Our Delicious Daughters Ch. 6

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Safe at home the next day, we relaxed in the bedroom. The girls recounted our hot times. “Jamie,” Maria said while looking at Jimmy, “you really like your dad’s cum. You sucked it from my mouth and my pussy.” This had the intended effect and my brother Jimmy had to shift uncomfortably in his seat.

My beautiful daughter Maria went over and had him naked in no time. Do you want me to suck you off, Uncle Jimmy?” Maria asked in a little girl voice that had Jimmy hardening. I watched as my daughter sucked the end of Jimmy’s big cock into her wet and hungry mouth. I too was getting hard and I looked over at my little niece Jamie to perhaps help me out with a repeat of the intense fucking we had experienced yesterday.

But she was watching her dad gasping with pleasure as her hot cousin sucked his huge cock as far into her mouth as she could. As if in a trance, Jamie dropped to her knees beside Maria and reached out for her father’s glistening rod. When Maria noticed her hand she pulled noisily off of Jimmy’s hard cock and leaned back to give Jamie room. Jamie opened her mouth wide and Maria guided her cousin’s head down so that the wet knob of her father’s massive prick stuck perfectly between Jamie’s lips. Maria watched the intense reaction this garnered from her Uncle. To turn him on further she said to Jamie, “Suck your dad’s cock. You liked his cum from my cunt, now you can get it from the source!”

Maria stood up and peeled off her clothes. Her cute firm body with perfect jutting breasts was revealed to me completely. When she swung her leg over Jimmy’s lap, she straddled him facing Jamie who was lost in the reverie of sucking her father’s burning cock. She lifted Jamie’s head and her dad’s prick popped out sloppily. She opened her eyes and saw her cousin’s swollen pussy already wet poised above Jimmy’s purple head. When Maria sunk down onto Jimmy’s enormous cock, I thought she’d have to work it in slowly but she surprised me by gliding down in one motion, sighing as her little puffy lips made contact with Jimmy’s balls. “I thought I was going to get my daddy’s cum,” Jamie said petulantly.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to fuck my dad. I was just warming it up for you. I know you like it nice and wet.” Then she turned to me and pouted cutely, “Is that ok with you?” I just nodded weakly and she rose up letting Jimmy’s cock almost pop out. The thick member was wet with her cunt juice and she bent her knees smoothly and lowered herself again onto Jimmy who groaned. Jamie leaned forward and placed her tongue on Maria’s clit. “Oooooh!” she squealed. “Now make me gush onto your dad’s cock. Then you can go back to sucking it.” I moaned as I imagined my niece licking my daughter’s cum from Jimmy.

Maria stood up slowly and let Jimmy’s now dripping prick pull free from her wet pussy. She took Jamie’s head in her hands and guided her mouth back onto the wet cock. She licked with abandon and cleaned my daughter’s pussy cream off of Jimmy. Then Maria came over to where I had been watching. She sunk to her knees in front of me. I was undressed in a flash and she took me deeply into her mouth. “I drank your cum from Jamie’s cunt, but I want a fresh load,” she sighed as she came up for air. Then she began to work me in earnest. I looked over to where Jamie was working on her dad’s giant erection, slurping the remains of Maria’s juice from it. When Maria opened her eyes and looked up bostancı escort into my eyes, I began to lose it. I could tell from Jimmy’s constant moaning that he was also close. The thought of our own daughters on their knees begging for our cum in their mouths was too much for either of us.

“Give it to me, daddy! Cum in my mouth” Maria pleaded then went back to a quick sucking action bobbing her head the entire length of my shaft. Her tongue was sliding on the underside of my cock when I felt my balls contract.

I spurted round after round of sperm into my daughter’s needy mouth and she kept her tongue moving to coax out every spasm. I pumped and pumped and screamed my pleasure. Maria kept pulling and rolling my cock around to pull every drop. I dreamily watched Maria gulp down the heavy load in her mouth and she smacked her lips contentedly. When I regained my senses, I heard Jimmy grunt and saw Jamie’s mouth balloon. But Jamie didn’t swallow her dad’s cum. I could tell she had it in her mouth because her lips were pulled tight and her cheeks were rounded. She stood and approached Maria. She took Maria’s head in her hands the way Maria had to her earlier and Maria tipped her head back and opened her mouth wide. The large load of cum Jaime had gathered slid slowly from between her lips and flowed and flowed onto Maria’s waiting tongue. Maria had eaten my load and she got another from Jimmy.

