Pleasure with My Sister-In-Law

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Author’s Note: My sister-in-law engaged me in a sexual liaison in which I was a willing partner. The very pleasurable encounters described in the following story resulted from a long-standing flirtation, marital frustration and serendipitous opportunity. I hope you enjoy it. The names are pseudonyms. If your sensitivities are offended by stories involving infidelity, I respectfully suggest you move on.


I am a 50+ gentleman who, like countless men and women, has contemplated an inappropriate liaison with a marital relative. In my case it involves my very attractive sister-in-law who, especially in recent years, has become a frequent figure in my fantasies. How she came to be a sexual player in my imagination is a long story rooted in many years of mutual flirtation fueled in recent times by my wife’s multi-year declining interest in desiring the joys of physical intimacy.

Susan, my sister-in-law, periodically travels from out-of-state to visit my wife Debbie and she stays in our home. Her husband does not accompany her because he is “too busy” to take time away from running his business.

She is a very attractive, mature woman in her 50s. Her height is about 5’6″, she has strawberry-blond, shoulder-length hair (colored beautifully), and carries her moderate weight (125?) well on a medium-sized frame. All of her physical features are very attractive; trendy hair style, beautiful green eyes, engaging smile, flawless complexion, full breasts (34/36B?), a surprisingly firm, peanut-shaped ass and nicely toned legs. For many years I have seen her turn men’s heads, both in public settings and during private social gatherings, and I, too, have enjoyed the view.

During multiple visits she complained to my wife and me that her husband Edward has grown distant from her, and she suspects he is having an affair. Her anger and pain were clearly evident in the tone of her commentary, and she said discussions with him about his inattentiveness to her needs always degenerated into heated arguments that ended with damaged feelings and no productive results.

Susan and I have always been flirtatious. I am confident that there has long been a mutual attraction transcending the familial relationship that comes with me being married to her sister. During recent visits, the touches have been more frequent, the greeting kisses have moved from the cheeks to the lips and the private, affectionate glances and sexual innuendo between us have become more titillating. I admit to being a willing participant with her in escalating the physical and mental aspects of our closeness.

Toward the end of her most recent visit, Susan approached me after lunch while my wife was otherwise occupied, and she told me she greatly enjoyed her current stay with us, especially appreciating my warmth toward her. I did not know where her conversation was leading, so I just let her talk.

She moved close to me, put her hand on my arm, looked into my eyes and told me, “I am very lonely, and I have been thinking about you for many months. I hope that doesn’t shock you.”

Without breaking eye-contact, I put my hand over hers and replied, “I have been thinking about you, too, in ways that are not appropriate.” I immediately felt that I may have been too presumptuous about the intent of her words, but I was wrong.

She quickly said, “I want you to know how I feel, Mark,” and she leaned against me and kissed me, twice, both times softly, and then more firmly a third time which clearly indicated to me she had a pressing need for intimacy created by her unresponsive spouse.

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her tightly against me, feeling for the first time the pressure of her breasts against my chest and the contact of her thighs on mine. I continued the increasing passion of that third kiss and when I put my tongue on her lips she eagerly opened her mouth and an audible groan rattled in her throat.

Our first passionate encounter ended abruptly when my wife called to us from another room. We separated quickly with both of us a bit stunned by what had just happened.

I spent the rest of the afternoon contemplating the joys of passionate, fulfilling sex with a willing and eager woman, something that had become a distant memory for me. My mind’s eye repeatedly undressed Susan and visualized us fucking each other to multiple orgasms. I knew I was very likely overreacting, but I reveled in thinking about the extraordinary pleasures we could share.

We went to a cozy restaurant that evening, and our flirting spoke volumes although it was necessarily subtle due to my wife’s presence. Susan was seated across from me, and during the meal she rubbed my leg under the table with her bare foot. It was a simple, suggestive act, and I found it very pleasing and highly erotic. I felt my cock becoming firm, and I liked it.

My wife left us to use the rest room, and I said to Susan, “I really enjoy flirting and our earlier time alone together was great, but I want to know how serious you ataşehir escort bayan are about us going further.”

“I am serious, Mark. Honestly. I have strong feelings for you, and I want to act on them.”

