Posing for Kenny, Again

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I should have said ‘no.’ Kenny asked me to pose for him again and I should have said ‘no,’ but the rush, the thrill of exposing myself to him, the overpowering urge to masturbate in front of him, had been too much. No day had passed without thinking about that afternoon in my garage.

This time, he wanted to photograph me at his house. He said it was a project for the summer class he was taking online from his college. My sister, Paula, his mom, was part of the project, too. I expected he wanted me nude. Did he want to photograph his mother nude as well? Did she know what I’d done in front of him a week earlier? I had begged Kenny not to tell his mother about what went on there and he assured me that he had not said a word.

As I drove over to his house, I thought about his own modeling for our art group and about his “initiation” in front of his mother, me, and thirteen other women. Strange, but all of this seemed natural to me—just honest expressions of sexuality. And yet, he was my nephew after all.

“Hi, Jill,” Paula said, as she opened the front door to her house. Somehow, I hadn’t expected my sister to be here while Kenny photographed me.

“Hi,” I said, stepping into the house. There was no sign of Kenny.

“Want some coffee?”

“No. Thanks. Lately, it’s been making me too jittery.” The house was pleasantly cool on a warm summer’s day. It truly is the home of an artist. Paula is quite good—she’s sold a fair share of her work—and she’s a great teacher.

“How about some lemonade, then?” she asked.

“Now, that sounds good,” I said, as we walked to the kitchen. We’d been there, chatting, for about five minutes when Kenny walked in.

“Well, here’s our photographer,” Paula said.

“Sorry I’m late,” Kenny said, “but I saw Mr. Jensen at the gas station and he offered me a summer job at his nursery. I start tomorrow.”

“That’s great, Kenny!” his mother said. “That’ll put some more muscle on you.”

“Mom,” he said, in exasperation.

“Sorry, Kenny,” she said, smiling, as she looked at me. “Well, does that mean that we won’t be modeling for you today?”

“Oh, no,” he said. “I’m still going to take the course. I can use the extra credits. In fact, I was hoping we could get started in about ten minutes, as soon as I get my stuff ready. Ok?”

“Excuse me,” I said to Kenny. “I knew your mom was part of your project but I thought that you were going to photograph us separately. I’m confused.”

“I just want to go around the house photographing you two in different rooms doing regular sorts of things. You know, domestic sisters.”

“Boy, that sounds exciting,” I said. I looked at Paula who just shrugged.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “we’ll have fun.” Then he went upstairs to get his equipment. I started chuckling.

“Remember what happened the last time you and I played house as kids?” I asked Paula.

“I do,” she said. We looked at each other, each of us thinking about the innocent sexual exploring we did that day long ago. I took another sip of lemonade. Paula stared out the window, a small smile parting her lips.

I excused myself to use the bathroom and, when I returned, Kenny was back with his camera and gear. His camera was much more advanced than my small point and shoot. He looked very comfortable adjusting it for indoor shots.

“Well, are you ready?” he said, cheerily.

“We still don’t know what you want us to do,” his mother said.

“Ok, let me explain,” he said. “You two look so much alike that you could be twins. So, what I want to do is to pose you in different rooms as if you were dusting, or moving a picture, or watering a plant, things like that. I’ll use natural light, no flash, and get some pretty good shots, I hope.”

“Are you sure?” I said. “Won’t they be boring?”

“Well, they could be, but I think I can spice them up,” he said.

“How?” Paula and I said in unison.

“I’d like you to be nude.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Paula said, her eyes wide, her mouth open. “I’m your mother, for god’s sakes!” I looked at her and then at Kenny.

“You can’t be serious,” I said, even as a rush started to build in me.

“I am,” he said, looking at me and then at his mother. An awkward silence was building. Paula moved from the sink and walked around the kitchen island. I leaned against the range. Kenny stood still by the door.

“Ok, I’ll do it,” Paula said. Now, my mouth fell open. She looked at me. “Well, what about you, Jill?”

“I don’t know,” I said, trying to hide my excitement. “This is pretty weird.”

“No, it’s not,” Kenny said. “You guys pendik escort saw me naked and more at Mom’s art class. I didn’t think nudity bothered you at all.” He stared at me. So did Paula. I wanted to say ‘yes’ but I didn’t want to appear too eager. I lowered my eyes and then I raised them up.

