Paradise Island Ch. 01

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Preface: You might recall Sam and Susie’s Parents from my previous story. Some Say their love is just a lack of options, but Love is Love!


My name is Sam my sister is Susie, We live on an island outside of the Florida Keys, It’s pretty private, read Really PRIVATE. Susie had just turned 18, and I was 19 and ½, the ½ was not important do anyone but Susie and I. Anyway, I got a new Canon Camera for my birthday a few months back and have gotten pretty good with using it. We have a large format printer for the publishing company in the office in the guest house, and I have some great shots of the island wildlife and landscape. I love the lagoon, especially at sunset. Dad’s actually working with me to get a book published; I just need to get some more content.

I’ve asked for an underwater setup for the camera to maybe go out to the reef sometime but I haven’t got it yet. I think taking the rowboat out a ways and getting some shots of the island and the fish of the reef would finish my book nicely.

Susie and I are good friends, she’s a very beautiful girl, always has been in my opinion. Her wispy red hair, flows over her shoulders, it is actually long enough to cover her breasts when she has it down. I know, and yes I said breasts, The Island is private, and we are pretty much over the “Oh my god, a breast” phase the world seems to be in these days. Now Granted, she don’t flaunt them as much as she used to, I think mom told her to take it easy on me or something, but it’s not big deal, when it’s just us she’s carefree. We skinny dip, we lay in the sun, but that is the extent of it. We don’t really look at each other as sexual beings. To be honest though, I’ve watched her a time or two from my bedroom window as she lay sunning naked and jacked off. But I think that’s normal for people. She’s about 5’6″ with really a curvy hourglass figure. Her breasts are a good handful, and she has the same wispy red hair between her legs that is on her hair. Okay to be honest I’ve wacked off more than a few times thinking about her, or my parents friends daughter Angel, that visits us sometimes. She’s a blonde, very light skinned, very blonde hair in both places. She’s slightly shorter and just a little older than me, she has a younger dork bother that is into computers. I want to say angles breast are different, but breast are breast, just they are more rounded shaped where my sisters are more pointy. It doesn’t matter, I’ll never get to touch either pair.

About me, well I’ve described them way too well for the casual description, I’m about 5’10” and a pretty decent build, I like exploring and hiking the island. I described the girls pretty intimately, so I’ve got a pretty well sized package like my dad, it’s about 9 inches long but not too fat, growing out of a base of, you guessed it, RED hair. Mom caught me measuring it one day, and I got an “Ohh.. ” and kind of an approving nod as she closed the door an went about her own way.

Mom and dad are a great couple. We are not as clothed as most families are, so it’s not uncommon to see them undressed. Mom is pretty and had a nice body, and sometimes I get some good glimpse of her beyond just being naked. Just last week at the lagoon while we were all eating lunch and sunbathing, she bent over close to pick something up and There staring me in the face was her pussy, surrounded by the same red hair Susie and I both have around our genitals. He pussy was nice and pronounced, and very wet. I went from soft as a limp noodle, to battering ram hard. I raised a leg up to hide it from Mom, but Susie saw it and just shook her head. Dad, is more conservative than mom around Susie, but it’s still not uncommon to see him in all his glory. I only recall seeing dad get hard one time, and that was Mom’s fault. I’m was not sure why they were nude at the time, I was 15 and a little innocent. When I came outside Mom was sitting beside Dad, where her leg over his, her hand was on her leg, and I saw that it was resting on top of his hard cock. Okay, at 15 I should have known something but I was blind. I just carried on and went on with what I was doing.

Okay, enough of that. I’m off with my camera to try go get some good shoots down at the lagoon, not another soul in sight. Going down the path I took a little short cut I had found a while back, coming up on a little clearing I heard some strange noises. I thought an animal was being eaten or something, so around the trees I stalked whatever it was with my camera up. There before my eyes on a blanket Dad had his face buried between Mom’s leg and mom was in the throes of an orgasm. My camera is pretty quiet and I took a few shots while looking through the zoom lens. Her legs had dad pinned with face down into her pussy. Being not so innocent now, thanks to the internet, I knew what was going on or I might have been worried. Dad had his hands cupped to her ass providing her support.