I replied, “Okay. I want that too. If it is going to happen before you leave, it will have to be tonight after Debbie goes to bed.”

Susan was leaving the next day. Moreover, I am very much a “night person,” and I usually stay-up long past the time Debbie retires. We could enjoy each other, quietly, in the privacy of my office.

I said, “Come to me in my office around 1:00 AM, and we will spend some quality time together.” Susan did not have time to reply as Debbie was on her way back to our table. I presumed that her continuing to rub my leg was her unspoken “Yes.”

Susan sleeps in a bedroom opposite the master bedroom and down a lengthy hall from my office. She puts her toiletries and cosmetics in a bathroom across from my office door, and numerous times in the past she got up to use the bathroom during the night while I was still working. We always exchanged eye contact and a smile as she went in and out. Her preferred sleepwear was an attractive, semi-sheer mid-thigh length nightgown, and each time she passed-by I checked her out as best I could with her full, heavy breasts and bikini panties being magnets for my stare.

The doors to both the master and Susan’s bedrooms were closed at night during her visits to provide privacy. Considering that Debbie is a sound sleeper, the door to the master bedroom would be closed and the considerable distance down the hall to my office, I was confident that Susan and I could enjoy each other quietly enough to keep Debbie from being awakened by our play.

Debbie and Susan said their good nights around 11:00 PM, and I went to my office, as usual, to do some work and surf the Internet news and sports sites. I was wearing my comfort clothes; running shorts, briefs and a T-shirt. By midnight I had a raging erection while thinking about eating (figuratively and literally) the forbidden fruit that was my sister-in-law. I looked down at my rock-hard cock and greatly enjoyed imagining it might soon be balls-deep in Susan’s eager, neglected pussy.

The appointed time arrived, and as the minutes ticked past 1:00 AM I had a sinking feeling that Susan was either fast asleep or had succumbed to the potential guilt that would result from fucking her sister’s husband. As for me, I was totally ready in mind and body to give her the pleasure she had complained about not receiving from her husband. Moreover, since she was no longer fertile and, I presumed with confidence, sexually healthy, there would be no need for a condom which I did not have. I had my shorts and briefs around my thighs and my cock in my hand when my concerns about her not coming to me were erased.

At about 1:15 AM, I heard the door to Susan’s bedroom open and my heart started to race. She walked past my office and into the bathroom without looking in at me. I saw that she was wearing her nearly transparent nightie, and I again caught a glimpse of her tits and panties. I wondered why she neither looked at me nor came into the office.

I heard her peeing (a strong stream pierces the quiet of the night) and flushing, but she stayed in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. I was sure that she was having second thoughts, and that nothing might eventuate from my anticipated tryst with her.

Finally, she opened the door and stood looking straight at me with a shy grin on her sweet face. I got up and noticed she had fixed her hair and put on make-up, just for me. I also immediately saw that she had removed her panties, presenting my hungry eyes with a beautiful view through her nightie of her full, dark bush, in addition to her gorgeous, heavy breasts.

She was a vision of loveliness, and my intentions immediately changed from wanting to fuck her to wanting to make love to her.

I walked up to her and kissed her softly on the lips and, before she could say anything, I took her hand, led her into my office and closed the door. I said, “I am very happy you came to me.”

She replied, “I know this is wrong but I want it and I need it. Are you sure about doing this?”

“Completely sure,” I quickly replied as I pulled her into my arms.

I kissed her again, this time passionately, putting my tongue into her eager and willing mouth. I embraced her and felt the softness and warmth of her large orbs and firm thighs pressed against me. I stepped back and pulled her nightie up over her head and off, leaving her completely naked in front of me.

I pulled off my T-shirt, shorts and briefs in a flash and my cock was rock hard as I re-engaged our embrace. Her nipples were stiff and pushed erotically into my chest as I pulled her close, while my cock, already leaking pre-cum, pressed into her belly.

We kissed deeply for long moments with no words spoken. I had my hand on her breast caressing her, and when I pulled and pinched escort kadıköy her hard nipple she began to moan in my mouth. I then slid my hand down her chest and tummy, pausing to enjoy the feel of her protruding mons and the fullness of her bush. The tips of my fingers soon found the top of her slit, and when I began to massage her love pearl she gasped and breathlessly said, “Oh, Mark, yes, touch me there.”