“Ok,” I said softly.

“There’s one condition,” Paula said firmly.

“What?” Kenny asked her.

“You have to be nude, too.”

“Paula, this is definitely getting weird,” I said.

“No, it isn’t,” she said. “Kenny being nude will break down the barrier between artist and subjects. It’s something I try to teach in my classes and this will be a good experiment. Besides, as he said, we’ve seen him nude already. We’re the ones for whom it will be a new experience.”

Little did she know, I thought.

“Ok, for the sake of art, I’ll do it,” Kenny said, with excitement clearly in his voice. “But I want to do this step by step, not all at once, ok? As we go along, I’ll have you take off a piece of clothing. When you do, then I will, too.”

“Sounds fair,” Paula said. “Where do you want to start?”

We went into the living room and Kenny posed us in various positions doing mundane things. We were both wearing shirts and shorts and the first clothing to go were the shorts. Kenny was wearing jockey underwear and he already had a bulge showing. We did a few more shots and Kenny asked us to take off our shirts. Paula’s black bra and panties contrasted with my white ones. Kenny was bare-chested.

We moved to the kitchen where Paula and I pretended to be preparing a meal.

“Please take your bras off now,” he said, matter-of-factly. Paula and I paused, looking at each other. Then we both smiled and unhooked our bras. With a flourish, we flung them to the ground and laughed. I felt like a schoolgirl again. Kenny tried to act the professional cameraman, suggesting various poses and repositioning us when he thought it was necessary. Occasionally, Paula and I would get pretty close together and I could tell that she was feeling the same thing I was. This was getting very sensual.

“Ok, let’s go upstairs to the bedroom,” Kenny said. We followed him up, watching his ass as we went. Inside the master bedroom, Kenny posed us in silhouette against the bay window, each of us holding a feather dust brush. Then he called for a five minute break. He went to his room to get a tripod and, while he was gone, I made a confession.

“Paula, I’ve got to say that this is turning me on big time. Is it wrong to feel this way?”

“No, honey, it’s not wrong. Making art can be very erotic and these circumstances certainly are conducive to raising those feelings. I’ll admit I’m feeling the same way.”

“How far should we take this?” I asked.

“Let’s just go easy and see what happens,” she said, touching my shoulder gently as she looked into my eyes. Slowly, she moved her hand to my nipple and rolled a finger back and forth over it. “Do you like this?”

“Yes,” I whispered. She raised her other hand to twiddle my other nipple. I closed my eyes, taking in the sensations.

“Can I photograph that?” Kenny said from the doorway, startling me. I drew back from Paula’s hands.

“We’re game, if you are,” his mom said. I couldn’t believe it! My sister just agreed for both of us that her son could take photos of us playing with each other. I looked at her but I said nothing. I was just too turned on.

“Nothing heavy, you know,” Kenny said. “But I just think that shots of two middle-aged sisters touching each other would be so cool. I’ve never seen that before.”

“Who’s going to see this project?” I said, as visions of me naked on the Internet suddenly filled my mind.

“Just my professor and other students in the class,” he said.

“And anyone else who might be online in the next 300 years,” Paula said sarcastically. “Listen, Jill, if Kenny posts them, they’ll be out there. I, for one, don’t care if a billion people see me naked with you.” She was right and the thought of it gave me a big rush. I didn’t know until that moment how strong the exhibitionist in me was becoming.

“What the hell,” I said. “Let’s do it for art.” I laughed, but I could feel the sexual tension rising.

“Ok,” Kenny said, unable to hide his own excitement. He looked at me. “Aunt Jill, can you slide Mom’s panties down her legs?” God, he was bold!

“Go ahead,” Paula said. “Just do it slowly.” I put my thumbs into her waistband and began to pull her panties down. My eyes widened as her pubic area came into view. She was completely smooth there! No hair at all. maltepe escort I looked up at her and she just smiled. All the while, Kenny was taking shot after shot.

“Ok, Mom. Will you do the same to Aunt Jill?”