When she released his head I figured the show was over but in a swift motion Dad had his shorts kartal escort off and his cock was standing tall in front of her. He was rubbing the swollen head of his cock up and down the fire red patch of fur that was between Mom’s legs, in a movement he plunged into her causing her to gasp in pleasure. He was buried in the source of my life, she wrapped her legs around his waist and they were fucking. They were fucking, right there in front of me while I took pictures. It wasn’t soft or tender, it was truly fucking. I couldn’t believe it, the sound of their bodies slapping together, the pure lust, was amazing. I was hard as a rock myself, but I kept snapping. Mom let her legs drop and Dad dismounted her, she then got on her knees and he was taking her from behind. Dad was grunting, Mom was moaning, and I think she came again as she thrust her ass back against Dad’s pounding. When she went still Dad kept pounding a little longer, then he pulled his glistening cock out of her pussy, and as I snapped pictures, he sprayed cum, the first blast went over here head, then he painted her back. It was at this time I decided it was best that I leave.

I went back around the long way to the Lagoon, where I found my sister, sunbathing topless. I asked her if it would be okay if I took some pictures of the lagoon.

My sister responded, “Sure, just leave me out of them.”

I said, “Ah.. Come on sis, You don’t want topless pictures?”

She said, “No, not really.” And turned face down.

My cock was hard from the show earlier and needed some relief, but I was there to take pictures so I did. I actually got a lot of good shots, one with a Sea Eagle, swooping down into the lagoon after a bird. Too Bad he didn’t catch it. When I was getting close to done, my sister turned back over and asked me “Would you really like to take some pictures of me topless?”

“Sure if you want me to, I would love to, I haven’t shot many with people in them.” I responded. Grateful my hardon finally gave up.

“Cool. I really would love to,” She said.

I asked, “How do you want to start?”

Susie responded, “There are some logs over there, lets go there and I will sit on them.” She got up, went over to them. The lighting was great and she was a natural model. Some of the poses had Her long beautiful legs on display, some were a tighter crop of her torso and head. My Favorite was one where she had her back to me and turned her body to face me, showing off a side view of her pert nipples.

I was surprised how professional this shot was going so I asked her, “I love this shot.” Walking over to here showing her the shot on the digital preview on the back of the camera.

She said, “Oh my god, that is great. Only thing my bottoms are very distracting in it.” She then removed her bright red swim trunks, and said, “Lets do the shot over”.

Click.. Click.. Click.. And several other poses, and now she’s facing me. Legs spread and she said, “Can you do a few frontal shots?”

I responded, “little weird, but I don’t care if you don’t” and I snapped a few, and we repeated a lot of the poses. One that made me sigh, was when she sat on a large rock facing me, her left foot barely in the water, her right knee drawn up to almost her chest. I could see right between her thighs, the red hair of her pussy parting, showing off a rather engorged clit and a rather damp pussy.

“That bad huh?” she asked.

“Oh, no. Not at all, I was just admiring you. You are very beautiful, and the way this late day light is hitting you if nothing short of outstanding.” I answered.

“You are not just being nice are you?” she asked while changing her pose a little by folding her arms under her breast pushing them up and together.

“Never, we get done we can go over to the office and look at them and you will see.” I added, “Since the sun is so low can I make a request? I would love to have you standing on the beach with your legs apart and the sun back lighting you.”

Without any hesitation, she was standing facing me, the sun was perfect, She put her hands on her hips and kinda got into a sassy pose cocking one hip to the side. The sun was hidden behind her, with just a soft glow around the outline of her body. Her breast were outlined, and between her legs her pubic hair was on fire with the light of the sun. I squatted in front of her, so the sun light that part up even better, I could make out the wonderful details of her womanhood. I had her turn around, and then turn her body to face me, it was beautiful. I then did some using fill flash, which I hated doing, but wanted to experiment a little with it. We shot until the sun set.

She said, “Can we go now to see the pictures?”

I said, “Sure lets go.” With that she grabbed her bag, stuffed her suite in it, and put the towel over her shoulders. As we walked to the guest house/office I had a nice side view of her breasts when they peeked out from under the towel, and when she got ahead of me I got maltepe escort bayan to watch her very butt wiggle.

