Paying for Pleasure Ch. 02

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Although the names are the same, this is a completely different fantasy than earlier submissions with other titles. All participants in the sex are over eighteen. And, again, since this is a fantasy world of my creation, there are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. This is a fantasy, don’t try it at home.


Both kids indicated they were going to bed. Mike and I fist bumped while Kim bent over to give me a kiss goodnight. Just as she was going to stand up, my daughter leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I have a better dildo than Tracey.”

I sputtered and choked. My daughter was smiling at me as she walked out the door.

Maybe 95 per cent.

I woke up the next morning at my usual time. Scratching my balls and squeezing my morning wood, my mind drifted to the spectacular blowjob given me by Tracey the night before. That girl, my daughter’s best friend, was a born cocksucker. It was absolutely the best blowjob I had ever received.

There was a smile on my face as I walked to the bathroom door, knocked on it, and walked in. We were pretty casual about nudity around the house. No one thought twice about going into the bathroom if someone else was in there. Unless I was on the throne. Everyone gave me privacy then.

Kim was fresh out of the shower and drying her hair. She hadn’t bothered to wrap herself in a towel yet. Nodding appreciatively at her lovely body, almost identical to Tracey, I said good morning and edged around her to get to the toilet. Accidentally bumping her, I wrapped my arm around her front to keep her from falling. She thanked me as I relieved myself of my overnight bladder’s contents.

I went downstairs in my boxers. Pouring my coffee, I asked Mike, who was eating his breakfast, what his plans were for the day. “Nothing exciting today,” he said to me. “I’m going to Dean’s right after school,” said Mike. “I’ll be home in time for dinner.”

“Okay, son,” I said. Moments later I heard the screen door slam closed after him.

I was leaning against the kitchen counter looking out the window at the farmer’s field across the highway from our house. I heard Kim come down the stairs into the kitchen and then the rasping of the ironing board as it opened. Glancing over my shoulder, I looked at Kim and almost dropped my coffee cup.

Although I had seen her in her underwear many times over the years, this was by far the sexiest I had ever seen her looking in front of me. Getting ready to iron her school uniform she was already partially dressed. She had thigh high white stockings on as well as a skimpy matching bra and panty set.

Oh my gawd, she was fucking unbelievable. My little girl was all grown up. And out. Her tits were gorgeous, full C cups and firm. Her panties seemed to be framing her pussy. Since she was facing in my direction I could not see her ass but knew it had to be very similar to her girlfriend’s ass. The one I had been fondling the night before. Remembering that episode took over my brain.


“Um…huh…what?” my daughter’s voice shook me out of my reverie.

“You were staring at me, Daddy,” accused Kim.

“Ummm…no, honey. I wasn’t. My mind was elsewhere.”

“What were you thinking about?”

“Um…um…oh…just some work stuff,” I responded.

I looked up to see my daughter with her lip turned down in a pout.


She answered me. “I’m standing here right in front of you wearing one of my sexiest outfits and all you can think of is work stuff! Daddy!” With that, the pouting look disappeared being replaced by a huge grin and laughter. Lots of laughter.

“Hmmph”, I said as I turned back to the coffee pot to fix the second cup of my morning quota. When I turned back, my daughter was back in her room leaving the iron plugged in and the ironing board still set up. I took care of it.

With some reluctance, and not bothering to get dressed, I went to my home office and began surfing the internet, reading my morning papers online. My mind kept drifting away from a boring news day to Tracey and her wonderful oral skills. Of course, a hard on followed.

Later that day, now fully dressed and working on ‘work stuff’ at my laptop, my thoughts still kept drifting to my daughter’s best friend. Out of nowhere came a thought. I’d send the orally talented teenager flowers. Quickly I ordered a dozen orange roses with a card that simply read “Thank you”. That accomplished, I forced myself to focus on my business affairs.

Later on, while making dinner for the kids and I, as well as doing some chores around the house, I decided to do some laundry. I stripped the beds and put mine and Mike’s sheets in the washing machine. Kim’s sheets, her being a girly girl, always received special treatment and were washed separately.

Once dinner was eaten and the kitchen reassembled and reorganized, I asked my daughter to help me make the beds. Of course, her brother wasn’t around to help, having escaped immediately after filling his face.

My daughter and I were just chatting about her day, typical kartal escort bayan teenager gossip, when she grabbed my attention by using Tracey’s name.