My thumb replaced my fingers on her clit, and I probed further until two of my fingers easily glided into her love channel. I was both surprised and delighted to find her sex lips were aroused and she was very wet. I said, “I see you have been thinking about us being together.”

With a grin she replied, “Yes, for the last two hours.”

I then cupped her face in my hands and leaned her against the back of the short sofa in front of my desk, pressing my cock against her. She groaned and I lowered my body so I could create a satisfactory angle for my rod to penetrate her. With the head pressing against her open, welcoming pussy, she stopped me and said, “I can’t fuck you. I can’t. I want it but it can’t happen now.”

I was very surprised and highly confused.

She then said, “I will kiss you,” and the look on my face must have revealed I did not know how to process her comment. Then she went to her knees and I figured it out.

While overcoming the frustration of being denied penetration at passion’s gate, I backed-up a step and she knelt in front of me, my hard cock approximately level with her mouth. She put her hand around it and started stroking, and that went on for a couple of minutes before she, with a little hesitation, put it into her mouth.

The warmth and wetness of her mouth felt wonderful. However, as she moved her head her teeth kept contacting my corona. I whispered, “Don’t bite,” and she opened her mouth wider to get her teeth out of the way and began bobbing up and down, but without sucking. I realized that she had not sucked cock much, if ever, in her life.

I put my hands on her head and said, “Be still and suck,” as I started moving my cock into and out of her mouth, fucking her beautiful face. She did as I asked, and we quickly got into a rhythm. I began to really enjoy her unskilled but sincere attempt to blow me.

I face-fucked her for about five minutes and I noticed she kept her eyes closed. I said. “Look at me,” and she opened her pretty green eyes, looked up and watched my face as she pleasured me. I was getting close to cumming, and I wanted to warn her of what was going to happen. I was hoping that she would let me cum in her mouth, but given her obvious inexperience at oral sex, I assumed she would want me to pull-out and spray my ejaculation onto her chest.

Feeling my orgasm fast approaching, I encouraged her. “Susan, I am close. Keep going…please don’t stop.” I was very surprised and equally thrilled when she increased the speed of her movement and the intensity of her sucking, and then my orgasm overwhelmed me.

While looking into her eyes, my cock and body began jerking and I commenced shooting hot ropes of cum into her mouth and throat. With the first blast, her eyes got as big as saucers, and I knew that having a man cum in her mouth and swallowing his load were highly unusual if not new experiences for her.

She gagged for a moment but did not move her mouth off my cock. I was highly excited to see her gulp a couple of times without any of my seed leaking from her mouth. Her pleasuring me in this way was clearly alien to her, yet she was intent on giving me a wonderful experience that, unknown to her, I had not enjoyed in years. I was overcome with feelings of sexual fulfillment and loving affection.

When I stopped cumming, she started to move her mouth off my cock, but I held her head and said, “No, not yet. Keep sucking, but softly.” She did as I asked, sucking my spent rod sensually while looking into my eyes. I began to get soft, and she finished licking and cleaning my deflating staff. I was fully satisfied and greatly appreciative of her willingness to please me.

I helped her up, embraced her and kissed her deeply and lovingly, tasting my seed on her tongue. It was a wonderfully sexy act of sharing between us.

I broke our kiss and told her, “It’s your turn.” I again leaned her against the sofa and began kissing a trail down her body. I re-visited her breasts and again kissed and sucked each of her nipples, pulling on them with my closed lips.

She began breathing heavily and spoke softly, “Oh, God, Mark. Yes. Yes.”

I cupped her large orbs with my hands and tightly squeezed them, forcing her rigid nipples upward and outward as I bathed them with my warm, wet mouth. She grasped my head and pressed my face against her.

I moved my mouth from her very needy nipples and began kissing a trail down her chest to her tummy. Now on my knees, I grabbed both of her ass cheeks and pressed my face beneath her pubic mound, inhaling her intoxicating feminine maltepe escort scent.

My lips paused at the top of her vulva and I began fingering her and rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her knees began to wobble, so I said, “Lean back and relax. Just enjoy it.” She settled back against the sofa, grasped the tops of the cushions and opened her legs to fully expose her beautiful pussy to my hungry mouth.

