Parent Teacher Conference

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At the end of my first semester at the university my grades were not up to mom’s expectations to say the least. To continue in pre-law I needed at least a 3.5 or better and when mom received the news that I was only at a 3.1 she really freaked out. As the sole provider of our household she managed to get a scholarship through her law firm but the partnership was firm that unless my first year ended in a minimum of 3.5. Maybe it doesn’t sound like a big deal to those reading this but I had always maintained a 3.8 up until now.

The class that was pulling me down the most was English Composition in which it demanded my learning the newer A.P.A. (American Psychological Association) form of formal critical writing. I had started to date a really cute girl in my Critical Thinking class and was spending all my extra time trying to get into her panties but to no use. She had taken a lot of my time teasing me and saying she loved me, yet she refused to let me get physically close. Shit I wasn’t getting more than a lot of promises and a few handfuls of her amazing tits and yet I was dating her 3-4 nights a week. Beside the time away from my studies, I had managed to spend almost half of the money I had saved in my summer job on her thinking I had found true love. Every date started with a lot of promise but ended up with frustration in which the only sex I was getting was from the ‘rosy palm club’.

I had kept the truth of my problems from mom by telling her I was being tutored after school and studying with another class member. Mom called for a parent teacher meeting and after it was over she was angrier than I had ever seen her.

“I can’t believe you’ve been lying to me…your own mother. I worked my ass off getting you this scholarship and you’re pissing it away. I want to know exactly what the hell is going on. The thing that hurts the most is your lying to me…you’ve never told me a single lie in your whole life and now…”

Mom couldn’t finish because she broke down sobbing. I felt like shit so I pulled into the park across from the campus and parked under a tree to hide us from the bright park lights. I didn’t want to see mom’s tears and sure as hell didn’t want her to see the tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I was never so ashamed of myself and the lies I had told just to try and get some pussy from Linda. After mom calmed down and was able to speak she saw the tears in my eyes and realized I was ashamed at what I had done.

“I’m relieved Randy to realize you finally recognize what you’ve done to our relationship. Now I want the truth…the whole truth of why you lied, and what has taken you away from your studies. Is it drugs?”

I shook my head no and remained silent. I knew the only way to patch things up would be to tell her the truth but how…how could I tell her I was so horny for sex I had screwed up my first semester? How could I tell her a girl at school was driving me crazy because I wanted to lose my cherry and find out what it was like to have sex with a woman instead of jacking-off all by myself night after night? I knew if I told it like it was she would be shocked finding out her son was some kind of pervert who couldn’t get his mind off wanting to get laid.

Mom sat there in the dark still sniffling and waiting for a long time for me to open up and tell her what was going on. Finally she took my hand and slid closer to me to try and comfort my tears and get me to talk it out.

“Honey, you’ve never had a problem telling me what’s on your mind. We’ve always been so close…especially since your dad and I divorced. You said it isn’t drugs…is it a girl?”

Mom as usual somehow knew more about me at times than I knew about myself. When she said that; I began to silently cry and as the tears came spilling down my face from shame, mom started crying all over again.

“I thought that might be the problem honey…your 19 years old and never really had a close relationship with a girl. Have you ever actually had sex with a girl?”

When I didn’t respond mom said; “So you’re still kartal escort a virgin at nineteen? Oh my god honey you must have hormones that are driving you crazy. No wonder I have to change your sheets nearly every day. Your mattress is so stained from semen I had to turn it over so it could finally dry out and now the other side is getting just as stained.” Mom chuckled and her laughter broke the ice and I began opening up to her.

“Geez mom…how embarrassing to know you have to deal with my night dreams and bed sheets and all…”

“Night dreams my ass…I hear you masturbating and moaning clear across the hall and into my room night after night. So tell me…exactly what’s been going on to ruin your grades.”

I spilled my guts and told her all about Linda…trying to get pussy (no I didn’t use those words…I said ‘sex’) and how I had spent way too much money trying to get her to love me enough to allow me to get into her pussy. It took a long time (thank goodness for the dark because I’m sure my face was as red as the burning I felt in my cheeks from shame to tell such things to my mother.

“Ok…now how are we going to handle this problem? What do you think needs to be done to get you back on track towards success in your studies young man?”