“Absolutely,” Paula said, smacking her lips. She reached for my white panties and slowly pulled them off me. As she did, she squatted in front of me, inhaling my sex. When I stepped out of my panties, Paula put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer to her face. Then, she slid her hands around to my ass and stuck out her tongue toward my glistening slit. Kenny moved in for more shots as Paula flicked her tongue but didn’t touch me.

“These are great!” he said. I put my hands on Paula’s head. She looked up at me, her tongue moving ever so slowly. I couldn’t resist. I pulled her into me and felt her tongue meet my lips. She pushed between them and found my clit. A jolt ran through me. I wanted more. I wanted to cum but, suddenly, she moved back and stood up.

Turning to Kenny, she said, “Haven’t you forgotten something?”


“Your underwear,” she said. We looked at Kenny, waiting. I saw a wet spot on the front of his briefs. He put his camera down and quickly removed what was left of his clothes. His dick jumped up and out.

“That’s better,” his mother said, eyeing his young cock. “Now, what do you want us to do?”

“Well, how about if you stand in front of the window and face each other. That’s it. Now, move closer. Closer. Right there. Stay!” Our breasts were just touching, nipple to nipple. “OK, Mom, turn your head toward me and, Aunt Jill, turn your head toward the window. That’s it. Great!” He took a few shots and then told us to break the pose.

“Anything else, Kenny?” Paula asked.

“Umm, could you face each other and embrace?” Paula and I hesitated and then we wrapped our arms around each other. “Umm, could you lower your hands to your rear ends?” he said. We did as he asked and he took three shots. “OK,” he said. “That’s it. I have enough.”

“That’s it?” Paula said. “Here, give me the camera.” She walked over to Kenny with her arm extended and took the camera. “Now, go stand over there near Aunt Jill.” His cock bounced as he crossed the room toward me.

“Hi,” I said, stupidly. He just smiled and looked me up and down quickly. He couldn’t hide his excitement and he didn’t try.

“OK, it’s my turn to shoot you,” Paula said. She’s an excellent photographer… her photos of birds in winter are magnificent. And she’s done a few nudes in her career. “Kenny, I want you to stand three feet from Aunt Jill, facing her.”

“Like this?” he said.

“Perfect,” she said. “Now, just move both of your arms up in front of you and gently grasp one of her nipples with each hand.”

“What are you doing, Paula?” I said. “Kenny’s your son and I’m his aunt.”

“I know,” she said with assurance. “Just trust me.” I looked at her and then at Kenny, who hadn’t moved. I wanted this badly, but I didn’t want Paula to know that.

“Are you sure?” I said, looking back at her.

“It’s good, Jill. Let go. Enjoy.” With that, I turned back to Kenny.

“Your mom says it’s OK,” I said. I smiled and licked my lips. “Go for it.” Slowly, he raised his arms and grabbed my nipples.

“Pull them out and up,” Paula said. He did and I felt the weight of my breasts on his fingertips. The shutter clicked once and then once again. “Release them,” she said. My tits fell, bounced up, and fell again. My cunt began to tingle.

“Good,” she said. “OK, Jill, reach out like you were going to grab his cock but don’t.” Tentatively, I moved my hand toward his bobbing prick. His tip was wet. Paula took some more shots.

“Ok, Jill, drop to your knees.” I did, because I was no longer in control. I didn’t want to be. I wanted my sister to use me for her work. I’d do anything she asked.

“Kenny, move closer. That’s it. Now, put your hands on Jill’s head. Jill, open your mouth. Stick out your tongue like you were going to lick the underside of his penis.” I did as I was told. I was ready to suck him if she gave the word. “Hold his cock up so you can see the underside.”

Kenny flinched. “Mom, I’m getting pretty excited here.” I let go and his cock head dropped to my extended tongue. Instinctively, I enveloped it with my mouth. Kenny didn’t back away. Paula didn’t protest. Slowly, I took in more of his throbbing cock. Slowly, he pulled my head even closer. And then, he started to fuck my mouth.

“Stop, Jill! Stand up!” Paula said. I pulled my mouth off his cock.

“I’m sorry, Paula,” I said. “It just kartal escort happened.”

“No, no. That’s ok,” she said. “I just wanted you to change positions. How about if you go over onto the foot of the bed and get on all fours facing the head of the bed?” I didn’t know what she had in mind but I was willing to do anything, I was so turned on. I got up on the bed and wiggled my ass slightly as I settled into the pose. Kenny couldn’t take his eyes off me.