We went inside, and the AC was turned off so I turned it on in the office, it shouldn’t take long to get cool, We got a couple cold drinks and went in the office where the computer was. And pulled up a couple chairs. Susie sat on her towel, leaving herself exposed. I took the chip out of the camera while the computer booted up and we chatted about the shoot. She said, “You’ve already got pictures of everything, do you mind if leave my clothes off for a while, it’s still warm in here.”

“Nope, nothing I haven’t seen before now.” I said. Finally the computer beeped for the name and password, which I entered. Another minute and I have Adobe Lightroom up and running, I stuck the chip in, hit the import functions and BLAM! A picture of our Mom naked and on her back with Dad’s head buried in her lap.

Susie, “Tell me they didn’t ask you to ..” then another picture popped up followed by more! Susie,sit quiet for a bit then exclaimed “Oh my god.. ” as more picture filled the screen.

I stuttered a little, “uh-Su-Su Susie, I can explain, and no they did not ask me to take those.”

Susie said, “Then how did you get them?” and A picture of Dad’s hard on rubbing Mom’s pussy came up, “Wow, I gotta see these.”

I said, “Okay, just don’t tell them”. When they were done importing I Clicked to start the slideshow.

We sat there , both of us glued to the screen, Susie hit the spacebar to pause it about 1/3 the way in. To say, “It’s hot in here and you look very uncomfortable.” And pointed between my legs, “I’m okay if you want to lose some clothes.”

I said, “You sure, I mean thing are a little.. well.”

Susie replied, “I have no problems with it, I’ve seen you before you know.”

I took my shirt off, followed by my sandals, then my shorts and underwear. My cock went down a little I think being put on display. I said, “Yeah, that feels better, the air should kick in soon.” And I smacked the space bar. This time it didn’t take long to get a rise out of me. We made it to the picture of where Dad was rubbing his cock against Mom and I said, “Just think, that’s where we came from!”

“I think its really hot”, Susie said.

Being a total goober I said, “The air will cut in soon.”

“No silly, I meant them!” Susie kinda chuckled and the picture changed, now he was about half way in, and then in the next buried inside Mom. After a few pictures of the in’s and out’s that I didn’t even remember taking, Mom had her legs wrapped around dad’s back. Between their legs you can see where Dad’s cock was going into mom on the long strokes. “Sam, The Detail is amazing on that camera. Just look how wet she is. “

“Yeah, it’s the best there is, I’m trying to get an underwater housing for it and go out to the reef soon. “, I said as the picture changed, they had now dismounted and dad was behind her with his cock glistening in the sun. Stopping the picture I added, “You can really see how wet his cock is.”

Susie said, “You know, brother of mine, that yours is leaking pretty good it’s self. “

“And your hair is drenched.” I said pointing to her pussy where her clit was also poking out a little.”

Her hand went down to cover herself, but she let out a little “Ohhh. I better not touch that.”

“Same here, I’m a little worked up myself, we should call this quits for a while and take a break.” Looking at the screen, Dads cock was aimed right at Mom’s pussy, “Unless you want to.. nah..”

“What?” she asked.

“If it’s okay we can both touch ourselves for some relief.” I said.

“I’m game, if you are. But no one else knows.” She said.

“Like I would tell anyone, I mean we are looking at picture of them!” I said.

“Deal, what happens here stays here.” She said, and with that she reached out and grabbed my cock.

I flinched, “What are you doing?”

“We just agreed we could touch ourselves.” She said and paused for a second still holding my cock and stroking it a little, “you meant we touch our own … Oh I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be, and don’t stop, you surprised me.” I said as I reached out and for the first time ever touched a bare breast. It was soft, but her nipples stood erect and felt wonderful in my palm. Some how someone hit the space bar to get the pictures rolling. We go lost in watching them, and when dad shot his first volley over Mom’s head, I shot mine off, hitting Susie in the mouth, then down her body. When I could I went back to her, and she guided my cum soaked hands down to her pussy, where her clit was poking out for me to find. I stroked her clit until she started convulsing with her own orgasm.

“Oh my god, that was totally amazing. No one has ever touched me there before.” She said, as she kissed me on the lips, “Thank you, I so enjoyed that.”

“I did too, no one has ever done that to me, sorry if I made a mess out of you.” I said.

“Don’t escort pendik worry about that, I got a taste of it and loved it. I thought it would be gross.” She said. And started stroking me again, “Can you do it again?”

