Passions Unleashed Ch. 05

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Saturdays had become the best days for Susan and David to get together. David could only take just so much time off from school and on Sundays, Ted closed his business. David often worked on Saturdays with Ted to earn a little extra money, but Susan was now encouraging David to stay home.

“Don’t worry,” she told him. “I’ll give you a little extra every week, as long you give ME a little extra!” David agreed and asked his father if he always needed to come in on Saturdays. Normally Ted would have been annoyed because he’d have to hire a part-time employee for those half-days but he quickly figured it out.

“Maybe it’s starting to happen,” he wondered. He’d already noticed the changes in his wife. She was wearing less around the house. Shorts that got shorter; skirts that now came up several inches above her knee. She was getting her hair done regularly, putting on more make-up and perfume. She and David tried to act like nothing was going on but since Ted was looking for it, he noticed the changes. He also noticed how hot his wife looked and wanted to finally fuck her again, himself; not that he had any plans on doing that! No, no, this was his ultimate fantasy, to see his wife and son in the throes of full-blown fucking passion and he started to feel that, well, maybe it was working.

So he granted David’s request and then started to feel “Hey, business is okay. Maybe I don’t have to open shop on Saturdays anymore!” What a great excuse. Pretend to go to work and then drive home an hour later. The thought excited Ted so much it made him hard.

The kartal escort bayan first few weeks together, Susan and David tried everything: sixty-nine, anal; fucking in his bed, her bed, the living room couch, the shower. Susan even wanted to fuck on her husband’s desk in the study but was afraid they’d mess everything up. Instead, when they fucked in her bed, she always made sure they fucked on Ted’s side of the bed. It was the ultimate betrayal but the fucking bastard deserved it!

Susan was quickly becoming a changed woman. She was horny as hell, all the time now. All the years of lousy sex had made the forty year-old blond a spouting geyser, a faucet that just wouldn’t shut itself off. Even when Donna called to inform her of how many black studs she screwed yesterday, Susan could only smirk. “If she only knew who I fucked yesterday!” Yes, life was good!

Then came the moment of truth. Ted sensed something was indeed going on, and it excited him like crazy, bringing back memories of his friend, James, royally fucking his mom, Sandy, all those years ago. (With no knowledge that his slut, whore-mom was doing ALL his friends!)

On this particular Saturday, Ted woke, showered, dressed and made a quick breakfast for himself, not wishing to disturb his still-sleeping wife. He left the house around nine, driving to work with a raging hard-on. By the time he got to the shop, Ted paced around nervously, waiting for the clock to strike ten. Then even more nervously, he closed, and headed for the parking lot and his car. Twenty minutes later escort maltepe he was home, sweating bullets. What might be going on, he wondered.

As Ted parked the car on the street, he slowly made his way up the walk until he reached the door. “What if nothing’s gong on?” he thought. “How do I explain myself?” Ted figured he’d make some excuse, and slowly let himself inside his own house, like a thief in the night. When he entered all was silent. He walked into the living room but no sign of his wife or son. As Ted quietly made his way further inside the house he thought he heard something. Noises – coming from David’s room! Catching his breath, Ted tip-toed down the hall until he got within a few feet of David’s room. Then he heard it all.

“Oh, yes! Oh god, David! Yeah, that’s it! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh god, fuck me! Harder! Harder! Fuck your momma’s pussy! Harder!! Oooohhh, goooodd!”

Ted stopped in his tracks! Nervously peeking around the doorway to his son’s room he saw an amazing sight. There, on his son’s bed was his wife, on all fours, with her son behind her, pounding his cock, hard and fast, in and out of his mother’s cunt.

“Ah yeah!” David cried. “Oh, I’m gonna cum mom! I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes baby!” Susan cried. “Cum in me! Give mommy your cum!”

David thrust wildly now, his face contorted, sweat glistening on his young frame, as he furiously pounded his teenaged cock in and out of his mom’s cunt. Susan was in ecstasy. Her eyes glazed, her mouth ajar, panting, gasping with each thrust her son’s thick, pendik escort hard prick in and out of her whorish cunt.

Ted was in a state of shock. Here at last was his ultimate fantasy. His own wife was fucking their teenaged son! Watching the scene unfold just ten feet away from him caused Ted’s little dick to become rock hard.

“Oh yeah!” David cried. Here it comes! Aaahhh!” Then his prick began twitching, shooting his hot, sticky sperm inside his mom’s cunt.

“Ooohhhh!!” Susan moaned. “Give it to me!” she cried, feeling her own boy’s juices go shooting inside of her. “Give me your cum! Give mommy your cum!”

Susan collapsed on her son’s bed as David pulled his slick cock from her cunt. Ted then backed away from the door in fear. Lying down beside her, mother and son cuddled for a few minutes, cooing in the afterglow of a truly damn good fuck. Just then, Susan spoke up. “Hello Honey! We know you’re out there!”

A stunned Ted was left speechless in the hall.

“Ted, get your ass in here!!!” his wife screamed.

As Ted nervously entered she set him straight.

“We know what you did?” she said calmly. “Why you did it, I don’t want to know. But now that you’ve gotten your wish to see a mother and son fuck, here’s some news for you. We LIKE it! Did you hear me? I LOVE fucking my son! YOUR son! It’s better than any sex I ever had with YOU! You and your pathetic little dick! Kissing David on the cheek Susan cooed “And do you like fucking mommy?”

“Yeah!” David exclaimed, looking his father in the eye. “I LOVE it!”

“Good. From now on YOU’RE my man! When I need to get fucked, I’m gonna fuck ONLY my SON!” Then adding a mean, shit-eating grin, Susan looked at Ted and said “NOT his father.” Susan laughed to herself and staring at Ted thought “Gotcha! You bastard!”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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