I could no longer resist tasting her hot, wet, swollen sex and I moved my mouth on top of it. I licked the outlines of her puffy, large lips and her cutely protruding smaller curtains, and nipped at her clit. When I put my tongue inside of her and nuzzled her clit with my nose she grabbed my head with both hands and pressed it firmly against her dripping feminine jewel. I licked, kissed and sucked her thoroughly, and in only a couple of minutes she grabbed the back of my head, began moaning and pumped her hips against my face. I felt her legs starting to quiver, and I increased the pace of my tongue-lashing stimulation. I drew her small folds and clit into my mouth and began sucking them vigorously, and the onset of her orgasm was sudden and powerful.

Using words I had never heard her speak, she whispered strongly, “I’m cumming…I’m cummmiiing!! Oh my God…suck me…eat me!” It was intense, lasting easily a minute as she gasped for breath and nearly doubled over on top of me. There was no mistaking that she released her long-simmering sexual frustration as a tidal wave of pleasure rolled over her. I was very happy that it was me who gave her such relief and joy.

As the intensity of her orgasm waned, she grabbed the sides of my face and said, “Okay…Okay…That’s enough. Please, please.” I ceased my lingual assault on her vagina and clit, letting her come down from a peak I doubt she had reached in a long time, if ever.

Finally, she pulled my head up to her mouth and she kissed me tenderly for long minutes. I wondered if she had ever tasted her own sexual juices on a man’s lips. She answered my thought when she pulled back and said, “Edward won’t do that for me; he never has. It was wonderful. I have never had such an intense, amazing orgasm. Thank you.”

I replied, “I loved it, and I want more.”

She quickly said, “Me too, but not now, not tonight. I am both happy and ashamed about what we have done. Our time to make love will come.”

Reluctantly, I said, “Okay, but the next time I am going to make love to you like no man ever has,” and I embraced her again before letting her go.

She put on her nightie and returned to the bathroom to retrieve her panties. I followed her and, before letting her leave to return to her room, I kissed and hugged her. She melted against me, and I put my hand between her legs, slipped a finger inside her still swollen lips and massaged the length and depth of the gift she had just given to me. She seemed on the brink of yielding to me, but she closed her legs, clutched my hand and said, “Oh, God. Please, Mark, we have to stop now. Really, we have to.”

I contemplated turning her around, bending her over the bathroom counter and putting my again erect cock deeply inside her swollen, lubricated vagina. I believe she would have given-in and allowed me to have my way with her, finding even greater heights of sexual fulfillment than she enjoyed from the orally-induced orgasm I gave her. But my judgment overruled my passion and I backed away. It wasn’t about only me and my desires, she was now my lover and I respected her wishes.

Our wonderful encounter was over, but it was only the beginning of our new relationship. I looked at her and saw that her hair was mussed and her make-up was imperfect, but she appeared beautiful and sexy to me, and I told her so. Her eyes were getting red and teary, and I thought she was about to cry. I embraced her and whispered into her ear, “My dear Susan, we were in great need of finding each other in this way. Our passion is a beautiful thing. Be happy, not ashamed.”

“I feel the same way. I never dreamed this would happen, though I have wanted it for a long time. I am happy and I also feel guilty, but I am not ashamed of my feelings for you.” She held me like she didn’t want to let go.

We kissed again, said good night and she returned to her bedroom.

The encounter had some awkward moments, but it was wonderful. I won’t ever forget the sight of her standing at the entrance to the bathroom, beautiful and clearly naked underneath her nightie, and beckoning me with a shy, innocent smile. I felt the same thrill an adolescent boy discovers during his first sexual experiences.

I went back into my office to collect myself. I believed we would properly consummate our new relationship in a bedroom at an unknown future date and place. I knew it would again be glorious to share our sexuality, and I truly hoped our future would include intimacy on a continuing basis. I went to bed and slept soundly.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon and biscuits. I put on a jogging suit over my briefs and joined Debbie and Susan for breakfast. I said, “Good morning, ladies,” and made discreet eye contact with Susan. I was very anxious about how she might react to our passionate encounter after she had the opportunity to contemplate its significance.

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