Maria swallowed exaggerated, and opened her mouth to show me that it was empty. Of course that meant Jamie hadn’t gotten to swallow much cum, so Maria announced “Now Jamie has to eat both your loads.” Jamie’s perfect young body now nude made me stir again.

“Come over here.” Maria kneeled on the bed, her nice ass shown off to all of us in the room. She took Jamie’s hand and guided her to lie on her back in the center of the bed. “Uncle Jimmy, come over here and fuck the hot cunt of your daughter,” Maria said sexily. Jimmy got up on the bed and positioned himself between his girl’s wide spread legs. Maria straddled Jamie’s prone body facing her uncle and holding her cousin’s thighs apart so Jimmy could deep fuck her tight little pussy. Jimmy pushed his monster between the wet lips of his daughter’s open sex. She moaned as she felt the head split her opening. Then, slowly, Jimmy worked the first part of his 10 inch rod into his near-virgin girl. When he got it about half way in, Maria reached down and pinched Jamie’s swollen labia between her fingers, spreading them further to help accommodate Jimmy’s girth. She squeezed them hard until she heard her cousin yelp, then sigh as her father’s cock settled into her another few inches. Maria kept stroking Jamie’s pussy and fingered her hard clit. Jamie was lost in ecstasy as her dad started a long slow rhythm into her aroused clasping cunt. And I could tell, as Maria knelt over Jamie, that her pussy was throbbing and drooling since it was facing my direction. Even in her turned-on state, Jamie noticed too. She couldn’t reach Maria’s pussy with her tongue since Maria was kneeling too high and that prize was over Jamie’s tits rather than her face, but she used her fingers to grip Maria’s labia as she had done to her. I swooned with desire watching this. Maria looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Come on, daddy. Come fuck me and we’ll watch Uncle Jimmy fuck Jamie.” I got behind her on my knees and straddling Jamie’s face, ümraniye escort bayan I pushed forward until I met Maria’s upturned pussy. I felt Jamie’s hands guide me to Maria’s dripping hole and I slammed in deeply

“Fuck me,” she ordered. “Oh daddy, fuck your little girl!” My hardon stood throbbing and I positioned myself before my young daughter’s ass, looking at her wet, engorged labia. My cock was still wet from her mouth, and she had taken a few strokes of Jimmy’s huge member, so my cock slid in easily. She sighed and said, “Yes, daddy. That feels so good!” I fucked her with savage intensity almost from the first few strokes, but she just humped gratefully against my hard thrusts. We fucked like animals, turned on by Jamie’s constant groaning as she took her dad’s incessant thrusts.

Maria was arching her back and showing her pert tits to her uncle who watched appreciatively and redoubled his effort in Jamie’s tight cunt. I leaned forward and cupped my daughter’s perfect breasts and then, giving her a powerful lunge, pinched her nipples between my thumb and fingers. She moaned and bucked her hips against me.

“I thought Jamie was going to have to eat both our loads.” I reminded Maria.

“OK, take it out,” Maria told me. I couldn’t believe it! I kept pounding, ignoring my daughter’s hot command. “Take it out!” She barked it so dominantly; I immediately pulled my throbbing prick from her hot wet depths. It dripped with my girl’s cream. “Jamie, open your mouth.” I looked between my legs at my glistening cock and saw Jamie, still being bounced by her dad’s hard fucking, obediently open wide. I placed the dripping head at her lips and at each bounce, Jamie took me deeper and deeper into her mouth. Maria stretched up to kiss her uncle. “Ooooh, uncle Jimmy. Jamie is getting it in her cunt and her mouth.” Jamie gave a muffled squeal of delight as she licked my cock flavored with my daughter’s cream.

“Now put it back into my pussy,” Maria sighed as she settled down to tempt me with her upturned cunt. I pulled out of Jamie’s mouth and sunk it deep into my daughter from behind. “Now make me cum,” Maria begged me. “But don’t cum in my cunt, when you cum, I want you to drop it into Jamie’s mouth!” I fucked her hard, the image she described burning in my mind. Maria began to spasm and I could feel the gushing lubrication ooze onto my red hot member. She screamed, “Ooooh, daddy! I’m cumming! Don’t stop!” I complied and kept pounding her through her incredible orgasm.

