Out the Window Ch. 03

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Dale sat with the quilt in his lap and his son still watching the television. His wife was sound asleep on the opposite couch. His daughter was tromping up the stairs, young and limber and her stomach full of her father’s seminal juice. He suddenly wished he could have seen his daughter’s head bobbing on his prick, actually observed her full, pink lips lovingly wrapped around his balls, lightly gagging as she took him deep into the back of her throat.

His dick suddenly and painfully reminded him that it was still ramrod straight and twitching beneath the quilt.

He had to make a choice.

No, there was no choice. He’d take his wife to bed. If he couldn’t convince her to let him fuck her he’d… no… he could jerk off. Of course. He could do it right now, even. He could slip off to the kitchen bathroom and… It was pathetic, he thought. But there was no choice. He couldn’t… follow Katie. How could he ever look at her again without… He couldn’t think about it.

Getting up and keeping the quilt pressed firmly against his waist, he went over to the couch.

“Your mother asleep?” he asked his son.

Robert absently looked over his shoulder. “Yeah, I think she’s been out for a while.”

“Honey,” Dale called to his wife. “Babe, let’s get you to bed.”

His wife stirred. “Nn?” Dale took her hand to lead her to her feet but she resisted. Sighing, he reached down and hooked his arms under his wife’s knees and back. He lifted her easily and pinned her body against the quilt, then pushed with his knees and sauntered towards the stairs. He called back to his boy not to stay up too late. He got some sort of muted acknowledgment in return.

Dale carried his wife up the stairs and let the quilt drop once he reached the top. The head of his dick squelched into the small of his wife’s back and she made an uncomfortable noise and tried to shift in his grasp. The smeared front of his pants were uncomfortable, but it was easily ignored by the stew of conflicts inside of him. It wasn’t his fault, he thought, she did it in his sleep. Of course it was his fault, he didn’t talk to her this morning about what she’d said last night—set boundaries. No, Dale, he berated himself, you fucked up when you came in her mouth.

Once he emptied his wife onto the bed she quickly found the pillows and covers and burrowed down. He tried to coax her awake. “Hon,” he tried (he really did), “babe, I’ve got a…” What did he have? A monstrous desire to fuck their eldest, beautiful daughter? “Babe,” he said again, shaking her weakly. He stared down at his prick. It stared right back at him.

He had to do something. He felt the blood pound through his thighs. He felt his heart pumping blood across his arms and shoulders, thunder in his head. Everything seemed to give off a misty heat until he wrapped his hand around his daughter’s brass doorknob and realized it was him. Dale turned the knob and swept the door back.

Katie’s bed was wedged into the right corner of her room, lengthwise against the half-open window that gazed over the backyard and its midnight trees. At her bed stand there was one dim lamp burning. Katie had changed out of her shorts. She lay on her stomach facing towards the window, tapping at her laptop and bobbing her feet in the air. Her knees were right up against the edge of the bed. Her little toes played with each other as they swayed back and forth. He looked down. His daughter’s round ass shined between the lamp and the moonlight; her shirt had ridden up to her lower back and he could see…everything. She wasn’t wearing panties. Katie’s pink, slippery vagina peeked from between her thighs. Dale nearly groaned aloud at the pain in his groin.

Instead, he called her name. “Katie,” he tried. He took a step inside and closed the door behind him. Could she not hear him? “Katie,” he called again, more insistently. “We need to talk.” He was less than a foot away from her now. The bed was high and its mattress came to just below his waist. When he looked down, because he could not keep his eyes off his daughter’s pale, naked buttocks, he saw the large, dark stain on her evening blue comforter. It glistened against the light of her lamp and spread out from beneath her thighs. He shifted his gaze an inch and saw the light glint off her labia. His daughter wasn’t wet; she was flowing.

Katie continued to type on the laptop, chatting with friends, he could see—though he couldn’t tell what about. She knew he was there. She was ignoring him. But her feet had stopped bobbing absently. Now her toes pressed tightly together. Her whole body, in fact, seemed unnaturally still. Dale reached out—he couldn’t help it—and placed his hands on his daughter’s plump ass cheeks. Katie didn’t make a sound. Her shins pressed against his hard torso; her feet dug at his shoulder. They shook against his skin like young branches in a wind.

Katie stopped typing as her father ran his fingers over her right cheek. He was thinking of the first time he’d admired her butt, caught up under the lustful fluorescence of her cheerleading skirt. Skittishly, he glanced up at her head. She still faced away from him, rigid as a board, the light from her computer screen blue escort ataşehir and harsh against her thick curls. He squeezed her with both hands.