“I think Tracey has a new boyfriend,” she said.

Not knowing what was an appropriate response, I merely answered with a vibrant, “Oh.”

“I stopped by her place on my way home and saw she received a huge bouquet of roses.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s some boyfriend.”

“They were orange roses,” said Kim.

“Orange? Isn’t the usual colour red?” I asked.

“Yeah, exactly,” my daughter responded. “I looked at the card but all it said was ‘Thank you’.”

My daughter had my full attention by this point.

“Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? Why do you say it is a new one?”

Kim responded, “Cuz she told me yesterday she was dumping his ass.”

“Why?”, I asked.

“She said he wasn’t very thoughtful. About her, I mean. He never gave her gifts or took her out anywhere special. She always said he was a Burger King!”

We both laughed at that.

“Maybe the burgermeister was finally cluing in?”

“Nah,” said Kim. “She told me it was from someone new.”

Oh, shit. How much did Tracey tell my daughter?

“Really,” I began to lead the conversation, “where did this guy come from?”

Kim responded, “She said she has known him for a while and that he’s older than her. Just like Derek.”

“He seems like a lot nicer a guy than Derek sending her roses like that.”

“Yeah, but she won’t give me any deets. Not a clue to who he is.”

“Is that unusual?”

“Yeah, it is. Tracey normally tells me everything.”

“Why do you think she’s holding back?”

“I dunno. But, Tracey can’t keep a secret. She’ll tell me soon enough. As a matter of fact, since we are finished with the chores, I’m going back up to her place,” my daughter said.

It was still early, the sun still up, so she didn’t need me to walk her up the street. Our house was in a safe neighbourhood but, being the conscientious father, I always escorted my girls from house to house after dark.

Oops. ‘My girls’??? That just slipped out.

“Okay,” I said to Kim, “let me know what you find out.”

“I will,” Kim said as she left the room. A moment later, she poked her head back in to ask, “Why are you so interested anyway?”

I squeezed past her and into the bathroom, closing the door firmly behind myself, allowing me to duck the question.

Quite unusually for me, I must have fallen asleep after Mike came home but before Kim returned. Normally I would wait up for both my chickadees, only falling asleep when they were both safely at home.

Our morning together was completely uneventful, just the usual morning chatter and teasing. Soon enough, I was alone in the house and perched in my office chair. My concentration on a new proposal I was writing for an existing client was interrupted by the pinging of my phone indicating a waiting text message.

It was from Tracey. “Thanks for the flowers. They are beautiful.”

“You’re very welcome. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman,” I texted back.

“LOL. And thank you for the compliment.”

“Again, you’re very welcome.”

“I want more.”

“More flowers?”

“Yes. And to suck your cock more.”


“I’m being serious. I want to suck your cock again.”

“Tracey, that was a one time thing.”

“I’m going to keep sucking your cock until the loan is repaid.”

“You don’t need to do that. I already told you not to worry about the loan.”

“I know what you said but a promise is a promise. I promised to pay you back.”

“I don’t want your money.”

“Then you’ll get more blowjobs.”

“No, little girl. That was a one off thing. It can’t happen again.”

“Didn’t you like it?”

“Of course, I did.”

“Then we’ll do it more.”

“We can’t. We don’t want Kim to find out.”

“She won’t find out.”

Neither of us sent more texts. Pushing these texts and their promise to the back of my mind, I completed my presentation. I was lounging in the backyard by the pool when the kids came home. Mike immediately went to his room to play video games. Clad in shorts and a tube top, Kim joined me poolside.

I have to take a moment to comment on her tube top. It was a favourite of mine. A mediumish blue, it hugged her 34C’s. And, it was somewhat opaque giving me, any watcher, I mean, hints of the flesh underneath. Of course, my daughter’s nipples were hardly hidden away.

We were just chatting when Kim brought up the subject of Tracey.

“I’m so mad at Tracey,” said my daughter. “I questioned and questioned her last night but she wouldn’t tell me anything!”

“Isn’t the girl entitled to some privacy?” I asked her.

“No”, exclaimed Kim. “We’re bff’s and we share everything. No secrets allowed.”

“Oh”, I said. In reality, I was very relieved to know Tracey was keeping our encounter a secret.

“She was texting him this afternoon. I could see some of the texts.”

Oh oh.

“Tracey escort maltepe gave him a blowjob and he sent her roses. Orange roses. They are meant to signify passion and desire. I know, I checked on the internet.”

