Patti Cake Ch. 04

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Leaving the Adult store, we drove back to the motel and carried our purchases in to check them out. We only had an hour before we had to go back and pick up Rachel. I was looking forward to the evening.

I undressed Patti Cake. I just had to see that corset. Rachel had tied it real tight and, I could tell, Patti was having a difficulty breathing. Patti looked absolutely gorgeous in her corset – her tits were pushed up and out and her nipples were hard and rubbery. I just had to take a minute to suck on them. As I did – they continued to get bigger and harder – turning red as I nibbled on them.

I stopped so Patti Cake could fill me in on what happened in the changing room.

Patti said, “She helped me take off my blouse. Then she removed my shorts. You see, the corset covers the slope of my hips, so I had to get totally undressed for her to put it on me. Well……… almost nude – I left my white lacey thong on and pulled up the sides of it until the front was pulled in between my pussy lips. It looked soooooooooooo obscene in that dressing room mirror.”

“I was watching Rachel’s face – she wasn’t missing a thing. She was licking her lips and staring at my pussy. She looked just like some predator out hunting for a meal.”

“Rachel put the corset around my body and began pulling and prying my tits and nipples to fit them in that little ‘push up’ bra that’s built into the corset.”

“Of course, she didn’t fool me. All she wanted to do was play with my tits. And I liked it. My nipples were getting so hard. And I moaned and groaned every time she touched me letting her know that she was turning me on.”

“At first I was going to pretend that she was turning me on. It didn’t take long until she really was! I stuck my hand inside my thong and dipped a finger in my wet cunt – then I offered it to Rachel – holding it right up to her little cupid bow mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked my finger dry, moaning as she did so and started rubbing her own pussy.”

“Rachel opened her eyes – smiled at me and looked deep into mine – sorta seductively as she finished cleaning my finger. I dipped my hand in my cunt again and wet two fingers this time. I could hardly get them up to Rachel’s mouth when she started sucking them in all the time moaning like she was about to cum.”

“Well, Daddy – that started it. Next thing I knew, she was sucking on my hard nipples and pulling my thong aside. Guiding me onto my back on the bench, she straddled my face and we did a ’69’ right there. I must have had 3 real strong orgasms and God knows how many Rachel had.”

“And then we realized we had been in there a long time – so we re-dressed each other and came back to the front of the store. That’s why we were so red faced and out of breath. That and the corset IS real tight.”

I glanced at the clock and said, “Come on, Patti Cake. We need to finish dressing and go pick up Rachel.”

Patti Cake put on a sheer see through blouse and a loose fitting skirt. I dressed in a white shirt with grey sharkskin slacks.


When we arrived at the Adult store, it was just 5 p.m. and Rachel was coming out of the store.

“Hi!” she said. kartal escort bayan “I thought you guys weren’t coming.”

Rachel had changed. She was wearing a sheer white blouse and a short pink skirt. The nipple rings were obvious as were her pointy little nipples. The gold chain and the chain leading down toward her clit ring were also evident.

She swished that tight little butt of hers as she approached the car. Mmmmmmmmm! My cock began to stir. This was going to be some evening!

I opened the door to help Rachel into the back seat. Before she got in she asked, “Do you mind if we have some company this evening?”

“I’d rather we didn’t. Who did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Remember the red head that came into the store?” she asked.

“Not really, if you want to know the truth. My mind was on other things, if you will get what I mean,” I replied with a leer.

“Well…….,” she said. “That was my lover, Brenda. She was curious about what was going on. When I told her that you were fucking your own daughter, she got very curious. And, when I said we were going out to eat and back to the motel after, she asked if you would mind if she joined us.”

“I’m not fucking my own daughter. Yet. Someday, maybe but I never have so far. Patti Cake still has her cherry. Now that we’ve got that straight, what did you tell her?” I asked.

“That I’d talk to you guys about it.”

“One question,” I said.


“Do either of you two fuck? Or are you just into Lezzies?” I asked.

“That’s two,” she said.

“Yeah – well, you know what I mean,” I said.

“We’re both bi,” she answered. “It’s just that we’ve never teamed with a Daddy/Daughter duo before and we were curious about it.”

“O.K. Call Brenda and tell her that she can come,” I said.

“I don’t have to call her – she’s in the store,” she replied, ignoring the open back door. “I’ll be right back.”

Rachel entered the store to tell Brenda that she was welcome to join us. As they emerged from the store, Brenda locked up. Rachel pointed a thumb at Brenda and said, “She’s the boss”, indicating that Brenda was the owner of the store.

Brenda had fiery red hair and, as one would expect from a red head, very white skin. She was wearing a pink scoop neck blouse – an off the shoulder affair that didn’t allow for wearing of a bra. Anyway, Brenda didn’t need a bra – she had on a corset that pushed her tits up and out as though they were sitting on a shelf. I’d guess a 36C or D cup and they looked very firm. Her nipples were the pretty large and looked very firm.

Her shoulders had a sprinkling of ‘Angel’s Kisses’ (freckles) – adding to her allure. I wondered if she had freckles all over like some red heads.

Brenda was about five foot two or three inches tall – with a slender build. The corset pinched her waist into an hour glass shape and showed off her wide flaring hips. I got a chance to look at her butt as they walked ahead of me to the car – she had two firm high butt cheeks that jiggled nicely in the tan slacks she had on.

Patti Cake kept her hand on my thigh all the way to the restaurant – keeping my cock nice and hard. escort maltepe It sure made a bulge in those grey slacks. The Maitre’d glanced at the bulge and guided us toward a booth in the back.

