Pool Party Ch. 02

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Samantha woke up lying on her side in her own bed. She had a hard time focusing on where she was at first. She felt so relaxed, but was also a bit confused. Did that really happen? It seemed like her senses were waking one at a time. First she felt that her hair was damp. She must have showered; the smell of her herbal shampoo and baby oil was next to come as she gained her sense of smell. She waited for a moment for her sight to come to her, but all was dark. Could it be that late? Even so, there should be at least a little light coming from the large floor to ceiling windows in her large bedroom. Sam realized there was something on her face blocking her vision. She started to reach up to move the obstruction when she felt a soft hand take hers.

“Leave it.” Beth’s sweet voice rang in her ears as a flood of memory washed over her.

Suddenly she felt the bed move behind her and felt the unmistakable firmness of a male body lay beside her. A strong hand touched her arm by the elbow and moved over the front of her naked body toward her breast. As she felt the firm hands of her son start to roam over her slick body. She felt him beginning to harden against the back of her thigh. A slight moan escaped her lips as his fingers reached and pinched her nipple.

At the same time Beth moved closer to her mothers’ mouth. She slid her tongue out and touched Sam’s bottom lip, causing her to jump slightly. Beth’s tongue lightly traced her mom’s mouth, as Sam slowly parted her lips to allow her daughters tongue to enter. She slowly brought her own warm tongue out to meet Beth’s. It was like a spark went off in her mouth as their tongues touched, tentatively at first, then with more force and passion. Mother and daughter began kissing passionately, moving their heads to allow their two mouths to mesh and tongues to dance.

Luke watched the spectacle before him with growing arousal. He had a reputation for always being ready for action, and this time was definitely no exception. His cock had reached its full size, pressing against his mothers’ leg as he watched them kiss. Luke started to move his hips forward as he watched, enjoying the pressure he felt moving against his mothers naked flesh. Then he took the bottle of baby oil next to him, opened it and turned it over; allowing the contents to drizzle out over the side of his mothers’ body. Luke could see and feel the oil dripping down her side, aiding in cutting the friction between their bodies as he moved against her.

Sam felt her son moving against her and, reaching back, rested her hand on his hip then moved it back to feel his firm ass. She gave a gentle squeeze. Luke sighed as his mother touched him, sending butterflies through his stomach. Beth moved from ataşehir escort bayan her mothers’ mouth, trailing kisses down to her chin, then neck, to her upper chest. Sam’s breathing came to her quicker as Beth worked her way closer to her breasts. Being blind to all that was happening was pure torture. She could feel herself getting wetter. Sure she knew what was happening, but she needed to see to truly believe.

Sam felt Beth’s lips brush against her hard nipples, and took a sharp breath between her teeth. She focused on the feeling of lips and then her warm tongue moving across the swollen nipples. At the same time she could feel both Beth’s as well as her son’s hands spreading oil over her body. Small circles turned into larger ones as Beth’s tongue left a wet trail around the deep pink around her right nipple. She felt Beth’s warm mouth leave her breast, then felt light butterfly kisses making their way to the other side; bathing her other breast as well as the first.

Luke was getting impatient and was starting to feel left out; humping his mom’s leg was getting to be too much. The slick flesh against his oiled cock was getting to be too much. He wanted to lift his mother’s leg, exposing her now wet pussy, and slip the tip between her swollen lips. He ran his hand down her hip getting ready to make his move. Beth; sensing her brothers’ impatience, caught his eye with a stern look.

“Not yet baby. We need to taste you first.” Luke smiled. This was a better plan by far.

Beth nodded to her brother. He slid back a bit making some room behind Sam. Before Sam could protest, Beth placed her hands on her mothers’ shoulders and pushed her flat on her back. Luke pulled himself up and moved toward his mothers head. Beth worked her way up as well, pressing tightly against her mothers’ warm slippery flesh. She moved up and brought her face to her mothers, again kissing her mouth passionately. Sam sighed as they kissed. She opened her mouth a little wider to take her daughters tongue, but did not find her tongue there when she did. Instead she felt the head of Luke’s thick shaft. It didn’t startle her, but she paused for a moment. “Should she be doing this?” She wondered. Up to this point things had been a little crazy, but they were about to go to a whole new level. It didn’t take long though before primal lust took over. She stuck her tongue out further to caress the cock presented to her. Luke moved his shaft so that she could run her extended tongue along the bottom of his warm cock. As he did Beth moved her face to her mothers and took the very tip of him in between her lips.

Luke took in the sight below him. He was sliding his cock along his mothers open mouth as the head slid escort kadıköy into his sisters’ mouth. If he didn’t have self control, nothing would have stopped him from cumming right then and there. Sam was lost in lust. She moved her face back and forth, bringing more saliva to her tongue, coating her son’s cock. As she moved her face in the direction of Beth she touched her daughters’ lips with hers. They began to kiss again, mixing her spit with Beth and sharing in the pre-cum that came from Beth’s attention to Luke’s cock head. Beth moved her hand to her mothers’ face and pulled the cloth that had covered her mothers’ eyes.