I took my throbbing wet cock from my daughter’s slippery cunt and fed it to my niece. She sucked it deeply and I watched as she licked the gobs of Maria’s cum from my rock-hard penis. “So,” I teased Maria, “that’s how Jamie gets my load to drink but how will she get her father’s?” Maria leaned down to where Jimmy was pounding Jamie and put her chin down on Jamie’s belly just above her wispy pubic hair. Then she opened her mouth invitingly. “Uncle Jimmy, don’t cum in Jamie’s cunt. It has to go in her mouth. But don’t worry, just give it to me and I’ll make sure she gets it.

I put my cock back into Maria’s still-spasming pussy and gave her a few more deep fucks and was wet again with her lingering cum. She moaned in a way that made me think she still needed some hard fucking and the one orgasm wasn’t going to slake her thirst. I gladly provided more thrusts. Both girls, one above the kartal escort other, began to fondle each other’s tits and took the furious fucking from their dads. “Now into our mouths!” Maria stated. I pulled from her cunt and I could see Jimmy stop just as it seemed he and Jamie had gone over the edge. Jamie gave a sigh as her father’s big cock came free from her abused pussy, then I plugged her mouth with my wet cock. Jimmy put just the head of his enormous dripping cock into Maria’s mouth. Maria had to lick the foam from deep in her cousin’s belly from it. Now both of us had our cocks in our nieces’ mouths. Maria gave another signal, then it was back into their cunts. We switched several times so that the wetness in their pussies was half saliva and the wetness in their mouths was half pussy juice.

Then, as we all got very close, we started to change the rhythm. Sometimes we were fucking both ends of my daughter, sometimes both my niece’s holes were filled. Finally, Maria came again on my cock and I could take no more and I began to twitch. I rammed deeply into Maria’s sucking cunt then as I felt the contractions begin, pulled out and jammed quickly into Jamie’s mouth. “Daddy, cum in Jamie’s mouth, but don’t swallow it Jamie!” Spurt after spurt of thick creamy cum squirted from my cock into Jamie’s mouth and I could feel her holding it in her mouth as more and more cum filled it. Then Jamie started to cum from the powerful deep thrusts her father gave her and as she squealed, I could see a pool of my cum on her tongue. She couldn’t help but swallow some as the orgasm washed over her, but she tried to lose as little as possible. She panted through her nose and began to relax. “Now uncle Jimmy,” Maria said, “she got your cock all soaked. Now finish right here.” She opened her mouth and rested her chin on Jamie’s tummy. Jimmy pulled his raging cock from Jamie and rammed his cock quite deeply into Maria’s throat. He was so excited, he couldn’t help himself. Maria craned her neck to relax her muscles and take it and Jimmy groaned and began to shoot into Maria’s accepting mouth. She pulled back a little so that she could hold the load without it all going down her throat. It kept cumming and cumming and her cheeks ballooned out and out as she struggled to keep it all.

Jimmy and I sat back, catching our breath, when Maria spun around over Jamie and leaned down to kiss her. When Jamie opened her mouth, I could see she still had my full load in there and I wondered briefly how her dad’s impressive load was all going to fit. Maria parted her lips slightly allowing a stream of white jizm to drip into Jamie’s open mouth. Little by little, Jamie’s mouth filled and she had to keep adjusting her tongue and cheeks to accept more and more. Maria kept going until every bit of Jimmy’s cum joined mine in his daughter’s mouth. When Maria could speak again she told Jamie, “Hold it in there, don’t swallow!” She looked up at us two guys and said, “Look how much she has!” and she took a finger and dipped it into the gooey pool in Jamie’s mouth. It came out covered in white cream. She held it up to let us see it then pushed it into Jamie’s distended cunt.

But Jamie quickly jumped up and pushed Maria down on the bed. Jamie grabbed Maria’s hand from her crotch and held the finger firmly in her fists. She forced Maria’s finger, coated with cum and pussy juice into her own mouth. Maria couldn’t escape the pungent cream. Then Jamie pried her fingers between Maria’s teeth and forced open my girl’s mouth. Jamie, on her hands and knees, leaned over her cousin and kissed her deeply, transferring the hot mixed load of cum into Maria’s struggling mouth.

To be continued….

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