Now you would think that, with three pretty girls, I would get a chance to be between two of them. Not so. Rachel was the first to sit down followed by Patti Cake. Then Brenda squeezed in next to Patti Cake leaving me to fend for myself. I decided to sit next to Rachel since she had a skirt on. At least I might have some fun.

Our waitress arrived shortly after we were seated and took our drink orders. While she was gone, Rachel had been stroking my cock – keeping me hard.

Leaning down to sit the drink tray on the table, our waitress (whose face was beet red by now) couldn’t take her eyes off Rachel’s hand. As Rachel moved to pick up her drink, the waitress reached down and squeezed my cock. I smiled at her.

Embarrassed, she left the table, only to return shortly realizing that she had forgotten to take our food order.

Dinner was rather quiet though – mostly ‘get acquainted’ talk sprinkled with the odd joke or two and Rachel massaging my huge cock. Every time I looked at Patti Cake, her face was red and she wouldn’t meet my eyes. Brenda and Rachel had been giving her plenty of attention. Somehow, during the course of dinner, they had managed to pull Patti Cake’s skirt up so that it was bunched around her waist – with her two ass cheeks resting on the leather seat of the booth.

Soon, we were on the way back to the motel. This time, Brenda and Rachel sat in the back seat with Patti in between them. I almost wrecked the car, trying to see what was going on back there. I do know there was a lot of ‘ooing’ and ‘ahing’ coming from them but I couldn’t tell which one.

************************** As soon as we entered the room, Brenda and Rachel took charge. Pushing me aside, they maneuvered my Patti to the bed and began undressing her – Rachel on one side – Brenda on the other – kissing Patti in the process. While Rachel French kissed Patti – Brenda was behind her – kissing the back of her neck as she removed Patti’s blouse and skirt.

Rachel had moved down to Patti’s nipples and was sucking on them as Brenda removed Patti’s corset. Then Rachel began to massage away the marks left by the tight fitting corset – kissing and rubbing her way to Patti’s pussy as Brenda kissed up and down Patti’s back – massaging her pretty butt – kissing and rimming her from behind as Rachel dipped her tongue into Patti’s hot sex – moist and dripping from the attention she was getting.

Pulling Patti down on the bed, Brenda took up the restraints we had bought earlier while Rachel kept Patti occupied and began tying Patti to the four corners of the bed – spreading her out – opening her up to ravish her.

Now don’t think for one minute I was idle. I had already stripped and was sitting on a chair near the bed – stroking my already hardening cock – bringing it to full hardness – so full of blood it was purple – so hard and ready to fuck.

When Brenda took up the strap on – I moved in to stop her. “Brenda,” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“No pendik escort penetration. My Patti Cake is a virgin. I intend for her to remain a virgin and there will be no penetration. Is that understood?” I asked.

“You may continue with any erotic touching and kissing – anywhere on Patti’s body – but there will be no penetration,” I continued.

Pushing Rachel aside, Brenda knelt between Patti’s outspread thighs and began kissing her – tonguing her hard little bud until it was beet red and swollen. Patti groaned and twisted her body – rising up toward Brenda’s tongue – trying to force more of her tongue inside her – while Rachel had moved to Patti’s head and began French kissing her.

The two of them worked poor Patti into a fever pitch – as orgasm after orgasm overtook her. It was at this point that I moved behind Brenda – placing my swollen member at the entrance of her hot pussy – pushing deep inside her – forcing her face hard into Patti’s cunt in the process.

I began stroking – hard fast strokes – slamming my crotch hard into Brenda’s ass as my cock bottomed out deep in her womb.

After 8 or 9 strokes, I pulled out and Brenda cried out in anguish, “NO! DON’T STOP! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!”

By then, Rachel had moved into position under Brenda’s pussy. As she reached up to pull Brenda’s pussy toward her waiting mouth, I sank my cock into Rachel. God! She was tight!

I knew I wouldn’t last long with this velvet vise clamped on my hard cock – milking me – urging my cum to the top – urging my cum filled ball sac to spurt my cum deep inside her. I felt my ball sac swell as did my cock when the cum surged up its length and out my tiny pee hole – deep into Rachel – causing her orgasm.

Spent, I lay prone on Rachel. As she sucked on Brenda’s pussy, I reached up and began rimming Brenda’s ass with my tongue – wetting and loosening it for my reawakening cock. I pulled and pried at her little star shaped anus – opening it up with my fingers – pulling it wide. I moved into position – my cock dripping cum into Rachel’s waiting mouth as I pushed it into Brenda – slowly sinking in until my crotch was against her ass.

Resting a minute, I felt Brenda’s sphincter clench and unclench around my cock – causing it to further harden – causing a reawakening in my groin.

I began to pump – stroke after stroke – knowing that this time I would last quite a while before cumming, I settled down to a moderate rhythm as Brenda continued to make my Patti Cake writhe beneath her hot tongue – I ass fucked Brenda until I felt her quiver. Her legs were getting weak with the exertion of holding me up – then she collapsed – almost smothering poor Rachel in the process.

When Brenda collapsed, my cock slipped from her anus with a loud ‘plop’ – so loud that Rachel giggled and, reaching up, began to stroke me – urging me to cum – stroking me while holding my mushroom cap at the entrance to her mouth – massaging my ball sac until finally she was rewarded with a couple of spurts of cum.


After resting some, we cleaned up and dressed.

I took Brenda and Rachel back to the adult store so they could get their car. I kissed them both goodbye and returned to the motel and my darling Patti Cake to get some rest.

We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow and both of us were anxious to get home – anxious to climb into bed – anxious to get that fuck that we had promised each other.

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