His left hand came up to his shoulder where he gripped the sole of her foot. He trailed his fingers down her ankle, loving the hot suppleness of her skin, entranced by the twitching shudder that ran through her body as his palms slid up the back of her knee and gripped the strong flesh between her thigh and buttock. Katie made a very deep whimper that was almost a grunt. He’d never heard his daughter make that noise before. He could feel it originate somewhere inside her belly, maybe deeper. “Katie,” he said, but he wasn’t sure to whom.

Dale leaned forward with muscular passion—his daughter not understanding or afraid, pulled forward—and gripped her hip, pushed his fingers underneath her body, seeking, until his middle finger slipped into the delicate depression of her bellybutton. Katie whimpered again. Dale drew his fingers straight down from there, his body hunched over her, his eyes drinking in the elegant line of Katie’s spine. His finger kept drifting. They stopped at the round cliff of her clitoral hood. Dale raised his eyes from his daughter’s back and looked at the only place he could look: Katie’s computer screen.

She was chatting with a friend. By the screenname it was her longtime best friend Alicia. They’d been chatting since Katie had come upstairs but the last lines made him freeze. On the screen it read:

Katie88honey: had a crazy dream last nite

2006Alicia: wut?

Katie88honey: sleeping and my father came into my room and fucked me.

2006Alicia: omg. thats so gross!!!

Katie88honey: actually it was kind of hot

2006Alicia: rlly?

Katie88honey: hold on. brb

2006Alicia: yer ddad is pretty hot. LOl. j/k

His daughter bowed her head so that he could see. He bowed his head too now and exhaled against her neck. Katie backed up on the bed until he felt her bottom pressed against his manhood. Without thinking Dale slid his hands from her pubes up her flexed stomach and into her shirt until…at last… he cupped Katie’s heavy tit. Katie moaned and it sounded like a growl. Her breast was so distinct and round in his hand. And pert, he realized—the nipples jutted up rather than straight forward and this one was pointed into his palm. It was hard.

He pulled his hand out of his daughter’s shirt and gripped her hip forcefully. He drew his right hand off her ass and gripped the right hip. He finally found his voice. “Katie… Katie, why did you…” He glanced down to the place where his daughter’s vagina met the comforter. It was soaked.

He couldn’t believe how hot she was. He couldn’t believe how hard he was. As his face sunk closer and closer to her ass he tried to come up with any reason his body would respect for leaving, now, and forgetting this. “Katie, your father has to talk to you,” he said.

Katie at last said, “Nnh-hmm,” but that was only just before his lips touched her vulva and she whipped her head back like she’d been electrocuted. Reflexively she strained to her knees and forward but his fingers were like a vice on her ass and he dug in and he pressed his tongue against his little girl’s streaming pussy.

She was sweet. It was utterly unlike any pussy he could remember eating. She tasted sweet, incredibly tangy, and it was pouring into his mouth. Her reflexes jerked her pelvis into a swift 180 and Katie was now mashing her vagina into his face, feeding him her pussy while making no sound at all. That was peculiar because every inch of her toned skin seemed to be rippling now with the force of his hungry suckling. It was only when he took a breath and stood back on his feet that he realized Katie was bent over her mattress, ass up in the air, hands and face pressed into the far side of the bed. She was biting the bed to keep from screaming.

He grabbed her ass forcefully and pulled her to him. She came haltingly, making him reel her in. His pants hit the floor. Dale’s dick was thick. Red. Stiff. Swelling. He smelled his daughter’s vaginal juice strongly on his upper lip.

“Katie, please talk to me,” he said. “Please make me stop.”

He watched Katie shake beneath him. In response she lowered her head and stuck her ass up to him. It was almost obscene. He could see her delicate little asshole. Her toned cheeks stuck straight at him. But there, beneath them, was her quivering pussy and everything inside of him needed desperately to be inside of her. He watched her lay her hands on either side of her head, as if in supplication. The laptop had been batted to the far edge near her pillow. Alicia probably wondered where Katie was. Was she about to be fucked by her father?

He couldn’t do this. His fingers raked the skin of his daughter’s ass and she bobbed rhythmically against his touch. There was something very primal in the way she moved—not speaking—offering her body up to him as if either he or she or both needed only to surrender to this. But this was wrong. This was her beautiful body and mind and it was his daughter for heaven’s sake!

