the reflection. But I was determined. And I was hearing them better thru that space also.

I finally, after what seemed an eternity got the mirror adjusted just right and saw mom standing naked next to dad who was laying on the bed stroking his huge cock. I figured that he had to be around 9 inches long and very thick…alot thicker than my own cock…I wished that I would have a cock like his when I got older. He was slowly atroking his uncircumcised cock peeling down his foreskin with every down stroke exposing his shiny cockhead as he watched my mom sucking on my cum soaked tissues. I heard him telling her.

“You really like Jr’s cum…don’t you?…you look really hot. How long have you been doing this with our sons cum?….tell me!”

I saw mom smile at dad and she gave him an sultry smile. She then took the tissues from her mouth and replied.

“Ever since he started to leave me these gifts years ago. I normally go in and checkup on him every night after he is asleep and take his cum soaked tissues back to the bathroom where i suck all the cum out maltepe escort bayan of them…sometimes his cum is still warm. He must masturbate every night before going to sleep.”

Years ago?….My mom has been sucking my cum since I started to jerk off?….WOW!..I watched as my dad pulled on his raging hardon and was smiling at her….

“Now I know why you like giving me blowjobs when I get home from work…You make believe that I’m Jr….don’t you?”

Mom was now rubbing the cum soaked tissues over her huge breasts and her nipples which looked hard and shiny. She smiled down at dad and softly spoke.

“Busted….now watch this.”

Mom spread her legs apart and bent her knees exposing her bald pussy to dad and me. She was smiling the whole time as dad watched from his bed stroking his thick engorged cock and me watching thru the little mirror as she slowly began to rub the cum soaked tissues on her huge bare throbbing clit. Then we watched her stuff the tissues into her wet pussy. I saw that dad was stroking his long hard cock at a very fast pace while watching mom.

He exclaimed thru a hoarse voice.

“I’m gonna cum!”

I watched mom get between dad’s spread legs as she took hold of his throbbing cock with both hands and whispered looking at him asking.

“Does Jr. have a present for mommy?….

I saw dad grab mom’s head stuffing his cock into her mouth replying.

“Yes mommy, I have a nice present for you….and here it comes!….A nice hot load of cummmmmmmm!…that’s it mommy suck all the cum out of your son’s cock!…That’s it, suck it all down!…use that tongue of yours…you like sucking your sons cum don’t you?”

I heard mom groan on dads shooting cock and I felt my cock explode without me touching it and felt it shoot it’s load into the carpet, soaking it. I used part of my robe to soak some of the cum out of the carpet and hoped that it would not leave a stain. I was so scared that I quickly made my way back to my room. I took the robe off and layed down on the bed naked.

My cock wouldn’t go down. I kept visualizing what had just happened in my parents bedroom. I grabbed my stiff cock in my right hand started to jerk off again thinking of what dad and mom said. It excited me to no end. I wish my mom was right here, right now, sucking on my throbbing cock. My hand flew up and down my hard cock as I reached over and grabbed somemore tissues. I felt my cock explode emptying my balls with a rush as I pictured mom sucking down dads load wishing it was my cock depositing all that cum down into her warm mouth finding its way into her tummy.

“Maybe tomorrow!”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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