“Well, I guess I should give up on Linda…it’s never gonna happen and I’m tired of trying for something that I shouldn’t have gotten involved with. All its cost me is my grades and a lot of money and more frustration than I can handle. Maybe I should get some counseling to find other ways to get my mind off of sex and finding the love from a woman I so much desire.” Once again mom knew a lot more about the subject than I ever would have thought.

“Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes Randy. You’ve gotten to that place in your life in which you need the close love of a woman and sex from that relationship on a regular basis to relieve all the raging hormones in those churning gonads of yours. Your producing so much sperm from your night dreams and masturbation I surprised you’ve managed to get the grades you salvaged. If we can get you the emotional and physical help your mind and body require you could be back on track in no time.”

“Yeah mom…all I have to do is find a willing, hottie, to fall in love with me give me all the sex I crave whenever I need it so I can get better sleep and have more time to devote to my studies. No problema, right?”

What mom said next shocked me. “Absolutely baby. I have one lady at work…you know Marilyn; she not only thinks your cute, she is an absolute slut when it comes to men and I’m sure when I tell her what you need…she wouldn’t mind at all giving you all the pussy you desire (that was the first time I ever heard mom say the word ‘pussy’). She is one hot lady from what I hear from the guys in the office whispering at the water-cooler outside my cubicle. What do you think of my idea?”

The thought of mom pimping for me was such a turn off I said; “No thanks mom…if I ever make it with a woman, it’s got to be someone I love and respect and feels the same way about me. Sex is only a part of my problem and if they don’t love me first…well I’ll just keep to myself and try to overcome the situation and get back on track at school.”

That pretty much ended the conversation and mom became quiet as we drove home. She continued to hold my hand and pat my leg every once in a while letting me know she understood. Hell, I didn’t want some slutty broad who gave it away to anyone with a hard cock. My dream of having any kind of fulfilling relationship would be with a lady similar to mom…someone I could trust and admire…a real woman who would love me for who I was. Not for my cock but for who I was as a person.

By now you no doubt understand why I never got laid up to now. I wanted to have a real relationship based on someone who appreciated me and would share her body with me because of love…not just for the physical fucking. I thought Linda was that kind of person but she was like all the maltepe escort bayan others I had known. Every time I had started to get close…they would back off. Oh, they would easily go out with me…let me spend money on them; however when it came to getting physically close they all put me off. Hell, I understood all to very well that I was no great looking guy and somewhat of a nerd and a loner. I probably came across to most girls as a guy desperate to fine ‘true love’…if there ever was such a thing. Fuck it…I was just going to concentrate on school and jack myself into a stupor whenever I got to feeling sorry for myself or so horny I got blue balls; and forget ever about finding the right girl to share love and sex. If it came…fine; but if not…I’d just have to learn to live with it. I was really bumming out from this shitty day and disappointing mom.

What I just told you…I told my mom on the way home in detail so she wouldn’t worry about me anymore. She just kept squeezing my hand and patting my leg in a motherly way to let me know she understood some of what I was going through. The only thing she said was; “Baby, since you were a young man going through puberty I always knew you had a deep emotional side that wanted to be loved. I gave you what I could when you were young but I knew when you became a man, that only a women you loved and who would love you as much would satisfy your real needs.”

I pulled into the garage and went down stairs to my room after giving mom a hug and telling her one more time how sorry I was for what I had done. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “If you ever find a lady at work that’s like you mom, I’d give it a try but she would have to match up to the 100% love and care you’ve given me. Other than that…forget it.”

“Thanks for the compliment honey. Don’t worry…everything will work out fine.”

I got ready for bed and laid in the dark staring at the ceiling thinking about how understanding and wonderful my mother was in forgiving me for what I had done at school and for my foolishness was with Linda. I started to get my usual hard-on as I thought about mom. Hell, it wasn’t the first time I had dreams about her. I had a kind of love for mother that only Freud would understand. I wasn’t so much thinking about physically screwing her (although that would be fantastic but an impossibility) as it was about the warmth, closeness, and knowing she loved me and would do anything to help me be a success and find happiness. Her offer earlier at the park to try and get me bedded with a lady in her office was proof she would go to any extreme to make me happy. What more could a son want from such a loving person?

As I laid there in the dark stroking my cock and thinking about how wonderful mom was I heard a tapping on my door.

“Honey…are you still awake?”

“Yeah mom…just laying here thinking about all we talked about. Thanks for forgiving me and being willing to trust me again…thanks…I’m ok.”