“Katie, I—” He needed to empty his seed so badly. He looked down kadıköy escort bayan at her curly blonde head. Her big shirt had crumpled down her back and rested against her shoulder blades. Under her sides he could see her beautiful breasts squashed against the mattress. Her knees, once tucked under her, were now resting against the mattress, her calves and feet sticking over the sides of the bed, on either side of him. Dale groaned. He grabbed her ass forcefully and Katie gave a little shriek of relief. His penis now shuddered just inches from her…

His dick was literally sucked inside his daughter’s pussy. The head of his cock barely brushed against her slit before it glided between her vaginal curtain. The walls of her sex coaxed him inside with a velvety hot ooze. He felt her clench around his dick. Katie came in the exact instant that her father penetrated her. Her words were swallowed by her guttural orgasm.

When he shut his eyes he realized her bed was squeaking and shaking. He was fucking his daughter. Yet all he heard from her was heavy breathing and long, rattling whimpers. His eyes snapped open. He watched his penis slide in and out of that tight pussy. Katie’s ass was gripped in both of his palms and he was pushing her down into the mattress so that her legs flopped up and down and banged against his thighs. Katie was grunting into the mattress and her little hands were gripping her breasts.

“Anh. Katie. God. Katie—”

Katie screamed into a pillow as he laid his first smack on her rump. Dale left another red hand print on his daughter’s quivering flesh. It was all his little girl could do to keep from shouting for more. Her father was easily the biggest man she’d ever fucked and his dick was the thickest she’d ever allowed inside of her. Every time he entered her she felt filled, and the guilt he surely felt culminated in a tantric penetration that curled her toes until she finally had to arch her back and release a wounded, “Aaaawwwuuunnnhhhh… d-daddy…”

“Katie, I’m sorry,” she heard him say. She smirked to herself. Her father apologized to her while his hand was pumped her ass and his fat cock was buried in her cunt. She was sure he was real sorry. Dale’s hands roved over the flesh of her ass as if he were addicted to the springiness of her flesh. She’d never had a man pay so much attention to just the texture of her skin. It was usually her breasts, her tits. But no. Her father lovingly squeezed her thighs, gripped her round, solid buttocks and then smoothly slipped his fingers over the small of her back.

Katie wiggled her pelvis and gasped when he clutched at her hips. She wanted him to cum in her. Since Vanessa had revealed all the tawdry details of her father’s sordid desires she’d thought of her father’s semen constantly. She wanted to feel him ejaculate inside of her. She wanted her father’s seed inside her womb. It was the ultimate taboo. And she never thought he’d really do it. Her father as a sexual figure was a far-off fantasy, something he’d never do to her. Yet…the moment she’d shook him to see if he was asleep she knew she couldn’t keep herself from investigating his cock, finding it rigid in his sleep, and then sliding it down her throat.

She shivered with a new arousal of oncoming orgasm when she remembered the feeling of her father’s sperm hitting the back of her throat. She moaned as she thought of swallowing it. She had! (Her father was hitting every nerve in her vagina now.) How many other places would he want to cum? Would he be so bold as to violate her…? No, not even daddy would be so depraved.

She surprised herself by cumming again. Even Dale felt the new wave of fluid gush over his penis.

“Are you cumming, Katie?” He sounded inspired.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, daddy?” he heard her groan. “Am I a woman now, daddy?”

She felt his thrusts tingle up her spine. “Katie, agh, I’m…I’m going to cum…”

Katie could feel him at his hardest. She was fascinated by her father. Everything below his waist was a force of nature and hard as hot iron. Above, the way he bent over her, the way he lovingly stroked the skin of her back, dabbled just a little over the pucker of her asshole. The man deserved his fuck.

“Do it, daddy,” she told him obediently.

“No, Katie.” Dale sped up the pace of his thrusts. He tried to will himself to stop.

“It’s okay,” she cooed to him. “Do it. Fill me. I want you to…” Even now the force of his dick was driving her against her dark blue mattress and running painful friction over her sensitive nipples. The house was freezing but the sound of their sex took on a wet juiciness as the sweat streamed from them both (and especially where his sex met hers).

She was shocked when he pulled out of her. Dale retreated, his eyes glued to his shaft as it slipped inch by glistening inch from his daughter’s flushed vagina. He watched his Katie crumple forward to her unsteady knees. He heard her gasp.

“Why, daddy?” she mewed. “Please put it back in.”

His dick felt like the blood was screaming in his veins. Savagely, he snatched his daughter by the hips and ground his dick into the crack of her ass. Her sweaty cleft escort bostancı took his shaft easily and he was now shoving it back and forth, both hands squeezing her cheeks together over his cock.

Katie panted as she giggled. “You love my ass, don’t you, daddy?”