“Umm…Babygirl…I don’t think you should talk about blowjobs and your friend in front of me.”

“Daddeeee, if I can’t talk to you about it, who can I tell? All our other friends are blabbermouths. Besides, it was only a blowjob, it’s not like she fucked him.”


“Sorry, Daddy.” Kim went back into the house calling out over her shoulder that she would make dinner that night. I heaved a huge sigh of relief that the conversation was over. I wondered how much of the texting between Tracey and I that my daughter had read.

Dinner was great. Sweet and sour pork over rice. One of my daughter’s specialties and a favourite of both Mike and mine. Once the cleanup was completed, Mike returned to his room to do his homework. I told the kids I was walking up to the corner coffee shop and wouldn’t be gone long.

“I’ll be checking your homework when I get back, Mister,” I warned my son. He was pretty conscientious about homework but as a dedicated father, I intermittently checked up on him. Kim caught me just as I was heading out the front door.

“I’ll walk with you, Daddy. I’m going to Tracey’s.” Outside, Kim took my hand as she was wont to do.

“You girls have anything planned for tonight?”

“I am going to interrogate her ass,” said Kim just as we arrived at her best friend’s home.

“Have fun,” I responded as I continued my walk.

Reading an extremely riveting book, I was in no hurry to leave the coffee shop. Two coffees and two donuts later, my phone pinged. Glancing down, I saw that it was Tracey.

“Are you still at the coffee shop?”


“I’ll be right there.”

Shit. Well, at least she won’t be grabbing my dick and swallowing it here. It was only a few minutes later that she walked in. Gawd, the girl’s body just didn’t quit. A halter top restrained her boobs and short shorts put her ass on display for everyone to admire. I had to wonder just how similar her body was to my daughter’s. Pretty close, I thought.

I bought her a coffee and returned to the booth with it. She thanked me and began speaking after swallowing a sip. Tracey had pursed her lips to blow on the hot beverage before drinking. I couldn’t help but remembering those lips in another situation.

“Kim saw our texts this afternoon” she said. “But, I don’t think she saw everything.” Rambling on, “She knows I gave a guy a blowjob and he sent me flowers.”

“Does she know it’s me?” I asked.

“I think Kim would have said something to me if she knew,” said Tracey.

“You’re right there. Well, let’s finish up here and head home.”

“My home?” asked the teenager coyly while licking her plump and already inviting lips.

Shaking my head, I replied, “You to yours and me to mine.”

We started the short walk down the street with Tracey wrapped around my arm. I stopped at the foot of her driveway intending to wait until she was safely inside.

“Walk me to the door, Rick.”

“I’m not going in, Tracey.”

“Just to the door, Rick.”

Not knowing why but not wishing to get into a public dispute, I walked her to the door. The nightlight wasn’t on and beneath the carport, it was quite dark.

Tracey turned to face me and held up her arms indicating she was going to hug me and, likely kiss me. I pushed up my arms to hold her back. My daughter’s best friend fooled me though. While my arms were going up, Tracey was going down to her knees, yanking my shorts and briefs down with her.

Almost instantaneously, my dick was in her mouth and her hands on my ass. I tried to pull back but the bitch dug in with her teeth. Just enough to promise pain if I continued to try withdrawing. I looked over my shoulder as far up and down the street as I could. Seeing no one there, I did the only thing I could do under the circumstances. I wrapped my hands in her hair and began facefucking this eighteen year old cocksucker par excellence.

Tracey didn’t seem to object as she was using her hands on my ass to pull me tighter and tighter against her face. She wasn’t using a lot of tongue but I doubt she could under the circumstances. Tracey was doing a hoover-like job on my cock like I had never experienced before.

It wasn’t long until I could feel the impending explosion of cum in my balls. Tracey must have felt my cock beginning to throb in her mouth. She pulled me as deep inside her mouth as she could. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Rope after rope of my cum escaped my cock flying directly into Tracey’s throat.

My body sagged limply. Fortunately, I was close enough to the wall behind me to use it as support. As soon as I caught my breath, I pulled the teenager up and into a clinch. With my hands on Tracey’s ass and her arms around my neck, we made out for a few minutes before going our separate ways.

What a fucking night!

The pendik escort next morning ran its normal course. I was sitting at my desk in my home office when my phone pinged.

Tracey was texting me.