Sam opened her eyes to a softly lit room. A small lamp was lit in the corner, and candles were lit on all the surfaces that could hold them. Her eyes took only moments to adjust. She focused her eyes on Beth’s, then to the thick cock hovering above her lips. Instinctively her hand reached down and pressed over her mound. She moaned, wishing she could feel that hard cock in her. Sam reached up with her other hand and wrapped it around Luke’s thick shaft. Luke thrust his hips forward at the contact, pushing the head deeper into his sister’s mouth. Beth moaned around his cock head, moving forward on her own to take in his hot flesh. Sam watched his cock disappearing into Beth’s mouth and watched as she took almost his entire member. Luke moved back and Sam was treated to the sight of his spit slick cock moving back out. Sam held his cock around the base and shifted a little, turning her head toward the head as it passed. Then she pulled him forward, forcing him to put the head into her mouth this time. Luke’s eyes rolled as his mother took first the head and then slowly took the entire length of him, past her gag reflex until she could feel his soft pubic hair against her nose and cheek.

“Wow mom!” Beth exclaimed. “I’ve been trying to do that for months! I could learn a thing or two from you I see!”

Luke moaned as his mother took his whole cock into her mouth. No one had ever been able to do that, not even his talented sister. He just wanted to start thrusting faster but held back the urge, savoring instead the tightness of her mouth. Beth slid down her mother’s body, moving her hand toward her mothers’ pussy. Her fingers touched Sam’s hand and moved past, toward her slick opening. Beth felt her mom’s wet lips under her touch, as she pressed two fingers along their opening. Her fingers were instantly wet as she moved them down toward her anus, then back up to her swollen clit. Then she moved them down again, only this time slipping them between her lips into her pussy. Sam moved her hand away so she could feel Beth’s soft breast,

“Ohhhh Uhhh!” she moaned loudly, as her maltepe escort daughter fingered her sopping pussy. She lightly brushed Beth’s nipple with the back of her hand then turned it around to cup and squeeze the warm glob in her hand. Sam’s senses were overwhelmed. Between her Luke’s throbbing cock lodged deep in her mouth; and her daughters’ talented fingers rubbing her wet clit, she was headed for an earth shattering orgasm. Luke moved back, easing his shaft from her open mouth and moaned as she tightened her lips around his thickness. Luke’s eyes rolled again and he eased forward again, not quite as far, but allowing most of his pole to slide back into his mother’s willing mouth. Sam moaned around his cock and was suddenly overtaken by her orgasm. She practically screamed around Luke’s shaft as she came. Sam brought her knees up to her sides and shuttered as the orgasm burst through her belly and out through her pussy. Beth moaned as well as her hand was flooded by her mothers cum. She fingered her mother faster, thrusting her soaking fingers in and out of Sam’s pussy. Sam pulled her head back, allowing Luke’s cock to slip out of her open mouth. She was practically sobbing due to the emotion. She had never cum so hard before. “How could this possible be wrong if it feels this good?” She thought to herself. Sam’s cries ebbed as her orgasm passed; slowly dropping her knees back down to the bed. Beth slowed and then finally stopped fingering her mother, sliding her soaked fingers out of Sam’s pussy. She then brought her sticky fingers to her mouth and sucked in two of her fingers; half moaning, half sighing as she did.

“God mother, you taste good!” She said after withdrawing her fingers.

Luke was beside himself with lust. His cock was throbbing and there was a clear strand of pre-cum hanging from his cock head down to his mothers’ hips. He quickly pushed himself up and walked himself on his knees down to his mother’s hips; his cock bobbing lewdly as he did so. Urgently he pulled her one knee up and positioned himself between Sam’s legs. She looked down at her son, seeing the animal lust in his eye she shuttered. Luke reached his hand down and grasped his cock and pointed the head at his mother’s glistening entrance.

“Not so fast!” He heard his sister hiss. “First you make me cum! You owe me ’cause this was my idea!”

“Well get your ass or pussy or whatever down here then,” he said with an evil grin. “I need to fuck NOW!”

Beth squealed, hopped down and straddled her mother; perching directly over Sam with her hands on either side of her head. She spread her legs so that they were on either side of her mothers’ hips making her wide open before her brother’s massive cock. Beth looked into her mother’s eyes with a wide grin. “God, this is the part I love!” Sam watched in amazement as she saw Beth’s eyes widen, her mouth open and heard her long slow moan as Luke must have slowly plunged his thick cock into her wet, willing pussy…

…Part three soon to follow!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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