“Can I come in…I have something I want to say before you go to sleep. Maybe it’ll make things a bit easier for us both.”

“Sure…come in.” I took my hand off my cock and turned on my side so she wouldn’t see how hard and miserable physically I was in need of busting a nut. As she entered my room slowly, what I saw shocked me to the core. Mom came into my room wearing the sexiest god-dammed black lace night gown I had ever see. Hell, I didn’t know she had even had such a sexy outfit until I remembered a guy she had started to date about a year ago and had asked my opinion would it be o if she invited him home one evening to spend the night. Even though I encouraged her because I wanted her to be happy it never happened and they broke up. I knew she wanted the love of a man…too bad things didn’t work out between them. This night gown no doubt was what she told me about buying for him thinking he was the first guy since dad she had broken up. This fantastic nightgown she had on now was probably the one she was going to wear for him on escort pendik their first night togethe. Then it hit me right between the eyes…mom was going to seduce me!

“Oh my god mom…you look…so…beautiful.”

“I got so hot thinking about you and your problem baby, I just had to put it on to see what you thought when you saw me in it. Would it be ok if I got into bed with you to comfort you and try and make things easier on you? Maybe I can do more than talk…maybe…”

At that moment, looking at her framed by the hall light showing me her sexy body and hearing her words, I shot a load of cum that shook my frame.

“Oh my god honey…I’m so sorry. Obviously the thought of me in bed and touching you is disgusting.” She turned to leave and I realized my tremor and facial grimace in unleashing a load of cum was mistaken for an expression of disgust at her offer to lay in bed and give me her love.

“No mom…you are so wrong.” I pulled back the covers to show my hard cock still dripping from a thick, gooey cum all over the sheets. “I lost it when I saw how beautiful you looked in the hall light in that fantastic outfit…but you don’t have to do this for me. See…I’m ok. You don’t have to try and give me more love than you already have given me as my mother. I wouldn’t want you to do anything that you might regret later.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you baby, but I’ve wanted to hold and kiss you as more than your mother for a long time. If you’ll let me get in bed with you I think both of us will finally let nature take its course…not as a mother and son but as a man and his woman who really cares.”

My cock immediately started to get hard once again and that brought another even wider smile on mom’s face realizing I wanted her as much as she wanted me.

“My bed’s wet mom…how about we go to your room and laydown in some dry sheets.”

Mom walked over and slid onto my wet sheets and said, “Baby in a few more minutes were both going to wet this bed more than it is now.” As she nestled into my arms and touched my cock and I started kissing her, she let out a shiver and said, “Here baby, feel what momma just did when I touched that big hard cock of yours.”

Taking my hand she slipped it under her nightgown and placed my fingers between the soft downy folds of her pussy…the first pussy I had ever touched and so much wanted to feel. Her quivering slit was slick with a foamy dollop of warm thick goo which I swirled upon my fingers and brought to my lip tasting her essence of love for the very first time. It was like an aphrodisiac that went from my lips to my brain and triggered what I was sure must have come from the primeval early depths of early man and woman. My cock began twitching from mom’s slow and gentle touching and my balls began to swell with the familiar feeling of another cum..but this time being nurtured by true love.

Mother sensed what was taking place and said, “you tasted me my darling, now momma’s gonna get a really good taste of her man…don’t hold back…cum in my mouth and fill me with your desire and show me how much you love me as your woman. We have all night to take care of that cherry of yours inside of my hot pussy. Tonight you are going to own me as your woman…not as just your mother. I’m going to give all of myself to you as my man.”

She dipped under the covers and began sucking my cock in a way I never dreamed could be so wonderful. True to her words, I began spurting a thick, warm sauce of my manhood in my dream girl’s sweet mouth…my mother! Anyone who reads this and writes a response had better be respectful of the love we found that night.

Any who wants to share our love and/or would like to know more of how wonderful incest can be between a mother and son who really love each other as man and woman can leave a comment and I’ll tell you how great it went in making it with the most wonderful lady on this earth…my mother! In fact I just let her read this story of our first coupling that night and she agrees I should write more and tell you all she taught me about real love and just how far a woman is willing to go for her lover…even if he is her son!

Signed Randy and Heather (son and mother) living happily in Southern California and sharing more than either ever thought would be possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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