“Ok, son, stand right behind your aunt.” He moved to the spot quickly. “Put your hands on her backside.” I felt him lay his warm hands on my ass, as Paula took some shots. Then she climbed up on the bed in front of me, her naked pussy a mere foot away from my face. “Are you doing ok, Jill?” she asked me.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said. “I’m fine.” Paula raised her camera, pointed the lens at me, refocused, and clicked the shutter. Then she lifted her foot and rubbed my dangling tits. We sure weren’t kids anymore.

“Kenny, are you still a virgin?” she said. God! What a question! Naked mom with naked aunt asks naked son if he’s ever fucked a woman before! I stared at her incredulously as Kenny’s hands moved a little on my rear.

“Yes,” he said, quietly. It sounded so sweet, I wanted to turn around and tell him that it was ok, but Paula bent down close to me to whisper something.

“Do you want to break him in, Jill?” she asked. My heart started racing. This can’t be happening, I thought. Just then, Kenny’s hard cock poked my ass.

“Sorry, Aunt Jill,” he said, pulling back quickly. Paula giggled.

“Well?” she whispered to me. I couldn’t say ‘no.’ I hadn’t fucked anyone in over a year. Unknown to her, I’d already cum in front of him a couple of weeks earlier. He was an adult. Incest wasn’t abhorrent to me under these circumstances. I looked at her, smiled, and nodded my head. She sat back up on the bed.

“Kenny, Aunt Jill says you can fuck her right here if you want. But I get to watch. What do you say?”

The silence was deafening. I rested my elbows on the bed which had the effect of lifting my ass. Kenny didn’t remove his hands. Instead, he began to slowly knead my flesh, as Paula shifted her gaze back and forth between Kenny and me, her smile growing wider.

“I’d like that, Mom,” he said with a little hitch in his voice. Involuntarily, I tightened my buttocks and then relaxed.

“Good,” she said. “I think Aunt Jill would like it too. Right, Jill?”

“I’d like it very much, Paula,” I said with a husky voice.

“Well, then, it’s settled,” she said, sounding like a go-between in a negotiation. Still, no one moved. Paula cleared her throat. “Kenny, your aunt is in a wonderful position for you to enter her. Is she wet there?” I suddenly felt like I was being used—and I loved it.

“I think so,” he said.

“Rub her a bit,” my sister said. And he did—in small circles at first. I could feel myself opening up. Then he took a finger and pushed it slowly in and out of me. I rocked back and forth, squeezing his finger with my cunt. “Are you ready for him, Jill?” I was more than ready and just grunted ‘uh huh.’

“She’s all yours, Kenny. Take it slow and don’t worry if you cum quickly. All guys do that their first time.”

He used his right hand to guide his cock to my hole. He held it there for a moment and then pressed against me. I felt the head of his cock go in and then, in a quick push, the whole thing was inside, throbbing, sliding, and fucking me.

Paula put the camera on a pillow and pushed her cunt to my face. “Eat me,” she said, and I did, as only a woman can. She humped my face as her son humped my ass with his thick meat. I sucked and licked and pulled on his mother’s open flower as he prepared my flower for his seed. Kenny was moving faster now, breathing heavily. He wouldn’t last long. Paula, too, was pounding me, moaning louder and louder. And then they came, filling me at both ends, using me to get off.

Kenny slowed down, trying to keep his softening cock inside me. Paula came a second time, a long, rolling orgasm that seemed to deplete her. By the time she was finished, Kenny had slipped from my cunt and pulled away. I fell onto my wet sister, her leg between mine. “Fuck my leg,” she said, grabbing my ass with both hands. Now it was I humping her, desperately wanting to cum. Kenny’s load seeped from me and I slid easily over her thigh. I was close, very close. And then Paula’s finger found my asshole. That did it. I screamed into the pillow and dug my elbows into the bed. Paula probed deeper and my anus clutched her finger. I fell off of the mountain, free at last.

After a minute or two, Paula said, “Roll over. You’re getting really heavy.” As I did, I noticed Kenny by the side of the bed, stroking his hard dick again. He learned a lesson that day. And he got an “A” in his course, too.

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