“Good morning, handsome. Thanks for letting me give you another interest payment.”

“Thank you, Beautiful. It was great.”

“When can I give you another payment?”

I just wasn’t going to argue. Her blowjobs were simply too awesome to pass up on.

“I don’t know but soon. Very soon.”

Tracey didn’t reply so I went back to doing some work. Still had to earn a living. On the spur of the moment, I decided to send Tracey more roses. Orange again but two dozen this time. At this rate I’d end up spending more on roses than the original loan.

I guess it was midafternoon when I heard Kim’s car in the driveway. Surprisingly, my daughter came directly to my office. I am not usually her first stop upon arrival. Her room and changing her clothes usually precedes me.

My daughter looked gorgeous in her school uniform. Amazingly sexy. Like every schoolgirl in the world, I imagine, on departure from the school grounds, she had altered her uniform to enhance its sexiness. Rolling up the waistband, it became much shorter. Dangerously short to a pervert like me. A few buttons of her uniform shirt had also been undone displaying a lot of breast encased in what must have been a push up bra.

Kim, although my daughter, wanted male admiration of her luscious body, even from me. And, who was I to argue the point with her? She wanted to be seen as a little sexpot and I was willing to ogle her as needed.

My daughter was leaning on my desk with her legs straight out in front of her. She had even switched shoes somewhere between school and home. Not her typical Mary Janes but ultimately sexy four inch heels. White thigh highs caressed her legs up and under the hem of the uniform skirt. Just slightly under the skirt as I could see the bottom of the lace and elastic holdups. Finally, those titillating tits of hers, firm and proud 34C’s in a pushup bra.

Wow. If she wasn’t my daughter, I would be sporting a chubby at this point. Oh, what the hell. I was sporting a chubby. My dick needed to express its own opinion of this vixen standing beside us.

I finally was able to pull my gaze up to my daughter’s eyes. There was an evil glint in her eye acknowledging that she knew where my eyes had been and what I was thinking. I may have blushed in embarrassment. Maybe. Just a little.

“Something on your mind, honey?”

“Daddy, what’s an interest payment?”

Odd question. “Generally, when someone borrows something, usually money, there is a set interest rate established so the lender makes money or profit on the loan.”

My daughter seemed to be digesting my explanation. Not willing to let my mind wander back to the beautiful body in the sexy schoolgirl outfit before me, I tried to keep the conversation going.

“Have you started a new class at school? Accounting or economics maybe?” I was always interested in my kids’ schooling.

“No, Daddy. I’m not. “

“Why the question then, Kim?”

“I saw a text Tracey sent.”

Oh oh.

My daughter continued, “It said something about interest payments. Did she pay you back your loan?”

“You know she didn’t. When her hours were cut back at the pizza place and she couldn’t afford the payments, I told her not to worry and to consider it a gift.”

“You told me that,” continued my daughter. “So who else did she borrow money from that she needs to make interest payments?”

“Her boyfriend?” I threw in.

“Nah, she dumped the asshole.”

I stumbled further into the conversation. “I thought you said she has a new guy? The roses guy?”

“Maybe,” said Kim thoughtfully. “She’s still not telling me anything about him.”

“That’s odd, isn’t it? I thought you two had no secrets between you.”

“It is odd. We don’t keep things from each other but she certainly is this time.”

“Maybe she didn’t like the roses or something? Turned the guy down?”

Kim said, “No, she liked the roses. She’s always talking about them.”

“What does she say about them?”

“Oh, things like the orange colour means passion and desire. That she wishes he would send more.”

“Really?” I said. “She liked the roses that much?”


Kim stretched. I couldn’t help but admiring her body as her muscles contracted and released. I looked back up as quickly as I could draw my gaze away but…I was busted…again. The corners of my daughter’s mouth twitched. She was fighting back a smile.

“The roses? She liked them that much? Or the guy who sent them?” I asked.

“Both, I guess,” responded Kim.

Suddenly, as if a light turned on, my daughter said, “Why are you so interested, Daddy. It’s as if you sent them.”

Definitely suspicious. I thought I had played it so cool. After all, my daughter always gossiped with me about her friends.

“I’m going to shut down here,” I said, turning to my computer in order to avoid answering the last question. There was a definite dichotomy in my dealings with my daughter. It was okay for me to imagine those nylon encased legs over my shoulders and me licking my daughter’s pussy but I didn’t like telling her a lie.

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