“Not this fast.” I said, but as soon as I said it I started getting hard in her hands again.

“I’ve seen some videos, I bet you can.” She said, and she dropped to her knees trying to take my whole length into her mouth. I’m long but not really that big around. Her mouth felt amazing, “Lets go over to the couch.”

We got up wend over and sat on the couch but her towel down first then with her head in my lap she took the purple head of my cock back into her mouth. My first for real blow job, and I wanted to taste her. So I maneuvered down to her and we were in a 69, I heard about this and saw it online. But I wasn’t expecting her pussy and clit to feel so good in my mouth. I could taste my cum, I guess from when my hand ran into her pussy with some on it. It wasn’t much and not really bad. Anyway, we both came, when she came she jerked enough I thought she was going to bite my cock off, and she drowned my face in her juices. We lay there for a while, and being spent for now I said. “Are you ready to see your pictures?”

She was, She loved them and we set up a date for the next morning around sunrise.

Later that night in our wing of the house, around 11, Laying naked in my bed I heard my door open and close and heard the click of the lock. I could see her robe drop to the floor, and she slid into bed beside me. I turned to spoon her naked form, my soft cock nestled in the crack of her ass, I kissed the nape of her neck, and we slept until my alarm went off for our shoot we had talked about. I woke up with my normal morning wood. My 9 inch cock went from resting in the crack of her ass to poking through to the front of her thighs. She turned to face me and reached down between us putting my cock back between her thighs. We kissed, not a sisterly kiss, and not a pg13 kiss. Our tongues dance, I took her tongue into my mouth and was sucking, and twiling mine around it when she started rubbing her pussy against my cock. In about a minute of this she Came. My cock still trapped between her thighs, she rolled over on top of me and then I felt it, A warmth I have never felt before, it went all the way down the length of my cock, and onto my balls.

She had just impaled herself onto my cock, I felt a her hymen being torn ash she went down. She was saying over and over in my ear, “I love you, I love you, I love you,” She just took her virginity and mine with one push. It was totally amazing. A couple pumps and I filled her up with my seed. She pulled off, “I love you Sam, and thank you!” and she lay her head on my chest and I just held her as she calmed down. “I want to do that again, just give me a bit, they say the first time hurts and it does.”

I just held her and whispered, “I love you too Sis, I really do. Thank you.” We slept for a while. Got up and saw the bed sheets in the light. It wasn’t much, but there was blood from her cherry being popped. We both knew what it was. We tossed the sheets into the hamper and slipped into the shower together.

It was amazing, If you’ve never taken a shower with your sister you should go do it now. Of course I got hard, and she liked that, but said, “I’m sorry, I’m a little tender still.” And she dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth, I blew my load really quickly, she slid her soapy body up mine and kissed me with the taste of my cum on her lips, saying “You taste wonderful!”

We threw the sheets from the hamper to the washer and got dressed, went to the kitchen and ate some breakfast with our parents who were also getting a late start for the day. Dad said, “Mom and I have to take a little trip to see your aunt Chrissy and Uncle Jim. For a few days, you think you can handle the Island for a few days?”

I said, “Gee, Dad I don’t know, I guess so if you leave us money to order a pizza!”

Mom said, “Be good Sam! Your dad forgets you are no 10 year old anymore.”

Susie chimed in, “We were going to go shooting pictures, Jim told me he’s going to get a underwater camera or something soon. And he’ll teach me some things too. Already taught me a lot yesterday about shooting.”

I almost choked, and mom said, “You okay honey?”

“Yeah I swallowed too fast or the wrong way. Yeah, she a quick study for sure, impressed me with her natural talent.” I said.

Chrissy rolled her eyes, “Anyway do you think you could pick one up for him while you are gone?”

Dad said I’ll do better than that, he went into his study and came out with a box. “I was saving this for Christmas, but since the two of you are interested this if for you Sam. Yours will come later Susie!”

Inside the box, was several items, The underwater housing, something of a float for the housing, and some regular camera stuff like a programmable remote release, a panoramic tripod head, and some photography books, a few more Compact Flash cards for the camera, a L series 24-105 portrait lens and an underwater flash setup.

I gave Dad and Mom, a big hug and Said, “Thanks you guys are the best, can’t wait to try this stuff out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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