Dale groaned. “It’s perfect,” he admitted. Up and down. He watched the wet skin of his prick grind over his daughter’s buttocks.

“Are you going to cum on me?”

“Can I, Katie?”

“Of course, daddy… of course, daddy…” She lowered her head and bucked her hips in time with his thrusts. “Do you want my mouth?”


“Do you want your little girl to eat your cum…?”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Why ask why?” she chided.

Without asking permission she slunk forward. She left his dick hanging in the air as she languidly turned around, let him drink in every angle of the beautiful litheness that was her toned and trained physique. She delighted in the way her breasts drooped heavily from her chest, distorting their shape from round globes into thick, pendulous teardrops. Katie let him watch, knowing he was hypnotized. Then she completed the circle. Like a cat, she crept to the edge of her bed. Lovingly, she let his cockhead glide against her chin and batted her eyes up at the man that was her father. She whispered, “feed me, daddy…” and puckered her lips. She let her jaws fall open and closed her eyes. Her tongue, like a bright red berry, slithered forward to accept his penis. Dale placed his hands on her luminous golden head.

“Katie…” In that moment Dale was transfixed by the unholy beauty of his daughter. He watched, half in horror and wholly in ecstasy as he pushed his hips forward and slipped the dick between Katie’s lips. “Suck it,” he told her. She complied. Katie closed her mouth around his cock and gently accepted it. He pushed forward. Her brow furrowed but she let him continue. He pushed forward. He felt the resistance of his daughter’s throat give way and the moist delight of her muscular tongue massage the base of his shaft. A part of him died and sprang to life anew as he half forced his daughter to bury her nose in his pubic hair. As she took his entire length into her throat, Dale announced, “I’m going to Hell!”

In response, Katie smiled and gagged. A rain of saliva poured from the corner of her mouth.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth,” Dale told her. Katie still had her eyes shut. “Tell me if it hurts. I don’t want to hurt you, baby.”

Katie pulled her mouth off her father’s shaft and gripped it in her left hand. She opened her eyes and gazed at him. “You’re not going to fuck my mouth, papa.” She jerked him hard. The look on her face was insane. “Do you really want to fuck your little girl’s mouth?”

He pulled his dick from her hand and grabbed her cheeks. He bent over and planted a forceful kiss on her mouth. She kissed him back, eager for more, eager to be treated as his sexual partner. “Are you happy?” she gasped between kisses.

“You’re exactly what I needed,” he told her.

“Oh, put it back inside me, daddy.”

“You want it in your pussy, baby?”

“Oh, yes, daddy.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Then feed me.”

He reeled back. He grabbed her head and forced his dick between her lips. She never broke eye contact. “Katie, I’m going to cum.” She stared up at her father as his dick slipped in and out of her pink lips. “Katie, I’m going to cum…” Already the base of his dick was beginning to spasm. “Katie, you can tell me to stop…” It was going to happen. He was going to shoot it down her throat. “Tell me to stop, baby.”

In response Katie closed her eyes and reached up. She grabbed the base of his dick with one hand. With the other she cradled his balls. And that was how, Dale forced to grip his daughter’s shoulders for support, Katie coaxed his cum out of his body. It came with a savage force. It ejaculated from his head, his daughter furiously pumping his shaft into her mouth. He came and he came and his eyes blurred. But not so much that he could not see the excess spunk drip from Katie’s mouth. He wanted to see her swallow it. Dale wanted to watch his daughter force his dick further down her throat so that she had no choice but to accept it into her body. Which she did. And the sound that Dale made was one building for over eighteen years. It was an animal groan, one of a mighty torrent smashing the pathetic dams of decency and restraint and he shoved his body forward so that his daughter had to let go of his penis and hold on to the back of his legs. She gagged.

But then he heard her swallow it. He heard his daughter gulp him down. His Katie, future valedictorian and hottest body their town had ever let slip from its sheets, gripped the back of his legs with a domineering strength and sucked the cum from her father’s cock. They stayed like that for lingering seconds. The monstrosity of their taboo suddenly rose from them in stinking heat. The sweat on both their bodies glistened in the dim light of her bedside lamp. Dale’s hands were dug into his daughter’s back. Her white, manicured fingers drew blood from his toned ass cheeks. He stared down at her flaring nostrils as she inhaled the thick musk of his pubic carpet, eyes locked into his stomach, her jaw relaxing and throat greedily accepting what so endlessly flowed from its bulging vein. He wanted to pull back. He wanted to say no. But he was still cumming. And his daughter wanted it all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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